10 Horrible Marvel Movies – Before It Took Over the World (Photos)

Marvel movies weren't always the box-office heroes they are today

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The Punisher (1989) - Marvel has had three cracks at getting a “Punisher” franchise going, and none really took off. Ivan Drago himself, Dolph Lundgren, was the first to don the skull t-shirt in 1989. The other two to play the violently vengeance-bent vigilante were Thomas Jane (2004) and Ray Stevenson (2008).
  • cltaylor

    Yep. Fans know this already. No need to rub it in.

  • JLC

    I like electra…

  • karl

    I don't think Daredevil was a bad movie! I saw it on opening weekend and enjoyed it!

    • Devlyn

      It was not bad it was just HORRIBLE!

    • Mark Walters

      It wasn't as bad as everyone tries to pretend. The film opened to mostly positive reaction, and I remember hosting an advance screening where the audience really enjoyed it. Has it aged well? No, but it's not the horrible mess everyone wants to insinuate. The Director's Cut on DVD is actually a lot better than the theatrical cut, but I was fine with the theatrical cut. I would put DAREDEVIL higher up on the re-watch list than IRON MAN 2, which really is kind of a mess.

    • destrecht

      My main problem with it was that as a father it was far to racy. I couldn't watch it with my son.

  • laustcawz

    I've said this before & I'll continue to say it–
    I think “Howard The Duck” is a fun movie.
    Maybe not one of the best ever, but not bad at all.
    That 1994 Corman “Fantastic Four” looks pretty cool.
    I wonder if there's a copy somewhere that was spared.

    • David Strohmenger

      Howard the Duck is fun. And of course, they use Lucas's involvement as another excuse to bash the Star Wars prequels. Real original.

    • Kevin

      Fantastic Four had a few good moments. Special effects were not in the budget, so that part is cheesy (zipper on the Thing, Johnny only flaming on a hand until the finale, etc). They tried to do too much with origin, Dr Doom, and Puppet Master in one movie. All of the actors were really trying hard. It is worth a look. Try searching online at places like Ioffer.

  • Vulgar.Prophet

    um iron man 3 was terrible movie. Just because they make a lot of money at the box office doesn't necessarily mean they're good movies. No one considers any of the twilight films or transformers films to be epic masterpieces.

    • Devin Dowling

      Transformers wasn't bad my problem with them is the after the first one they focused more the the action then the story, and in the third one no Magan Fox.

  • Devin Dowling

    I love all the Marvel movies from 1998 to Now and I have my problems with them all too. Daredevil to me is one of the best ones The Directors Cut more or less.

  • Jordan

    I loved ghostrider.
    ManThing just looked stupid
    Daredevil was horrible.
    It didn't deserve a sequel..even one as bad as that..
    HungergAMES : Catching Fire is going to be MOVIE OF THE FRICKING GENERATION!

  • David Strohmenger

    “Dolph Lundgren, was the first to don the skull t-shirt”. Except he never wears the skull shirt.

    “the internet uncovered the shield-wielding super soldier's first cinematic experience”. The internet didn't uncover anything. It was released on VHS in 1992.

  • kiego

    I love howard the duck, not because its great, its just the right amount of quirky. I'm mostly curious of the comment ” the internet uncovered the shield-wielding super soldier's first cinematic experience.” The movie they listed is not even close to the first movie made. There were multiple movies involving captain america before this version. I loved the ones from the late 70's not sure if I remember watching the one posted above
    Daredevil was kind of okay to watch once, unless you ever read a comic book before, then it just makes you feel sad.
    I knew Elektra would be bad just from watching daredevil.

    .First ghost rider was okay but seemed to be more leading up to a sequel. They made a sequel but I never got around to watching it. The trailers just didn't seem like they were going to do it justice and I didn't feel like I could handle it being horrible like everyone said it was.
    generation x wasn't even a good idea to begin with, and then it got worse as they went on.
    I liked dolph as punisher, it wasn't spectacular but it was decent. I've watched it about 5 times over the years. It is able to be rewatched, you just need time in between.
    Everything else I either didn't see or the comment is sufficient.

    • destrecht

      I still like Howard the duck too.

  • Добромир Добрев

    I never liked iron man movies. The portrayal is pretty good but the movies themselves are pretty much shallow with no real villains.

  • GHauser

    Daredevil Directors Cut was pretty good, aside from a couple of minor problems. The first Ghost Rider was not bad either. People just love to complain about those two movies because evidently Nicholas Cage and Ben Affleck are ” cool ” to hate on. I'm a big comic book fan, and I liked them….except for when Nicholas Cage was listening to Karen Carpenter and eating jelly beans…that's just not Johnny Blaze.

  • Soleil Noir

    But never forget — if it wasn't for “Howard The Duck” nearly bankrupting Lucas, it wouldn't have caused Steve Jobs to take pity on his friend and buy his fledgling computer animation company at above market value, and then turning it into what we now know as Pixar Studios!

    Toy Story, The Incredibles, WALL-E…we owe it all to Howard the Motherf***ing Duck,..

  • destrecht

    I loved Ghost Rider! They could have made a better choice than Cage, but all in all it was great! I Bought the DVD.

  • Carl

    Why is not Iron man 3 in the list?, the movie is so stupid, full of plot holes, bad jokes and of course the worst version villain for a film “the mandarin”, it's just an unforgiven film for any real fan of the comic.

  • joe

    Swamp-thing, not man-thing.

    • Eugene Debs

      No, two different movies. You need IMDB.

  • zemos

    The 2002 Punisher with Thomas Jane was great and would have been a franchize except in 2004 some retarded director made a sequle to the 1989 Punisher.