11 People Alec Baldwin Insulted In His Non-Goodbye Letter

11 People Alec Baldwin Insulted In His Non-Goodbye Letter

The actor is the subject of this week's New York Magazine cover story, in which he delivers a string of stinging insults to Anderson Cooper, all of MSNBC, Shia LaBeouf, and many more

Alec Baldwin is leaving public life, but not before using a magazine cover story to rip apart everyone he feels has wronged him.

(Also, he's not really leaving public life, because he'll still act and do commercials and appearances, but that's neither here nor there at the moment.)

In a blistering rant that covers this week's “New York” magazine, Baldwin takes aim at those that he believes are responsible for a 2013 filled with blowups, which culminated in his making an alleged homophobic slur against a paparazzo. It led to the cancellation of his fledgling MSNBC talk show.

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Here are Baldwin's chief 11 targets (the entire article is at New York Magazine):

Anderson Cooper and Andrew Sullivan: Baldwin says the CNN anchor and leading blogger are leaders of the “Gay Department of Justice.” He later names Cooper “the self-appointed Jack Valenti of gay media culture.” Baldwin had already faulted Sullivan (and GLAAD) in November for his show's cancellation.

Shia LaBeouf and Dan Sullivan: His collaborators on the ill-fated Broadway run of “Orphans,” at least until his disagreement with LaBeouf (who has “a jailhouse mentality wherever he goes,” Baldwin says) got the “Transformers” actor and plagiarist/performance artist fired. Baldwin also claims that Sullivan, who directed the play, two-timed him, and ultimately lost interest in “directing the show at all.”

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MSNBC: Baldwin reserves much of his venom for the left-leaning cable news network, which he says was not a good fit for his talk show ambitions. Joe Scarborough, he says, is “neither eloquent nor funny,” while Mika Brezezinski, the “Morning Joe” co-host, is the “Margaret Dumont of cable news.” Rachel Maddow, the network's star, is “a phony who doesn't have the same passion for the truth off-camera that she seems to have on the air.” He also says MSNBC chief Phil Griffin “couldn't give a flying fuck about content.”

Harvey Levin: According to Baldwin, the TMZ chief is the man who convinced the world that Baldwin used a homophobic slur against a photographer (a charge Baldwin vehemently denies). Levin, he says, is a “cretinous barnacle on the press.”

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The Huffington Post: Of the website for whom he used to blog, Baldwin says, ”They've gotta have clicks for their advertisers, so they're going to need as much Kim Kardashian and wardrobe malfunctions as possible. The other day, they had a thing on the home page about pimples. Tripe.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio: The progressive mayor, whom Baldwin supported from the early going, “apparently gets his news from TMZ, too.” He said de Blasio has “distanced himself from me.”

  • Jim

    What is his opinion of Erin replacing Brooke on DWTS?

    • Louisa

      It's probably something along the lines of “Erin is a blood belching wart on the genitalia of decency,” and “Brooke once displayed the astuteness and passion of Picasso sketching a young woman tenderly combing her hair, but now she runs through the motions like a traffic cop on halcion, truly an insult to the public.”

  • bruceben9

    Bring back the down vote.

    • androphiles

      You can still vote down. They're just not keeping a public total.

    • Bruce Orlando

      You can see if someone has down voted your comment if you go look at the list of comments you've made.

  • Cretinous Barnacle

    Is Alec Baldwin still a thing? He's never been in anything good, except for “Glengarry Glenn Ross” and a few episodes of “30 Rock,” I guess.

    • Caley McGuire

      One gets the idea you ‘guess’ at quite a lot of things.

      • Charlie Cruz

        One guesses that would be a bad idea, unless you happen to know this person.

  • Turtle Garaufis

    pretty disgusting that in an article about how he says he never actually said “faggot” he says “tranny” without apology. what a disappointment this guy is.

    • Mark Douglas

      Just send us all the approved word list and we'll be sure to file it.

  • EiLeen DEE

    The world would be a better place if Alec Baldwin never took anther breath of air. He is beyond toxic and he is in need of a serious dirt nap.

    • Caley McGuire

      Wishing others dead. Always the sign of a reasonable, happy and responsible person.

      • Lance Smith

        One gets the idea you look like a left-leaning hipster with those big glasses and a passion for big government legislation.

        • Caley McGuire

          Okay, we'll pretend that makes any kind of sense at all.

    • Bruce Orlando


    • Mark Douglas

      Look in the mirror. You both seem to have a lot in common.

  • Behindonthewordtimes

    When did “tranny” become a bad word it's just short for transgender. Not that I am a fan of Alec Baldwin, but I think the gay community needs to relax a bit. I mean lately they seem to be bitching about everything.

    • Bruce Orlando

      It's short for transsexual, I thought. And regarding bitching, you seem to be guilty of that yourself.

    • Ron Hebshie

      No, we just bitch about states that pass laws that OK discrimination, constant attacks on our freedom to marry, countries that encourage violence against us and ignorant tools like you who prove any ill-informed moron can leave a comment online.

      • SeinUndZeit

        Shut up Tranny!

  • scaliagirls4

    Good riddance to a man with a venomous personality. Don't let the airport runway kicked you in the ass!

  • Mr Ripley

    He is frustrated because at this junction of his life he has not been in the big screen and instead reduced to the tv screen. Did he really think his talk show was going to go the distance. He is a bitter was once an actor who is lashing out at anyone he feels did hin wrong when in fact he is his own worse enemy. I like him the Capital One commericals and was brillant in GlennGarry GlenRoss movie and some of his other movies have been okay. He should retie from public life and enjoy his new wife and kid or stop whinning and bitching and be a man and handle his demons and move on..

    • murph

      You should check his film credits before you speak

    • Lance Smith

      Thanks for your critique on Baldwin, Mr. Ebert.

  • John Saxon

    Alec seems a bit thin-skinned…

    • Canamjay

      yes, but he balances this with having an unusually thick head, don't you think?

    • Lance Smith

      He probably uses thin-skin condoms when he bangs those beautiful, young, women.

  • jackster12

    He was amazing in 30 Rock. Really terrific. He's great as the radio voice of the NY philharmonic too. He was even the one saving grace, in many ways, of the less than impressive but always present Baldwin brothers. But all this? Just sad. He should, indeed, avoid speaking in public.

    • Canamjay

      ummmm… he played a low-life, dishonest dirt-bag.. so why was this considered acting?

      • Lance Smith

        The interesting thing about you left leaning types is that you have no honor. The typically left wing Baldwin is now considered a traitor amongst other left wing people.

        Anderson Cooper is nothing more than a left wing version of a Bill O'Reilly. Ultimately, all of you are fools for falling slave for the left/right paradigm.

        • Canamjay

          U talkintome??Left leaning? Bought your lance at walmart did you? Irrelevant much?

  • Ydog56 .

    It seems that Alec Baldwin has developed a reputation for having a short fuse and media people are all too eager to exploit his outbursts. If he weren't a celebrity we would all say, “…everyone is entitled to an opinion” and move on down the road.

    • Mark Douglas

      Every is entitled to their opinion but the tolerance levels towards others opinions has gone away. We now have the word police and PC has gone simply nuts.

  • Bruce Orlando

    There is still something likeable about Alec Baldwin. Some of the anti-gay language and the ignorance about transgender issues (calling them trannies) is a bit disappointing to me. I think he is as others have said, a little thin-skinned.

    • Canamjay

      Please tell me what there is that is ‘likeable’ about such a bloviating gas-bag who is the most un-funny comedy actor I have ever encountered…. kind of a macho PeeWee Herman. How he stuck on at 30 Rock without being completely exposed is the best talent he possesses …. I just wish he would go away…and stay there. But then again, this is the show that also thought that some guy named Tracy is a worthy actor and funnyman… pathetic.

  • Newzheimer

    Don't know about the others, but I completely agree with Baldwin about Harvey Levin. TMZ is trash, masquerading as garbage. The website is full of scurrilous gossip and innuendo. Harvey Levin isn't a lawyer and he doesn't play one on TV. He's like that black slime mold I found living under my air conditioner.

    • tedsfrozenhead

      While currently not a lawyer Harvey Levin was a licensed and practicing attorney in California from 1975 to 1996

  • Guest

    Baldwin is such an ass.

  • Lola

    Bitterness toward life must be a difficult emotion to handle.

  • frankspeakloud

    I thinks Alec Baldwin is saying what a lot of us would like to say. It's absolutely true that these little media darlings are constantly trolling for dirt that they can spin into ratings gold.

  • Phineas Bogg

    TMZ does influence people which is unfortunate that people rely on TMZ for facts.

    Remember the day when people laughed at stories from the National Enquirer?

  • whataceleb

    It always amazes me when someone famous gets caught behaving badly. Instead of just saying I'm sorry they do everything else but the right thing. When people call them on their bs they start to flail wildly and cry “poor me”. Since you and Shia have so much in common maybe you can live in “exile” together.

  • honkychateau

    Well, Alec has issues and seems to be a bit of a dick. Not unusual with people who are enormously talented. (He's nowhere NEAR the dick that ANYONE on “TMZ” is, and not one of them has any discernible talent whatsoever!) But calling Mika Brezezinski “…the Margaret Dumont of cable news.” is SO goddamned coffee-spittingly funny it completely negates his dickishness and redeems him fully.

  • Joe Mahma

    The Huffington Post is little more than liberal echo chamber, pro-fat, tabloid traffic generator.