15 Times the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer Made You Shift in Your Seat (Photos)

Try watching Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the sexy “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer without squirming a little in your seat. TheWrap ranks 15 of the most squirm-worthy moments with our notoriously accurate “Squirm Scale”

Fifty Shades of Grey Office Focus Features
"Mr. Grey will see you now."
The anticipation builds as you realize this is the moment you will be able to put a face to THE Christian Grey.
Squirm Scale: 1.3
Fifty Shades of Grey Hand Focus Features
"What was he like?"- Kate
"He was polite, intense, smart, [pause] really intimidating."-Anastasia
We could not agree more!
Squirm Scale: 3
Fifty Shades of Grey Anna Office Focus Features
"I would like to know more about you."- Christian
"There's really not much to know about me. I mean, look at me" -Anastasia
Squirm Scale: 2
Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey Focus Features
Long pause.
"I am." -Christian
Sharp intake followed by a squirm…no he did not!
Squirm Scale: 5
Fifty Shades of Grey Elevator Focus Features
Eye contact. Eye contact. Eye contact.
Squirm Scale: 3.5
Fifty Shades of Grey Elevator Kiss Focus Features
"I exercise control in all things Miss Steele" - Christian
"That must be really boring"-Anastasia
Oh how wrong you are Ana.
Squirm Scale: 6
Fifty Shades of Grey Bed Kiss Focus Features
"I don't do romance"- Christian
Oh how wrong YOU are Mr. Grey
Squirm Scale: 5.3
Fifty Shades of Grey Under Table Knee Grab Focus Features
Sexual. Sexual. Sexual… Tension
Squirm Scale: 7
Fifty Shades of Grey Dresser Focus Features
"My tastes are [pause]…"- Christian
Abs. Abs. Abs.
Squirm Scale: 8
Fifty Shades of Grey Anastasia Lips Focus Features
"…are very singular" - Christian
No. Words.
Squirm Scale: 8.5
Fifty Shades of Grey Enlighten Me Focus Features
"Enlighten me"-Anastasia
Yes, enlighten us Christian…RIGHT NOW
Squirm Scale: 9
Fifty Shades of Grey Whip Focus Features
Squirm Scale: 9.8
Fifty Shades of Grey Bathroom Focus Features
Squirm Scale: 9.9
Fifty Shades of Grey Rope Focus Features
Squirm Scale: 10
Fifty Shades of Grey Bed Focus Features
Lucky b*tch…

Squirm Scale: BROKEN