Dailies | Watch 15 Minutes of 2013's Most Outrageous News Bloopers (Videos)

Yes, there were that many, and yes, former North Dakota news anchor A.J. Clemente made the cut

From accidentally dropping the F-bomb (both of them) to dropping unintentional sexual innuendoes, and all the way to drawing a penis on a traffic map, 2013 has been a hilarious year news broadcasts around the world.

A YouTube channel appropriately named NewsBeFunny went ahead and did us all a favor by compiling the very best into a very long video for our viewing pleasure.

See video: Ouch! Sports Reporters Get Drilled — the Greatest Sideline Fails on the Web

And what a pleasure it is to be reminded of how hazardous journalism can be.

Enjoy, and cross your fingers for an even funnier 2014.



  • troche565

    What can I say except that those videos were just simply hilarious.