5 Jamie Dornan Clips From Before He Became Christian Grey (Video)

5 Jamie Dornan Clips From Before He Became Christian Grey (Video)

“Fifty Shades of Grey” star has done the tall, dark and dangerous thing before

Jamie Dornan was a new name to many people when he was announced as the new star of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Wait just a minute, said the book's demanding fans. Is this guy up to playing the cartoonish male lead in trashy erotica that started out as “Twilight” fan fiction?

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Yeah, probably. Dornan, a 31-year-old Northern Irish former model, has played plenty of smoldering, mysterious characters, including a count, a killer, and a Huntsman. Combine those roles, and you have some of the same qualities found in sexual sadist entrepeneur Christian Grey.

But watch some clips of his past work and judge for yourself.

THE FALL (2013)

Here's Dornan being creepy and mysterious on the BBC2 series “The Fall.” If anything, he may need to tone it down to play Christian Grey.


Here is on ABC's “Once Upon a Time,” where he plays the dual roles of Sheriff Graham and The Huntsman:

In this horror serial, Dornan played a soldier about to ship out to Iraq who must first rescue his girlfriend from bloddthirsty ravers. Here he is taking the red pill:

And here's Dornan playing — you guessed it — a mysterious loner.

Here's a fan-made video featuring Dornan as Count Axel Fersen in Sophia Coppola's “Marie Antoinette.” Something about the movie brings out fans’ desires to set scenes to melodramatic music, which may be fitting since “Fifty Shades” started as fan fiction.

  • Nicole

    I'm still unconvinced. Good looking, but not “hot”. Haven't seen any proof of the kind of acting skills needed. Meh.

    • inthebusiness

      not either, sad to say.

    • notnicole

      meh meh meh – that's all you ever say on here nicole. be positive for once. i bet he nails it and you crap your cynical pants when you watch it.

    • Matty

      Trust me – the guy can act. Watch “The Fall” (a 5 episode British cop show on Netflix). He plays a serial killer and does an excellent job.

  • miah

    not bad…He can definitely play the role of fifty shades :)

  • Nicole

    I was really skeptical at first, but these clips, though short, give you a little more insight.
    He's got the eyes, the smoldering gaze, the smug grin.
    I've been reading some interviews, and he has so much enthusiasm when it comes to playing Christian. I think with his passion, he is really going to pull it off.

  • Matty

    He is CREEPY AS HELL in “The Fall” (it's on Netflix) Deserves a BAFTA if he hasn't won one yet.

  • yuri

    You dont have the right clip for Beyond the rave, the one you put its from The fall :)