Rob Lowe Is ‘Killing Kennedy': 10 Other Actors Who Played JFK (Photos)

Rob Lowe takes a dramatic turn as President John F. Kennedy in the National Geographic Channel's “Killing Kennedy,” which airs Sunday, Nov. 10 at 8/7c. The made for TV movie spans from Kennedy's presidential candidacy to his assassination in 1963. The “Parks and Recreation” star is also joining dozens of other thespians who have played the 35th POTUS. Here are 10 of the most notable:

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  • Go Westies

    I think Rob Lowe did a great job. His performance was perfect from beginning to end.

  • Catherine Runnals

    Bruce Greenwood truly was the best Kennedy. The resemblance was right on. But truthfully no one can ever step in John Kennedy's shoes. With all of our President's he is the only one we keep seeing every year. He was simply THE BEST. No one has even come close in the way this Country and the World admired him. American's were united then. What has happen to us? Ever since President Kennedy's death guns have exploded in this country. It just is not the same. For the short life he had as President he left an impact on us and the World. Great speech maker, he held your attention. Lucky for all of us he was in the White House during the October missile crisis. His Chief of Staffs wanted World War three. After Bay of Pigs he only listened to himself. We will never see the likes of him again. So sad.