‘Shame on You!’ Says Academy Member to Martin Scorsese at ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Screening

'Shame on You!' Says Academy Member to Martin Scorsese at 'Wolf of Wall Street' Screening

Actress says Scorsese's wild, divisive three-hour bacchanalia prompts elevator confrontation at AMPAS screening in Los Angeles

Martin Scorsese knows that “The Wolf of Wall Street” is not for everyone, but he probably didn't expect to be lambasted by an Academy member when he arrived for the official AMPAS members screening of his film on Saturday night.

But according to a Facebook post from actress Hope Holiday, that's what happened. Referring to the graphic three-hour film about the sex-and-drug-filled lifestyle of stockbroker Jordan Belfort, and then to the arrival of Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater, she wrote:

“[L]ast night was torture at the Academy — ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ – three hours of torture – same disgusting crap over and over again – after the film they had a discussion which a lot of us did not stay for – the elevator doors opened and Leonardo D. Martin S. and a few others got out then a screen writer ran over to them and started screaming – shame on you – disgusting –


A Paramount rep who was with Scorsese said that no one screamed at the director, but admitted that one person offered “a negative comment.” The film's talent didn't stop to respond, because they were hurrying into the theater for a post-screening Q&A with Scorsese, DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and writer Terrence Winter.

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When asked for additional details by TheWrap, Hope Holiday declined to identify the screenwriter who confronted Scorsese as he exited the elevator on the second floor. But she said that the screenwriter's criticism of Scorsese was “a shocker,” and “very awkward and embarrassing” for others waiting for the elevator.

Some people at the screening, she added, did applaud the film, while others (“including myself”) hated it.

Others report healthy applause for the film, and for the panelists at the Q&A. The screening was reportedly very well attended, despite it being a three-hour film screening on the Saturday night before Christmas.

Getty Images

Getty Images

“It's brutal,” admitted Scorsese in a conversation with TheWrap on Friday.
 “I've seen it with audiences, and I think it plays. I don't know if it will be to everyone's taste – I don't think it will. It's not made for 14 year olds.”

To be fair, the Facebook post and its subsequent comments showed that Holiday and her friends clearly aren't the target audience for Scorsese's film, either.

The 75-year-old actress, who appeared in “The Apartment” and “Irma la Douce,” among others, and her friends bashed current films, including “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and praised “White Christmas,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “As Good As it Gets” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

Holiday did say that she “liked” David O. Russell's “American Hustle,” but found it “confusing.”

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Saturday's incident was not the first time that a Scorsese film has been rudely greeted by someone in an AMPAS audience. One longtime Academy member told TheWrap that at the members’ screening of Scorsese's “Casino” in 1995, one man stood up in the middle of the film and screamed, “Disgusting! Pornography! Crap!” at the screen.

That film received one Oscar nomination for Sharon Stone‘s lead performance.

  • hupto

    Ms. Holiday apparently left out the part where Mr. Scorsese held a gun to her head and forced her to sit through the entire three-hour film. Reminds me of the ancient joke about the old lady who claimed “Midnight Cowboy” was pornography, and she was certain of this because she sat through it five times to make sure.

    • quid

      And you equally could've ignored her comments instead of reading and responding, but we all have a stake in our collective culture – actually she more than you as she's a member of the Academy.

      Lame ageist swipe by the writer of this post, and odd too. On one hand you marginalize her age, and yet the film “isn't for 14 year olds.” Get back to us on what perfect age is allowed to have an opinion – if you're the right age where your pronouncement even matters.

      • Avalon

        Maybe that's why the academy is waste of time. Ancient people who have no idea what the world is up to.

        • Colonel Zod

          Or Down To…

        • rideralberta

          Ancient=morals; Contemporary=heathen?

          • Codewizard

            I would have to say yes. Sure appears that way.

          • Jorge Galrito

            Come on, pagans (not heathens, as you said) existed way before christians.
            Also, please do not mistake hypocrisy with morality.

          • DReview

            This is Heathen Country Now… you can leave your personal values behind, we'll offer you money and riches as long as you don't give a crap!

        • DReview

          This is a sign that the respects toward film making and the academy is going down the toilet! Sooner or later Youtube awards are going to have more views than the Oscars and Golden Globes because the Academy has sold us out, and objectified a whole generation for sales margins!

          This might be the last hurrah for the Academy's reputation

          The Academy is turning Niche now!

      • http://mulhollandcinelog.wordpress.com/ Gustavo H. Razera

        There is no parallel between watching an offensive 3-hour movie during which you can leave at any time and simply reading a brief article. Your rant against hupto's opinion is laughably fallacious and intolerant.

        Judging by your debate skills, I'm pretty sure YOU do not belong to the age group Scorsese made his film for.

        • How

          The woman is an Academy voter, hupto. That's why she stayed for the duration of a three-hour movie she hated. She has to be able to say she saw what she's voting or not voting for. If she wasn't a voter she probably would have walked out early.

          • ann fassetta

            Pretty sure he was not referring to the woman but to the poster…

      • DReview

        If Wolf of Wallstreet makes it into the Oscars there will be a deeper divide in the Academy and the Audience. It will polarize niche marketing to a sell out point and the downfall of the academy will be a result of the migration of the industry. Youtube awards here we come!

    • Nick Aviles

      Makes you wonder why are these old idiotic hags allowed to be members of the guild.

      Their ancient brains would be hard pressed to comprehend the ways of the living.

      • Codewizard

        Because unlike you, they met the requirements for entry. DUH.

      • Bartholomew Bakr

        So are you saying that all young people are going to like the film simply because they're young? That would be a stupid assumption wouldn't it?

        • DReview

          I agree with Bartholomew! MS saying “this isn't for 14 year olds” and yet gets criticized by older intellectuals shows true agism. Lets be honest, the previews and trailers are aimed for 14-18 year olds!

  • loco73

    Wow…much ado about nothing!? “A screenwriter” started shouting…would that be one of those “screen writers” who never make it in the business, or whose writing skills are so sub-par that they can't even write the screenplay for a porn movie?! Next best thing, if you can't succeed through talent and hard work…shortest TMZ suggested route…infamy. You'll get more attention if you yell some nonsense at the director and actors of the movie…Also, why did he shout, if he is a screenwriter, emphasis on the workd writer…couldn't he have written a more coherent opinion piece on one of the many industry blogs, sites or even papers?
    As for Ms. Holiday, its fair enough that she did not like the movie, but that has ever been the way with Scorsese's movies, they've never been everyone's taste! I mean the man has been directing movies for some 40 years. I am not sure what exacty is it that these people expected that they might not have based on previous experience with his other movies. Or didn't they see the rating? These are supossed to be professionals and instead act like little children throwing around temper tantrums…

    • http://twitter.com/virgofromjersey Andrew

      If they're at an Academy screening they're likely not a nobody. More likely of an older generation like Ms. Holiday.

      • Casey

        Wow, what a stupid comment. I personally value and like to hear the perspective of “nobody olders” and I'll bet I'm younger than you, you little snot. When the younger crowd makes films like the older crowd did, maybe they'll have earned some adolescent arrogance. Until then, go tweet something or text and drive or whatever dumb vapid people do today..

        • Angie

          He wasn't being rude, he said they're NOT nobodies.

        • MarkJeffries

          Uh, I believe Mr. Scorsese is closer to Ms. Holiday's generation than Andrew's. He just doesn't think like her.

        • Avalon

          No one cares

        • http://twitter.com/virgofromjersey Andrew

          You need to re-read my comment then adjust your attitude. I said nothing negative about the older generation I merely said being of an older generation is likely why they didn't care for the gratuitous sex in this movie.

          • Barrow

            I think Casey made a mistake and meant to respond to loco73.

          • How

            One of the most negative critical responses to the movie was from Esther Zuckerman, a 23-year-old critic who said the movie wallows in excess. She did not care for it and she's barely out of college.

          • http://twitter.com/virgofromjersey Andrew

            Yes, but since this was the Academy it's not likely the person was young.

          • mr cake

            Being of an older generation i love the gratuitous sex in the movie ( and in all movies). I will be voting to nominate this picture as best of the year.

        • Chip

          Quick to judge, but not so quick with an apology. Don't worry Casey, I hear ya.

          • Chip

            Dammit, I meant Andrew!

        • Synergy

          If you want to avoid making a fool of yourself as you have here, then please learn to comprehend what you read.

      • Damien Valentine

        Yeah I think that section of the film industry really existed in pomp and circumstance. Where everything was tied up in a pretty little bow with Hershey's kisses on top of it.
        Even though actions of the sort in that film happened in that era, they were never openly discussed let alone put on film. It would be like taking you grandma to go see The Hangover.

    • anonymouse

      Maybe they were expecting Hugo 2.

    • Codewizard

      spoken like someone who will NEVER make in anywhere.

      HEADLINE: ‘Shame on You!’ Says ACADEMY MEMBER …’


    • Kirk

      Do we no longer have boundaries? Why don't people just have sex in the street? Or is that too old fashioned?

  • http://www.originalplots.com/ Bryan

    Something tells me Von Trier's ‘Nymphomaniac’ is way better than this. Guess we will see.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gerard.kennelly Gerard Kennelly

      dogville is one of the most fearless films ever made

  • David

    The fruit of life is sweet when it is fresh from the vine but don't live too long, for after a while the taste turns…..bitter.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gerard.kennelly Gerard Kennelly

      you sound like viggo mortensen in The Prophecy

      • Mau

        That is taken from Star Trek

    • Codewizard

      “The wisdom of the ancients,” would benefit you.


    Ohhhh and because the SCREENWRITER didn't like Marty's movie, all of a sudden, he's a nobody writer? Amazing…how the intelligence of Hollywood insiders continues to show its stupidity.

  • miller

    No offense to Ms. Holiday, but if I take someone's word for it, it will be probably someone like Peter Travers (Rolling Stone), an esteemed film critic who LOVED the film and not an elderly lady who is clearly not the target audience nor the demo this film could potentially appeal to. As a voter her job is to or appreciate the artistry behind the concept or if there isn't any, condemn the film all together, problem is she does sound like she hated the concept from the get go and then – not surprisingly – condemned the film as a whole. It IS a Scorsese film…artistry is a given.

    • giggy

      And your opinion is worthless too because you're ugly and can't relate to attractive people, and you don't have money so can't relate…blah blah. And who still says “no offense but..” and proceeds to be offensive. That was big in the 70s and 80s, so you must be 40s-50s years old – so you don't count either!

      • miller

        I didn't mean to be offensive, you obviously were and you think have the moral high ground ? Also, the offensive part in my comment was what again ?

        • giggy

          tongue in cheek analogy is apparently over your head…also, it's sad that you don't even recognize the ageist put down in your comment, couched as it was

          • miller

            You have a point, I admit it was ageist, still I think my point – as ageist as it was – had some merit. A 75 year old lady PROBABLY (=clearly not written in stone) won't enjoy a wild, graphic film like The Wolf of Wall Street even if the film is a good one. But I didn't draw that conclusion from her age alone, just look at the films she liked, obviously she is into classics and romcoms so considering the possibility that she had some genre prejudice the very least to begin with not to mention the film clearly wasn't her cup of tea (again, look at her faves), is reasonable in my opinion.

        • Richard Rabinowitz

          No offense, but i reserve the right to say “no offense”.

    • Abbey

      I am amazed at some the films I liked when I was young. When I view them again through older and perhaps wiser eyes I am repulsed and even ashamed of how wretched my tastes were back then. I am referring to films like some of those Scorsese makes. Culture is debased with each graphic murder and portrayal of violence, drug abuse, rape, and sexual perversion put up for public consumption as entertainment. As I've gotten older, this trend makes me sad for younger generations growing up debased by film makers who have perhaps not realized making art is about producing a legacy of beauty and contributing to the culture as well as creating that which is controversial and vile and calling it artistry.

      • The Artist

        Create the ART that you want to create.

        Fuck censorship!

        Scorsese is one of the greatest film makers of all time.

        People need to quit whining.

        • Colonel Zod

          His films are stylish and a joy to watch, but they say nothing.

          • Bartholomew Bakr

            Mean Streets & Taxi Driver & Raging Bull & Goodfellas said nothing?! Ms. Holiday is that you?

        • beyond partisan

          Gee, you'd be an example of what consuming that type of media produces – not only do you have to use a four-letter word to get your thought across, you show poor reading comprehension. No-one here, including Abby above, has been advocating censorship.

          • The Artist

            Sir/Ma'am, I don't have to do anything. Furthermore, I am a law abiding citizen that treats people kindly and respectfully, and that's not because of the media. Scorsese has the FREEDOM to create, and everyone else has the freedom to AVOID what he creates.

            Content or subject matter has little to do with quality.

          • Teenager

            You've looked at the fog on the window, and missed what's on the other side of that comment.

            This comment thread is not about the movie, it's not about who is right or wrong.. It's only purpose seems to be conflict and debate. This whole article introduces it and you all perpetuate it.

            I'm sitting here, I'm guilty of that. But very shortly I will look up something of positive interest to myself and indulge in some satisfaction and good feelings. You should do the same!

            Before you judge or impede another, remember..

            “All that you fight weakens you, all that you support empowers you”

            Namaste and good deeds. Forgive these people for making you so angry.

  • Jim

    Hope Holiday?????? Is she married to Texas Battle????? That's right, folks. There's a bad actor by the name of Texas Battle. True story.

    Well, you can't argue about “John Wayne.”

    • tdoa

      HUH! Texas Battle is a young African-American actor! I doubt he's be married to a 75 year old actress?

  • https://www.facebook.com/dgirwin1 Handyman003

    I will be seeing the film on Christmas

  • Kirk

    Hollywood has been pumping out the lowest of the low in human depravity for too long now. No wonder kids are out of control, confused and without morals,. Sick of it! Hooray for to this screenwriter and anybody else on the inside who finally takes a stand. Hollywood and the wealthy elite have done more to take down civilized society than any army or nation state world over.

    • Avalon

      Sure Kirk, it's Hollywood's fault the world is going to shit. Has nothing to do with that people create war, conflicts, poverty, oppression, etc then don't want to clean up their own messes, save it for someone else.

      Sure blame movies which are usually a mirror to the society you live in.

      • Andrew

        To be fair, the film glamorizes a person with a baseless, reprehensible, and ILLICIT lifestyle who gets off with 3 years of prison and is now making millions again suckering in people around the globe, and apparently now Hollywood as well. I would actually argue that this film IS for 14 year old (boys) and every frat house in America. The issue I had with the film was that the tone was at best confused between satirical comedy, The Hangover Part 4, and a Get Rich Quick movie. In this day and age the last people that need to be glamorized and idolized are Wall St. buffoons who profited enormously and illicitly at others’ expense. I would guess, that is why the unnamed writer “shamed” Mr. Scorsese.

        • Stuart W

          Avalon, It's not “people” …that “create war…poverty …and oppression” its rogue countries that do same. People provide their lives as fodder disputing these conflicts. Hollywood producers are not responsible for the habits of a nation. However, in this case, Martin Scorsese has missed the mark offering his audience an overlong, overwrought film, much too in love with its “darlings” to render meaningful film fare and ultimately boring. Doubt this movie shall have serious impact on this year's Oscar picks. Verdict here; not worth the fuss!

          • Tony

            Funny, I've heard people wishing it was actually longer.

        • kingrat

          If you saw WoWS as glamorizing that life-style you are an idiot. Come on.

      • beyond partisan

        Do you honestly think the culture is not affected by the media? Quit lying to us and yourself especially. There's a reason why A&E suspended Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. He has influence, and GLAAD and company do not want media influencing people against gay marriage.

      • Kirk

        You are what you eat. There are children with problems….alone and emotionally disturbed. Movies, music, video games affect those children. It only takes one to destroy the lives of many. No one is home to help filter the crap the child is exposed to. Children are sponges and building who they are from the world around them Fill a child with ugly….they become it. Harden a young heart……it's permanent. Denial is what is necessary so people can have their fun. Selfish, ignorant, narcissistic and in my opinion….evil.

    • Chris

      Ugh. Hollywood and the wealthy elite… Sure Fox news isn't part of it right?

      • Kirk

        Clinton is listed as one of the wealthiest presidents in all history. Fox news? Hollywood elite. They have so much money and are the biggest hypocrites out there…..besides the “tolerant” left.

    • Nick Aviles

      Kids are out of control because of stupid ass parents. Blaming hollywood or the media for the actions of children is idiotic.

      Big problem is how bent out of shape this country gets over sex. Sex is natural and a fundamental of being a human. Meanwhile concervative parents would much rather have their 8 year old exposed to a violent movie involving brains being exploded with gun fire than to show them a little nipple in a great film.

      • DReview

        STUDIES ARE SHOWING THAT its a combination of both media and lack of participation in the household that creates a funnel of influence. Parents who are too consumed in their personal drama, their jobs, or travel find themselves looking at a stranger who resembles a pop icon. Time for us to realize the power of the camera.

        Come on Hitler was burning books of intellect and high art to dumb down the masses. Would “The Wolf of Wallstreet” make it into the pit?

  • Ivan

    I haven't seen this movie. However, I find many Scorsese films unwatchable. They always seem to have much more to do with his latest ‘method’ star or Scorsese himself, then with the audience. Some people may find this interesting. I find myself thinking that everyone involved just needs to get over themselves.

    • Tony

      Huh? What?

    • Van Hammerstein

      Hey, it's ok, a lot of people have bad taste. Doesn't mean you have to post a paragraph about it.

  • Tim O'Brien

    She does matter. She votes. And who knows how many she can influence. It doesn't have anything to do with being forced to watch it. As a member of the Academy, she should watch the films to get a look at them before she votes.

  • PeterWebber

    It's a movie ffs. MOVIE. If it isn't for you, don't see it. Do some research. Not hard. Movies are evolving. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Whoever screenwriter is needs to calm down and be happy he was allowed to screen movie. Also, why is this old bat screening this movie? If she can't put her own personal views aside when gauging a movie, why is she allowed to be on a committee that is supposed to be unbiased when selecting the years best?

    On a less than serious note, you old people better watch it. Don't make me go all Logan's Run up in this country. Would fix healthcare, reduce accidents, make life less stressful for us and destroy the CBS network.

    • Colonel Zod

      Its not old people who have to watch it. Its another group of people, Mr. Webber..

    • beyond partisan

      Wow. Listen to yourself. Advocating genocide of the elderly just so someone doesn't offend you with an opinion you don't like on a movie you haven't even seen yet.

    • Amerkins

      Logan's Run reference. You are awesome!

  • AtomicFury

    Most of what oozes out of Hollywood is crap anyway. Sure, a gem may float out of that toilet once in a while but I fail to see where the word “art” applies to anything Scorsese has produced. The last film that actually moved me was “Road To Perdition” and it wasn't quite the level of say “The Godfather”. But even his best work fails to enter the strata those classics inhabit. I get the sense anymore that films which depict such hedonistic behavior as in “The Wolf of Wall Street” are done for the sake of massaging the ego's of the actors. I don't like seeing people getting laid (probably a good reason to avoid most Tom Cruise movies), or drugs being used because I have a vivid imagination. It's the same for violent movies which graphically illustrate the injuries received. I ask, “why” do they need to go to such lengths? I'm good with seeing a couple enter the bedroom and embrace before the segue to the next scene, or the cowboy dropping to the dust after getting shot. I can even take seeing a drug deal go down without seeing the gratuitous injections, snortings, or sparking up of pointy-ended cigarettes. My point is that I think guys like MS are overrated because the shock value such movies as “Casino” and “Goodfellas” bring to the table and for being pretty much the same movie in so many ways. So, the barker at the elevator may be just another over-wrought follower of all things Scorsese who puts too much emphasis on the interpretation of celluloid imagery. Worse, the self-aggrandizing process of “ahtists-judging-ahtists” (intentional misspelling) just serves to keep the bar low on quality filmmaking and enabling hacks like Scorsese to flourish. You see one of his movies, you've seen them all.

    • beth


      • AtomicFury

        Yeah, it's past your bedtime sweetie.

    • pointy cig smoker

      Yeah man seen one seen em all for real. Like that one scene in Hugo where Joe pesci gets beaten with baseball bats and then buried alive. Cmon Marty do something new

      • Chris

        Are you f-cking kidding me? Haven't you seen his track record? If you say Marty only does the same thing, then you don't squat about his films. Dumb-ass remark for a dumb-ass dude here.

    • Van Hammerstein

      I'm guessing you would get along greatly with Hope Holiday and her friends. And by that I mean, you have no taste and have an affinity for not being offended. Quality can't be judged when you are judging based on supposed “shock” values and offended sensibilities. You see certain things on screen and all of sudden get offended and zone out of it, which is completely absurd. Stop being such a little girl about life. Stop acting like nothing hedonistic or sexual happens in real life. Just because you are a sensitive movie goer, who can't handle real life, doesn't mean they are bad movies. Just means that you are easily offended and shouldn't be trusted on movie advice.

      • beyond partisan

        Conversely, quit calling something “art” just because it has a shocking sex scene or someone snorting cocaine in the film. Scorsese is just appealing to the lowest common denominator pseudo-intellectual who is simply looking to justify crass tastes with snobbery.

        • Van Hammerstein

          Oh, I never called it art, so don't put words in my mouth. Yet, It also has more worth to it than simply “a shocking sex scene or someone snorting cocaine” Also, conversely, just because something shows something you are uncomfortable with, in this case sex or cocaine, doesn't mean it's NOT art.

          Look, i'm sorry if you were born in 1960 or have Mormon sensibilities, but i've seen this film, and it has much more to offer than just sex and drugs. Sorry if you can't see that, but you are the one missing out, not any of us fans.

          I'm also going to go ahead and bet that you haven't seen this film and are basing your opinion off of a trailer and a 75 year old,barely famous, actress's opinion, yes? Thought so.

      • AtomicFury

        Man, you not only missed the bus, but the station too. Read it again.

        • smallzy22

          Dicaprio had other directors approach him about doing “Wolf of Wall Street” but Dicaprio specifically wanted Scorsese to add the “Goodfellas” element to “Wolf of Wall Street.” He also wanted Scorsese b/c he knew he wouldn't pull any punches, regardless of who would or wouldn't like the film. Scorsese has balls and he could care less about what the critics think.

  • Fraser

    “[Ms. Holiday] and her friends bashed current films, including “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and praised “White Christmas,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “As Good As it Gets” and “The Wizard of Oz.”” Well, that explains how the Oscars go every year, doesn't it?

  • billy beru

    Worst press is no press. She just put more millions in martins and Leo's pocket. Drugs and sex marathon? 18 year olds will eat it up.

    • Colonel Zod

      18-year olds will suck it and swallow it.

      • Rod

        Weren't you once 18? Food for thought eh?

  • Ian Sharp

    Here's the thing, People. All of those ranting about the content of the film and the Depravity of the cast and crew; This was based on FACT, people!. So, you want to tell the story of self absorbed sociopath who makes millions stealing from others and then indulging in all the things that money can by , how, exactly? turning it into a Lifetime Film? I will admit, that Mr Scorsese's work is definitely not for everyone, and the Love/Hate breakdown is about par for the course for most of his films. I personally think Mr. Scorsese is one of the best of his generation, because many of his stories are about subjects that need the unvarnished light shined on. After Goodfellas, I could never take The Godfather films seriously again. Mr Scorsese is an uncompromising storyteller who isn't afraid of holding a mirror up to us humans and showing us in an not so flattering light. Simple way to solve this. If you don't like his work, DON'T GO SEE IT. I am very much looking forward to The Wolf Of Wall Street. It looks like he's back in full throttle mode again. Given what Wall Street is responsible for doing to so many people out there….its about time he shine his camera on their shenanigans. Merry F'n Christmas!!

    • Colonel Zod

      Martin Scorsese's generation did more damage than all the bombs dropped in World War II.

    • beyond partisan

      Nope. Don't need to see it. People go to the bathroom every day; I don't need to see that on film either, even though it's REAL.

      • Jorge Galrito

        People going to the bathroom isn't interesting, because, like you said, everybody does it everyday. Now what this film depicts, however, it doesn't happen everyday and to everybody, so it's a little different on a interest scale. The comparison you made has no logic.

  • spike

    When you take away illegally or unethically gotten money, and guns, blood, killing, sex, and flying fists, what do you have with Scorsese? The Aviator?? How lame. He plays to lowest common denominators in a decadent society: blood, sex, money, killing, lust– but he does it very skillfully. So what? Big deal. HIS FILMS ADD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THE CULTURE. I'll tell you where he adds to the culture- not in his own filmmaking, but in being a leading voice for film preservation.

    So my hats off to the how dare you screenwriter. I'm glad SOMEBODY had the guts to confront him. But he doesn't care. He's making big bank.

    • Colonel Zod

      I agree with you, Spike. “Marty” likes painting his “pictures” He shows you without judging the characters in his work, because he's too sophisticated for that. The truth is telling a story in which you make an ethical or philosophical assertion without being sanctimonious or corny is Very difficult. That's why Marty doesn't do it. He doesn't have the intelligence. Neither do his fans. He makes his fans feel intelligent.

      • kingrat

        Not judging the characters is the point of WoWS. Our society doesn't judge them and they're allowed to get away with it – the entire movie is questioning that. Condemning the characters would let the audience off the hook. Don't blame the movie because you didn't get it.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    Welcome to America: Home of the prudes.

    • Colonel Zod

      Riiight, they're prudes, because they desire some intellectual component in their narratives.

      • Farty Fartsalot

        Not if that intellectual narrative contains sex. And there is nothing more evil than sex..,

        • DReview

          Strapping money on a woman and objectifying her and then womanizing others is high value of intellect for sure!

  • Sasha

    What's this, Scorsese heckled?

    It's about time too. Such a dreadfully overrated filmmaker who frankly hasn't even shown much growth over the course of his career. Every time I watch one of Scorsese's movies I'm reminded of the yawning gulf between his self-evident talent and the movies he actually makes.

    • Van Hammerstein

      “Hey, maybe if I use semi big words and act like I know what i'm talking about, people will think i'm smart” – you

      • AtomicFury

        Maybe if you whine enough you might come off looking like a Scorsese sycophant.

        • Van Hammerstein

          Yeah, maybe.

  • bob

    I haven't seen the film, but there is a pattern here, and excess doesn't necessarily equals quality or a good movie.

  • charles rod

    Hope Holiday is a drunk who never made it big and who always had a grudge against Scorsese because he never bed her or made her a famous star. She spends most of the day drinking gin, She's a lush, On top of that her grandson is a cocaine addict

    • Colonel Zod

      Charles Rod is an alcoholic who obsesses over the size of his tiny penis. He prefers rum to gin.

  • lisa runnels@att.net

    HAHA HA HA HA HAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Ha ha ha ha ha —————————————funny

  • The_Incredible_Mr_Pricklepants

    Who the fuck is Hope Holiday?

  • aanonn

    It makes me wonder if the screenwriter was paid to create controversy for an otherwise forgettable film.

  • IT OUT IT 22

    The decades STALE Scorsese
    can find nothing better to waste his time on
    then doing a turn in Oliver Stone's already
    full to overflowing, done-to-death —-litter box?


  • Latzara

    To the screen writer Ms. Holiday — get your head out of your ass and stop acting like an egomaniacal third grader — No one forced her to watch the film; and adults that can be that hit by a movie need to get their head examined …

    An idiotic display from an obviously idiotic person…

  • frankspeakloud

    I'm a fan of Scorcese. He has made some great movies and some not so great movies. But I give him credit for pushing the envelope and challenging himself as a filmmaker. It's difficult, creatively speaking, not to repeat yourself. Unfortunately, his drive for something off the charts and “excessive” did not translate well to the screen. The film could have been better with at least 45 minutes chopped out of it. Although, it would still not reach the level of “greatness” Mr. Scorcese has reached in his past endeavors.

    • Beatrice

      I have loved every Scorcese movie I've seen, and was looking forward to The Wolf of Wall Street until I read about the sheer amount of graphic sex I would have to see to make it through the film. I'm still contemplating seeing it, but I will have to watch it alone, because it's just too embarrassing to watch stuff like that with my mom, dad, brother or husband. At least with violence, I can scream, hide my eyes and nuzzle into someone's shoulder.

  • Alexander B

    Scorsese – 1. The Academy – 0.

    Go Scorsese!

  • Ronnie

    The film is about the excessive antics of the 80s and early 90s. And it does beat you over the head with all of it, which is the point. When I was watching it, I knew older and more conservative viewers would not enjoy it as those groups always have problems with films with sexual and drug content. And this film has plenty of it. It will play well with younger audiences and Leo gives a ferocious performance that anchors the entire project.

  • Codewizard

    This is classic Hollywood Hypocrisy, and self-absorption.

    Jordan Belfort is NOT paying back his victims, and the only thing H’wood denizens are upset about is poor story structure, and too much skin.

    Says it all.

  • Egg Man

    elevator confrontation also known as an “el-con” …slang

  • Biff Schmuckatelli

    films such as this are technically well made, but their content is empty, degrading, and is not entertainment of any type. These films typically lose money in the USA but make up for it overseas as those people think that films like this represent the “real” America and have a certain schadenfreude when watching such trash.

  • Didthatjusthappen?

    Saw the movie and I was surprised to see Scorsese's name attached to it. While it's always fun to watch a rags to ritches story play out in front of you- to get a chance to bask in the lifestyle of the ‘haves', this movie was just gratutious. I'm under 30 and am quite used to sex in movies, on tv, but even I was thinking- take it easy. It actually made me a little sad at the number of “actresses” in this movie (and trust me there are a LOT of them) who were willing to just go full frontal to be made to look like a cheap slam piece. Save your money on this one.

  • EstebanCafe

    Well, doesn't Scorsese know of what he films ? He has serious experience in these matters. And let's not even begin with “14 year olds”, shall we ?

  • shogun17

    Seems to me that the film strikes too close to home for the chosen crowd that runs Hollywood!

  • sick of PC

    Can anyone really say they are morally Superior enough to be able to judge a film on
    its PC and moral direction? No need to answer, we already know the answer…it is a MOVIE for Pete sakes!

    • klw7

      I can understand your point. It's a movie, so if you don't like it, don't watch it, right? But I disagree with this reasoning. Most people don't think that hard when they go see a movie. They just go see it. So a lot of people are going to be exposed to a lot of indecent garbage that didn't deliberately choose to be exposed to indecent garbage. That being the case, I think I have every right to criticize the film for its moral direction.

      • darrenck@yahoo.com

        People need to stop watching movies that way on such a large scale. They should be paying attention to what they are watching and serves them right if they don't! I saw the movie, enjoyed it, and enjoyed watching people walk out even more. Every movie isn't made for everybody to watch and enjoy. Our expectations as moviegoers as a whole has gotten way out of wack. Want a movie with a moral lesson, there's plenty to choose from. In my opinion if your an adult and can't watch a movie with a typical moral outcome something's wrong with you. If you're old enough to see this movie you should be old enough to have your own moral compass. Besides the movie was hilarious, grow up.

      • smallzy22

        Jordan Belfort had absolutely no moral direction and that is exactly what this film depicts. People are offended b/c there are people in Wall Street who behaved this way or b/c Scorsese had the guts to show/expose these individual's actions on film in the most brutal/truthful way imaginable?

  • Charlie

    Few comments here seem to be aware,
    most of them seem prejudiced against older people.

    First of all , the author seems to have been a bit biased and malicious , giving examples of certain ‘ some movies ‘, implying that the member of the academy doesn't likes recent films, not because is someone is older cant enjoy recent movies.

    Responding to comments,
    Mr. Scorsese knows that his film is rated ‘R ‘, of course, and he Should knows that the newest people aren't fully able to opine about the film , but aren't able to opine about the film mainly because the concept, and behaviors in the movie can influence behavior of the person of audience, but also isnt because the person has fifteen years old who can't have an opinion for movies, (maybe what hollywood wants for the teenagers, and youngs is nurture excessive and violent behavior.), as well as, just because the person is older she can't have good taste in films, or not recent .

    ”Next best thing , if you can not succeed through talent and hard work … TMZ Suggested shortest route … infamy . ”

    Only if you express your opinion , then it is infamy? The studio representative said that no one screamed, the person Offered “a negative comment. ”
    And remember, the audience was made up of academy member, people who spent their life doing e watching films, a select audience, so if someone is older people and Offered “a negative comment . ” Isn't someone who could not succeed through talent and hard work, the older people, i say.

    And some people here also speak of what they dont know about . People think that only older people vote in the academy, Leonardo himself already voted by the academy, years ago , as well as Jesse Eisenberg and others also did.

    Just because you adapt a biography of a criminal man, that you need to show him as the coolest person in the world.
    A movie to be bad or offensive has nothing to do with the movie rating, off course R, is more easy to be offensive for some people who does not understand much about movies, but again, rated ‘R', doesn't means doing a offensive film.

    People here saying that if the woman don't like the movie , she just needed to go away, it should be like most Americans think about voting . For example, all want quality politic for the country, but some people seek not to learn about the political candidates , and know nothing about them, they vote on what others say is good or simply don't vote, sorry, but you contributes very little to improve the country.

  • klw7

    The film crosses the line.

    • smallzy22

      Which line? The “Wow, they just made a biographical film about a not so good guy who was a corrupt stock broker, drug addict, sex fiend etc” line. Because if that is the line you're talking about, you clearly have no idea that this film was made the way it was INTENTIONALLY. Just because you're uncomfortable with the material doesn't mean there's a line.

      • klw7

        Well I sure hope that the movie was made intentionally. I've never heard of a movie that was made by accident.

        And the line is called decency.

        • smallzy22

          Lmao! You knowingly went to a Scorsese(also rated R) film after he's made brutal films like Casino, Goodfellas, Mean Strrets etc and you're surprised he made this film. Hahaha.

        • Jorge Galrito

          The film is about a stock broker; There's nothing decent on a stock broker.

      • klw7

        I should have walked out of the film early on but I thought that it might get better and have an actual moral at the end. I was wrong. It got worse.

        • smallzy22

          So critics are annoyed at a pretty accurate portrayal of a factual based film. Laughable. I bet they hate voting on any film involving a World War II plot.

  • smallzy22

    Last night I went to see American Hustle at 5pm and then Wolf of Wall Street at 8:30pm w/ my old film professor. He and I both thought American Hustle was good, but we found Wolf of Wall to be the far superior film. Wolf of Wall Street is not about a librarian who collects baseball cards in his spare time. It's a biography(based on Jordan Belfort's memoirs) about a corrupt stockbroker who is a drug addict, sex fiend etc. I think the people who are angry about this film are forgetting that this was supposed to be over the top(just like the book) b/c it was Jordan they were trying to portray and they did a great job. Here's the truth-Wolf of Wall Street is controversial now, but it will be a classic down the road.

  • Chaplinesque

    How can members of the Academy be so scandalized by depictions of pervasive drug use and sexuality?

    Who says “shame on you!” anymore?

    Also, what on earth was confusing about American Hustle?

  • Jorge Galrito

    AMPAS is really a big bunch of hypocrite people. Maybe they hated this so much because all that happens in the movie also happen in their lives: drugs, sex, money and all that.
    So I reckon politicians also hate this movie.

  • DReview

    The movie looks great, and tip of hat to Scorsese to making another brilliant film (based on the consensus of popular belief). Congratulation to DiCaprio for winning this golden globe, even though he's been in much higher deserved roles and movies; and congratulations to Hill for being able to diversify his voice and abilities to a new level! I'll watch it later, but now I'm sticking to more refreshing stuff.

    In this current age of violence depiction, admiration of crime, admiration of stereotypes and controversy, it's not a good time to keep the Anti Hero in the spot light of fame. People do take these roles to heart, and in certain demographics where family doesn't play a large role, is where media plays as a second member of the family.

    It's time we go back to the roots of film making and bring back the real hero protagonist into mainstream AAA development and marketing. (not super heroes, but real heroes).

    We need to start taking into consideration the type of influences films have on people and television as well. Interesting right after the globe a very violent scene from “The Following” showed up; I personally laughed in disgust. It's time for change and positive influences. These type of scenes get people high, and subconsciously you're getting them hooked on low level art forms with high production values. We are indirectly making people dumber and taking away their taste for good art.

    Also to add: In music and television the FCC puts these ratings of “M” or “R” but the way they are marketed and angled are for young people and usually the niche are teenagers… Just think about that.

    • Evan Boland

      Dallas Buyers Club

      • DReview

        A Brutal View 
To Bring
        Our Majesties Closer


        A reincarnated DREVIEW from my archives.

        You will see that there is
        more balance gained from this in the industry later on and in the history
        books. Legendary Type of status doesn't come or is gained from award ceremonies
        and a medal statue, it comes from the movements and voices created afterwards.
        There is more admiration gained from this… I think we all know the majestic
        feel of the oscars has evaporated with the quantity/quality US market, it can
        now be considered niche and attached closer to the US market, instead of

        Too bad the European model
        isn't applied here when it comes to bottle necking quality/quantity. Including
        the lack of US Government Investments in the arts to raise accountability,
        minimize advertisement, and raise culture awareness. Go to Rotten Tomatoes! OR
        compare US vs European art domestic markets. While the US stands at around 49%
        of gain/losses from gross domestic art, France stands at around 124%
        gain/losses. When I talk about gains and losses I mean the amount of force we
        put in art programs as well. Including art education, street art, literature,
        etc. All given through public means will pay back to society as much as science
        and math! This also effects the private art market… yes including you guys at advertisement
        who scuff. Music and movies are a part of it as well. Yes I had to use France
        as my example when talking about movies! I'm basing this on the 2008-2011 EU
        Culture Dialogue & Trends study. It feels even more volatile in the US

        Scientifically Speaking…
        The US is actually more oppressive toward progressive thought, opinions, and
        influence, when compared to other parts of the world; due to the fact that you
        might have to ‘sell out!’ Even sometimes when the Minority person giving the
        most progressive voice with most private resourced volume can seem the most
        oppressive to others, or give off the wrong image of power & control… thus
        it can also spread sentiments to other minorities or majorities; and can be
        considered counter intuitive in modern communication, which instead polarizes
        opposites. Meaning niche markets… Normalizing equals in imagery and sound is
        more progressive now. Modern Family, with some debate, can be an example of
        normalizing opposites!

        Yeah I know the US is a
        weird country, unless you're an American Outlier! Funny how Private vs Public
        policies can be argued as both ways! If we empower the public artist there will
        be less polarized noise, and more bridges of common interest will be
        stimulating our daily lives!!! Does anyone in politics see how much money and
        influence is gained in the arts? Come on Hitler was burning books for a
        reason!!! Literature and Folk Lore are the origins of Cinema! Remember that!
        It's a window of imagination and a window of inspiration… Now there seems to be
        some broken mirrors of ourselves as well.

        I'm also linking this to
        playing part in the increase of illiteracy, lack of pronunciation, and lowered
        IQ of our country, and other set backs of our culture. We have taken the words
        of inspiration and thought in the classroom! Yeah right math and science is
        going to inspire children in the class room or allow them to express themselves
        in a healthy way!!! Let alone Wolf of Wall Street!!! You guys consider Call of
        Duty expression of the youth? We need to balance things out by empowering the
        public artist!

        Sorry for the brutal eye
        opener here! FU VD, FU M, FU E, FU contrived art – with ill oppression – ! I
        can even see it standing in the same room with the other contenders in the rise
        of mental illness! As we lowered public support to the artist, there came a
        rise in contrived art, and the market fell for it! This is the core in the
        vortex of influence found in public schools with trend pushers and posers. The
        less frequency in conversation of normalized healthy dialogues the more spit
        images of pop icons appear in the streets. I would get into the parent vs
        education paradigm but that's a whole other paper. To sum that conversation
        down ” lets empower the parents as well!!!”

        Now Dallas Buyers Club is
        around the lowest grossing mainstream movie of 2013 when it should be the
        highest. A movie like Titanic wouldn't even get a blink in today's US market!
        What does that say about people who want to be artistic and free like Dallas
        who don't have A actors? Yeah this is a form of oppression! Just how kids are
        starting to find other ways to express themselves, like Grand Theft Auto. This IS WHY TITAN FALL IS THE FUTURE FPS STYLE!!! Ethical Standards of identity structure for a world market!!! Also there is a good mix of reality and fiction which lowers stress levels. I play video games I base my traumatic life as a high receptor of things media.

        Private Advertisement has
        too much to gain for itself and not enough to give to the people, while in
        Europe they understood that you need to empower the public artist as well in
        larger frequencies. Go to Amsterdam… there is a reason the streets are so
        beautiful… DO you see posters, and ads everywhere?NO! K… now lets fly to
        Florida! Or check out French music and movie markets. Yes they have our stuff,
        but they also have theirs, and they bottle neck quality!

        Meaning you can be more of
        an individual in Europe, while in the US more likely have to conform to
        established private formats to succeed… or at least 50% of the time. I'm Glad
        '12 Years a Slave’ didn't allow new formats to gain Spotlight! Even though I
        see a polarized reaction to it because of the rehashed content in value…
        including people using the race card against it or for it, regardless the
        positive influences it will gain are much higher then “The Wolf of Wall
        Street”… and less film makers will be inspired to push the envelope even
        farther – the ones that didn't get the point of it all!… Honestly, a lot of
        people missed the point!

        There has been more
        support from this loss than there would have been if he won. The rift of today
        as small as it may be to some, holds some quality of where we are as a people
        and how we look at art and image. This is an admired loss! Now we need to
        bridge people together again, and make art accountable! There is too much junk
        food in our airwaves and not enough well balanced diets for our minds!!! This
        is why rehabilitating the mainstream is going to be a hard uphill battle! I
        like my big mac… but there's too many obese people here! Now older people want
        to see the movie to see what all the rant is about! We can now give perspective
        to the insanity instilled from “The Wolf of Wallstreet”! It's almost
        like fate!

        This is a very well
        deserved loss for our times! I was one of the contenders of the conspiracy of
        controversy! This would have probably been a winner in another day; and in some
        ways the winner of the future with a healthier streamline!!! Regardless, we are
        all still big fans! And yes, it's a good movie…

        If we want to start
        gaining bridges we need to bridge artistic scope within a larger spread of
        cultural diversity. Lets start with education!

        Sorry for the blow but
        this was the best of examples! And we are all actors here in controversy!

        FADE OUT.

      • DReview

        Sadly the A list feel took away the indie feel, but it was an amazing movie!!! With amazing cast, script, story, ethical standards, gender roles, stereotype usage and more! That movie is a well deserved classic with Wolf of Wall Street as well. Sorry for being so rude about the Wolf… But I mean, I was part of the controversy :)

  • DReview

    Obviously with this whole agist confusion MS saying “this isn't for 14 year olds,” and yet commercials and trailers dictate other wise, and Hope Holiday and older generations also criticizing, shows that “The Wolf of Wall Street,” is very Niche, and should not be taken seriously! It's a contrived golden rocking chair.

  • Shatford

    The Academy is mostly made up of old white guys, apparently. The following info is from Wikipedia:

    “In 2012, the results of a study conducted by The Los Angeles Times was published which revealed the demographic breakdown of approximately 88% of AMPAS’ voting membership. Of the 5,100+ active voters confirmed, 94% were Caucasian, 77% were male, and 54% were found to be over the age of 60. 33% of voting members are former nominees (14%) and winners (19%)”

  • Calvin Murphy

    Skinny Nothing in the movies again, playing a man.

  • Flesh_Knife

    So, an irrelevant, out-of-touch actress took issue with a film she clearly couldn't understand and clearly wasn't made for her? This is news?

  • UrbanMan611

    I never heard of Hope Holiday. Judy Holiday, absolutely. Hope is a nobody with an opinion that is basically meaningless. She has no credentials as an artist. Why her comments need repeating is a mystery to me. She's just someone with a mouth.

  • popgasmstreet

    It is in these times that I am reminded of the ancient Klingon proverb. “Opinions are like assholes. everybody has one.”

  • popgasmstreet

    the bottom line is, you can hate a movie, hate an academy award nominated movie, even write an article about it. But dont get all up in the directors face about it. that's just being an asshole.