‘Duck Dynasty’ Fallout: GLAAD Reeling From Biggest Backlash in Years, Says Rep

'Duck Dynasty' Fallout: GLAAD Reeling From Biggest Backlash in Years, Says Rep


The media watchdog organization hasn't experienced this kind of blowback in more than five years

In the fallout over Wednesday's suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson by A&E for anti-gay and racist remarks, GLAAD is experiencing record levels of backlash.

“In the five-and-a-half years I've worked at GLAAD, I've never received so many violently angry phone calls and social media posts attacking GLAAD for us speaking out against these comments,” the media watchdog organization's vice president of communications Rich Ferraro told TheWrap.

He said those reactions range from those who simply believe as Robertson believes to those who feel that GLAAD and A&E's actions limit the reality star's free speech.

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“I don't think this is about the first amendment,” Ferraro said. “I feel it's more about the America we live in today. That is one where Americans, gay and straight, are able to speak out when people in the public eye make anti-gay and racist remarks.”

Robertson's supporters have started petitions, called for boycotts and include Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Currently, more than 70,000 people have signed the online petition asking A&E to drop the suspension.

“It just means we still have a lot of work to do,” Ferraro said.

GLAAD spoke with A&E representatives on Wednesday morning to discuss why people would be offended by the comments and calls to action. ”They took this very seriously, as soon as the news broke,” Ferraro said.

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After the meeting, GLAAD issued its statement on Robertson's comments. A&E initially released a statement from Robertson in which he said he would “never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me.” But the network declined to comment itself until Wednesday night, when it announced the suspension, which GLAAD applauded.

“We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,” the spokesman said.

The organization is also currently researching companies who use Robertson as a spokesperson.

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“Silence is agreement in this case,” he said. “With such egregious anti-gay and racist comments, those companies that choose to be affiliated with this family need to speak out.”

  • bookofmuslimthecomedy

    witch hunt.

  • Dwight Upton

    What racist statement did Phil utter? I know homosexuality is not a race, so why is Phil being labeled a racist?

    • ninjachick

      He made a comment about how in his experiences in his past, in his memories, he never recalled working with any black farmers who were unhappy. I'm not sure how that can be construed as racist, but for some reason there's a witch hunt against him for it.

    • tktimoteo

      A lot of Black people DO NOT like the fact that the “gays” try to represent themselves as a minority = to the blacks and others who are a true minority…they want to be able to say anyone who disagrees with them is a racist on the same level as when people make anti-Semitic or racial slurs abgianst blacks or other true minorities. IT IS SO TWISTED. Remebr back in the 90's the word was “toleration” – now it is FULL acceptance OR ELSE!

      • Tock Tich

        Those are the misguided christian puppets who haven't got a clue of what civil rights are since they are tokens selected to make the white christians look compassionate and inclusive.

        • Lorrie Gonzales

          who selected these “tokens”? How can you tell the difference between the real Christians and the misguided selected puppet ones? Do you even know what you are trying to say? Or are you just throwing out whatever insult you can come up with, whether it makes sense or not?

    • NADS1

      It's real simple Dwight. Words don't mean anything anymore. We live in a post-factual world. Gay used to mean happy, Queer used to mean strange, And a rainbow used to just be a pretty rainbow.

  • Educated Gayman

    It's funny because I'm pretty sure most of the people who are complaining never read the article. Example- that last comment who said “What racist things did Phil say”

    • Rick Summie

      You didn't answer the question…

    • FilmPunk

      I read the article and I'm still not sure what racist thing he said. I did read how the author of article tried so very hard to be cooler than the guy he was interviewing but in the end he just couldn't dislike a guy who was loving and genuine. It kind of seems illogical that the Phil would be so nice if he hated people who disagreed with him.

      • Kafir istani

        Hitler was a very nice person to those he meet in public too , people can fool any one .You have no idea what logic is .

        • FilmPunk

          If implying the writer for GQ was only being nice to Phil's face but secretly had a plan for a Fascist style control to further this left wing agenda I would say that's a bit of a stretch but you're not completely off base.

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Currently, more than 70,000 people have signed the online petition asking A&E to drop the suspension.

    “It just means we still have a lot of work to do,” Ferraro said.

    “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,”

    This is why so many people hate you. Your ignorant, arrogant attitude that you are so very right and every one else is so very ignorant, and if they'd just do exactly as you say and live exactly as you want them to everything would be okay. Because it is GLAAD and their fraction of society supporters who are the intolerant ones who refuse to live next to someone who disagrees with them. Not someone who's trying to beat them, not trying to change them, and who aren't interested in their sexual preferences until they try to start forcing them on everyone. That's all GLAAD does, they're pathetic douchebags. Phil said nothing wrong. GLAAD wants the destruction of Christianity, good luck with that. Fact is in America we've lived too long allowing 10% or less of society to dictate our lives because nobody wants to offend anyone or be disliked by one person. So they get butthurt and then we have to bed over backwards to make them happy. Get over yourselves.

    • I_Stand_With_Phil_Robertson

      This is so spot on. We need to start standing strong against liberals. They are able to bully people because society allows it.

      • WillMoor

        Its not just liberals that took issue with his vulgar words, I can assure you.

        • steve001968

          He didn't say anything vulgar. You have to lie because you have no point otherwise. You're just another little PC Nazi who just can't stand the idea that anyone has the right to say anything that offends you.

          • Tick Tock

            Your the Nazi Josef Goebbels. It's an outrage that Robertson insults people and uses religion to justify it! If you don't want to get burned for mouthing off then don't mouth off!

          • WillMoor


          • Larry Stauth

            Ironic, that you would use a term that means “It is finished”… Too bad, because it looks like it's anything but finished.

            Then again, when you give the rights to censor someone, what happens when they start using it on you?

            BTW, check the history of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia… see how “re-education” and censorship were the primary goals to controlling the masses.

            Then realize, the majority of the people actually agree with him, they have just chosen to be silent. And sooner or later, they are going to get sick and tired of being bullied into what they should believe and what they should/shouldn't say…

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            He didn't use religion to insult people. He paraphrased a Bible verse, what he said is Biblical. Are you saying the Bible should be silenced because it says certain people are going to go to hell? The Bible is the Word of God, Phil wasn't giving his opinion, he was citing God's Word. If you have a problem with homosexuals going to hell, take it up with God, not Phil. I don't believe he was being hateful I do not think that was his intention. He was asked a question and he answered it according to his belief in the Bible. You can disagree but he has a right to speak about his faith, this still is a free country, for now anyways.

          • Byrnaldo

            Let's be careful about something here Lorrie. Homosexuals will no more go to hell (or be separated from God for eternity) than any other group of people (you and me included) just for engaging in an activity that is sinful. Only those who don't accept Christ will be separated from God when we pass on. It's really a shame that WillMoor has lost his faith because of some very aggressive comments and actions during his life and a lot of the comments in this discussion have not helped I'm sure. He is still a brother and I hope he can somehow find his faith again someday.

          • Deanna Meacham

            Matthew 7:21-23(NIV)

            21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

          • Kman

            So your saying even that there sinning and continue to sin by engaging in this sinful act. That there still going to heaven. Then why live sin free if you can go and do what ever you want and not worry about getting into heaven. I guess Gods word means nothing. Well send me a letter from hell and let me know how that worked out for you.

          • Byrnaldo

            Actually, I'm not sure what the Bible says about trolls getting into Heaven or hell. I'll have to look that up. Hold please…

          • vivia starr

            Tell them sister! I am tired of the gay community pushing their lifestyles on peoples throat that the minute someone criticizes a gay person they get fired! Phil quoted the word and if sinners have problem with it,tough duck!!

          • Dakotahgeo

            Silly people, you are.

          • Byrnaldo


          • Dakotahgeo

            ;-) Yep! He's a sweetheart and is highly intelligent… moreso than I find in these blogs.

          • Paul Abella

            The Bible does condemn homosexuality. However, no where does it say that it leads to bestiality, and it certainly doesn't say that people are happier when they are oppressed (see Mr. Robertson's comments about blacks under Jim Crow). And we can point to three major verses in the Bible that condemn homosexuality. Of those, one is possibly a mistranslation (in Romans, I believe) and another (the ever quotable one in Leviticus) has been argued by many Biblical scholars to be tricky because it dealt with a new nation, and one that couldn't raise up soldiers and mothers if people weren't procreating.

            Robertson believes in a conservative reading of the Bible, and that's a reasonable way to read it. Fair enough. But also remember that as the face of Duck Dynasty, he's also the face of A&E, and if A&E doesn't like what one of their spokesmen is saying, they have the right to remove that spokesman. End of story. Doesn't mean you have to like it. But to go around calling people Nazis and worse, especially when you have likely called for some liberals head for disrespecting one of your sacred cows. That just makes you a hypocrite.

            (If it makes you feel any better, I don't agree with Robertson's comments either, but I REALLY don't agree with him being suspended)

          • babycheeks

            Don't “get burned by only shutting up” is what you are saying. Then you compare this man to a Nazi and mass murderer. As a kid, I was schooled and even tested on the quote of Voltaire “I do not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. Never mind also the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion that exist for Mr Robinson as an American. You demand tolerance for a life style and opinions contrary to Christianity then demand Christian's silence and attack any who disagree with you. You demand tolerance as you practice a vicious form of intolerance. You and others accuse this man falsely of “vile” comments when he simply stated his opinion and beliefs in a fashion that was plain spoken and understandable. His statement is in fact a loose quote of the Bible it's self. Please give to others what you demand for your self, freedom of speech and religious thought.

          • James

            The only one that is going tp get “burned” on this one is GLADD.

          • Larry Stauth

            Actually, by contrast, the agenda of the Liberals is more in line with Nazi's. As in, anyone that talks against is evil and must be taught…

            That is the same expressed views quoted in the article above.
            Automatically, if someone says they do not believe that homosexuality is natural, they are haters…

            When, in reality, the only one's hating, are those that hate people that express anti-gay sentiments.

            It's bullying tactics, plain and simple… you either accept it or be silent.

            Of course, not one person was hurt by Mr. Robertson's words, anymore than Mr. Robertson was hurt by yours. Then again, obviously the freedom of speech only goes one way…

            It's quite ok for men, to flaunt unnatural sexuality in public and parades, but don't you dare have an opinion that contradicts the minority…

            It's called Censorship. Regardless of what reasoning you give it, or how you feel about his words…

          • Dakotahgeo

            Sorry but the real words you're needing and looking for is… common sense!

          • eb

            Thank you and all your right wing fascist cohorts for perfectly illustrating the Orwellian paranoid warped inside-out thinking of today's psychologically disturbed so called conservatives where up is down, victims are oppressers, hate is holy and white heterosexual privilege is actually a suffering martyr.
            And for all you self-righteous bigoted yahoos and ignorant close minded Foxheads who repeat with moronic assurance the equation that Nazi somehow equals liberal I have something for you from Political Science 101. You see liberals, progressives, socialists, etc are BY DEFINITION on the LEFT. By contrast the Nazis, who were simply a special or particular case of fascism, were again BY DEFINITION on the RIGHT the far right to be exact. So it is you when you go too far, when you go off the deep end of your inner white, pseudo-christian, straight rage that you most resemble Nazis if anyone in America. Now if you had called GLAAD (or anyone else who dared object for that matter) a bunch of Commies, it would have been inaccurate but at least it would have made sense. Words matter. Try using them with a little more care, and an added sprinkling of reason wouldn't hurt either. While you're at it, could you pass it on to your republican stooges in Congress? Their incoherent inanities a la Ted Cruz Control are really getting old, even Jon Stewart is practically speechless half the time reduced to silent gestures of incredulity in response. Lastly for the brave few who wish to better understand the connection between certain powerful elements in the Christian Right and the potential threat of the rise of a very real Fascism in America I highly recommend reading American Fascists by Chris Hedges. Hint: the hatred and condemnation of gays masked or unmasked plays an important role in such a homegrown fascist movement.
            Go GLAAD! We got your back! Don't let the red state regressives get you down.
            This post like Bob Dylan's guitar kills fascists dead.

          • WillMoor

            Did you read what he actually said? I didn't lie. He went into pretty graphic detail.

          • Larry Stauth

            Such as? Please… do tell, and no paraphrase… what in his EXACT words was vulgar? What was in his words, that cause any harm to another human? What, in his words, were not protected by the First Amendment?

            You do know, that Muslims actually behead homosexuals, but I am willing to bet you never speak out against them!

          • WillMoor

            What do Muslims have to do with it?

            But I will have you know that I have spoken out against homophobic Islamic practices for years, and being that I am actually ENGAGED to a Muslim who to this day has severe psychological problems because of his abusive religion and the way it twisted his family against him you better believe I am vocal against Islamic homophobia and murder. But just as not all Christians are homophobes, neither are all Muslims (again, I am engaged to one and if he was a homophobe wouldn't he be embarrassed to realize he was in a homosexual relationship).

          • Dakotahgeo

            Larry… breath in……breath out…….. breath in….. breath out…… there, now you're getting the hang of it. Relax!

          • Tick Tock

            It was offensive to a group of people and they found it vulgar. Since it's not directed at you, you can't judge what it was!

          • Larry Stauth

            I find some of the stuff Miley Cyrus says is vulgar.. I just ignore her. I find much of what comes out of CNN vulgar and offensive.. I turn the channel.

            It's offensive any time it's in opposition… but just like the person who said it, has the right to freedom of speech, you also have the right to ignore him or her, period.

            The fact that you and a small group took offense and continued to listen, offended, only goes to show you are dull and witless…

            The fact is, there is ALWAYS an inherited danger, when you support censorship of any kind.

            What's next, going to start burning any books that might offend a homosexual?

          • WillMoor

            AND we have the right to speak OUT against him as he spoke out against us. IMAGINE THAT! But if you are so in favor of “just ignoring” things, why don't you “just ignore” us?

          • Redbrave

            I would definitely choose to ignore you if it was at all possible to do so.

          • WillMoor

            “What's next, going to start burning any books that might offend a homosexual?” Amazing logic, so by your logic his disapproval of homosexuality means he advocates the burning of any books that offend him?

          • Josh

            Well what if I find homosexuality to be offensive and vulgar? Where is the censorship to protect my rights not to be “offended”. Again it seems to be a one-way street to me.

        • Xfactorfan!TalentisTalen

          GQ asked the question's, Phil answered them truthfully. I believe gays should have the same rights as everyone else, but their is also something called religious freedom. Did u happen to read what GLAAD said about the bible? Hum, that's funny because they demand tolerance but have none for others. COME ON he quoted the bible, I don't see how you can really argue with the word of GOD!!!!!! Remember my sin is my sin, yours is yours, sin is sin, and GOD is GOD! And this is coming from someone who has commitied nearly EVERY sin u know why? We are only human, we all have to accept it if we choose to live as Christians.

          • Sharon Diehl

            Xfact, dear, you fervently believe in a moth-eaten old text as the word of some invisible mythical being. Are you serious with the sentence “I don't see how you can really argue with the word of GOD!”….”Omigod! We're talking about GOD!”….honey, the “buybull” is no more or less a religious tome than any other written around the globe in various cultures–the Vedas, the Sutras, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Eygptian Book of the Dead, the Torah, the Book of Mormon, on and on.
            People can believe in any silly thing they want to…but don't expect homosexuals to allow themselves to be marginalized by bible-humpers and their “beliefs”, or women to allow themselves to be chattel…because we don't “believe” as you do. Spout off all you want to about your “beliefs”….and we'll call you out on the ridiculous stuff.

          • Xfactorfan!TalentisTalen

            Shut-up Sharon Diehl (who puts their
            real name on a website) my name was an old one from a different message board (Brains)!
            Sharon I am sorry that you feel that my beliefs are a “silly thing”.
            And by your words the bible is a silly thing. In fact Brains Phil was talking
            about the word of God “the bible”. So yes it is in fact it
            is relevant, as for bible thumper I am not I am a “huge” sinner. And would not
            claim not to be I stated fact because I am a Christian and I know what sin is.
            It’s between me and God! If you or GLAAD or anyone else does not like what Phil
            has to say don’t watch, don’t try to keep others from watching. And GIRLFRIEND
            u don’t know me I’m not in denial like yourself. I have tickled a few feathers
            of my own, and knew it was a sin when I did it. Just because I am a married
            mother for 10 years today. Doesn’t mean I won’t have to answer for all I have
            done in the past and I am not just talking about the feathers. Just because you
            don’t believe doesn’t make it false. I say it because I read it where? The
            Bible! Also Phil wasn’t just talking about gays, he was also talking about thieves,
            prostitutes, adulterers, and fornicators in general. Get over yourself Sharon! And I never called homosexuality a “SILLY THING” I respected your beliefs the problem is you can't respect others.

          • Sharon Diehl

            Denverdive and Xfact, I am at the point of totally fed up with the bible-humping crowd as they elect know-nothing politicians, who attempt to beat back the boundaries of the all important separation of church and state. I am tired of working to defeat the creationists every year, who think their religious beliefs belong in the science classroom, and continually introduce bills to teach a nonexistent controversy that only exists in their magical thinking heads. I am not shy about stating that belief in a 6,000 year old earth, that dinosaurs romped with Adam and Eve in Eden, and that fossils were laid down in the Genesis Flood is, indeed, downright silly. If you want to believe in such nonsense, preach it in your home and church.

            Yep, I'm one nasty geologist because I despair at the dumbing down of America. My eyes are going to one day roll permanently into the back of my head if I review yet another home-schooled creationist “textbook”. Not all christians are creationists; I wish the sane christians could have some sway over the crazy ones, but alas, I have seen no evidence that it can be done.
            Yes, Denverdive, many people “believe” in a deity…in places like Saudi Arabia, I imagine if you didn't prostate yourself to whatever god the government worships, you'd get your head chopped off. The U.S. is an awesome wonderful place, because I don't have to bend a knee to whatever it is you worship.

          • Byrnaldo

            Ah, nice to bump into you again Sharon. If evolution is such a strong theory, why would you have a problem with Creationism being taught in schools as a competing theory? If it's the “only” plausible theory for you, then let it stand on its own merits next to Creationism and let people decide for themselves. After all, there's no evidence whatsoever that any animals here on earth evolved from something else to what they are now, so evolution is, at best, an educated guess. I just don't see what you're so afraid of. Or do you just want everyone else to believe what you do because that's what you believe?

          • Thomas Egan

            A geologist really?…from the school of..” my heads stuck so far up my ass from my troubled and shallow youth” That fathoming any other human concept besides what YOU believe is the scientific proof is sadly pathetic. And YES we can tell about your sad up bringing by your comments… lets see “I'm at the point of totally fed up” on and on….

          • DenverDiva

            Wow – you're one big pile of nasty, aren't you? Say it – BIBLE. 80% of the world's population believe in a diety in one form or another. YOU are a minority and while you have the right to say whatever nonsense you want to spout, I have the right to say you're a sad, miserable human being.

          • Aaron Henry


            IF it is the word of god then, no, you can't argue with it. However, that the bible is not the word of god is evidenced by the fact that it is argued over, and over, and over. Any document that flawed yet still revered would be.

        • Tim4achange

          You are right there……it's the homo liberals. The closet was a better place for y'all

        • Scott Harrison

          From the way the left and media (one and the same) portray the world, as a heterosexual, I am in the minority. Worse, as an individual whose morals came from a Catholic upbringing, I am being told by a group of seemingly atheists that the practice of my religion is bigoted and I need to heed their ways and walk on eggshells. From the way things are, the speech police believe that if your words and thoughts conflict with theirs, you are demonized and shunned. Apparently, only liberals have the right to speak badly of others (Martin Bashir, Ed Schultz, and the rest of the media liberals) while those who disagree with them have no rights but to be pilloried. A house divided shall not stand.

        • A Bible scalor

          It is like this you say I need to be tolerate of your life style so then should we not be tolerate of anyone who destroy life thru abortion, should we also tolerate those who kill thousand of those who believe in religion. I don't see Glaad speaking out about a North Korean who killed his own kin because he wants the power. Why are you so quick to condemn religion and not condemn the true facts of life. I guess when Lot left Sodom and Gomorra because of Homosexual act maybe Glaad show punish God for destroy all those who engaged in such an act. He had no tolerance of them then. As he told Abraham if you can find me ten righteous men I will not destroy the cities well I guess he did not agree with you so maybe you should get HIM for intlorance

      • Aaron Henry

        It's god's will, don'cha'know?

        Think of it as an object lesson or a test of faith. ;-)

        • Ml Howard

          Gods will? Where is any proof at all that God even exist? You Christians do not even follow what your God decided to do when he sent his Jesus to earth to give sinners a path to redemptions that did not include vindictiveness like Phil spews out of his split tounged mouth.
          Sire am glad I am an Agnostic (nearly Athiest actually).

          • piper

            just another scared little rabbit…who doesn't understand anything…Hey do you feel the same way about muslims and Jews? They to believe in God or are you just part of the trend and want to attack Christians because that's what people in the Liberal world do at this time of year. Nothing to look forward to?
            At least you spelled God correctly.

          • Joseph

            Phil is following his right of free speech as an American. I'm sure when you, as an agnostic, espouse your lack of belief in God you are quick to point out it's your right. Well you can't have just have it your way for freedom of speech to work. Yes Jesus was sent to earth to give sinners a path to redemption by renouncing their sins.He did not come to give sin a free pass just because a sinners lifestyle choice conflicts with what he preached. It seems that your vindictiveness against God and Phil is just as bad or worse than what you accuse him of. You and other's, regardless of which side you are on, should think of how your rebuttal is viewed by others. Is it nothing but hate or is it constructive criticism. Thanks to our freedom of speech it is your right, as an almost atheist, to say what you believe or don't believe in, just don't try to force acceptance of your choice on us when we as Christians can't accept it because of our belief in God's word. I have never tried to force my Christian belief on someone else. I will talk about Christian faith but the choice is yours to make.

          • imanolemainer

            Jesus does give sinners a path to redemption but that doesn't give one a blank check to keep committing the same sin over and over, which is essentially what gays do. You go right on being an Agnostic- I would never force you to do otherwise. How you conduct your life is between you and God, or the planet Krypton if you prefer.

          • Ml Howard

            Someone aparently told you that this is how it is and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Didn't you even question what you were told? Didn;t you do your own research into what is written in the book? Did you even consider all fo the things that science has disproven about many of the Bible stories? If not then how can you claim the Bible is the only way? On the other hand if you did research things how can you simply ignore the facts you discovered? Then I have to consider your research , if done at all, never went deeply enough to uncover what I have found on the subject. It's all over television, numerous diocumentaries and scientific discussions of what is relevant and not so relevant or blantantly untrue. Take a look and you will find what I have found, none of those things are hidden from human view.

          • swiss

            it's sad MI Howard, You aren't even sure what you believe. If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

          • Ml Howard

            Sad? I would ask sad for who you or me? I can tell you for me there is something sad about following a beliefe that was chosen by men under the forces of politics and money, without any proof of truth.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            What? The original Christians were not forced by politics or money to follow Christ. Their “proof of truth” was witnessing, with their own eyes, the life and resurrection of Christ. There were over 500 eyewitnesses who saw Christ after he rose from the dead. 11 of the 12 disciples when commanded to recant or die, chose death over denying Christ. They were executed (in horrible ways) rather than deny the Son of God. Do you really think they would have died for their faith if they knew it wasn't true? What would be the point? They weren't powerful and they certainly did not make money off of their faith. The reason Christianity have survived this long is because it is the truth, God said heaven and earth will pass away but his word never will. People have tried through the centuries to destroy and burn the Bible yet they have not been able to rid the world of God's word. Millions have believed without force of politic or money. If you open your mind and ask God to reveal himself to you through the reading of his word, you just might be surprised at what you can find in the scripture. The Bible has so many layers to it, reading it is like hunting for treasure, I wish you could understand God's love, grace and mercy as it is displayed in his word. The beauty of God's plan and what he has prepared for us, if we will lay down our lives pick up our cross and follow him, is beyond understanding. I pray you do find Christ and his love because it is the greatest experience one can have in life.

          • Ml Howard

            and… Many scienfiction stories have been written over the ages and I suppose those are also true. Where is the proof that what was written in the Bible is actually what occured in those time 2000 years ago? The answer is there is no proof.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I don't think you have studied the scripture at all. Archeologists are constantly confirming the stories in the Bible. They find cities mentioned in scripture, that they thought never existed, and that confirms biblical stories. Josephus confirms certain parts of the scripture. The prophecies in the ot that were fulfilled by Christ should at least be considered as somewhat proof. The prophecies were written 1000 years before the birth of Christ. Where he would be born, how he would live, the date of his birth, his death….. you name it, it was predicted. It would be impossible for Christ to fulfill all of those prophecies if he were not who the Bible says he was. There's more than enough proof to establish the scripture at the very least as a historical account. You should research it a little more, I think you would actually be amazed at what you would find.

          • Jack Rivera

            So says a convert, not to be trusted. I'll find my own way.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            So are you saying if I wasn't a believer, then you would believe me? If I wasn't a believer, I wouldn't be telling you about Christ? That doesn't make much sense. You should find your own way, but for your own sake, you should explore all options. You seem to have decided already that you don't believe in the Bible. Did you decide this without reading it?

          • Ml Howard

            It goes well beyond reading the Bible, of course I have read it (most of it ). Reading the Bible does not make the words any more true or false. My investigation of the Bible reveals numerous exagerations and quite a few untruths. Then I have to ask what about all the scrolls found that were never included in the Bible. After that there are the books that were included and removed later. Kind of an attempt to fit the times effort isn't it. If I could find one single solid thing that proved the existance of God I would believe it but frankly it does not exist. An ancient scroll is no proof. On the other hand there are numerous things in both old and new testament that have been scientifically disproven, and yet Christians fail to acknowlege those things. As for faith, if the faith is ethically based, it can be a very good thing for many. Especially good for those who need a hand to hold along the way. That, however good, still does not make the Bible accurate.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            What numerous things in the Bible have been scientifically disproven? What “untruths have you found?” I was not aware of anything being scientifically disproven?

          • Ml Howard

            Lorrie, this is likely the last I will write about this. Everyone is welcome to research the facts as I have and continue to do.
            To answer your question concerning what has been scientifically disproven you can begin with the Battle of Jerico. Time frames are not correct, many stated things surrounding the battle could not have occur as stated, including downing the mud brick walls by trumpet. If anything brought the walls down it was an earthquake and the quake did not happen during the time period alluded to.
            There are numerous other things that have been discovered to be inaccurate.
            You can look for yourself since the last thing I would want to do is mis type something and have it be blown out of proportion.

          • Aaron Henry

            And then there are all of the idiots that simply fall for the christian religion.

            Go figure.

          • terminills

            Don't insult us true agnostics by claiming to be one. A true agnostic is understanding of peoples right to their chosen faith.

          • Ml Howard

            PLEASE… Agnostics have no predetermined agenda as a whole and you know that. Maybe you could come back with the definition of an agnostic and tell us where you have the knowledge to make your statement above. The answer is you don't.

          • Vaulxisin

            Im atheist, and honestly I'm on Phil's side, he has his rights to say what he wills. And to hop in on the god discussion, the bible never came out with god himself saying gays were bad, just a man priests decided to write down who said it. So we really dont know his views on it.

          • Jack Rivera

            That is because Moses dropped the 2nd tablet of the other 10 commandments.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            Actually, the Bible claims to be inspired by God. The language used is “God Breathed” meaning God actually spoke through his prophets. God told the prophets what to write and they wrote it. Therefore, all of scripture is the word of God and it does state in several places that homosexuality is a sin.

          • Aaron Henry


            The bible also states that homosexuals are to be stoned to death. None of this waiting around till they die of natural causes so god has to judge them later. God want them dispatched NOW! So, who does god breath on to get that done now a days? Drunk frat boys in Texas that drag them behind their pick up trucks and leave them for dead tied up to a fence? Believe it or not, that's god will. Are you willing to step up and kill a homosexual for god? God would be pleased with you if you do that. It says so in the bible.

          • Moriaty

            Honestly, being agnostic is a very shaky bridge at best. Agnostics or more formally known as “Deists” and believe in no transcendent truth, therefor causing you to have no moral code to base your life off of. So in lesser words, you have no moral right or wrong (Ethics). So honestly, you even taking a side on this defies the whole belief of being an agnostic. You can either become a naturalist (atheist, which has many many flaws) and try to use logic that has essentially evolved from a not-so distant relative of monkeys. But if you decide to pick apart naturalism you will eventually realize that there is no purpose to life and try to come up with some defiant belief that you will find purpose in your life; potentially causing you to spiral into a deep depression. Or, you can decide that there is a God of some sort and have a purpose in your life. So just pick your poison.- High School Teacher of Ethics/Philosophy

          • Aaron Henry

            Wow, I can't help but think you're an idiot for saying that, Moriaty.

            One only needs EMPATHY to posses morality.

            Actually, being an agnostic (Latin: a=without, gnost=knowing) is, as far as I'm concerned, the most honest and thoughtful position one could take regarding the existence of god.


          • Jack Rivera

            No wonder public education fails.

          • Steve

            Not sure whether you are agnostic or not, but you are almost certainly ignorant.

          • Juie Urubek

            To all the agnostics, aethesists, unbelievers. No one really cares what you believe, it does not affect anything. The truth is, there is a creator and one true King who loves us all so much. He is not forcing Himself on you, He gave you the free will to choose between life and death. There is one undeniable thing, that one day, ALL of us are going to die. It is appointed for man to die once and then the judgment. We will all face the Almighty and on that day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord! What you all think do not matter! Jesus manifests Himself in all of creation; the Bible though written by different authors through differenet times have a consistent thread that tells about the real person of the One true King! His name be praised forevermore! The Word of God is foolishness to those who are perishing but it is life to those who believe.

          • Aaron Henry

            Back at ya, Juie.

            Here's how I understands your god's offer of salvation: God creates world and allows sin into it, but like so many fundamentalist male figures, blames a woman for it. God uses this sin that he created and allowed in the first place as an excuse to extract worship and devotion or god will kill you because he hates you so much for engaging in that sin that you never would have engaged in if god hadn't let it happen in the first place. It's reminds me of an FBI entrapment sting operation.

            Your god is a sociopath. It's little wonder so many of his followers are too.

          • Aaron Henry


            Excuse me? I am an agnostic and I reserve the right to call BS. Just because I haven't made up my mind about the condition of god does not mean I am excluded from criticizing ideas that I find foolish of which christianity is one. Being an agnostic doesn't mean that you have to respect someone else belief. It might be the decent thing to do, or not, but no agnostic is bound to abide by that.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            Where is your proof that he doesn't exist? Phil wasn't being vindictive – you may need to look that word up. He was paraphrasing scripture. If you aren't a Christian and you don't know Christ, seems presumptuous and arrogant of you to think you know what God intended. Unless you have studied his word and you are thoroughly versed in the scripture I doubt you have an understanding of what God's will is. God determines what is sin and he has told us in his word what behaviors constitute sin. Phil was asked what he considered a sin and he answered, according to what the scripture says, I don't think he was being hateful or vindictive, he was simply being honest.

          • Ml Howard

            Phil was comparing Gays to people into Beastiality and suggesting thru inuendo that Blacks had it better as slaves. Phil need to suffer his self made loss.

          • Tracy Boland- Conaghan

            Actually no he didn't. He was asked his definition of sin.. he said Homosexuality and you morph out from there. Because it was in the next sentence of a quote from scripture doesn't make it a comparison. Read the article. Your words can be taken out of context as well. You gloss over the part where he says he loves all humanity and it's God's to judge the people he says are his definition of sin not ours. Listening ears people

          • Aaron Henry

            I would question the reasoning of anyone that would claim that Phil in no way compared homosexuality to bestiality. While it may be a face saver for christians to deny this, it's all the more a loss for them when they persist in this obvious fallacy.

            Good luck with that.

            Now, regarding Phil's love of all humanity, please note that his god doesn't share that same love. The bible speaks to that divine and righteous hate several times. Look it up, it's not hard to find or just ask any member of WBC. They'll tell you more about god's hate than they will of god's love. Anyway, while Phil may be a lover of all mankind, his god ain't. and that's who Phil and so many other people follow blindly. So, when it comes down to it, what does Phil believe in and support more, his god's undisputed and well documented hatred or Phil's own love of mankind? To support something is to support something. Do you approve of your god's hatred too? Mind you, your god doesn't want to wait for judgment day, he want's you to be his vessel and take matters into your own hands and stone these people to death.

          • Jack Rivera

            Well, could both of those things be true? I don't see a lot of black advancement under their current situation.

          • Steve

            Is homosexuality an alternative lifestyle? Is bestiality an alternative lifestyle? Is incest and alternative lifestyle? If you answered yes to all 3, then you have no beef with Phil.
            Furthermore, you can expect with near certainty that beastiality and incest (among others) will be the next constitutional fight for groups like GLAAD and NAMBLA, etc.

          • Allen

            hahaha this is the funniest comment on the board. Where is your proof that he doesn't exist? That makes you should like an idiot. You don't need proof for things that don't exist. That's like me saying” hey you do u have proof for a 7 legged spider unicorn bear doesn't exist…oh you don't have the proof it doesn't exist?Oh therefore it exist!!! Seriously go learn some logic skills.Oh wait !!you've replace religion with actual education….

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            Well, atheists state that there is no god. How can you definitively say there is no god, without any proof? We have creation, mankind, animals, trees…… and we are supposed to believe that all of this just happened? That a whole bunch of nothing exploded in space one day and against all odds and statistics it randomly created a universe where there happened to be one planet that happened to be perfectly aligned to sustain life? Then, magically, one single celled amoeba just formed, out of nowhere and then over billions of years it eventually evolved into man? That somehow out of chaos and non-matter, order was created and matter formed? I have my faith in God, you have your faith in randomness. I understand you cannot prove a negative, that's kind of my point. You cannot prove there is no god yet atheists arrogantly mock those who believe. My proof is all around me, that's all I need.

          • Allen

            You are really clueless here. Most atheist including myself are agnostic atheist meaning they don't have absolute certain their is no God but we are just waiting for evidence of this God or Gods existence. just like we don't have absolute knowledge their is no Bigfoot or dragons or other Gods but write them off as imaginary until you have proof.Atheist aren't saying we came for nothing that's what you are saying. You are saying God magically appeared from nothing and made everything. Atheist aren't saying we came from nothing we are waiting on the evidence of how everything came to be . Religious people are claiming to know something without having proof to back their claims. You use faith and truth like they mean the same thing. When you say you have faith in your God you are admitting you have no evidence or proof to back up your claims. Truth requires evidence. Honestly you should be mock for saying “You cannot prove there is no god” because that shows everyone you have bad logic skills. Watch this… There is an elephant that talks that has six legs and horns and wings standing behind you..You don't believe me? well i have faith in it and you can't prove that it doesn't exist.. I know it created the world and everything we see just look around. it made everything………….Now my claim is just as valid as yours if we use your reasoning. The only way we know if either is legitimately true is if we find the evidence for them. If not then those are just beliefs in ones head.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I'm very confused by you. Basically, it seems like you are saying you have no idea about God. He may or may not exist? It was my understanding that agnostics believe there could be a god and atheists believe there is no god? It sounds like you are confused? You have no idea how we got here, yet you are maybe sure it wasn't God? Basically, you don't have any answers for anything yet you are pretty sure my answers are wrong? I understand you cannot prove a negative, get over that statement already. That was my point, it can't be proven.
            What kind of proof would you need to prove there's a God? What would it take to convince you?

          • Aaron Henry

            Congratulations on achieving the first level of your new consciousness. May you transcend them all!

            Confusion is good, it means you're thinking. Go with that.

            You're right about the difference between Atheist and Agnostic. Atheist have faith in that there is no god. Agnostics more honestly admit that they just don't have all the evidence they need.

            As far as that evidence goes, I like the biblical description where the sky peels open and then god steps through with his host of angels, trumpets blaring in full on dolby. That would do it for me. When I see that, I'll believe. It'd be too late, but I seriously doubt it would ever happen anyway. I'll take my chances.

          • raphaeltrumpetsound .

            It is never too late…That is your ignorance.

            The Lamb will Forgive you…Confusion means your thinking? This is the most idiotic, wanting to be intelligent,.statement since: “Flying Spaghetti Monsters?”

          • Aaron Henry

            Ya, it does, Raph.

            Anyway, ya know that part in scripture that tells you to shake the dust from your feet and move on?

            Keep movin’ Raph.

            Oh, and have a great day!

          • raphaeltrumpetsound .

            “Existing” means you are thinking…Not knowing something and searching means you are susceptible for coercion; Ripe for temptation.

            You will spring upon anyone who has an answer for a time, and then search more and more; there is no resting for you.

            Do you know the verse about being: “Lukewarm?”

          • Aaron Henry



            Go find someone else to play with.

            Have fun.


          • Simon Salosny

            WWII ende when I was 9 years old, and I had lost my expectations of getting a response from the god that humans had invented, “in accordance” with their image”. This, after a brief stay at the Mauthausen concentration camp and all kinds of immense cruelties observed. So, discussing the existence of an invisible presence, became pointless. What, nevertheless, can not be discussed, are the personal convic tions, based on social experiences (which could not exist without the act of procreation between a man and a woman), and consequently observing such as the crime that is the law permitting homosexual (not necessarily GAY – joyful, happy…) families – ??? which in itself is one big lie, since a family has been understood as one formed by pairs of females and males, married or not, procreating children to form same. So, when one reads about a proposal from some guy, “for homosexual and man/woman originated families to “sit together and talk things over”, one has the opportunity of viewing how obsurd this motion really is, when the world without NORMAL procreation of human descends, would become extinct. So, what is the point in calling a homosexually based pair fo guys A FAMILY?

          • raphaeltrumpetsound .

            You obviously are one of the few who turned on God during a tribulation…Your Faith was tested and Found lacking…I am sorry for saying this, but didn't the Jews test and test God and that is why He sent so many troubles in the Days of Moses?

            He is refining the People..Would you want a family full of tempted lying fools, or a family of Faithful Truth-Tellers?.

            I do agree about procreation. You need a man and a woman. You need a masculine and a feminine. A Father and A Mother. A Father teaches wisdom and patience…While a Mother teaches Kindness and Love.

            The only reason homosexuals get mad is because of the innate understanding they are WRONG. No matter what they tell themselves makes them “happy.”

            Why is it wrong for us but right for you?

          • Regis

            You say the universe as we know it couldn't have “just happened” yet you maintain an entity capable of creating it did?
            Oh, I forgot, God always was and he always will be. That clears it up.

          • SAHipHop

            “God always was and He always will be”… That sorta sums up who God is verbatim, Regis. Mankind cannot be omnipotent nor omnipresent so if anyone can, God can. That's how we differ.

          • SAHipHop

            “That makes you should like an idiot”?…

          • Aaron Henry

            Paraphrasing scripture or not, Mr. Robertson was simply exposing his bigotry.

            What you're doing is simply “condescending”. If I suggested that you look that word up then I'd be “condescending” too.

            See how that works?

            Let me show you another thing here:

            Just because you claim to have read the bible doesn't qualify you to speak on god's behalf. Your claim to know god's will any more than me or anyone else isn't worth squat. There are many faiths, all of which claim to be the “true religion”. Christianity is no different and just as crazy.


          • Jack Rivera

            The first person to proclaim “bigotry” is always the real bigot.

          • Aaron Henry

            Yay, I'm first!

            Seriously, dude? LOL Is that the way your mind works?

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            No, that's not the same thing. I was not being condescending, I was simply saying you were not properly using the word vindictive. Your use of the word condescending, was correct, even though that was not my intent. Vindictive means vengeful, why would phil need to seek revenge against homosexuals?
            The Bible gives us God's will, anyone who reads it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will find God's will. I am not claiming to be the only person who can understand scripture.
            Christianity is different in that it follows the teachings of Christ.

          • Aaron Henry

            You don't get to decide if you've been condescending or not. That's up to the person that's been offended to decide, fyi. However, you get to interpret the bible anyway you like.

            Good luck with that.

          • Gordon Lincoln

            You don't get to decide who decides… people will decide that for themselves, individually. Reading what you've written in this comment section – my impression is that you are a small minded, mean-spirited excuse for a human being.

          • Aaron Henry

            I truly believe you're an idiot. There, I said it.

            What you just said is that if someone offends me it's not up to me to decide if I'm offended or not, but rather the person leveling the offense or at the very least an independent 3rd party to inform me of my emotional state.


            So, by your reasoning I get to decide if you should be offended by my first statement….because you don't get to decide that for yourself.

          • Gordon Lincoln

            ROTFL – you are prone to accusing others of being… guilty of being a lot like yourself.
            You seem incapable of addressing what was said, in context.
            I said that you don't get to decide who decides whether someone has been condescending or not. That is up to the individual's self-awareness (or in your case, lack thereof).
            There is a fundamental difference between accusing someone of a specific sinful act (condescension) and taking (choosing) to be offended by this or that.
            You can be as silly of a fairy as the man (or whatever) from GLAAD – get your panties in a bunch, and take offense to anything/everything – those sins are against your own soul and integrity (or lack thereof).

          • Aaron Henry

            Let's just go back to the part where I said I think you're an idiot.

            Happy new year, Gordon.

          • Gordon Lincoln

            There's an argument to be made regarding your unsupported claim to be ‘thinking’ but I'll let that one slide.. :-)
            Happy New Year, Aaron!

          • Aaron Henry

            Gordon, my brother, in support of myself, my thought in using that word springs from desire to avoid libel.

            For example, If I were to say, “Gordon Lincoln, you are an idiot”. I'd be guilty of libel. So, I avoid that by saying, “Gordon Lincoln, I THINK you are an idiot.

            Thanks for being such a sport.

          • Gordon Lincoln

            OK Aaron – what you need to do is sit down… take a couple deep breaths…. now exhale slowly, do it again….

            OK – you have a valid point there.
            In my defense, I wouldn't claim libel if you called me an idiot… because… once in a while… I've come to the same conclusion.
            We can't all be geniuses who are so good at football at a major state university, that Terry Bradshaw had to sit on the bench and be the second-string quarterback until we decided to go duck hunting instead of becoming an NFL quarterback.
            Then we turn around and make millions of dollars selling a freakin’ duck call, get past a serious drug habit and spin things into arguably the most valuable ‘reality TV’ show franchise today, staying humble and just plain folks thru it all, in our demeanor.
            Fooling the double-digit IQ'ed left-necks into thinking they are way smarter than you – and letting them consider you to be an ignorant back woods cracker.
            Including the Hollywierd crew of LA-LA land who put you on their network because they thought it would just be too funny, a great laugh, to feature this ‘ignorant red-neck family’ from the back woods of Louisiana in a reality TV show.
            Talk about masterful manipulation of one's enemies thru seducing them into grievously underestimating you?
            Gen Sun Tzu would sho 'nuff be proud of that good ‘ole boy student of his, ya'll heah?
            Now – since I happen to be in Las Vegas at the moment, I'm heading back out of my room to take advantage of the midnight hour and some of the genteel cultural events taking place in the local world renowned spiritual centers that provide endless diversions for the atonement of ennui. :-)

          • Aaron Henry

            Gordon, I am sitting. I'm at my computer, why wouldn't I be? You're not that good at patronizing. I'll let you know what your strong suit is when I spot it.

            Enjoy Vegas and wear a condom.

            We're not talking about what a smart man Phil Robertson is, we're talking about his bigoted statements. Bully for him for making a buck, but that's not what this is about nor does his success make him right. Regardless, I can't think of any person with more conflicting values than someone who would call themselves a Christian and a capitalist. But then cognitive dissonance runs high in both those spheres.

            The larger issue here is that God hates homosexuals so much he wants you to go out right now and stone them to death. It's true, it says so in the bible. Google it. You're in Vegas, you should have no problem spotting a gay man right now. Go on, get busy doing gods will. You can tell the judge you were just taking orders from god or you could plead insanity. Either one, whatever.

            Now, you might say, I don't hate gays, I don't want to kill anyone, I just don't approve of their “lifestyle”. Which is to say you don't approve of man on man anal sex, though I'll bet you think they're snappy dressers and generally well spoken. However, your god wants them dead and you do nothing!? What went wrong? When did Christians lose the will to usurp the state and kill thousands upon thousands of people for thinking something just a little outside of the approved message all in god's name? God so much loved that blood bath you all gave to him in his name and for his glory. I mean, who wouldn't be honored by that? As a historical precedent it's not a slippery slope to suggest that promoting Phil's comments couldn't lead us back to those glorious days of dark ages when the church could beat you with it's iron fist, all the while yelling at you, “why. do. you. make. me. do. this?”.

            Anyway, I was saying, excuse me, God was saying, that he wants all homosexuals stoned to death, right away. Mind you, this is Christian doctrine that historically has been adhered to at times vigorously over a millennia. Christianity has a history of that kind of crap. Don't think that it's power doesn't come and go. Do you know how many people the church burned at the stake for being witches in the 14th, 15th and 16th century? Me neither. No one kept records but it's believed to be in the 10s of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. Pretty neat stuff, but I digress. So, why don't you christians do that kind of stuff anymore? Are there no more witches? I actually know several who are proud to be ones. How did you Christians lose the power of the state to kill people at will, like heretics, apostates, homosexuals, jews, intellectuals and other undesirables? Is it a coincident that all that ceased after the age of enlightenment? Was there a collective evolution of thought beyond the stone age reasoning behind such despicable acts? Remember, control of the establishment was for the church to surrender and not for other to simply take. People thought differently because of access to knowledge then. Same thing happened to Eve, or so I hear. I think the fact that you as Christians have lost the will to burn people at the stake and stone homosexuals to death is evidence that most of you don't think that is right anymore. Let's face it, god's commandment on that is wrong, or, or…you're doing it wrong. Ooops! Moral dilemma anyone? You sir, and most everyone you attend church with are luke warm. You, Gordon, are neither hot or cold, you're somewhere in the middle, you wan't to honor god, but not piss people off. I can totally see why jesus would spit you out.

          • Aaron Henry

            Okay, Gordon, to be fair, aside from insulting my spirit and humanity, isn't what you said exactly what I said? Offense is subjective.

          • Aaron Henry

            Happy new year, Lorrie.

            I believe that MI used the word, “vindictiveness”, though superfluous with suffix, correctly. If I understand Christianity at all it is widely held that all will be judged by God. At that time you will either be rewarded or punished. My Webster's 3rd unabridged on page 2,553 says that vindictiveness relates to punishment and or discipline. The implication of Mr. Robertson statement is as such.

            I will suggest mastery of the English language before attempting such erroneous corrections again.


          • Lorrie Gonzales

            And please, tell me how Phil either “punished” or “disciplined” any homosexual? Yes, God will judge, according to his Word. In his word, he says that homosexuals (if unrepentant and living a sinful lifestyle and having not received Christ) will go to hell. That is all Phil said. He was not personally seeking vengeance or revenge or punishment against anyone, he was stating what God said will happen. Thank you for putting in your worthless two cents worth. The use of the word vindictiveness does not apply here, unless you are saying God will be vindictive, as Phil was stating the word of God. You should maybe spend more time reading the Bible and less time looking up words in the dictionary to try and make yourself feel superior..

          • Aaron Henry

            Hi Lorri! Thanks for your reply, even if you come off as angry and vindictive. There's an object lesson in there for you if you look hard enough.

            Yes, “unless”. Good, very good of you.

            Thanks for the advice on reading the bible. I do that more often than I'd like to admit, though it is helpful in affirming my belief that it is one of the world greatest works of fiction.

            Would you believe that most agnostics and atheist started out as sincere Christians? I know I was until I became an adult and set about to read the entire bible. Funny how reading the bible can cause so many people to lose faith and become agnostic/atheist. I know A LOT of atheists and EVERY ONE says the same thing!

            So, yes, please, pick up the bible today and start reading. You just may have an epiphany like me and so many others.

            Best of luck to you!


          • Gordon Lincoln

            You target someone with your hateful speech and declare that you are able to read into his heart and thoughts and express what he ‘meant to say', presumably because you are so brilliant?
            The difference between you and PR – he's humble and speaks only of what he personally believes – doesn't single out a specific person and defame them. You are arrogant and single out an individual to dump your hate on.

          • Aaron Henry


            I made no such declaration of intent. Thanks for the compliment, though.

            Considering that it was Phil (an individual) who spouted the comments in question, I think it's only fair that the individual making those vile statements be singled out. Surely it would be easy to dismiss the statements as indicative of white southern men in general, but then, that would be a huge generalization. I suspect you would find fault in me if I would have done that too. Sigh.

            Have a nice day, Gordon.

          • Tyrone Prowant

            Aaron, you have spoken some truth. Many reliions and sects claim to be the “one true religion.” As a Christian I say, “If anyone says that to you, walk away. They could still be a good person, just not a ood person for you.”
            True Christianity is from love and nothing else.
            Any change you make is because you choose to change, not because I tell you this is where you should be. Lots of people speak on God's behalf and lots of people say wrong things. You get to pick out what's right for you. You are responsible for you. Good luck.

          • Aaron Henry



          • davidlknight

            sodom and gomorrah what was that about?

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you are asking? But, that was about God punishing sin. Not sure what post you are referring to so I'm not really sure about your question?

          • BAM

            You won't be on judgment day.

          • MICHAEL

            well lets hope when you pass over you don't say “oops”

          • Aaron Henry

            Hello, my friend:

            That was sarcasm, in case you didn't get that.


          • Deb

            go ahead become a Athiest. To be one you have to believe in both God and Satan. To believe in one the other exists.

          • Aaron Henry

            No, that's not necessarily true. Religious belief can be imagined in many different ways and certainly without a devil. Ah, the power of imagination; serving atheist and theist alike!

          • Steve

            Wow…you must have used all 6 of your IQ points for this display of stupidity and ignorance.

          • Aaron Henry

            No, you're not a dick at all, are you?

          • john smith

            mi howard- in all that surrounds you. in the very next breath of air you need to take in too live. in the wind in which you can not tell where it started nor where it will end. in the very genetic code in which you were created from…..ever heard of laminin.which holds your very body together. : )

          • Tyrone Prowant

            There is no proof that God exists. I accept God's existance from faith, my faith. I try to live my life as the Christian I believe God wants me to be. I am not always successful, but I continue to try to live up to that standard. If there is no God and no heaven as some have suggested, at the end I am out nothing. I want to live as a good hearted person that treats others well, loves my family, loves my country, and tries to help my fellow man according to what I believe Jesus would want me to do. I would expect the same from you whether you choose to believe in God or not. I would not want to force anyone to be a Christian. It must be a decision that comes from your heart and soul, not mine. Jesus only wants the willing.

      • lee

        I just hope they move their show to a more understanding network.
        A&E choice is keep the show for the majority or lose it to People who don't even watch it!

        • Jeanine

          FX is perfect station!

          • john smith

            no ,not really , radio u is the “perfect station”. nothing is perfect on earth except that which is perfected in the praise of God.

        • john smith

          the ignorant part of this on A&E's part is they knew what the family believed and wanted their reality to be showed until it became to real for A&E. and the rest of the secular world. : )

          • neodymium

            I agree. Im gay and I disagree with his statements but it has no effect on me and it's his opinion, no matter how wrong I think it is. His opinion. Not mine. So all these calls for suspensions and boycotts, I still don't see whats the big deal. The media and GLAAD riot over every little thing that's said about gay people. We shouldn't care if other people think homosexuality is a sin, that's their belief. Now, if they induce hate-speech, well that's another story. Then you really gotta go. No one, no matte what class, color, or sexual orientation, should ever have to endure that

          • Hanover, PA

            Well put…

          • Danielle Emond

            You honeslty think this show is “real”. Heaven help us.

          • Tyrone Prowant

            How did they ever start calling these shows “reality” shows?
            Anyone with half a brain knows they are not real life. The people that make the shows don't live like that. If you filmed their real life, few would have the patience to watch. I've got a real life. I don't have time to be involved in some one else's
            tv life that I'll never have. The duck boys do have their funny moments. I always say, “Remember, it's a SHOW.”

      • lee

        ‘for anti gay remarks’ Bullcrap! His Christian life style.

        • Observator14

          So Right !

      • RBlakeH

        I agree and I also stand with Phil Robertson. GLAAD needs to be brought down a few pegs and realize they have exceeded their girdle size a few times. People have the right to disagree with their lifestyle and will. The Bible speaks of the Abomination God feels and Phil has the right to speak his mind on that. No one has the right to judge except God but everyone has the right to express.

      • duck shooter

        Ya, we should also tell all those blacks that married whites that they are evil and wrong and will never enter heavens gates.

        • Farmer_Girl

          Phil has a black grandson (adopted son of Willie and Korie). How do you think he feels if he read your comment?

      • NYTony

        OK, here. You need to understand that there are many different kinds of people out there and just throwing out the word “liberal” is very naive. I am a democrat. Most people would consider me a liberal as I believe in the social safety net for those less fortunate, I believe in fair pay for fair work, and that the corporate elite have to much power in this country. I believe in raising taxes on the wealthy to fund education, healthcare, and infrastructure. So by most republican points of view I'm as liberal as they come. BUT there are many people like me out there that have those above beliefs because we are Christians. And as such . . we are also Pro Life, Pro Traditional Marriage, and would agree with Phil's statements.
        The biggest annoyance I have is hypocrisy. It doesnt’ matter if it's from the Right (conservative) or Left. For these Gay groups to preach tolerance . . then to deny said tolerance to a person they disagree with is hypocrisy. Tolerance is not tolerance if it is only offered to those who do not offend you.
        Not that Phil's going to read my post, but Phil, stay strong in your beliefs.

        • Lorrie Gonzales

          So, you vote democrat even though they support abortion and you believe that is murder? I assume you believe that since you are pro-life. You believe homosexuality is a sin, yet you vote for a party that supports that sin? You vote into office people who are going to support the murder of unborn children because you believe rich people should have to pay to support you? And you claim you vote that way because you are a Christian? The democratic party supports all manner of evil and you vote that way because you feel that is what Christ would have you to do? That's interesting…

          • NYTony

            First off, the republican part is not a Pro Life Party though they claim to be. The difference is that the democrats come right out and say it. The other fact of the matter is that their is a fairly sizable faction of pro-life democrats. There is a big difference between pro life and being anti-abortion. The republican party, if it were being honest, would only claim to be anti-abortion. See the hypocrisy is that once they can convince a woman to keep her child, they don't want to do anything further. Get a job they say to her, then refuse to fund jobs programs to get people to work. And if she finds a job, how to pay for childcare . and then they back legislation that would cut the minimum wage, or cut childcare assistance. Get a better education they say and then cut funding for education programs like Pell Grants. Become a good worker they say, then support companies like Boeing that had one of it's most profitable years in its history when they want to screw their workers by reducing raises to 1%, cutting their pensions, and health care benefits, while it's CEO gets a big raise. No I've had enough of the Pharisees and Sadducees that brood of vipers known of as the republican party. , I say, there is more to being prolife than reducing a woman to being a breeding machine. And that is what people like you fail to see. I was a republican until events in recent history became too blatant to overlook how they are nothing more than corporate shills getting Christians to vote for them out of just 2 line items. For example the Koch brothers claim to be on the religious right, yet they do not treat their workers in a Godly manner. The democrats have the rest of what pro life is, and when I've voiced my concerns about abortion they don't name call me, they listen, perhaps disagree, some even come to see that a woman could still have her rights protected, but put into place legislation that could convince more women NOT to have one, such as parental rights laws. I've told people at democratic rallies that I don't support gay marriage, I have never had anyone yell at me. I've been asked why, and they have agreed to disagree, some even see my viewpoint.

            And no, I don't need the rich to support me. All those things I talked about, I don't need. Besides in previous post, I put the reasons to raise taxes on the wealthy as Education, Healthcare, and Infrastructure, not one of those was to raise entitlements above what they currently are. I've come to believe that the republican party really doesn't want people to move above where they currently are in society. Especially when people like you view Education, Healthcare, and Infrastructure as handouts. That's essentially what you said. Creating reliable infrastructure – a modern electrical grid, to replacing crumbling bridges will be more inviting to companies, educating people for the jobs that we need filled in this country, and raising the quality of people's health will enable them to get better jobs, and to start earning their own way, but no. If you get laid off, just try to get trained for a new job. The rules make it almost impossible.
            I see people hurting all around me, and it seems that all the republican party wants to do is rub salt in their wounds.

            And that is why I can say what I say, and still support a person like Phil Robertson. I agree with him on this, and I support his right to say it.

          • Jack Rivera

            We welcome Boeing down here in the south. I am a democrat and also pro-choice ONCE. That means one mistake can happen, not two.

          • Steve

            If you want more money for education and other useless wasteful government agencies, why would you be in favor of raising income tax rates? Raising rates reduces tax revenues. Always happens, always will.

          • jessje

            Nothing you can say will every bother me. I know who I am and what I believe. It's unbelievable how some people are so weak that words can matter so much.
            The problem with your way of thinking is that you want the middle class tax payers to pay for lazy people. These people had the same opportunity to get an education as the rest of us, but chose the easy way. That is, to live off the tax payers.
            All I hear from you Dem's is fund this fund that. Do you know or care that we are 17T dollars in debt. WE DON'T HAVE ANYMORE MONEY. No, you can't tax the rich, they always find a loophole and do not pay taxes.

          • Lou Love

            you must be a republican, your comments remind me of

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            What does that even mean?

          • john smith

            your logic is flawed- you assume that because one is against abortion that they vote republican and believe in God . they are not mutually inclusive. murder is murder no matter what you call it and is wrong/common sense dictates. while voting someone into office may or may not be the only reason to vote them into office while trying to vote strategically to stop abortions in future. in other words they may be voted into office because they will defund other organizations that are shall we say associated with abortion clinics. also being a Christian has nothing to do with political views as those views also may or may not be associated by the person who thinks of themselves as a democrat or republican. because their human and their thinking may or may not be perfect at all times until it becomes self evident to them that their vote and their view on life do coincide with each other. or as a computer geek would say your logic is fuzzy. : ) if you don't get it -look up the definition for fuzzy logic. : ) and may God watch over you while helping you to see his logic. : )

        • Jack Rivera

          AMEN, and I”m still an atheist!

          • john smith

            jack rivera- and? God gave you that right to freely choose what you believe in. think about it you'll get it.

          • Hanover, PA

            Actually John, It's my belief that the men and women who came before us and fought in wartime are the ones responsible for giving me the “right” to freely choose what I believe in. Without them, this country could be under a dictatorship and not be able to openly express our beliefs… Again, that's just my belief and I still am a God-fearing man…

          • john smith

            jack rivera- and? God gives you that choice to freely decide which side of the fence you stand on also. : ) hope you see the light before its to late. may you be in heaven 1 second before satan knows where you are.

      • steve001968

        “Tick Tock to steve001968

        It was offensive to a group of people and they found it vulgar. Since it's not directed at you, you can't judge what it was!”
        Sure I can, I just did, but, running with your argument for a moment, since he was describing their sexual practices, and they find that vulgar, the gay lobby must consider it's own sexual practices vulgar. Once again the gay lobby demonstrates it's MASSIVE INSECURITY over the lifestyle it promotes.

      • steve001968

        “WillMoor to steve001968

        Did you read what he actually said? I didn't lie. He went into pretty graphic detail.”
        He was simply speaking candidly about common homosexual practices. Kind of difficult to criticize something if you won't say what it is eh? Apparently you consider those practices vulgar. Yet another projection of your insecurity over your own chosen lifestyle.

      • steve001968

        Tick Tock to steve001968

        Your the Nazi Josef Goebbels. It's an outrage that Robertson insults people and uses religion to justify it! If you don't want to get burned for mouthing off then don't mouth off!

        Oh yes because Nazis were so well known for supporting free speech and expression. Obviously you are thinking of the brown shirted GAYSTAPO there sparky. As far as getting burned: I hate to break it to you but the man is a millionaire many times over. He can retire tomorrow and do nothing for the rest of his life if he chooses. It's A&E that's now on the receiving end of a huge PR backlash over their highest rated series. They are about to kill the duck that laid the golden egg….. People like you are upset because Robertson's remarks are legitimate criticism. That's what disturbs you so much. Finally, last time I checked, here in America there is no right not to be insulted or offended. Deal with it. Frankly if I was Robertson I would have gone into what a huge public health problem the gay lifestyle is with their 44 times greater HIV rate and 46 times greater Syphilis rate according to the CDC. He took it pretty easy really and didn't even address by far the biggest problem with the gay lifestyle. A problem that kills thousands every year and costs billions to taxpayers in healthcare expenses under Medicare, Medicaid and, now, Obamacare.

      • ekowalew


    • WillMoor

      What makes you think that ONLY gay people were offended by his pornographic remarks about body parts and what should go where? I bet if it had been a gay man describing where he put his penis, you would have NO problem with him being suspended. If that isn't true then say as much.

      • Melissa D Norman

        Give me a break, this was an interview for GQ, NOT Good Housekeeping!

        • WillMoor

          And your point is what?

          • antiwashingmachine

            “And your point is what?”

            You're a pole smoker!

          • WillMoor

            Probably a lot better at it than you, too, sweetheart.

          • steve001968

            And your risk of contracting HIV is only about 40 times higher according to the CDC too.

          • WillMoor

            Is it? Why? Please explain why MY personal risk is 40 times higher. I am curious to know exactly what it is you think you know about my personal life. Thanks in advance.

          • steve001968

            I know you're alluding to your apparently considerable experience at being a “pole smoker” in a public forum which is more than enough. But don't worry when you test positive you can always file suit against HIV for discrimination or maybe arrange a protest against the virus. Let me know how that works out. [snicker]

          • WillMoor

            Very amusing, but I am waiting to hear you explain why my personal risk is greater. Thanks in advance!

          • steve001968

            I just did. The fact that you failed to grasp it is not an indictment of that which you fail to understand. I suppose I could explain how relative female selectivity offsets the relative male lack thereof to reduce STD rates including HIV in heterosexual populations and how absent that it sky rockets in male homosexual populations due to higher rates of promiscuity in addition to male on male sexual practices providing better transmission vectors but it would probably be a waste of time. In my experience listening to people like yourself, individual gays always believe they are the exception to the statistics no matter how great their “pole smoking” and other relevant experience. The wakeup call is usually a positive test result at which point in no particular order the drug companies are to blame for not coming up with a good vaccine or better drugs, the government is to blame for not doing more research, “breeders” are to blame because…….. Pretty much everyone is to blame but themselves and their unhealthy lifestyle choices, because, afterall there was nothing wrong with their choices so there HAS to be something or someone else to blame.

          • WillMoor

            Lets see, we were talking about oral sex. There is no higher risk to myself for performing oral sex than there is to her. But you said what I was hoping you would say. You mentioned the word “promiscuity”. I thank you for it as you did what I wanted you to do. You assumed that my confidence in my skills meant that I slept around a lot. And while its none of your business, I will mention that I am not promiscuous in the least bit, my friend. I have ONE sexual partner and he and I are in a monogamous, committed relationship and are in fact engaged to be married. A sexually active, promiscuous heterosexual who does not practice safe sex is at much greater risk than I am. And if he and I are both truly monogamous (and I trust him with my LIFE) then the risk WE have is extremely minute. So you can sneer at me all you want, you can think you are better than I am because you are straight and I am gay, you can back up all the homophobes that you want, but history will view you and Robertson as the villains here, not me.

          • steve001968

            She didn't boast of her skill. I don't even know if she's ever performed oral sex. I know you have, and that you have apparently done it enough to think you are skillful, or, at least, more skillful than her. You made the claim, not her, not me. I've heard all the rest before too. Also, please feel free to quote where I said I'm better than you. Good luck, because of course I didn't. It's VERY obvious that that's just a projection of your own insecurities. I also would like to know how anyone simply stating their opinion is a “villian”. Again you are OBVIOUSLY projecting your own massive insecurities over your own lifestyle. Absent those insecurities you wouldn't care at all what Mr. Robertson or I think since neither of our opinions have any practical effect on you at all. This projection of insecurity over the gay lifestyle by those who practice it is very common as manifested in the rabid desire seen in this incident that they and their lifestyle be unconditionally accepted by everyone and that nobody dare speak negatively of them or their lifestyle and that if they do, they need to be rebuked and punished. Only insecure people who secretly fear the criticism has merit respond in this way. Secure people, who know the criticism is baseless, couldn't care less.

          • WillMoor

            I don't have to quote where you have said you are better than me, your snickering is enough (and in one of your hostile posts you actually took the time to type that you are snickering at me). And your opinions have plenty of practical effect on me and my life. People with opinions go to the voting booths, and people with opinions have been making life hell for LGBT people for decades upon decades. People who hold opinions like yours and Phil's have been a real and practical threat to the happiness, health and safety of LGBT people and their families for a very very long time. The laws against us, the bully motivated suicides of our youth, the murders committed against us, these are all ample proof that anti-gay opinions are very powerful and really do affect our lives.

          • steve001968

            My “snickering” is addressed at the stubborn refusal of gays at large to acknowledge that, statistically, their lifestyle is incredibly unhealthy and results in absurdly high HIV rates compared to heterosexuals. The bottom line is you're still just projecting your own insecurities. I voted AGAINST my state's constitutional amendment gay marriage ban. Not because I think the gay lifestyle is healthy or beneficial to society but because I think the government restricting which consenting adults can marry is the bigger threat. You also cannot cite a single thing I have posted encouraging violence etc against gays nor can you cite anything Phil Robertson said to that effect. Again: You are projecting your own insecurities onto others and it's VERY VERY OBVIOUS. The simple fact is that you and organizations like GLAAD think that ANY criticism of the gay lifestyle is “making life hell for LGBT people” because deep down you know that many of the criticisms have serious merit. This obviously includes criticism of the lifestyle with regard to gay males as unhealthy since their sky high HIV rates are absolutely undeniable. It also includes so called “Gay Christians” who pretend that their lifestyle reconciles with the Christian bible when in fact they secretly realize that it does not. And no, sorry, I'm not a Christian either but that doesn't change the fact that the Christian bible clearly condemns homosexuality. It's further noted that as a Non-Christian I don't promptly freak out when Phil Robertson advocates Christianity or when they say a prayer on the show. It doesn't offend, disturb or otherwise bother me in the least. I don't have to agree with everything someone thinks or says to acknowledge their right to say it nor do I feel any need to try to shut them up. The gay push for unconditional acceptance of their lifestyle and rabid attacks against anyone who dares criticize it is resulting in more and more backlash.

          • steve001968

            “And if he and I are both truly monogamous”

            Numerous studies indicate the odds are overwhelmingly against it and even strongly pro-gay texts commonly acknowledge this fact.

            For example:

            “The cheating ratio of ‘married’ [committed] gay males, given enough
            time, approaches 100%.” Source: Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen,” After
            the Ball,” (NY: Doubleday, 1989) pp. 304-320.

          • NADS1

            Her point is, YOU ARE A DOUCHE-BAG!

          • WillMoor

            Ad hominem is to be expected from knuckle draggers like you.

          • steve001968

            Nothing is more amusing that some fool complaining about an ad-hom attack and using one all in the same sentence.

          • WillMoor

            Except that my comment was a direct reaction to his. Thanks though.

          • steve001968

            Too bad that that defense is utterly irrelevant in all regards. Actually your comment is more an ad-hom than his since it goes to his intelligence and thereby serves to attempt to undermine any argument he may have made with a personal attack, whereas he just said you are a “douche bag” which is essentially intelligence neutral and as such doesn't attempt to undermine your arguments with a personal attack. The undermining of a person's argument via personal attack being a central element of an ad-hom attack.

          • WillMoor

            Its completely relevant. Do you know what “Ad Hominem” actually is? “Ad Hominem” is when someone uses a fallacious insult out of left field to try to screech an argument to a halt. That is not at all what I did. He insulted me, I insulted him back. It might have been sophomoric of me, and I admit that I do regret giving in to the temptation, but exchanging an insult for an insult is NOT ad hominem. Especially since the focus was redirected from the argument by HIM and not I. I merely remained on the track he changed things to. So you can accuse me of being immature or of making a sophomoric return attack, and you would be correct, but you absolutely cannot accuse me of making an *ad hominem* attack. Thanks for your input however. :-D

          • steve001968

            Thanks for proving that you don't know what an ad-hom attack is. It is not “when someone uses a fallacious insult out of left field to try to screech an argument to a halt” as you so eloquently tried to put it. It is the use of an irrelevant attack on the maker of a claim or argument to attack, refute, undermine or reject the claim or argument in question. He answered your question “And your point is what?” (a question not an argument) to another poster by posting “Her point is, YOU ARE A DOUCHE-BAG!” (his claim). He didn't tie his claim to any argument you had made in any way. In fact you didn't make an argument. You asked a question. You on the other hand responded to his claim with the claim that he was a “knuckle dragger” thereby arguably taking a shot at his intelligence to undermine his claim that “Her point is, YOU ARE A DOUCHE-BAG!”. So, the ad-hom is all yours and certainly not his since you didn't even make a claim or argument to reject, undermine etc. Also in the most technical sense, he didn't insult you, he made a claim as to what someone else's “point” was.

          • WillMoor

            “Thanks for proving that you don't know what an ad-hom attack is. It is
            not “when someone uses a fallacious insult out of left field to try to
            screech an argument to a halt”

            Yes it is.

            And he knew that her point had nothing whatsoever to do with me. His comment was 100% ad hominem.

          • NADS1

            “Knuckle dragger” is a tad “ad hominem” sweetheart.

          • steve001968

            Naw because he used it. It's only an ad-hom when someone else uses it……….

          • WillMoor

            Not in this case. :) And not because I am the one who used it. Its all about context. ;)

          • metazip

            No he's one of those paid Obama trolls surfing the net to stir up misinformation…

          • WillMoor

            What did I say that was “misinformation”? And if I am being paid, I hope its a great sum of money. I need it for my honeymoon.

          • CondescendingJedi

            I believe her point is GQ is a magazine whose main target audience consists of straight males. Straight males would not be interested in reading about homesexual sex. Therefore an article describing homosexual sex would not make print in GQ. if that were not obvious…

          • WillMoor

            But it did. That is what Robertson did. He described homosexual acts and heterosexual ones, comparing what he viewed as improper to proper, so I guess her point was a mistaken one. I don't think that was her point, however. Good House Keeping is not known for its gay porn.

          • susie killgore

            Exactly, you just said it, HIS VIEWS!!! he can believe and think whatever he feels is right… did his words kill or cause harm to anybody? Seriously, get over yourselves…. Gay guys are the most dramatic humans alive!! But then again I would be to if I couldn't figure out why I liked it when another man wanted to put his penis in my anus…. its just weird

          • WillMoor

            Right. His views. And we are expressing ours as well. We both expressed our views. Life goes on. The fact that you think its ok for him to express his but not for us to express ours is just weird.

          • Robert

            Well it is ok. GLADD is saying it is not ok. I fact they want him to lose his job over it.

          • WillMoor

            GLAAD is certainly taking him to task for it, and I would expect them to.

          • Melissa D Norman

            I have no qualms about answering for myself and you guessed wrong! My POINT, is that GQ is a magazine that is marketed towards men, while it would seem primarily straight men, much like Details seems to target a homosexual audience. GQ's purpose it would seem is to present articles and photographs to a MATURE audience, regarding the male lifestyle which includes such topics as fitness, style, and SEX to name a few. Are you telling me a magazine that is for adults obviously, adult men at that CAN'T handle the words vagina and anus? PUH LEEZE! At least show some integrity and admit it's not the terms he said or how he described it but the exception that he takes to it, it's the fact that he doesn't BELIEVE homosexuality is right! If you were as secure as you would like people to think you are, you and countless others wouldn't be so offended by it, and you would still be hanging around responding to insults and personal attacks by the same means! Grow up, especially if the anatomically CORRECT words VAGINA and ANUS offend you! You pretty much lost any credibility trying to sell that point, and if not with that, by stooping to the level of the people you are supposedly offended by! How hypocritical is that? Oh, btw, PRIMETIME TV by the major networks, (ABC, CBS, NBC), feature MUCH MORE lewdness and crude material!

          • Robert

            Miss( or Mrs.) Norman you are a boss.

          • Tick Tock

            GQ deals with men's fashion. How is that directed at straight men? Obviously phil robertson has no fashion sense let alone good hygiene. Shave that damn nasty beard and cut that nasty hippie hair!

          • Grey Winters

            Coming from a liberal! lmao!

          • Grey Winters

            You really are dense aren't you.

      • sick_of_GLAAD

        I am POSITIVE if it were a GAY MAN comments not a damn thing would have been done! Not one person would have even batted an eye, because then it would have been A&E on would be the line for equal rights for gays to have their freedom of speech! Yeah gay people have freedom of speech but a conservative white man better not! As usual GLAAD you are not looking for EQUAL rights but special rights???? THIS IS WHY PHIL ROBERTSON NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED!

        • WillMoor

          Your words are absurd. No gay man would have spewed homophobic bile like he did, and if he had I can promise you much would have been done. Self loathing gays are NOT exempt, I can assure you.

          • steve001968

            Oh yes something must be done…I mean oh my he stated an opinion. That certainly can't be allowed to stand. Listening to the hysterical babble of people like you is absolutely hilarious. If you don't like what's printed in a magazine then turn the damn page.

          • WillMoor

            Yes because his public statements of opinion should NEVER EVER be criticized by OTHER counter opinions. Only HE gets to have free speech, right? Do you have any clue just how hypocritical you and all the ones complaining about complaining gay people are being?

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I don't think anyone is saying that you can't have or voice an opinion on his comments. The problem is that Glaad jumped all over it and demanded he lose his job and is going after his sponsors. It's the fact that they are trying to silence anyone who opposes their lifestyle, they want Phil to meet with homosexuals so he can see how similar they are. What they don't understand is that Christians do not hate gay people, it's not like it was with racism and ignorance, it is the sinfulness of the lifestyle. We do not hate the people, we hate the sin. They will never change Phil's view on homosexuality because he believes in God's Word, and God says it is a sin. God is the one who condemns it and that will never change.

          • WillMoor

            I think a LOT of people are saying that we can't have or voice opinions. Have you been reading the comments down here? And if what you say is true about yourself and about Christians, I FULLY expect you to speak out against the vitriol that gay people are being handed in this comment section. “Pole Smoker”, “cum dump”. Since you took the time to respond to MY post I look forward to you taking the time to respond to those types of posts as well, as a consistent and truthful Christian not afraid to put her money where her mouth is. I will be looking at this comment section for your posts and I look forward to them. I thank you in advance for your support. *Hugs*

          • l.berty

            all you people have is an agenda.

          • WillMoor

            Our agenda is equality, so true!

          • l.berty

            to you it's only equal if everyone accepts the gay community & keeps their mouth shut.
            sound about right?

          • WillMoor

            Yes, just like everyone accepts the heterosexual community and keeps their mouths shut. You are exactly right.

          • Dakotahgeo

            Absolutely… that's the whole point!!! By the way, Congratulations, NEWWWWWW MEXICO, # 17!!!

          • MIC

            You mean your agenda is “Special”!

          • William Perry

            Hey! You forgot, bone shaker, pillow biter, snake charmer, carpet muncher and KY jelly sandwiches and bulls milk.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I don't support those types of posts and would condemn that type of language and hatefulness. I don't see why we need to be vulgar or hateful. I don't hate gay people and I would not use such language. I cannot defend or speak for those people. I can only speak for myself. I believe in the Bible, I believe in loving thy neighbor as thyself. I also believe that if a person does not repent of their sins and does not ask God to forgive them, they will go to hell. If you are a practicing homosexual, you have not “laid down your life and picked up your cross” and you have not been washed in the blood of the lamb and you will stand before God one day. I do not say this out of hate, I don't even know you so how could I possibly hate you? I am saying this because I believe it to be true and I don't want to see anyone go to hell. Sin is sin, homosexuality or any other sin, is worthy of damnation according to God's word. I am worthy of hell and have only escaped it because of Christ and his blood shed for me. I hope you find Christ and experience his life changing love.
            I will not go through and respond to those vulgar posts because I do not read posts that have that type of language and I would not give attention to them by responding. You were not vulgar and you did not seem hateful. You raised good points and that is why I responded to you.

          • Sharon Diehl

            I bet Phil cherry picks his sins like the rest of the bible humpers.
            Excerpts from Sam Greenspan: Leviticus 11:8, which discusses pigs, reads “You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.” Anyone having ham for Christmas dinner? Leviticus 19:19 reads, “…you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.” Wear polyester cotton blends anyone? Leviticus 11:10 reads, “…whatever is in the seas and in the rivers that does not have fins and scales among all the teeming life of the water, and among all the living creatures that are in the water, they are detestable things to you.” Anyone eat lobster lately? So why is homosexuality any less or more a sin than the rest of the bible bans??? I don't see religious folk ripping up polyblend T-shirts, or bombing Red Lobster Restaurants.
            Don't even get me started on the creationists. Whoo boy.

            Spout off any silly thing you want to…of course we'll laugh at you.

          • Byrnaldo

            No please, enlighten us on how Creationism is so far fetched Sharon since evolution is such a solid theory and we've got every single fossil showing every animal on earth evolving to what we have today. Oh yeah, that's not possible is it? Next.

          • Sharon Diehl

            Making fun of creationism is the only thing you're upset about? Not that lobster is being eaten? Or that you're probably wearing a polyblend T-shirt??? Sinner!!!

            “Creationists: The bible is the word of God!
            Rational Thinkers: But how can you be sure it’s the word of God?
            Creationists: Because the bible is infallible.
            Rational Thinkers: But why believe the bible?
            Creationists: Because the bible is the word of god!”

            Byrnaldo, honey, creationism is a unique kind of whacko bible humping. I don't even try to be polite about it anymore…just, I guess, as much as Mr. Duck is polite about his homosexuality views. Don't be upset, Byrnaldo, evolution does not teach that there is no god; evolution is a basic biological tool to explain genetic variations, how new species arise, or how adaptations occur. Evolution is just a principle to explain these basic biological processes. We can observe it today–such as in the evolving resistance of weeds and insect pests to our pesticides. [Time to shriek something about micro evolution versus macro...or Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! I lose track.]

          • Byrnaldo

            No “honey”, that's adaptation. No proof of evolution in any fossil record whatsoever. I know the science, no need to try and talk down to me. Good try though. No need for me to comment on lobsters or t-shirts earlier. Jesus’ death on the cross is all that matters for us now. All your points were Old Testament issues which were sets of rules for people to live by before God sent his Son to die for our sins. I just figured you were cherry picking verses too to try and make a point. Again, good try.

          • Josh

            For starters Sharon, what you describe is adaptation not evolution, take a science class and learn the difference. Secondly, taking just the historical reference of the bible and comparing the old testament to the new, it is a pretty accurate predictor of events that happened 100's of years after they were first written about. Science has actually backed up a lot of the timeline the Bible has laid out with discoveries made regarding locations and the people that lived during that time. They have found many other texts and writings correlating to things mentioned in the Bible. If everything came about from evolution, what do you say the odds are the earth perfectly rotating on its axis at just the right distance from the sun to not freeze or burn up is? From a “science standpoint” you'd have better odds of winning every Powerball from here to the end of your life than those things just evolving and happening by perfect chance. Anyone who believes that everything you see around us just happened about all on it's own over time and just happened to turn out right despite the most imaginable odds of failure, is ignorant.

          • Sharon Diehl

            Honey, it's Dr. Diehl; I teach the science classes.

          • Lulu Morin

            I hope you teach adults only.

          • Truth73

            If evolution is real then why are there still Monkey's? shouldn't they all evolved into humans? What about homosexuality? that's clearly against evolution principles, if we were all evolving into homosexuals then how can humanity survive? it's not like you can reproduce….you never will…..Clearly the opposite of evolution, but I'm sure you'll try to give some clever answer to try to prove otherwise…we were once Monkeys? The Big Bang?….its almost laughable that so many people believe we came from nothing but particles? The “theory” of evolution NEWSFLASH!!! a theory is a hypothesis that is not proven…there once was a theory the earth was flat, haha…how did that one work out!! It also takes “faith” to believe in something so foolish as evolution…

          • Sharon Diehl

            Truth, honey, your first statement is so typical of the crap I hear from creationists. I’m sorry to use the word, but crap is as mild as I can conjure at the moment. Why in the world would you think that ‘evolution’ means that there should be no monkeys??? All the great apes evolved from a common ancestor and branched out into different species that inhabited different niches. There is no grandfather to grandson type of relationship between monkeys and humans. In really simplistic terms, think of it as distant cousin to distant cousin. With chimpanzees, we share over 98% of DNA…that’s a very close cousin, indeed.

            Homosexuality exists in many species, not just humans. Homosexual behavior is observed in animals from chimpanzees to giraffes to whales to mallards to whatever. Hey, ask “god” about that one!

            I am also damn sick and tired of people who constantly misuse “theory”. Any high school student (not in a creationist class) knows that ‘theory’ used in a scientific sense means it is built on facts, physical laws, and tested hypotheses…ever hear of the “theory of gravity”? ,

          • Truth73

            Quoting from the old testament? just like a non believer to pick a part of the bible and try to use it to twist its meaning. Those quotes were when the law of Moses was in place. The new testament clearly states eat anything, but if you feel its unclean then don't eat it. Every quote you used can easily be shot down by someone that has read the WHOLE bible….Also the bible has facts such as the earth was round, mountains under the oceans, and also many other things our so-called scientist have recently just discovered in the past century…Just as the Bible clearly states…in the end times “good will be called evil” and “evil will be called good”…I pray that the God I serve will let himself be known to you…God has without a doubt has shown me that he is real…and I cannot explain this in this brief of a forum, but its scary once you know for sure he is real and allows you to know this….then you realize hell is just as real..and you wouldn't wish your worst enemy to go there. People even if you don't like organized church get a bible and read it cover to cover JUST ONCE and it will impact your life for the better!

          • Sharon Diehl

            Truth, dear, the more I was dragged off to church and Sunday school, wasting a perfectly good Sunday when I could be off fossil hunting, the more it was perfectly obvious that “buybull” preaching was all about the control of people. Hell is a construct to frighten little children and people with weak minds. Just my opinion, honey. You have a different opinion. I have read the bible, sweetie, and my grandmother's signed bible sits in honor on my shelf. But, no, it has not impacted my life. Isn't America great! We can go down our own separate spiritual paths….and mine does not include an ancient tome full of misogyny.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            You lack even a basic understanding of scripture and how to interpret it. You are also very rude and arrogant. It is the attitude of you and your ilk that causes the lack of dialogue between our differing opinions. You seem to think that you know everything and that you alone have all of the answers. Everyone should just stop having thoughts of their own and should ask almighty you what they should think. You mock God and his word yet you don't even have a basic understanding of it. Maybe, if you could set aside your bigotry and listen to what others have to say, you might get a better understanding of where they are coming from. Just because we call a sin a sin, doesn't mean we hate those who practice a sinful lifestyle. We speak out because we love these people and don't want to see them go to hell. All sin is equal, except grieving the Holy Spirit, that is the only unforgivable sin.
            You seem to be full of ridicule and hate and you are the intolerant one.
            ok, go ahead and “laugh at” me now.

          • onecoolnana

            Most of these vile comments are not directed at GLADD but at those with opposing points of view. The name-calling has been directed towards liberals who have been described as subversive socialists, communists, homos, bullies, etc. and you don't think anyone is saying that we can't have a voice or opinion? That's exactly what they're all saying! So, if the problem is supposedly with GLAAD why are these people not directing their anger there instead of at people with opposing points of view? Personally, I couldn't care less what this guy thinks and feel that A&E, as an employer, has the choice as to who best represents their company. Really, it's pure capitalism and the modern Golden Rule–He who has the gold makes the rules! If this show is so faith driven why not put it on a Christian channel so that they reach the proper market rather than on a network that values all of it's consumers?

          • James

            He didn't say anything vulgar. Lets grow up on that one. You were not offended, but if somehow you were, then you are a vagina. Grow up! he doesn't think homosexualality is good. you think it is great. Who cares???? Awesome. Move on now….

          • WillMoor

            I really don't know what your definition of “vulgar” is but I think what he said was pretty vulgar. And its not his place to decide whether or not homosexuality is “good”. He can say whatever he wants about it but he WILL face criticisms for it. Deal with it Tony.

          • MIC

            my definition of vulgar is two guys kissing and getting married! So if that offends me I guess I can get the Government on my side since I'm offended!

          • Grey Winters

            Wow each post of your is more ignorant then the next. You can't even remember what you said in previous posts.

          • WillMoor

            Then enlighten me.

          • Laron Woods

            WillMoor, your words are absurd. What Phil Robertson was his beliefs, which come from the Bible. It is homophobic bile to you because you aren't living or allowing others to live a true Christian life. He was not criticizing the “sinner” but the “sin” but that isn't acceptable to you because you are unable to extend to him the tolerance you expect of him.

          • sick_of_GLAAD

            Have you ever watch RuPauls Drag Race??? They can say some pretty graphic and (if they were straight men) homophobic things—BUT because they are gay it's OK.

          • WillMoor

            Is it an entertaining show?

          • MIC

            It's garbage!

          • WillMoor

            How often do you watch it?

          • MIC

            5 seconds one time its garbage! I'm open minded but only so far!

          • MIC

            Sick your so right I've blocked the LOGO channel from my service and am in the process of getting it removed from my service I refuse to donate any money to groups like this!

          • metazip

            Are you just another paid Obama troll?

          • WillMoor

            I wish, I could use the money.

          • Grey Winters

            Nah, Willmoor is to illiterate to be paid. Oops that's right I forgot, illiteracy is required to be an Obamatroll.

          • WillMoor

            I am “to” illiterate? Ah, the sweet irony.

          • Monday'sRevenge

            Wasn't a GAY figure skater who just weeks ago was touting that he would love to be the first person to give another man a BJ in space, and low an behold no-one batted an eye.

          • WillMoor

            You are completely missing my point. If a gay man had said that homosexual acts were wrong, there would have been more LGBT people and their allies criticizing him than there were those that criticized Robertson. THAT was my point. I don't know what the heck you are talking about concerning that figure skater, but if he really said that, shame on him.

          • Monday'sRevenge

            There was not a huge “oh my god, he should not be aloud to do that” and I most definitely did not see any sanctions come down on him from the committees that regulate professional figure skating. Don't get me wrong I don't completely disagree with you. Phil, being a man of integrity (if he fancies himself that way) should not have let fly a tirade about someone else's decisions, but alas, he did. The backlash from all of this should not be directed at GLAAD nor should it be directed at Phil, A&E made a decision based on knee jerk reaction to cause a reaction like this (<– my opinion). While I don't agree with the logic, any press is good press and the bloodier the read the more it gets read. What I am trying to say is A&E is working publicity gold just like Miley Cyrus none of us like or condone her decisions but we talk about them. Phil being the person he is (at least from my perspective) doesn't hold the reigns here and isn't really the reason everyone is beating their chest about the "good book" or gay rights, A&E has made a tactical decision to turn this into something huge, Phil won't miss an episode just you wait and see. I also believe if GLAAD would have just left it to "good for you A&E" instead of trying to bash a backwater hick over the head with intolerance they would not be getting the publicity either. Ok I'm done for now, take it for what you will.

          • T-Man67

            “No gay man would have spewed homophobic bile like he did, and if he had I can promise you much would have been done.” Well if they were gay they wouldn't be homophobic, but if what you meant is that they wouldn't have said or used the descriptive words then you are clearly wrong. A direct response from the gay couple on A&E's own show “Storage Wars” did just that, with NO response from the network nor any public outcry.

          • WillMoor

            No, I meant what I said. Don't try to think for me, T-Man. If a gay man had said that homosexual acts were wrong, there would have been more LGBT people and their allies criticizing him than there were those that criticized Robertson. Apparently you are unaware of the backlash self loathing homophobic LGBT people face from the LGBT community.

          • T-Man67

            Please enlighten us all, what was the homophobic bile he spewed? He said he didn't agree with it, he said it wasn't logical to him, he said he didn't understand why a man would want an anus instead of a vagina. Sounds like an honest self assessment of his own understanding. He also said he loves all people regardless of who they are or what they choose, it's God's job to judge. Again, what part of that is vile?

          • Aaron Henry

            God? Who's god? My god? Because my god (If I chose to believe in one of the thousands) wouldn't be such a dick as to send someone to hell for a little buggery. That your god would send them to hell would be the ‘vile’ part, but then, you might be biased as not to see that.

            Good luck with that.

          • Larry Stauth

            Your joking right? I have stakes of literature that not only make me laugh, but make you comment absurd. They, in fact, have tried every thing in the to reasonably convince the world they are natural, including graphic details.

            Just get this straight… the fact that you may have been offended is YOUR problem… not theirs.

            That is the old saying from the start of the gay rights movement… if you don't like it, don't listen, it's not bothering ANYONE, except those that choose to listen and be offended.

          • Javier Lopez

            whatever, what are you now the gay community's spokesperson?” No gay man would have spewed homophobic bile like he did?” Why don't you read what the gay duo on storage wars new York just openly commented yesterday? these are Chris Morelli's and Tad Eaton's own vile words…” Phil Robertson doesn't offends us, we don't give a shit what he says, besides he is just missing out on man ass, which is way more tighter than any vagina” Now here is the irony….or actually the saddest part, these two clowns are also on A&E network and no one has made a stink about them openly and explicitly disparaged the most beautiful being in this world….the woman!!!! But I guess it's ok to talk obscenely about women and to mention that a straight man is missing out on man ass, if its coming from two gays. Never mind that the gay lifestyle goes against every major religion in the world, and against nature itself. You know, sadly that's what we have allowed ourselves by allowing the gay community, to only assert itself and expect equal treatment, which is ok, but by also allowing it openly promote it and glorify it and push down our throats at every chance Hollywood gets, because we all know if you watch tv now days, gays are more creative, funnier to watch, and overall a more productive sector of society…I call Bullshit!!! Somewhere down the line it became “cool” to have 2 daddies or two mommies, what was once kept privately at home, is today flaunted, and bombarded at society, but let someone quote the Bible, and all hell breaks loose….smh at the world I live in.

          • MIC

            WillMoor just how stupid are you?

        • Aaron Henry

          I believe Mr. Robertson is free to get a paying job on another channel that would be willing to hire him. A&E has their standards, no fault there.

          Anyway, the whole thing about sodomites going to hell and not having any place in the kingdom of god is pretty tired. I hope you would agree that Mr. Robertson is just as free to offer his world views as I and others are free to reply in disagreement and offer countering views. That he is no longer paid by A&E does in no way stop Mr. Robertson from continuing to voice his controversial world views nor does it infringe upon his 1st amendment right of free speech. A&E is in no way bound to give him a microphone with which to do so.

          Good day.

      • Brister

        Umm, I'm sorry but I didnt know penis, anus, and vagina are vulgar ponographic words. The last time I checked they were the proper medical terms for these organs. I suppose you take issue with medical professionals and teachers.

        • WillMoor

          Who said anything about whether or not they were proper medical terms? The penis and vagina remain what they are in silent porno films as well. Its still porno. Its not that he said the names that makes what he said pornographic, its that he described what is done with them in sexual acts. And if you want to tell me his words were medically educational text, I won't be buying what you are selling, Tony.

        • Grey Winters

          lol He is slow isn't he.

      • steve001968

        One thing is for sure: The OVERWHELMING majority posting online are on his side. Take a look at your -5 and falling post rating for a clue on this.

        • WillMoor

          The overwhelming majority of those posting *on this page* are certainly on his side, I know this very well. In fact a lot of gay people are on his side as well, in so far as they didn't think he should have been suspended for his words. If you want MY personal opinion, I would not have suspended him either, but I certainly don't approve of his words, and it is these that I am speaking out against. A&E chose to suspend him, not I. As I have posted elsewhere on this page. Perhaps you approve of his homophobia, I do not. But if you approve of his right to express his opinions, you should also have no problem with me expressing mine.;

          • Torco

            “Not I” is incorrect grammar.

          • WillMoor


          • Regular Joe

            You know, you should just lose the term “homophobia”. No one is afraid of you or anything about you. Fear is not in the equation at all.

          • WillMoor

            Nope, we won't be losing the term “homophobia”. Its a perfectly reasonable term.

            “Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). It can be expressed as antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, or hatred, may be based on irrational fear, and is sometimes related to religious beliefs.”

            We will be keeping it.

      • BigRedUSMC

        stop being such a little bitch, he didn't say anything offensive or vulgar. Since when is vagina and buttsex vulgar in this day and age. Stop being an over-sensitive prick and grow the fuck up pussy.

      • Jae Parker

        Evidently you have not watch much television recently. Catch up before you call out.

      • Larry Stauth

        WillMoor… seriously.. how about you try actually quoting him.. and please, by all means, be sure to not pick out one or two words, try to actually quote his remark in context.

        Maybe, just maybe, it will come to you how silly you sound about, why people are offended.

        And btw, only those who SUPPORT Homosexuals are speaking out… too bad that the total number of registered members of all homosexual organizations has been eclipsed in 2 days worth of petitions, support the man…

        But then again, you likely didn't get offended when Miley acted like a tramp in front of millions of people. I am also willing to bet you never spoke out against the Muslim Sharia Laws, that call homosexuals an abomination and consider for their public execution… I am also willing to wager you were not one of those protesting the “Muslim Cultural Center” being built a couple blocks from ground zero…

        But we can't have some guy, on an hour long program, expressing his beliefs on WHY homosexuals are unnatural…

        Maybe you can figure out why, after being around since the dawn of time, the human body has never evolved to be able to reproduce. Heck, you can't even explain why the tissue along the inside of the anal wall is the weakest, and why, if it's so natural for homosexual men, why the heck has that not evolved to not cause long term damage from sexual intercourse.

    • RightWing

      OOOps your not allowed to say Butthurt when your dealing with gays…lol

      • Tim4achange

        Now that's funny….I don't care who you are….

        • Nobody

          Sure, if you're 10 and think that anal sex is hilarious.

          You people are children, self congratulatory and thinking that GLAAD is more a minority than you back water children.

          • Austin

            Looks like someone is a little grumpy.

          • GLAAD is SAD

            Really? you aren't a minority? I know that you want America to think that 45% of America is gay, because if you watch network TV that is what it looks like… but really it is under 10%. And i know that the number of Christians in this country that don't agree with your lifestyle is larger than that. Honeytree evil eye hit the nail on the head – you're the intolerant ones – if you think we are intorerant, you should move your gay self to Iran or Iraq or Russis and see how it goes for you there. Here you have freedom of speech and the ability to live your lives… there, you'd be stoned or worse. so you really ought to become a little more tolerant of people with different opinions, before we decide to be a little less tolerant of you douchebags.

          • Observator14

            Actually, surveys in America and Europe have turned up the figure of about 3% or a little more are homosexuals. I respect those who respect others, but the Radical leaders of GLAAD, Queer Nation, Act Up and others show they are radically intolerant of orthodox Christians who believe in the Jewish and Christian (New Testament) scriptures views of sexuality. They attack Christians who stand up for Christian sexuality doctrine and pressure some wishy-washy members of the Democratic Party. I hope more Democrats like Dan Ramos, former head of Bexar Counjty (San Antonio TX) Democratic Party will have the guts to stand up to the Radicals. He was tossed out of his position by the wishy washies, but he is worthy of Kennedy's “Profiles of Courage” for telling the Radicals that they are “termites” in society. God bless Dan Ramos, a Read Democrat.

          • NYTony

            I'm a democrat and I couldn't agree with you more in this case.

          • Pam

            I was a Democrat all my voting life. I just re-registered. They have all been lobotomized.

          • Pam

            I am not stupid enough to think that there are not gay people everywhere but….. let face it, they are not that common in rural America. Where this backlash is coming from is just that. We usually don't voice our opinions that much because we do tolerate free choice as long as we expect the same for our values. They are now being assaulted by our elected officials passing laws that are threatening that freedom. Now the “gay” community cannot just take their newly won status and enjoy it. They have to get offended because a Christian run private business cannot not serve their request for wedding cakes or other services because it violates their beliefs. No, they are sued, portrayed as vile haters in the press and forced either to serve or lose their business.
            So GLAAD how do you like being in the hot seat for once……

          • Mt3345

            I greatly commend your comment! Awesome point of view! The hardworking blue collar high moral values American has got to stop being silent in all these issues…..Including the encroachment of radical islam into our society. They are increasingly trying to implement Sharia law which might I add is totally against Gays….so what you got to say about that GLAAD!

          • Mt3345

            That is an awesome statement! People who dont already know what a blessing it is to even live their lives as they choose without feeling that everyone else has to agree with them are damn ignorant and have not traveled the world at all!

            Get a freeekin life GLAAD! Ur actions suck.

      • HoneyTree EvilEye


    • Toni

      You said this so well.
      Why is it that it is not ok for those that disagree with a homo lifestyle speak our minds without being attacked? If you are a liberal then you should be tolerant of my choice to disagree with you and your life style. And quit attacking my religion you liberals.

      • Grey Winters

        They are not liberals at all ,they are subversive socialist/communist whose main goal is to destroy this country and all the good it stands for.

        • thebighand

          Yeah exactly these are the authoritarian progressives

    • knick knack

      Look who is talking about having an ignorant arrogant know-it-all attitude.

      Using the bible to bash and offend other people started this in the first place! Stop using the religion card to justify your unacceptable actions. Your vicious and hateful people and know nothing about tolerance or love because you practice none! If you don't like that lump it!

    • Grey Winters

      I you add them up well over two million signatures have been gathered at different polls. One alone had over 1,500.000

    • htjc

      Well said, it is hard to not get ticked off when double standards are used just to further media agendas.

    • Dakotahgeo

      I would highly recommend anger management classes for you, possibly some therapy sessions (6 minimum), and appropriate medication(s). You CAN be helped… but you must take the first step!

    • Tom Lazenby

      Thank you Honey Tree. That pretty much sums it up. And you, Tick Tock….apparently you are late for your GLAAD meeting. Get a clue.

    • Leslie Cross Newland

      Thank you HoneyTree EvilEye .. for putting into words the frustration I've been feeling for some time now. As Si would say “that's a fact, Jack” :)

    • toni

      The Duck Dynasty train had to make a stop sometime. This hoopla is a reflection of our collective social reaction to anything outside of what people want to hear. I believe in what the Robertson family believes in and I support their right to speak out, just as I support the right of GLAAD to speak out. However I would like to point out that everyone who may be quoted these days seems to have a target on them. Can't we just enjoy our differences and learn from them, I see lately a knee jerk reaction to anything remotely sexist, racial or religious. Where is the country based on freedoms? If we can tolerate those who burn our flag in our own town squares then where is the tolerance of a man who clearly loves the Lord and has voiced an opinion of what he feels the bible teaches, Are we so sensitive to anything we don't want to hear and condemn those who speak? Do we want to live in a Vanilla world, without the color of those who are brave enough to stand by what they feel, or just misspeak, or have made a mistake years earlier just to have it drug up and released to the public. I pray for everyone to gain tolerance and understanding of each other and each other's beliefs and opinions, if not all we have to do is look at countries elsewhere were speech is not free and people are physically punished for taking action.

    • Southerngirl

      And why would we as Christians want to sit down & learn about homosexual values??? We are Christians & we have been taught by GOD those values are WRONG. It's in GOD'S book. We as Christians are tired of the minority trying to dictate OUR lives We are going to rise up & TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. And the people that don't like it can go to another country & see what it's like somewhere else or you can live here & learn that the majority rules. BOTTOM LINE!!!!!

    • William Daniel

      Just dont bend over lol

    • joyell

      They want to see Christianity go away, or become ineffectual. If that were to ever happen, the Muslims would take over. Their goal is to take over the world, and the Christians are what keep them at bay, here in the US….for now. Do gays know what would happen to them under Shariah law? They would be beheaded for being gay. They better learn to agree to disagree, because Christians are willing to love them, even if they don't agree with their lifestyle. Muslims won't be so kind. Gays don't have a clue what intolerance is until they go head to head with a Muslim.

      • HoneyTree EvilEye

        Agree entirely.

    • steve001968

      “WillMoor to steve001968

      Yes because his public statements of opinion should NEVER EVER be criticized by OTHER counter opinions. Only HE gets to have free speech, right? Do you have any clue just how hypocritical you and all the ones complaining about complaining gay people are being?

      It's your strawman Will. Pummel away at it.

    • guest

      I'm so GLAAD for all Phil's support!!! These same groups only want freedom of speech when it supports their initiative. Phil did nothing wrong and if GLAAD wants respect then then they should support freedom of speech…. GLAAD – Get over yourselves!! Your cryin’ wolf all the time is old, tired and pathetic!!

    • Carolina Yankee

      Can't agree more. GLAAD and their aggressive approach is starting to anger people. Time for people to take a stand. Mr. Robertson did not call on a gay to be harmed or call them discriminating names. Charlie Sheen on the other hand. He should be fired immediately.


      “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share why? Phil does not have to sit with anyone to find out about gay lifestyle and I don't blame him why subject the man to something he is not comfortable with and does not believe in it

      • HoneyTree EvilEye

        Exactly. i can't stand that mentality. The reasoning being that Phil is just an ignorant redneck and if he'd just spend some time with one and let them tell him ALL ABOUT their lifestyle he'd give in and tell them how right they are, start a homosexual relationship of his own. His lack of acceptance just comes from ignorance and stupidity and they can save him from it. They hypocrisy and ignorance in that line of thinking. Phil already knows about the lifestyle, as does everyone in the world with eyes and ears because gays feel the need to shove it down your throat every day until you either accept and swallow or choke to death on it. He's didn't condemn anyone, most Christians don't. But if you force them to answer they're gonna say they're not down with the lifestyle. Just like I'm not pro beastiality, or people defecating on each other, etc…But I'm not going to tell them not to do it or judge them for it. I'll just be sure they washed before I shake their hand.

    • Leadman

      So what that not everyone likes gays & their lifestyle.
      You gays need to get over yourself.I think a lot of people
      are getting tired of hearing you whine every time a
      person doesn't agree with your lifestyle choice.I for
      one am sick of seeing one of you every time I turn on
      the tv.You're forcing yourself on society instead of
      going about your lives. Quit constantly calling attention
      to yourself.I don't think the majority of society is as pro
      gay as you would like us to think.

    • onlyme


    • Jack Rivera

      AMEN and I'm an atheist!

    • Chris Crawford

      awesome!! over 1000 likes and right now only 17 dislikes.. THE TRUE MAJORITY is finally speaking out!

  • kg

    I would never watch msn again. Twisted.

  • Randy

    I read the interview, I did not see him make a racist comment, I don't even believe he made an attack on homosexual's. He stated his beliefs, I thought that was still allowed or is it only the left wing individuals that are allowed to do that. I can't remember what the constitution says about who has the right to their beliefs. I personally agree with Phil's views on sin, however I have several gay friends. I have told them I think they are living in sin and when they want to discuss it I'm here to look at what is said in the bible. I however don't try to change them or attack them, I state my views, show them my proof and let it go.

    • Tick Tock

      Stating beliefs is one thing offending people by doing so is another. Hiding behind religion to say any damn thing you please is unacceptable! Who is Robertson to judge anyone? He's no one to make judgement on others!

      • NADS1

        Offending someone is “unacceptable”? Ever hear of the 1st Amendment?!? We have a country of douche-bags how run around and pretend to be “offended” so they can shut-down apposing viewpoints. I'm sick of the PC BS!!!

        • Tucj Ticj

          Well, as the supreme douche-bag you can't get offended when your cold bloody, having no feel from the neck up and eat your young.


          • NADS1

            That's the difference… I don't care when you call me ignorant names. I still believe in the 1st Amendment. You can be a dumb-a$$ and say what you want. For now it's still a free country. But the douche-bag ‘thought police’ like Tick Tock are doing their best to force liberal group think on everyone.

      • PMwiter

        I believe within that very interview, Phil specifically stated he was not the one to judge. Better go back and check those pesky facts.

    • gogo

      One point – Phil did say “… and they (the blacks) weren't singing the blues …”. When in FACT, as a musical genre and in clubs and juke joints, they were singing actual blues. So perhaps Phil did not intend to be racist, but ignorant and revisionist, yes.

  • Larry Rhyder

    Oh God your stupidity and intollerance for anyone who disagrees with you is absolutely amazing. I cannot publicly put on here what I wish would happen to you….

  • I_Stand_With_Phil_Robertson

    You people are bullies and much more anti christian than anyone in America today is anti gay. It's called tolerance. Just because we are tolerant of your disgusting behavior doesn't mean we have to like it.

    Liberals and homosexuals are honestly the only intolerant people I know. They have no time for anyone who is even neutral to their causes. You either stand firmly with them on every issue or you are a rasict. Well fuck you GLAAD and fuck you a&e.

    You are fooling yourselves thinking your judgment wont come. Liberals telling themselves they wont burn in hell for eternity is the equivalent of smokers telling themselves they wont get cancer. It's just easier to believe what you want.

    • WillMoor

      How are you “tolerant” of it if you keep opening your big fat mouths and barf out hateful bile about it? Show that you are “tolerant” and STFU and we will do the same. Period.

      • rg

        Hey Willmoor that's has been the problem we have been STFU in your words and you and others have taken it and ran with it for years and shoving this crap down people throats like or don't like. People are tried of it and maybe just maybe they their standing up for their rights and beliefs.

        • WillMoor

          Are you KIDDING me? You hateful people have NEVER been quiet! You people have been castigating us, beating us, murdering us, attacking us, spitting on us and screaming hate at us for YEARS!

          • usedmonster08

            Will my man, I disagree with you 100% but you”re hanging tough and I respect that. You're wronger then wrong can get tho. Peace and love, peace and love my brother. God loves you even if no one else does>:)

      • Melissa D Norman

        Because to you all, ANYTHING that represents conservative traditional values is HATEFUL to y'all! You all will STFU…..yeah right, I scour the comments sections during my breaks and free time to get a feel the social climate and general thoughts on certain topics and I can ASSURE you, that homosexuals and atheist are among the top of the most RUDEST, HATEFUL, INTOLERANT individuals there are! If you don't have to regulate your sexuality to the bedroom and keep it to yourselves than why do we have to keep our beliefs and thoughts about it to ourselves? You can't have both! Once you decided to advertise your lifestyle and not only that but ENCOURAGE it, force others who are against it to tolerate it, and worst of ALL bring CHILDREN in to the mix when if you all as a couple were meant to have children you'd have the correct organs and means to make one with each other, you pretty much crossed the line! I used to behave and question whether or not if I was homosexual or at least bisexual, so I think I know a thing or two about what I'm talking about! While it may not be a choice, it IS a curse! Cancer's not a choice but yet we don't encourage people to LIVE with it, anorexia's not a choice and again we don't FORCE people to tolerate it! While I certainly don't believe the majority choose whom they're attracted to, or who they develop feelings for, you CERTAINLY can choose WHAT you do with those feeling and CHANGE them as well! Myself and many others are living, walking, witnessing proof to the power and depth of God's LOVE! Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, Rome and soon to be America, EVERY country that has participated in and accepted widespread homosexuality and sexual depravity OF ALL manners, DOES FALL, proving that the Pride you all carry for your indiscretions most certainly WILL GO before the FALL!

        • Tick Tock

          Poor little christian victims. You can bash and offend all you want and hide behind the bible to justify it but when someone stand ups to you and challenges you on it and expect you to pay consequences, then you're the persecuted. Hypocrites!

          • WillMoor

            Are you the same TONY that has been talking to me about God's Law? If so I am a bit confused. If not, you might want to be aware that there is a TONY who is pretty much saying the exact opposite of what you are saying on this same forum.

          • Melissa D Norman

            Excuse me sir, I don't bash anyone, nor did I say one thing about being persecuted. I have no problem stating that “the Bible” aside, I believe homosexual behaviors are DISGUSTING and DETERMINTAL and it's just plain WRONG to bring children into these relationships! Look at how the number of kids claiming to be homosexual, bisexual or transgendered has SKYROCKETED! Now you have liberal LGBT's telling “their” kids it's OK to pick their own gender and even encouraging TODDLERS to cross dress and giving 13 yr olds hormones! That is just beyond TWISTED and WRONG! Yet, if we conservatives who are RESPONSIBLE gun owners, who keep them properly secured and believe in our constitutional rights we are labeled dangerous and a threat to our children and society at large!

          • Melissa D Norman

            (continued) I guarantee you that the LGBT agenda and lifestyle has caused more “causalities”, such as suicide, NOT just due to being “bullied” but due to the internal conflict of the conscious KNOWING it's wrong, drug and alcohol addictions, assault, and I could go on! Honey I KNOW, I LIVED IT, and witnessed it having a brother who identified as bisexual and gay as well! I also have NO QUALMS stating that men “pushing crap around” is just outright sickening! At LEAST 95% of male homosexual relationships are strictly about sex and how much of it can be obtained! You have young men who by the time they are in their mid twenties having had HUNDREDS of partners, and THAT is why the HIV rate is so high, with the MAJORITY of those interactions being “unprotected”! Then you have the borderline pedophile like “daddy/young boy” thing going on in SIGNIFICANTLY higher numbers then you find the equally disturbing heterosexual relationships of the same substance, “straight men” advertising on Craigslist the moment their families out of town or cruising restrooms for a BJ, but I guess like Clinton that's not considered sex! Give me a break, if the majority of straight people, especially Christians knew what the gay community REALLY was like I seriously doubt they would shamelessly be shoving tolerance of it down those who share heteroexual preference and identification's throat!

          • Melissa D Norman

            (continued) At least there is feeling attached to lesbian relationships, although it swings to the other end of the spectrum more often than not, and they tend to have more issues than the Library of Congress! You have women claiming to like other women but yet they get involved with women who are more “manly” then “the most interesting man”! “I don't always date men but when I'm with woman, I need a strap on”! I mean come on, what's that about? Yup, I said it, and I stand by it! I've been called FAR worse things and had that which I and many others hold most SACRED and HOLY, blasphemed, falsely accused, drug through the mud and much worse then ANYTHING I've ever even THOUGHT to say regarding deviant behaviors, except pedophilia and bestiality! Talk about hypocritical, I've been told repeatedly how people like I shouldn't EXIST because I hold a difference of opinion as well as witnessing this happening to those who shared similar beliefs but again, it's somehow HATEFUL to say in 2013 that the LGBT is sinful and abnormal! Yet in 1950 you would have been HARDPRESSED to find ANYONE admitting to that brainwashed mess! What's changed? The breakdown of the family unit, people abandoning bad religion for NO religion, or spirituality, the media, and I can go on, but basically lack of morality is what has INCREASED it's occurrence, which in turn breeds more of the same, the ONLY thing it CAN breed, along with a PERSISTENT and a INCREASING campaign with an agenda to disseminate Christianity and ANY religion that believes what the Scriptures TRULY say and not the twisted and perverted version that's mainly preached out there!

          • Melissa D Norman

            (continued) With homosexuals being the minority do you REALLY think YOU alone pushed your agenda this far? Nope, you can thank the antichrist for that and TPTB with the satanic creed “do what thou wilt”! The minute those evil forces get what they want and need from the LGTB, they will be tossed aside and executed the same as all the TRUE Christians and dissidents will have been! ALL of those opposed to the LGBT lifestyle HATE it's MEMBERS, but rather the SIN of it! Some people LOVE mankind enough to TELL the truth regardless of being laughed at, attacked, falsely accused etc! I think I also made my point above that based on what I experienced and witnesses of the “gay community” in SEVERAL different areas, that I have NO problem personally DETESTING the actions that run rampant through it! Now what?

        • WillMoor

          I fail to see how your personal sexual confusion gives you any sort of special insight into the lives of LGBT people and their struggles. Also if you knew your Bible a little bit better you would know that the sin of Gommorah is something you are CURRENTLY guilty of and it was NOT homosexuality. So continue to justify your monstrous hatred all you want but we are finished letting you get away with it. Enjoy your hysterics for now. But you and your kind are a dying breed and when you are all finally gone, THAT is when the world will be a better place. So much hatred and blood shed will be ceased.

          • Melissa D Norman

            Do tell Will just exactly what you believe I'm guilty of? Having had experience studying it for over 15 years and also in Ancient Hebrew, as well as Greek, and concurrently having studied Ancient History centering on Middle Eastern Studies, I'm fairly confident that I know the Tanakh as well as the New Testament better than you realize. Dying breed, perhaps, it's rather sad though that you falsely believe you will inherit peace as a result instead of the swift destruction that will befall ALL of those whom have willfully chose to live outside of The Creator's instruction. It will only be AFTER the massive destruction that a remnant who have kept the faith and commands of YHWH that Mashiach Yeshua ben YHWH will sit on the throne and reign with peace!

          • Melissa D Norman

            You state “I fail to see how your personal confusion gives you any sort of special insight into the lives of LGBT people and their struggles.” How is it you fail to see the obvious? So living as a bisexual and being involved in multiple homosexual relationships doesn't qualify me to understand the very struggles and life I lived? I somehow didn't know my own thoughts and feelings, as well as the issues I face when others learned of my lifestyle? Running around in the “gay community” and homosexual circles gives me no such insight into how LGBT think and behave as an extension from my own, as well as having a brother who shared the SAME experience! If you truly feel I have no credibility or insight into the lifestyle and expect others to believe the same then you certainly are lacking in basic logic and reasoning abilities. However I'm not buying it for a minute, it's just another attempt to discredit me and highlight your lack of integrity as the obvious logic should prevail.

      • CondescendingJedi

        He didn't say anything intolerant! He said it isn't logical to him. Opinion. You Mad.

      • DenverDiva

        Who was intolerant in this case back door Will?? LGBT, GLAAD and the rest of you got your panties in a twist and started screaming – “WOOWOO! Phil's an old meanie – lets get him fired!!”

      • tktimoteo

        According to the constitution people who disagree with you don't have to “STFU” – now if you were a priest in the Catholic church back in the time of the inquisition you would be able to put all dissenters on the rack and torture them for disagreeing with you. Perhaps you would prefer that aye?!?

    • Stand for God

      Thank you ‘ I stand with Phil Robertson'! You said exactly what I was thinking, (only without the F-word).

  • J Leigh

    This absolutely disgusts me!!! You are a big bunch of babies that can't stand the fact that someone disapproves of your lifestyle. Get over it!! Maybe you are scared that he's right!

    • Melissa D Norman

      Bingo, you got it!

    • WillMoor

      We aren't the ones who chose to suspend him. If he “disapproves” of our “lifestyle” and its A-OK for him to so graphically voice that disapproval, we have EVERY RIGHT to voice our return disapproval of his words. He stated them in a public forum and so he got criticized for them in a public forum. The fact that A&E chose to suspend him is THEIR choice. Perhaps they don't want to be associated with homophobia. If that is the case then he has ONLY HIMSELF to blame. NOWHERE does scripture demand that one make graphic sexual references when “voicing disapproval”.

      • antiwashingmachine

        ” The fact that A&E chose to suspend him is THEIR choice. Perhaps they don't want to be associated with homophobia.”

        They just want to be associated with the money he generates them. By the way, nobody cares that you are a cum dumpster!

        • WillMoor

          “They just want to be associated with the money he generates them.”

          Apparently not.

          “By the way, nobody cares that you are a cum dumpster!”

          Don't project your dietary practices on me, darling.

      • DenverDiva

        You're seriously offended that he said a penis doesn't belong in a man's anus? Really? Isn't that what makes you happy? Hypocrite.

        • WillMoor

          I have no idea what you are talking about.

          • DenverDiva

            Oh har dee har har!

      • poetcomic1

        Cute. A&E were AFRAID of the Gay Gestapo, yeah tell me about how much ‘choice’ any of us have anymore in your brave new PC world.

        • WillMoor

          I am not in favor of a PC world, but if you talk crap about me, expect a reaction. What is PC about that?

      • WakeUpAmerica

        You are an ignorant, brainless fool if you believe someone's out-spoken beliefs have ANYTHING to do with homophobia. A phobia is a fear of, Phil is not fearful of gays and lesbians. You need to get your facts straight before you start spewing your pro-gay rhetoric vomit all over those who don't agree or like your lifestyle. We can have our own voice regardless if you like it or not. We all have our freedoms under the constitution, which is the law of man, but you fail to understand that the law of GOD is above the law of man. Therefor Phil's comments about the gay and lesbian community are fact; They will not inherit the kingdom of god. This does not mean he loves anyone more or less just because of ones’ faith or atheist view of him. He loves all of his children the same regardless. If you like living unnaturally as a gay person, that is your business, but don't cry about it when we don't want our kids to learn about it in school, see it on TV, or if someone doesn't agree with your views. We have every right to a lifestyle free of your wicked ways just as much as you have a right to be a disgusting mud digger.

        • WillMoor

          Am I a fool? You called me a fool? OK. NEVER AGAIN try to talk to me about what the Bible has to say, got it? Do not EVER AGAIN presume to speak to me or ANYONE about what is a sin or who will burn in hell. You called me, someone who has in the past been baptized in the Spirit, ‘raca'. By your own beliefs and laws you have witnessed against yourself. Matthew 5:22

        • Souffle

          Speaking your mind as limited as that might be is one thing deliberately bashing gay people and hiding behind religion to justify it is bogus! Your beliefs don't give you license to say and do anything you want in the name of faith! It's nothing to do with being PC. It's about being decent and respectful and showing others dignity.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            He paraphrased a Bible verse, he did not “bash” gay people. Are you saying that the Bible should not be allowed to be spoken out loud because it might offend someone?

      • mjp

        First of all, how do you know what scripture says about sexual references? As if you read the Bible! If you read the Word of God and believed it, you would have a desire to change for your own good! Homosexuality is one of many sins that mankind have to choose not to do! As a Christian, my job is not to judge or to condem but I can not condone it as well! I can only speak the truth according to God's Word and It's up to you if you choose to listen or not! Like everthing else, that choice is yours! If you choose to practice homosexuality, you have to live with your choice. There are many people who have the urge to steal, but if you choose not to steal then you can not be call a thief! stealin, lying, homosexual acts, killing, etc our all sin and they all carry the same penalty in the eyes of God! Don't allow satan to trick you into thinking that there are no consequences to your actions! This is main reason that God sent His only Son (Jesus!) to die on the cross, For YOU and Me! He died and took on the penalty of sin, so that we don't have too! (Roman 10:9)
        Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and allow the Holy Spirit to help you overcome the desire to sin! Of course, this is a choice, like everything else in this world.

        • WillMoor

          I have read the Bible through and through. I was once a very devout Christian, but I can no longer belong to a religion that incites people to speak to me the way you just did. I can no longer belong to a religion who's teaching inspire the hatred, the abuse, the beatings that I have experienced in my life at the hands of Christians. I will not belong to a religion who's teachings are THE FUNDAMENTAL REASON me and MY kind are looked at with derision, contempt, hatred and yes even MURDEROUS intent on a very frequent basis. The ONLY REASON the blood of LGBT people is spilled as often as it is, is because of religion. Particularly the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Look, it is NOT my choice to be gay, but it IS my choice to reject Christianity and I do so with with greater force than I have EVER done anything else in my ENTIRE life. And you can thank the HATE that is CONSTANTLY spewed at gay people by YOUR co-religionists. But let me be perfectly clear, Tony. I DON'T CARE WHAT EXCUSE you trot on out to justify your self righteousness and contemptuous words, it is NOT your job to pronounce judgment about MY life and who I am as a person, which lets be honest here, is EXACTLY what you are doing despite ANY claim you make to the contrary. I don't care WHAT you think your “job” is as a Christian concerning me. *I* am telling you that it is NOT your job. I don't follow your beliefs I do not accept your beliefs, so keep them OFF of me and MY family. Got it? LGBT people are FINISHED letting this go without comment. Our days of quiet acceptance of anti-gay bigotry is OVER.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I am sorry you have been mistreated by those who claimed to be Christians but I do have a question for you regarding your previous “faith”. You say you have read the Bible through and through and you were baptized in the Holy Spirit. You don't mention repenting of your sins or accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior? As a Christian, I cannot understand how you could have been washed in the blood of the Lamb, accepted Christ as your savior, had him change your life the way he does and then walk away? As a Christian, I know that my faith is in Christ and his crucifixion and resurrection and his forgiveness of my sins. My love for Christ would never allow me to walk away from him, no matter how other so called Christians may treat me. I don't understand how, if you truly were saved and you knew Christ, how could you walk away from him? I understand you would have to abstain from practicing homosexuality (as all Christians try to abstain from sinning as best as we can), is that part of why you walked away? I am sincere in what I am asking you because I really don't understand how you can walk away from Christ?

          • steve001968

            The religion doesn't change to accommodate your lifestyle choice. That said, at least you have enough intellectual honesty to reject Christianity, it being completely incompatible with your lifestyle.

      • Samster

        And the pressure from GLAAD toward A&E about his words had nothing to do with any of it…. NOT! It's funny how GLAAD talks all day about tolerance but has none themselves for any opposing viewpoints.

        • WillMoor

          I am not part of GLAAD.

    • Tick Tock

      And when people disapprove of you christians manipulating others you immediately cry and whine that your beliefs are being deprived. Let us manipulate people, offend and control them. That's the christian way.

      • Lorrie Gonzales

        Please, tell me, how have Christians manipulated and controlled you? I'm just curious…?

    • gogo

      I wonder … what lifestyle are you writing about ? The one where they get up in the morning, have coffee, go to work, pay taxes, take vacations, have pets,
      eat meals … just what lifestyle, other than their PRIVATE sexual one, is so different from every other lifestyle ??? Hmmm …

  • Term1

    All this politically correct BS has made our country a joke. It seems that if you say the word “Gay” or “Black” or ever mention a word about “Guns” you are instantly vilified and have committed some horrible crime. Since when did the opinion of special interest groups become more important and put on a higher scale then that of the average american just using his right of speech???? I and i think a lot of other people are tired of the “oh your a racist” or “you are a gay hater” every time you turn around…..It's gotta stop and these groups like GLAAD need to be quiet, stay out of people rights, and worry about their own!

    • db1977


      • WillMoor

        The only reason you are “sick of GLAAD” is because they keep it from being comfortable to be a homophobic bigot. The days of that comfort are over, so I guess you will have to suffer with being “sick of GLAAD” for a very long time to come.

        • db1977

          Have you noticed your on here all alone asshole!?

          • Andrew Saint

            He isn't alone. It's just that losers like yourself dominate these comment sections because that is all you ever do. You'll be surprised that the majority of people agree with GLAAD and A&E but keep quiet about it and go about their lives as normal, it's the vocal hateful biblehugging morons like you that make it look like you have support.

        • steve001968

          GLAAD just demonstrated how insecure homosexuals are with their own lifestyle which is why they are hypersensitive to any criticism of it. This is going to be nothing but a huge failure for them just like Chic-FIL-A was.

    • WillMoor

      He did a lot more than say “gay” or “black”.

    • NADS1

      You obviously need to be re-educated. If you are a white, conservative, heterosexual male, then by their definition you are a; Racist, Evil, Homophobe!

  • pat berrell

    Although I'm not a fan of the show, I believe that a Christian has the right to voice his opinion, his belief just the same as GLAAD and every other group of people have the right to express their opinions and beliefs. If we don't like the show or the people on the show or if we refuse to watch because of their views, that's our right. The right to change the channel. I support the right to express one's beliefs, whether I agree or not. And I support my right to watch or not watch. I don't watch the show because I find the family disrespectful to their neighbors and to each other. I think they are sincere Christians and believe what they preach, but their disrespect for each other is a turn off for me. His comments will not change my lack of interest in the show. This reminds of the boycott on Chick Fil A for comments made; and we had to wait longer to get served because the line was so long. Yeah freedom of speech. Freedom to eat or not eat at a specific location. Freedom to watch or change the channel.

    • Jonno from OZ

      Well stated! I have worked for gay men for half of my business career. I kept my lifestyle to myself and they did too.
      We got along great!

  • FilmPunk

    What will be fun is watch how the execs at the studios scramble to avoid a call from GLAAD the time someone has offended them. When progressive, liberals are left to their own devices they go out of business. Just look at MSNBC, CBS news, NBC, CNN, they have no audience because people have a choice. That's only going to get worse as channel choices increase.

  • wyldbill100

    GLAAD, RAINBOW Coalit.,etc., seeks validation of the LTBG (whatever) lifestyle. To do so? They need to TRY; strategize a way to invalidate “Christianity” and its views, religiosity, and its Biblical tenants. TV host Oprah Winfrey made some outlandish and racists comments… but she doesn't purport “Christian Values” so she gets a free pass. Phil Robertson was expressing his beliefs… NOT hate-mongering or calling for hostility towards ANYONE. (Unlike what Oprah said!!). A&E's ONLY viable TV program IS “Duck Dynasty”… it IS the ONLY program I choose to watch BECAUSE of its CLEAN nature of FUN and Christian views. A&E is placating to GLAAD and hurting its Christian/ conservative viewership. Phil would simply say, “NAH!”

  • stingray

    Phil Robertson had all the right to speak his feelings. The gay rights community wants to force it down our throats what they want, but don't let anyone disagree with GLAAD and the gay community!!!

    • Tick Tock

      If Phil Robertson can speak his feelings so can the gay community. They were offended by what he said. You force your religion down people's throats don't you? You don't like your own medicine thought. Can't take the heat, don't start fires!

      • Byrnaldo

        No, we choose to share our faith and beliefs, as is our right, and groups like GLAAD choose to be intolerant of us and try to block us every chance they get from expressing our faith in public.

  • Bryan

    Phil isnt a racist but whoever is reporting is by their own perspective. Beauty in the eye of the beholder. Phil loves all people. He just stated the fact that God created man for woman. It's so sad to see people who choose to live in sin of sexual perversion. They obviously dont experience true love but carnal lust. And they know it is terrible in the long run. The insane minds of the depraved. Proverbs 3:5-6

  • BJ

    Phil, please don't apologize for expressing how MILLIONS of us feel!
    You not only have freedom of expression & speech you have freedom of religion.
    The DUCK DYNASTY can do without A&E if they are censoring your speech and thoughts by punishing you.
    GLAAD can shove it!

    • DenverDiva

      lol – they do shove it… all the time.


    The organization is also currently researching companies who use Robertson as a spokesperson
    “Silence is agreement in this case,” he said. “With such egregious anti-gay and racist comments, those companies that choose to be affiliated with this family need to speak out.”
    And those me that AGREE WITH PHIL will ALSO consider who does NOT support PHIL when WE spend our money…..If you don't know, its the VAST majority of the money spent is on PHILS SIDE.
    Case in point BSA….donations have stopped by the vast majority that DID support them and THEIR 100 years of rules and moral beliefs.
    Hope your happy.

    • Melissa D Norman

      Agreed, but curious….what is BSA?

      • Bob Hoffman

        Boy Scouts of America

        • Melissa D Norman



        BSA =Boy Scouts Of America

  • oleesse

    tell the fags its NOT freedom of speech, but freedom of religion and religious expression. what would loser ferraro say to muhammed if he said homosexuality is a sin? or jesus? we will never be a non-biased society when ppl like ferraro are the ones calling for equality. doesn't feraro make u want to fight groups like GLAAD just to spite him?? (ferraro)

  • Marshall Solomon

    It is about time Christians took a stand and united to support Christian doctrine and refuse to back down!

  • Becky Avery Brennan

    Okay I have a lot of gay friends. I totally support my gay friends. But this entire situation has gotten so out of control that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I really don't care all that much about Duck Dynasty but I will stand up for Mr. Robertson having the right to express his feelings & views. If you don't agree with him that is your right. But to issue a “suspension” is really beyond crazy. I think there are so many other issues in the world to worry about, this really is on the low end of the scale. I am terribly disappointed with GLAAD & I feel their bullying attitude. And as for the network(I don't even remember which one shows the show) bowing down to this type of blackmail is appalling.

    • Melissa D Norman

      You can also thank Food Network and the others who railroaded and gave Paula the shaft in much the same way! It's becoming a trend and the ONLY way to reverse it is to “speak” with our wallets!

  • Neil

    Freedom of belief, speech, and lifestyle, should be equal rights for all humans, otherwise isn't it hypocritical? If you feel its right to oppress someones right to express their objection to your lifestyle, then you guarantee they will NEVER accept your lifestyle and ALWAYS fight your right to express it. Isn't that contrary to what your organization is trying to achieve? I don't think its wise to go after Phil Robertson, & Duck Dynasty considering its HUGE conservative following, for attention to your cause. Good luck with that! Speaking for myself, and apearently millions of other heterosexual Duck Dynasty fans out there, If you try to take away something that we enjoy, love & cherish, namely Duck Dynasty, We will fight to keep from you something that you are fighting for namely gay and lesbian marriage

  • shant0n .

    The man was asked a question. He answered it truthfully. Basically he stated his belief based on his understanding of the Bible. Parts of what he said was quoted from the Bible. The network that carried his outstanding show took issue with that and axed his show. (Seem like a knee-jerk reaction to me!) Now is that right? Can that happen in America? Is it not America the one country in the world where an individual can speak his mind – freely, without fear of being called out? Or unfairly judged? This man happens to be an upstanding citizen, a exemplary family man, and one who has proven himself to be a successful businessman, plus a great show and tell guy with a story to tell…and yet. I think the guys who censured him had better get their heads looked at. Or even not forget to take their meds!

  • Freespeech123

    I would ask these people who call his remarks wrong to read the bible and see what it does say about homosexuals. He is not condemning anyone, just stating that what he believes says that this lifestyle choice is wrong, and most people are tolerant of gay people, but like it has been said before that does not mean we have to agree with your lifestyle. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech for all. Everything now a days has to be so politically correct however if you speak about being straight gay people are up in arms about it. However gay people have parades and celebrations for their choice of sexuality, is there a straight parade I need to know about or is that to over the top. Love the Sinner, Hate the sin.

  • Donnie

    If I had to pick one I'd rather have freedom of speech than freedom to
    marry someone of the same sex. I think GLADD and A&E/Media are
    forgetting without the 1st amendment there wouldn't be any movements for
    equal rights. Here we see another example of the intolerance towards
    one individual (Phil) for the sake of tolerance for another (GLADD). The
    intolerance of tolerance.

  • Eramsey

    “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,” the spokesman said.
    SO just because the man doesn't agree with a certain lifestyle, your solution is to FORCE him to listen to gay men and women discuss THEIR beliefs in hopes of changing his mind. DEVIL BE GONE!

    • wyldbill100

      quid pro quo… Maybe GLAAD should go to the Robertson's church and learn some TOLERANCE!

  • Brenda

    I think the bigger problem is the intolerance shown by the gay community. All the years that they wanted to be accepted for their lifestyle. They wanted the freedom afforded to married couples well they are getting that, they wanted people to accept them and they are receiving that. They want their rights upheld. There seems to be a current trend in this country of religion bashing. People can't call a tree a Christmas tree because that will offend someone. Can't talk about God, or Jesus that will offend someone. What ever happened to the concept of I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it, Voltaire. In a society that is free people should be free to express their opinions, we may not always agree but we should defend their right to say it.

    • tktimoteo

      I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it, Voltaire.,,,,, EXACTLY…Voltaire actually had kind words for some of the Protestants and defended their right to “protest” the Catholic Church and it's oppression. This is the essence of enlightened thinking that is at the heart of our constitution.

  • Stand for God

    I don't know when this country became so intolerant of God. We have worked to overcome hatred toward people that are different from one another, but for some reason, a small group of people seem to think that it is ok to hate God and his followers. THAT, my friends, is intolerance and hate! Phil said nothing hateful, he only answered a question he was asked. If GQ didn't want to hear his answer then they shouldn't have asked the question!

    • anglelou

      I think you will find most of the intolerance toward God, Christianity in general, the Constitution, moral values, our military, our history when Obama, the Muslim went to the WH.

    • DenverDiva

      GQ is a men's magazine read by gay men. Not many hetero men read it and the interviewer knew exactly the response Phil would give and he baited him into giving it. And the libtards, gays, and the rest WANT God gone because the Bible has rules – they don't want to live by those rules so they erase God. Very, very few LGBT or liberals believe in God, because if they did, the rules would have to apply to them. No God, no rules.

    • NADS1

      GQ knew what they were doing (baiting Phil). And Phil knew what he was doing with his open honest answer. GLAAD wants Phil to do a Paula Dean and make a fool of himself. But, I doubt he will do that.

  • Stand for God

    You go Phil! Don't back down!

  • whidyann

    Well I do believe in free speech, and his right to make a horses ass of himself. I believe all white swamp trash should be allowed to lift themselves our of their pitifully trashed lives on the backs of anyone that doesn't look like them, act like them or sound like them. One has to look really hard for people who can compare to their Taliban-like appearance…however, one need only to be down wind and their strongest attribute would become quite clear! I applaud their appeal to the morons of their viewing audience and understand when you look like trash, you generally are!

    • db1977

      Way to make your point by judging how they look and the only thing that stinks round here is your opinion, lol I wish one of yall would come down south and spew that shit and see how far it gets you, I promise you wouldn't be GLAAD you did.

    • DenverDiva

      Dang, I didn't know assholes could talk and type! Evolution is beginning for you – you're on your way up!

    • Bob Hoffman

      What an Idiot. They enjoy a very healthy and BTW wealthy lifestyle. As for their looks. Better look into our forefathers of past. Even our first presidents had similar appearances. I would venture most of the Robertsons have suits that cost more then your entire frigging wardrobe. So before you start slinging crap you'd better research your target. They are worth millions. Are you? I doubt it.

    • tktimoteo

      you are a bonafide fool

      • tktimoteo

        it always amazes me that people are all so sensitive and call everyone bigots and racists but it is ALWAYS okay to make fun of rednecks, or hillbillies, or “swamp people”. A bit hypocritical is it not?

        • Rick Summie

          unfortunately, not in their eyes. Just sad, aren't they!

        • James Summers

          I agree.

  • oleesse

    just remember people……if we had the media to spin issues like GLAAD, youd see we are by far the majority on this issue, but that's not news. the news makes up the “outrage” and pretends its a HUGE issue. how annoying would it be if I had parades to promote heterosexuality?? lol

  • Name

    I hope A&E and GLADD Take a HUGE hit for this, And i dont even watch Duck Dynasty.

  • Richard Bish


    • anglelou

      We'll be there wherever you plan to go – get a good deal somewhere else!

    • Eagle

      Bunch of whiners. Free speech. Is this America or Iraq. Come on people. Society now is so sensitive. Cant get there feelings hurt. Meanwhile thousands of men and women in the Army are risking there lives for our country and we never hear of that. But this is the number one news story. Wake up people. Give your head a shake. Was'nt bad at all what he said.

  • mike

    The glaad??, what an acronym for perverse, has had their way for so long they can't understand why regular people are sick of their disgusting behavior and policies. Besides, if you listen and read closely to what Roberston said, he was more critical of the acts mentions not speaking of anyone personally. The scriptures condem the acts, not the people.
    I've heard less crying and whining from 3 year old girls then these fools representing the gay people.

  • Paintmeblue

    Seriously did the people writing this article NOT do their research. It is over 1.2 million people and growing that have pledged to boycott A&E and do not agree with their actions. It is growing 10,000 people every 30 minutes!!!!!!!!! 70,000 PLEASE do your research properly.

  • TONY

    The KKK thinks the same way ,,now everyone can sing an behappy like the Blacks

  • mightlyme

    Come on… this country was founded on principles that include free speech. The ‘politically correct’ have turned that upside down. Free speech in this day and age means that you are entitled to believe/voice only what the politically correct believe. Give me a break! Those who preach tolerance are the MOST Intolerant! In this country we are ALL entitled to our opinions/beliefs. If you don't like/or agree with my opinion/belief so what! Get over your sorry selves. Stop whining. Phil should NOT be suspended or sentenced to sensitivity sessions just because he voiced his opinion… and some politically correct knee jerk reaction by a TV network bullied by the Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered decide he CAN'T have that opinion: He can only have THEIR opinion. Go about your business. Hold your opinions. Yours are not mine/mine are not yours. So what? I have news for you… listen up: there are people in this county that do NOT agree with you! OOops… better be careful… the opinion police are out!

  • Kate

    “GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality.”This is a part of GLAADS mission statement. How do they think they can increase acceptance when they piss off more that 1.2 million people. I think they just shot themselves in the foot of this one. ( That is my opinion)

    • Rick Summie

      I think you mean they DEMAND understanding and DEMAND acceptance.

  • anglelou

    This is incongruous. Phil has every right to speak his beliefs. I find it hypocritical that he has been suspended over his speech – Hollywood turns out far worse in movies and TV – with far worse language and even porn. I find it difficult to find a decent movie on TV anymore or even in theatre's without the “F” word (and worse) being said in every sentence. Why is it liberal's, gays, illegals can get away saying anything – even our politicians and somehow they hit on Phil? No more A&E until they apologize to Phil and his family and reinstate him.

  • poetcomic1

    This is supposed to be a REALITY show not PC Fairyland. The only interest of a reality show is real people being real.

  • Betweentheditches

    I hope Duck Dynasty moves to another network and A&E goes bust.. They hired Robertson knowing that he was a Christian. They have made enormous amounts of money with his wildly popular show. Now they suspend him when he expresses his views. I think A&E must have a death wish or something.

  • ndoldman

    What a bunch of small minded whiny leftists Maybe the should understand the word hypocrite they want toleration F-EM show them the same tolerance. none

  • Bobby 3r

    If Nobody had ASKED him what His views were…I'm Quite sure he would have said NOTHING…..Most of us could not care less what you all do with your genitalia…We chose not to talk about it….However, for some UNKNOWN reason…People think somehow that should be a matter of public record, and beyond that, Have A BLOODY parade… Hey get a clue there sparky…your sexuality is none of My business…I didn't ASK YOU to share it…Bedrooms have doors for a reason…Shut the darn thing… Sex is not something that needs to be Paraded, or done in Public…Whatever you wanna do…Fine…just don't think it's necessary to SHARE IT with everyone else!…Holy Shit

    • mr10of10

      I can truly stand behind this post. Do your thing.. Just close the door please.

  • Noluk

    If the GLAAD community has the right to speak out against anyone who has a point of view different than their own then doesn't the rest of the world have the same right. It should not be more “acceptable” to be pro-gay and attack someone with a straight set of beliefs than it is for a straight person to express his belief. There was no proposal to discriminate against the gay community. There was simply a statement of a biblical faith based definition of what is considered a sin to him. A country that was founded on freedom of religion has forgotten that value in a effort to be socially conscious while forgetting that political correctness has to be a two way street for both sets of values. let each person make up and hold their own beliefs while being accepting and tolerant of others and we may make some headway against these issue. The people with a lot of work left to do are the GLAAD community and it's attacks on anyone who is NOT an outspoken supporter of their lifestyle.

  • Gary No

    This country has gone too hell, minorities make the rules and the majority can't say s h!% !! You go Phil and family, screw a & e , I won't watch that network ever again !!

  • a1certifiable

    I am not a homophobe, however I do not believe in gay marriage. I am not religious, and feel that the majority of us that are normal should not be dictated on how to live by a small minority of abnormal people. I don't watch the show, however if it were me I'd find another station to associate the show with.

    Sit down with gay families, who the hell wants to do that. I liked gays better when they were still hanging in the closet.

  • Sheila Morsey

    Everyone keeps asking what is wrong with the kids these days? Well there you have it. It is politically incorrect to love God or Jesus or read or quote the Bible these days. Why is everyone mad at God? This is insane. Every single race, group and organization has a recognized voice and rights these days except Christians. When and why did God become a dirty word? Phil Robertson is a good man and no matter what he does they pick at it. Last year it was because they said grace at meals. Welll turn the stupid channel if you don't like the show. And don't buy that issue of that magazine if you don't want to hear his answer to a question he was asked. I find these people funny and down to earth and I love them all and I do not want to lose one of them. BTW, I love Jesus Christ too and I read the bible and I don't hate gays or lesbians. Everyone can live their life however they choose as long as they are not hurting anyone. It is not my choice of lifestyle but we just can't all be the same.

    • Knick Knack

      Being PC has nothing to do with it. Loving God does not justify bashing people in his name! Christian conservatives think they can simply offend gay people and justify it by hiding behind religion. When you offend you should expect to get a negative reaction. Robertson just had no need to go there!

      • Rick Summie

        How did he bash gays??? Please give examples.

      • Lorrie Gonzales

        Loving God does justify sharing his Gospel – as we are commanded to do. He wasn't bashing anyone, he was paraphrasing a Bible verse. He was asked what he thought was a sin and he gave God's definition of sins. If gay people are offended by God, that is not Phil's problem, that is the gay persons problem.
        Christians do not think they can offend gay people and then hide behind their religion, not sure what you are talking about? Christians quote the Bible, God's word, and that is what offends gay people and other sinners. You don't seem to understand that it is not our opinion that homosexuality is a sin, it is God's Word that has made that clear. Do you really think Christians spend their time looking for ways to offend gay people? They go out of their way to offend and then “hide behind their religion?” Most Christians would probably rather not bring it up, but when asked, they also will not back down from what God says. We must share the Word of God and share his Gospel, as that is what he has called us to do. I would much rather offend a sinner (and maybe bring them to Christ and see them saved from hell) then offend and disobey my savior. The “negative reaction” from the sinner pales in comparison to the discipline from my God. Jesus said “If you deny me before men I will deny you before the Father” – I don't want that to happen to me. I will stand up for my Lord and savior and I will proclaim his gospel message – no matter what the cost. He died for me and I will live for him.

  • hetro sexual

    is it just me or is willmoor with his shirt off and the rose in hand throwing more of there gay lifestyle in our face go to your bedroom and do what you want we don't need to hear about it. oh wait that's free speech right. libtard!!!!!

  • Mark A Nieves

    How is this for a thought, Why not cancel Duck Dynasty!! If they are bothered by Mr Phil Robertson, cancel the show!!! But, they (A&E) won't, why? A bigger thing than GLAAD, and that is MONEY, while they (A&E), are making it they will continue to air the show and that my friends is called HYPOCRISY!!! That sickness me!!

  • Knick Knack

    Good for GLAAD! Phil Robertson started this by singling out gay people and insulting them and African Americans! Hiding behind the bible to justify it unacceptable. I';m sick of religious conservatives dehumanizing gay people and then using the religion card to get a free pass! If you mouth off on people then man up and accept the consequences.

    Speech has consequences. If you offend people at work you can get fired. Free speech doesn't fly there.

    • Tom

      The only problem is he did NOT speak out at work, but was punished by his employer for speech made outside of the workplace. Get your facts straight (is that an anti-gay slur?) before opening your mouth!

  • Mark A Nieves


  • tktimoteo

    Biggest hoax ever perpetrated on American public; when the homosexual movement of “cultural terrorists” masquerading as a “minority” hijacked the civil rights movement. Up to this point TRUE Minorities were people groups whose obvious differing physical traits caused to endure years of discrimination and to be socio/economically disadvantaged. Through much sweat, blood, and tears these TRUE minorities overcame. There is still a lot of resentment among these TRUE minorities that homo-sexuals many of whom are very well to do and often in positions of power – POSED as a persecuted minority when they were a bunch of diverse people whose only commonality is a penchant to be proud of their perversion. That in their mind makes for a “minority”. America allowed it to happen. Allowed these cultural terrorists to fly into the twin towers of the 10 commandments. Now children are adopted into this a situation- a situation most Americans would NEVER want to grow up in, yet they clap and think it is so cute when these kids are put into this “modern family” structure. As long as it is not them -they don't give a damn about these little kids. Most Americans IF THEY HAD A VOICE KNOW DEEP DOWN THIS MODERN FAMILY STRUCTURE IS BS!!! Good for you Phil about time somebody stood up to these cultural terrorists that are trying to recreate the whole social fabric while simultaneously trying to squelch any and all opposition. Unfortunately the younger generation has bought into this “civil rights” deception as a way for them to be involved in a “cause” like their parents in the 60's ..Good for you Phil -time the tail stops wagging the dog. RESIST MASS MEDIA MIND MANIPULATION

  • Tick Tock

    Does Phil Robertson have lice in that nasty beard he has? Why would GQ even allow him in the building? How do his rags and hippie hair represent any fashion?

    • James Summers

      Well by the same token how can a gay man marching in a parade with a head dress and a thong on be considered fashion??? You see it's not about that. It's about 1st amendment rights. Period.

  • Tom

    Apparently, ALL of the LGBT supporters have forgotten about a little show that used to be on TV called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” which was on the BRAVO channel? The series received GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Reality Program in 2004 and 2005, and was nominated for a third in 2006. Having watched almost every single episode of the show, I found some of the comments made a bit inappropriate, especially Carson,but I had the power to change the channel if I wanted. Apparently, GLAAD had no problem with a show that promoted the gay lifestyle. Hypocrites much!

  • wyldbill100

    Faith Driven Consumer website has presently, almost 98,000 signatures on their petition concerning this issue… and GLAAD can't erase your “pro” choice signature to put Phil back on the program!

  • tommy

    People seem to forget Idolatry Is the biggest sin of them all but know one including Phil Robertson talks about that the down fall of the world is putting man up as an Idol these people have posters and all kinds of items so man can worship them. there are more people going to hell because of idolatry.

  • geradin

    Believing something is wrong is not the same as hate. Believing someone is sinning is not the same as hating them. Suspending Phil Robertson for expressing his beliefs is discrimination and censorship disguising itself as protecting equal and civil rights.

  • just wondering

    I think that one of the things that bothers me the most is the condescending attitude of the GLAAD spokesperson:

    “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share.”

    I had no idea that Mr. Robertson is a moron, who is unable to see, hear or think.

    The idea that people who do not support a certain way of life is “ignorant or unknowing” is ludicrous. Most of us know that there are certainly some family values that we all share.

    However, there are Biblical principles that will not change no matter how “much work we have to do,” as stated by Ferraro. When you believe in something that is greater than yourself, there is no wiggle room.

    Personally, as for me and many other Christians, we don't really care what you do in your bedroom. It is simply a matter of the LORD- who is bigger, better and all knowing- having a reason that He does not support it.

    I think that biggest thing that this member of GLAAD needs to learn (and maybe he could “sit down with (Christian) families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share.” For Christians, it is not about ME and what I want. It is about HIM and what HE wants

  • Terri Funfsinn

    I'm offended that a few can dictate how the mojority live !!!!! We: can't say Merry Christmas :nativity scenes are removed !!! Force me to buy birth control and pay for abortions ! I don't care what your sexual preference is .Just don't force your agenda nd intolerance down my throat!!!

  • metazip

    Ferraro and his ilks, the progressives, are the problem. So instead of picking on the Bible, for now anyway, they choose to pick on an individual who is not ashamed to show people that he believes in moral values. People will not wait for his kind to start bible burnings. This country was founded as and still is a Christian nation, under one God. Sort of reminds me of the Christians being thrown into the lion's den in Rome.
    No matter how hard Ferraro tries, he will never, ever get Christians to say what he does is not a sin in the eyes of God. That is his scarlet letter he will wear for eternity.

  • sfcpete

    evidently the producers of these shows forget that if you do not want to hear an answer do not ask the question. EVERYONE even the Christian whit male is entitled to his/her opinion. I wonder why the political correctness police never speak out about the actions of Muslims – could it be the fear factor?

    • Byrnaldo

      Whoa…watch it sfcpete. Are you saying Muslims are violent? You should now be suspended indefinitely from your job for posting your opinion in a discussion outside of work.

  • alex67212

    Homosexuals exist. We know. We know your sexual preference. OK. We got it. Now get out of our faces. I accept it but I'll never like or celebrate your choice and lifestyle. Its gross. That's my opinion and I have the right to feel how I feel the same way you have the right to feel how you feel. There is a hatred growing. Don't you get it? I don't want too see a flaming trophy gay in most TV shows, gay this gay that. Do what you do in your bedroom, I don't care but quit trying to force the world to like it, a lot of us don't. Accept it.

  • Sarcastic Canadian

    GLADD is absolutly clueless, races, ignorant and has no room for tolerance. I can see why they are filled with Democrats and liberals!!

  • Joe Jones

    Basically the left wants to punish anyone who disagrees with them… That's what it comes down to, isn't it? For GLAAD to speak up and give their own opinion is fine… but for them to want Phil Robertson to be punished for holding a contrary view – that's when I start to get bothered by the whole thing.

  • Tim4achange

    Man will I be GLAD when GLAAD is gone.

  • Jae Parker

    I support Phil in speaking out on what his religion believes.

  • James

    GLADD overreacted on this one. For some one to come out against LBGT and get attacked by them is no different then LBGT people being attacked for what they believe. GLADD is acting like a bunch of 2 year olds who didn't get the new toy they wanted for x-mas. Phill WILL be back on the show, and all parties involved WILL be doing some backtracking, that is for sure….

  • The Jay Buck

    The only problem I have with the situation is that Phil has a right to same how he feels because of his beliefs. The networks has the right to do what they want because they own the business. No the problem is that this is the same network that didn't want him praying on the show and it took alot of willing and dealing to get the show back for another season. Secondly, almost every state is allowing same sex marriage so I this can happen, then he can say how he feels about the situation. Third, if he wasn't a famous face in the crowd then we would never heard about what he said. The comments he made is made everyday by others. I just hate that a good show may be over with because of different views on how people feel. SMDH…and by the way, I wasn't offended the black people comments that was made either.

  • Mike

    GLAAD and other organizations like them go after the pocketbook to silence critics…isn't that extortion? Why can't we prosecute this illegal activity and shut their criminal organization down?

  • Grey Winters

    Of course the bastards want to reprogram Phil. GLAAD is the new age Nazi.

  • theoneandonlyone

    It appears that GLAAD is filled with hetrosexualphobes.

  • l.berty

    no matter how ya slice it gays are just a mad little minority w/ an agenda.maybe cable companies should drop A&E & all other liberal leaning stations if enough MORAL Americans protest.

  • NoworNever

    When did it become offensive to answer a question when asked one's views? If you don't want to know don't ask. This has become so ridiculous, it's almost as if he were set up. The PC community if you will, have nothing better
    to do than to send out their reconnasaince morons to dig up the latest so called “hate speech” or so called religious bias of the day. We are a Christian Nation, there are more christians living here than anywhere else in the world…get over it. We are not giving in to your PC police, you can censor us, jail us, and eventually we know you will try to kill us, and probably succeed, because your hate of the light and the truth will drive you to do it. You have no right to claim to be the moral compass of this country, when you stick your penis up someones
    anus into whatever organ that is, I guess it would be an intestine, it is disgusting, filthy and unnatural. God condemns it, and that is what you hate. Even if there were no Bible, instinctively the repulsion rises up because it is so unclean and unnatural. We were created in God's image, I know that is hard for you to accept, but it's true,and that means our spirit is holy, our souls are the story we create with this body and our free will. God gives’ us choice, and He gives us the freedom to lust after the flesh or lust after Him. Those of us that have experienced the love of God personally can testify that God does not judge your person, but rather the sin. We are all sinners, and we all have no right to judge anyone, that is not the point. The point is we have a conscience and that is a God given part of man, we all are accountable to our own conscience, I cannot be your conscience nor anyone elses. The freedomto speak our convictions is called freedom of speech, when we are no longer able to do that it is called oppression.You can speak your convictions as freely and often as you want and spew your hatred at us because we believe differently and nobody nods, but let a christian say something that even teters on PC incorrect and we are crucified day and night. It is getting old people, and we as a nation have to get some common sense back or we will anniliate our
    own species because of this hatred. We as christians DO NOT HATE gay people, we hate what they do. If that offends’ you, sorry, but you probably hate what we do as heterosexuals as well…so let's just stop all the judging and agree to disagree. Christians will never compromise on this, and you will never compromise on your lifestyle so it's a closed discussion. Let him who has ears….!

  • I stand with the family

    Everything is offensive to some so for those who are offended get over it I get insulted every day. and further more where was this out cry when the vets returned home from Vietnam. I stand with Phill and his family.

  • chiliboots

    The “GLAAD” Constituency is a tiny, itty-bitty percentage of America. They better add up the numbers before they spew their perversions at us, again. Our patience is over.

  • Tracy Segura

    I don't recall any “racists” remarks. Some folks are really confused on what racism is.

  • Robert

    OK I have been living in Denver and after seeing those who dressed up ( or down?) for the gay pride march I have to wonder if these are the same people or at least the same type of people who are saying Phil said something pornographic. If so they needs to check themselves. Run around half naked waving around all kinds of vulgar signs one minute then getting all pissy about somebody being honest and talking about what they believe in very plain and clear manner and why they believe, is pretty hypocritical. Furthermore they are being super intolerant and basically saying it is wrong to call something wrong. Wow.

  • MIC

    This means that the LGBT and GLAAD need to sit down shut up and go away! No one really believes that their lifestyle is a civil rights argument! The only work needed is for these people to get some help!

  • tazztolson69

    I and a lot of people think that glad need to go to hell. The American people are sick of being told we are wrong for speaking our opinion. But you're people can now that is plain hipacricall.

  • Ajc25

    Maybe making Phil sit down with gay families would educate him a little. He claims to be a Christian, but seems like a pervert to me. He talks about his wife's genitals and pressures her for sex on the show. Then talks about his favorite kind of hole to stick his thingy in.. in an INTERVIEW… so unprofessional and sick. Do Christians not know what love is? Partnership isn't about what hole you like best.

  • Patrick Hannan

    For the record, there are Christian democrats out there. Just saying

  • HomewardBound

    What is the true end purpose of a sit down? Why is it SOOOO important to hear from Phil what one can already read for themselves in scripture? Unless you are trying to tempt someone to wrath.

  • Tina Silva

    Phil displaced a lot of courage in speaking out about his beliefs. It
    is not always easy going against the grain, especially in the entertainment
    field. People should not be forced to agree with something that is
    contrary to their beliefs. I have friends who are gay and even though
    we do not agree with each other’s life styles and/or views we are
    still able to remain friends because of the respect that we have for each other’s
    opinion. Since when did having an opinion become wrong? It is sad to see people get ridiculed just because they do not share the same views and opinions that coincide with the gay community. The media should be bias regardless of their beliefs. I feel that both parties have become intolerant to each other’s ways of life and both
    parties are guilty of being bullies. You can’t force someone to agree with something that they do not believe in, just because it fits your life style. People
    should have a right to voice their opinion without being ridiculed.

  • HomewardBound


  • Just one opinion

    When did America become such a bunch of whining babies?You cant stand a man stating his beliefs?Then you must not feel strong in yours!Why do you feel so threatened when ever someone doesn't agree with the party line>What are you afraid of?

  • Ajc25

    It is extremely dangerous for delusional religious people to make excuses for their poor behavior by saying, but “it's in the bible”. There are some horrific sick and twisted things in the Christian bible and other religions bibles that would get you life in prison for following.

  • mo

    He stated that he believes in the bible. He quoted the Bible. He believes homosexuality is wrong. Others don't. For the GLAAD group to say he isn't Christian makes no sense.

  • archie7699

    Even dumb hicks from the sticks can get a TV show these days. I'd say 3 shows with backwater morons should be enough.

    • Byrnaldo

      Dumb hicks from the sticks huh? So creating a better duck call than what was on the market and turning that into a multi-million dollar business (this was before the TV show mind you) means you are dumb? Hmmmmm…

  • http://limemediahawaii.com/ AniMatsuri

    After years of pretty much playing a Godfather in who stays and goes in Hollywierd, it seems GLAAD has finally crossed a line most Americans won't tolerate. They can play the victim but I don't think a lot of people will buy it.

  • William Perry

    I believe that GLAAD has the right to speak out, I also believe this person has the right to express himself whether or not I like what he is saying. The weight unfairly shifts against this person when he is subject to punitive action for expressing his opinions. I'm quite sure that GLAAD would not like to face punitive penalties for expressing their opinions, which a substantial number of people(right or wrong) disagree with.

  • Essemcee

    Duck Dynasty literally boosted A&E's ratings single handedly, as far I know through other media sources. It's the most watched show on the network. Forget A&E Robertson Family because no matter what channel you're on your fans will keep watching. Don't put yourself through that drama, many of your Gay and Lesbian fans have your backs 100%. The media is going to be the media, do what ever it takes to get ratings no matter the cost.

  • chalijo

    Taking religion out of the discussion; what's natural about two men or two women being a union in the sense we're talking about here? No two men or two women for that matter can produce a life. Nature speaks loud and clear in this instance. Wrong or right be damned. The natural ending of life is two men as a union or two women as a union. If not for the cohabitation of a male and female these so called gays wouldn't be here. There's nothing at all hateful about this truth. The farther we get away from the natural order of life; the closer we are to the end as we now know it.

  • Mike

    I have NEVER heard of GLADD until that clown got bitch slapped on FOX News last night! With that said, this group, according to the spokesperson, is the most bigoted, hate filled bunch of losers I have EVER heard just proves that THEY are the haters and are in the minority!!! If you think all Christians are bigots then say so! Have the balls, or whatever it is you have, to stand up!!! You are in the MINORITY!!!! I am afraid you have set “your people” back many years of hard work! In the end the great people of Duck Dynasty will come out even bigger and stronger and the progressives will go after a smaller fish!!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    I can't imagine even having such a low class television series out for the normal public to see. Can't they do better than this or have the small minority of the population been so dumbed down that this is the only thing they can comprehend?!? I hope not, or we are indeed lost. What an ugly looking persona!

  • mr10of10

    What I cant figure out is Glaad is all for gay individuals having the right to speak their minds. Show Affection on T.V. for all to see including our kids and all the while saying it's free speech. But when they hear something from someone else who doesn't see things their way or don't like what they do they cry foul and want to take away others 1st amendment rights. You cant say anything about Jews, you cant say anything about gay people and now we have to be politically correct or else. Sorry I don't mind gay people that's their choice and I have family members who are gay also. I even watch shows with gay people in them and don't care they are good show which I enjoy. But when you start telling others what they can and cannot do. It is no longer a democracy where people are protected and can have their rights stated also. Sorry no sale. Glaad is wrong A&E is wrong. And this is an infringement on 1st amendment rights. It's time Glaad and A&E get sued for just that. You guys are a joke!!!!

  • veteran4freedom

    it is a&e that is the vilian here. they should not have stomped on phil for his comments. glaad can talk all they want. a&e didn't have to act on it. and now, they will have to pay for it. duck dynasty is the biggest hit that network has had. the family won't go on w/o phil. so if losing their biggest paycheck is worth pleasing the minority, it's their accounts that will suffer. i'm sure w/ how big duck is, they will find a network that will snatch them right up.

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    You do realize that over seventy percent of the country finds homosexuality to be vile and disgusting and a sin unto the eyes of the Lord? What Phil Robertson said was completely accurate. It is time to end the smoke screen of political correctness which allows your culture to flourish and call your lifestyle exactly what it is, corrupt and abominable!

    • AtomBomb

      That's a lie. The polls show majority of Americans for the first time ever support gay marriage. If there was a nationwide vote for gay marriage right now it would pass. I think Phil needs to worry less about other peoples “sin” and worry about his fat wife and sons, they are living in sin and need to put down the gravy.

      • Stevon f. Nutt

        Keep telling yourself that if it make you feel good!

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    And yes, throw in the race card. that makes it official. The fall back position for those without a defensible position!

  • Sara

    Everyone should read the article first before commenting on someone else's words…
    “What, in your mind, is sinful?”

    “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

    Read More http://www.gq.com/entertainment/television/201401/duck-dynasty-phil-robertson#ixzz2nzp8EZ7A

  • mdees00

    GLAAD is so pathetic. Do you people believe the majority of people take you seriously at all? You can shove all the money you want into politics and your sinful agendas, fact is, you are wrong on all levels. you might win a few votes here and buy a few there, but Americans in general simply tolerate you.

  • GLAD is a Bully

    GLAD is a bully.

  • A concerned American

    You are so wrong to support this suspension. You need to look at your self and be very ashamed. He has every right to say what he said. He doesn't “need to sit down with gay families…” He didn't say he hated them. He stated that he doesn't believe in it. God said to us in the Bible that it is wrong. And it is. You can like a person, but disagree with their lifestyle. It doesn't matter if it is homosexual or alcoholic or a druggie. It's wrong, period. You can still love and care for them, and pray they will stop their bad habits. Phil did nothing wrong. He simply stated the truth. We need more truth in America. Our “leaders” have been “misleading” us and in are trying to destroy the foundation of America. We need people like Phil who tell the truth and proudly worship God. I think I would vote for him and TRUST him, if he wants to run for president. He has something most politicians and liberal media don't have any more…common sense.

  • James

    Oh my god. The southern boy from down south does not believe in gay marriage? whoda thunk?

  • Fed up with the PC stupidity

    I've never heard of GLAAD before and I hope I never learn what that stands for. Unfortunately it seems like they are the poster child for everything that is tearing this society to shreds; its all about me, if you don't agree then you're wrong and my constitutional rights apply but yours don't because I'm obviously infinitely better than you and how dare you buck the trend of political correct stupidity that now says grade school kids can't even play tag during recess because, gee, our kids aren't getting fat enough already. Nope, we need to make sure a knee doesn't get skinned (which will heal in a day or two) even if it means they grow up not exercising, getting more and more obese and dying of diabetes. NO NO NO!!!! WALK around the play ground, NEVER DARE have an opinion about ANYTHING, and most importantly, don't ever say anything that might possibly insult anybody anywhere, because being a non thinking robot is FAR better than having an intelligent, thinking society who has the ability to determine on their own what they believe and what they don't..

  • hammer55

    he is in his rights to say what he belives. GLAAD stop being GAY

  • Joanna Busch

    What did they expect, no backlash? It seems like Phil was set-up with the specific questions on “sin”. If you do not want to hear an answer you might not like, then don't ask the question…

  • Truth73

    you know funny thing is that almost every soldier during WW2 was listed as Christian, Jewish, or Catholic. Sad thing is that they fought for the rights that allowed gay and lesbians to still be alive….TRUTH! Hitler murdered Homosexuals and would have continued to do so had he won the war. You people get on here and bash this man because he believes differently than you and then try to call it hate….I'm almost glad most WW2 vets are not around to see the country that they fought to preserve is basically slapping them in the face by taking away their freedom of speech and freedom of religion. You liberals, gays, and lesbians would have NEVER went to war, and you all wouldn't be here to have this discussion today either. You owe these men that died for our country and believed in God a little more respect!! You have your opinions, so quit complaining and calling it hate when we have ours. Religious men that fought and died are the reasons we have these freedoms today.

    • WillMoor

      And some of those religious soldiers were also gay.

  • Meme

    Fed up with the gay agenda.. Go away

    • WillMoor

      Yeah, that gay agenda is so unreasonable. How dare they want respect?

  • greg

    Boycott all DD mdse, A&E profits off ALL sales…..BOYCOTT!!!!

    If you bought ANY mdse RETURN IT!!!!! Show A&E!!!!!



  • Harry Whetchis

    As a card carrying liberal I feel that the glaad creatures have finally made everyone sick to the teeth with their politics. I saw nothing in the initial remarks which i felt disparged anyone. The thing I found most disturbing is the suggestion that this fellow sit down with gay families and learn about their lives. Re-education, anyone? This entire discussion is unbelievable. I have never watched the show but if someone would kinkly point the way to the petition I will sign it.

    • WillMoor

      I consider being called sinful disparaging. And how is learning about gay people bad?

  • DD supporter

    If I may use my first amendment rights, Ferraro and GLAAD are nothing but hypocritical jack*****!!

  • Grow Up People

    Let's all jump on the Christian religion bashing band wagon! Anyone know what the Muslim religion says about homosexuality? Better not ask ANY Muslim his opinion about homosexuality! A famous celebrity gave his opinion honestly and without worrying about what's politically correct. Quit blowing out of proportion the actual value of ONE statement. The only thing he did wrong was give his honest opinion, Sad but TRUE! Now give everyone a trophy for participating in this absurd soap opera and while your at it be sure and comment on A&E's new POLITICALLY CORRECT advertising for the Rodeo Girls show. You know, the one with the hot chic, with a Crop in her mouth, on a horse, wearing a BIKINI Top & Daisy Dukes! But then again, who doesn't like looking at a hot chic in a BIKINI!

    • WillMoor

      I fail to see why the hatred of one religion means that we should be OK with the hatred of another. Please explain. Also, “honest opinions” like his are why I was beaten up by homophobes as a teenager and almost choked to death, stabbed with pins and needles and tortured til I was close to death by my peers while they kept chanting “faggot!” at me.

      I agree that Islamic teaching on homosexuality is part of the problem. As is Orthodox Jewish teaching and as is Christian teaching. THIS is what creates the idea in people's minds that LGBT people are less than, and THIS is what leads to violence against us, the deprivation of our rights, the bullying of our youth til they commit suicide and people even directly killing us.

      • Lorrie Gonzales

        so, are you saying that all religion and the Bible should be banned because they preach against the sin of homosexuality? It is not the Bible and it's teachings that lead to the violence, it is sin and hate in others that lead to that. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin but the Bible also teaches us to love one another. A true Christian would never beat you or torture you or do anything else to you because you are gay. A true Christian would however warn you that God says if you do not repent and ask God to change your heart and life and accept Jesus Christ as your savior you will spend eternity paying for your sins. This is true of any unrepentant sinner (gay, straight….) it is not because you are gay, it is because you are a sinner. If you choose not to repent and accept Christ, a true Christian would then pray for you and ask God to open your eyes and your heart. That would be the end of it, they would not then beat you up? I am not sure what “Christians” you have been around but I would venture to say they are Christian in name only. No one who has the spirit of God in them and who has Jesus as Lord of their life would ever treat you that way. You are wrong about Christian teachings leading to people thinking you are less than, Christ came to save the sinners, we are all sinners. We are all worthy of hell, it is only by grace that we are saved.

  • WillMoor

    One of the things that I keep reading down below is that it was “perfectly reasonable” for him to state his opinion and that gay people really shouldn't be offended. I disagree that what he said was “reasonable” and I certainly disagree that we should not be offended. First off, he did not “merely quote the bible”. He added some nuggets about penises, vaginas and anuses, and he said that homosexuality morphs into bestiality. But that is besides the point I am making here. His “reasonable” little speech essentially condemned gays to Hell for all eternity for merely being who they are. Sure, this is simply what he believes as a Christian. But so what? Why should we not be offended by the idea that we are evil, sinful abominations headed for the smoking abyss? Why should we be ok with that?

    “Just turn the page”. Yeah, I would probably rip the page out and burn it, but not everyone does. There are many people who hold that view and many people who are influenced by those who hold this view. They are the ones who beat us up, bully us, castigate us, spit on us and sometimes even kill us. So, he may have thought his words were “perfectly reasonable” but he said a bigger mouthful than many might think. He claimed that he would never say anything that incites hatred, but he DID say something that incites hatred. And a lot of what is going on down below in this comment section proves that.

    Should GLAAD have called for his termination? No. Should they have spoken up? Yes. Should A&E have suspended him? That is their call to make though if it was my call, I wouldn't have though I might ask him to apologize. Should he be allowed to say these thigs? Yes, its a free country. Was what he said “reasonable”? Not even close. Its actually and truly dangerous to LGBT people.

    • april showers

      “he said that homosexuality morphs into bestiality”

      “His “reasonable” little speech essentially condemned gays to Hell for all eternity for merely being who they are”

      Neither of these statements are true. Either you didn't read the article or you misunderstood his words. People are condemned to hell for their behavior not “for merely being who they are”. We are all sinners as he said. God will judge us all.

    • steve001968

      Who cares if you're offended? You have no right not to be offended in America. You're offended because his criticisms have a credible bases and as such strike a nerve.

    • steve001968

      “Its actually and truly dangerous to LGBT people.”
      As legitimate credible criticism it's dangerous to your PR agenda.

    • steve001968

      “he said that homosexuality morphs into bestiality”
      No he didn't. You don't even have the basic comprehension skills to understand what he said.

  • dino1855

    This is all just media helping take the heat off all the crap the senate and obama administration are pushing through lately (the rat maze from hell obamacare, iran's nuclear program, the end of the 60 vote requirement to increase spending, etc). The very liberal A&E sends the most hardcore, religious, family oriented mountain man who wears only camo to interview with GQ magazine. They knew they were going to get a statement like this if they made him talk about homosexuality, and they knew all of the attention it would bring to both of their organizations, as well as giving them a way to attack conservatives again. It is all an attention grabbing scheme to to take the heat off of Obama and the rats washington

  • Pete

    As a gay man, I am absolutely appalled with the actions of GLAAD. First of all, the show is a “reality” show which means what occurs is “real”…thus political correctness can go to hell. There are bigots everywhere, even in the homosexual culture. If gays do not like what the show portrays or what the “real” people say….don't watch it! Second, there is a Constitutional amendment giving all Americans, yes…”real” ones too…the right to free speech. It is totally amazing how homosexuals cry over gay marriage and how it is a violation of their rights under the Constitution, yet GLAAD goes around demanding that the rights of others be violated because it offends them. Well, GLAAD, I will no longer support your hypocrisies and discriminatory practices, but will definitely make it my goal to watch Duck Dynasty every week. We are all Americans and we all have the same rights…regardless of color, creed, gender, race and yes…sexual orientation too!

  • tazztolson69

    It is a fact that 60% of guys are convicted predefined or child molesters so why should we have any tolerance to what they think anyhow.


    many people are missing the point that this man puts himself above others 'cause he is white & they don't believe what he believes. don't forget, this isn't just about what he said about homosexuals but other minorities too. I wish they would have asked him a question about immigrants (LOL). his family lives by the bible? they cuss up a storm. that whole family is just a bunch of more religious hypocrites. get them quackers off the air!!!

    • Jeanne

      they cuss up a storm? when? racist? Willie has adopted a BLACK CHILD. please, learn what you speak of before touching a keyboard, jerk.

  • tdub85

    They overplayed their hand on this one. A&E needs them more then they need A&E.

  • RTR2011

    Ferraro, you are one twisted, evil peice of crap. He never defamed anyone, personally… just their sinful lifestyle. GLAAD, on the other hand, has ran Phil Robertson through the ringer. That's a fact, Jack!

  • Ron

    This is America….and straight people have rights too!

  • John J. Mercieca

    They can fudge pack all they want as long as they do it in the privacy of their own homes. However, they keep shoving it into our collective faces and then cry when people tell them to STFU. Pathetic and disgusting creatures the lot of them.

  • John J. Mercieca

    As to Phil sitting down with gay families, there is no such thing as a gay family. The only God-sanctioned marriage is that between a man and a woman.

  • Bea

    What is this country coming to? We have opened our Hearts and minds and accepted that everyone must live their life as they wish. BUT of all people GLADD does not abide by the same rules. Mr. Robertson if you choose to accept him for the Good, God loving Family man that he is, has the RIGHT to the same 1st. Amendment as you. You want acceptance but persecute others whose opinion is different than yous. Look at the Beautiful Family he and his wife have raised. How dare you try to destroy anyone who dares speak their mind. Is this becoming a world where we Ruin others who are honest enough to stand for their beliefs and speak their minds. You should stay out of this because these men fought Wars that allow you to be where you are today. You now hold yourselves above others , you are getting preferential treatment because you are gay and scream for rights ,but spew hateful opinions that are not welcome on others with different lifestyles than yours. Perhaps you are Jealous of the Family dynamics they have with one another..25 yrs ago I sat by the bedside of a lovely young Gay man, with his partner, Preacher and nurse. No Family would come and his HIV a secret because no one would knowingly enter his room. Thank God we have changed. Not even his Mom would attend his Funeral, just US. Your hate will destroy all we worked for.Although I am not Gay, I have many Gay friends and Thank God they are not like you people.

  • erik moseid

    You can can Sarah Palin the C word, say vulgar things about Ann Coulter, degrtade Christians, especially Catholics, but incinuate that homosexuality might be wrong: Watch-out! You will be fired, and hated.
    It is ironic that the ones who accuse others of hatred are in fact the ones who are vengeful and express hate.
    I say, if A&E doesn't reverse themselves, we all contact the cable companies and ask that the channel be blocked. Although it won't affect our bill, the statement will be powerful. Maybe Duck Dynasty can move to FOX, have you ever seen Family Guy? FOX doesn't seem to be obsessed with political correctness, so why is A&E?

  • Jennifer Maher

    the bible isn't actually written by God. It's other people saying what they saw and heard.and it's been translated many times and could have errors. I think 2 things people miss, that i use as the core of the bible are: love thy neighbor, and judge not. Phil was crude, his family even said so. He is entitled to his opinion. He is a representative for A&E and if they don't like how he represents their image they have the right to dismiss him. I don't see how forcing him to sit with homosexuals is going to change his core beliefs. I'm sure there are lots of great wonderful homosexual people but to hard core (misled) christians there is nothing that will make them see these people as loved by God. For some reason the hardcore christians have taken it upon themselves to judge others instead of loving others and trying to represent God to them. People need to reread the new testament. it teaches love more so than the old testament. Jesus wants people to play nice together.

  • carolgordon

    It's sad that when a CHRISTIAN says anything about GAY people or something else that CHRISTIANS don't like, ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE. But gays can say that CHRISTIANS are “intolerant”, BLACKS say we are “racist, or crackers”.

    HEY GAY PEOPLE….why don't you complain about all the religious preachers on T.V.?


  • JJ Watts

    “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,” the spokesman said.
    So basically, he needs to take these steps until he is “thinking right”.

  • fontanableu

    The problem is the social punishment outweighs the offense. Sometimes a simple apology is fine when an individual does or says something not right.
    But to stop someones means to living and enjoying other freedoms our country gives is what is wrong. this Duck guy should not be shut down and out of living for this comment not matter who it offends but should be held accountable other ways.
    This extreme measure in itself is a way to stop free thinking and having an opinion different than main stream. Being gay might be in, but I don't think it is main stream.

  • david



  • The Huff

    I am going to say what the silent majority won't. I am sick of having to
    cow under to the gay minority and their agenda. Do what you want but
    don't expect everyone else to believe in or support your cause.
    Just as you have a right to vocalize your beliefs, others have the same
    right to refute them. If you don't like it …. too bad chump.
    To summarize … in this instance I believe I have the right to tell the
    gay/lesbian community to go shag themselves.

  • Kevin

    It's apparent Ferraro just doesn't get it! There were no anti-gay or racist comments made by Phil, but GLAAD feels that they have to make things up to justify their existence. It is GLAAD who is racist and despicable!

  • beartracker

    If I were in Phils shoes, I would not sit down with gay families as suggested, I would tell AE and glaad to go piss up a rope. There would be other companies that would pick up the show. Phil and every American has a right to an opinion especially when it comes to their religious opinions.The gays find his words offensive A lot of people find your lifestyle offensive. That don't mean they are going to chuck a rock at you, just means they don't agree with what you are doing. Hang in there Phil most Americans are behind you.

  • jc

    Atheism consists of lazy, ignorant fools.
    …not something I made up, either…so don't be mad at me, lol!

  • Grandpa Dean from NY

    The few have to much power and influence There us no way this man should not be allowed to say what he thinks I live in NY Cuomo passed this I feel for political reasons And I am 100 per cent opposed to gay marriage Maybe old fashion I was raised gays stayed in the closet THAT is where they belong

  • Foxylady

    How about you from GLAAD sitting down with Robertson and learning what it is he believes and why he believes it. How about YOU study the Bible to see what it says. Any while ;you are at it, how about studying our constitution which guarantees freedom of religion and speech! You cry out because he is being “intolerant”, yet you are intolerant of his beliefs. How hypocritical can you get!!!!

  • Harry

    Let's get the elephant out of the room first. Nowhere is it written in the bible that it is right and more importantly healthy for one man to insert his penis into another man rectal region.

  • Drow Elf

    I for one am DAMNED SICK of all the GLAAD & race card playing B***S***!! For Christ's sake….enough is enough. Racial bigotry will continue as long as attention seeking, camera close-up loving, self-serving blowhards like Jackson & Sharpton keep getting to put their faces in cameras to keep attention on them. As far as GLAAD goes, they are NOT going to get everything their way. Robertson has a constitutional right to free speech. You don't like it? Tough tittie. You don't like boy scout/girl scouts not allowing homosexuals?? Instead of crying about it, make your own little group….call them the flowerpots.

  • Copoq

    This statement by Rich Ferraro just means that HE is out of touch with the First Amendment of the Constitution, and most of the Gay and Lesbian folks he represents . Phil Robertson, was asked a question. He answered that question to the best of his teaching of and from the Bible. I have been a stanch supper of Gay and Lesbians all my life. But GLAAD and Ferraro has this one wrong… This is how he believes and no one but the Leader of GLAAD and a small few see what was said as a return to the Dark Ages. Put on your Big People Panties and look inward, and ask yourselves, why your are so sensitive?

  • Angela

    For starters, his comments were his personal opinion so this has EVERYTHING to do with free speech! Secondly, there was nothing racist in his comments, unless being gay means you are now part of another race… His comment: ““I feel it’s more about the America we live in today. That is one where Americans, gay and straight, are able to speak out when people in the public eye make anti-gay and racist remarks.” just shows how backward this whole situation is! In the America we live in today, we should still have the right to speak our minds about our PERSONAL OPINIONS. Phil did not say anything causing personal harm or infringing on anyone's actual rights. What he said may have made some people feel he infringed on their perceived right to go through life without having to hear anything they disagree with, but really that's their own warped sense of reality and has nothing to do with what Phil actually said. Get over it!

  • Carl Farmer

    If I am correct this was in a interview and was asked a direct question which he answered with a direct response. This was not Phil going on a show to purposely attack gays and their life style or use it as a platform to attack GLADD which obviously they are not a happy organization. This is America first and free speech is a right. If you dislike what he says the don't watch his show. Don't buy what the show advertises but he has the right to work and talk about his beliefs just as Gays have the right to promote their life style.

  • James B

    The author of this article is obviously incapable of objective reporting. In the first sentence he accuses Phil of “anti-gay and racist” remarks which is an outright lie. Phil made absolutely no racist remarks. Gay is not a race, so one who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle is not guilty of racism. Just because someone doesn't agree with GLAAD and the immoral acts of the people it supports, doesn't make them guilty of hate. I wonder what the “violently angry phone calls” consisted of. I would guess just because the callers disagree with GLAAD and A & E, this so-called reporter is accusing them of violence. It is a typical liberal ploy. What is GLAAD that they should be feared or that they should preside over anything in our society? They weren't elected to any office. They have no authority over anyone. They certainly have no moral authority over anything. I see more hate coming from the homosexual community over this than the remarks of Phil Robertson. GLAAD and its supporters are masters at using propaganda to further their cause. I have no respect for GLAAD.

  • BJ

    I do not watch Duck Dynasty; I do not believe homosexuality is a sin; I DO believe in freedom of speech and press. I support Phil's RIGHT to speak his opinion just as I am able to speak mine.

    • MrEFQ

      Just as A&E is able to speak theirs. The road goes both ways. So I am glad you support A&E decision.

  • asb24

    “So a tv star has his own beliefs that does not make him a bad person. I don't think someone should get fired for answering a question honestly. If he was running around saying I hate gays etc on national tv then that's different. If you don't want to know someone's answer don't ask the question!” This was the response from my sister-in-law….who just happens to be gay, after hearing of the “incident” She doesn't even watch the show……

  • A Frustrated Guy

    Stop being so sensitive. Its not like he said “Hey lets go out and beat the queers with a stick.” The Gays really need to toughen up their skin. They make a big deal out of every little thing that doesn't agree with their lifestyle, well guess what? Majority of the world is not Gay and thank God for that unless you'd just like the entire human race to die out. Your lifestyle is not natural and there are no benefits to it in any aspect so just face facts and get over it. I don't condone or agree with homosexual behavior today and I wont until the day I die and you cant change that and I will not be more tolerant of you just because you rant and rave about it, as a matter of fact I'm more irritated with gays now because a good show is being taken off the air over nonsense. Why is it alright for you to go around all day saying its “OKAY to be Gay” but it's not alright for others to say “Its not OKAY to be Gay.” You believe its not “OKAY” to commit murder but you would be outraged if people started a whole movement saying it was “OKAY” to commit murder. Ying and Yang even flow for everything you say there is always someone who says the opposite and by comparison you'd be in the group that said okay to murder a.k.a the minority group. Shut up and Deal.

    • Butch Clark

      Its not about them being sensitive..This Is about distroying anyone who does not agree with them and persicuteing Christians…The LEFT does the same thing–You know, those open minded and tolerant people…LOL..I made my own self laugh…

  • Butch Clark

    He Is a Christian,He believes and has faith In what the BIBLE says..Like a whole lot of us do but In todays world, he Is condemed for that. The BIBLE also says that will happen…Side note–Way to be objective “Anti-gay and Racist remarks”–right off the top..

  • trucker mike

    “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,” the spokesman said
    This makes as much sense as telling the GLADD Boys to go into the Bayou and learn about making duck calls! When you cut thru all the BS, GlADD does not want equality, they want Superiority. According to them, you can believe and say anything until it conflicts with their agenda, then you are wrong and will be forced to repent. Instead of making an example of the supposedly ignorant redneck, what they are starting to realize is that they have another Chick – Fil – A on their hands

  • go-Phil

    We still have a lot of work to do,,,,,,,,,,,,meaning, because Phil spoke what was on his mind, what HIS beliefs are and he won't back down, we're going to have to root out all companies that do business with his family and see how badly we can destroy them.
    What does this tell you people? If you don't rally round the rainbow banner or the NAACP, WE WILL DESTROY YOU. He has the right, just as GLAAD does, to express an opinion, but apparently, if you don't agree with them, then your homophobic or a racist.

  • bigdicmcgee

    wow, eb; did you get the dictionary out for that speech…. What Robertson said is what he believes. What many are confusing is the biblical and the constitutional…. I believe homosexuality is a sin, just like drinking in excess is a sin… BUT that is my biblical belief… Consitutionaly we are ALL equals and should have all the same rights… marry whom you want to marry and so forth… the state/government should not limit anyones rights… just like your right to rant and rave but no one suspends you from the internet…. Robertson has the RIGHT to speak his mind and beliefs; just because you disagree with them is……

  • Tony Clifton

    “With such egregious anti-gay and racist comments, those companies that choose to be affiliated with this family need to speak out.”

    What, is homosexuality a race now? I didn't read anything racist.

  • disqus_VuylvlbZ5g

    forget those clowns and take the show to another outlet I'm sure the fans will follow.I feel if phill sat down with your folks as you want it would only confirm his beliefs

  • LearnyourABCs

    I think the network should air a special where the Duck Dynasty gang go on a fishing trip with the Queer Eye for A Straight Guy group. I think everything would be smoothed over then

  • hetero commander

    Take religion/spirituality out of it. Human instinct tells me homosexuality is abnormal. If it were “normal”, the human race would die out. Whether “born” gay, or “choosing” to be gay, these people need treatment.

  • lereo

    Just give the man his job back already, he has the right to say what he want. Hell he's a grown man. A&E and GLAAD should remember not all people want gayes shoved in there face. If that the life they choice then fine. But they don't have to rub it in our faces. We the people of the whorld don't rub it in theres faces that gays are sinful. Every one should just mined their own business.

  • thebighand

    I don't hate gays and could care less what two people do in their bedrooms but now that they have Dixiechicked this show, I will do everything I can to oppose this group and any legislation I see them trying to get passed.
    That being said its just a fact that most heterosexual males do think that two guys getting it on is pretty damn nasty, even if they are liberals and wont admit it. When I see a tv show with two guys getting it on I change the channel and so can anybody else

  • Tammey Buchanan

    Duck Dynasty family onward Christian soldiers; y'all are in our thoughts, prayers and hearts for stickin’ to your God fearing ‘guns'. Please keep up the great work either with/without A&E. I have already given them a piece of my mind and putting them on a long time out. It's like everyone is given a voice except for those who are doing their work with God's blessing. Thank you and God bless you and yours. :)

  • Brian Quinn

    Homosexuals do sick things with one another. And Sex is not Love. No one is going to tell me I have to accept that.

  • Walter28

    If you have a problem with what Phil said, take it up with the Jews who wrote the Bible. They said it first. And everyone has been repeating what they said ever since. GLAAD is on crack if they think they can change what the Bible says. Only Constantine the Great, King James and Martin Luther can do that.

  • Jon

    I bet GLAAD would accuse the writers of the bible with “With such egregious anti-gay and racist comments” if they could. It seems like free speech is reserved only for those who believe what GLAAD espouses. I'm a firm believer in gay, lesbian and transgender rights BUT I also believe in free speech, especially when that speech is based on moral beliefs based on the bible. Just a note…I'm a liberal republican/conservative democrat who believes in live and let live. You don't need to agree with everyone But you should treat everyone with respect and I don't see where Phil hasn't done that.

  • damato

    This is not a free speech issue – this is a bullying issue. Mr. Robertson offered two opinions regarding gay sex. The secular opinion that it is just not logical, and the religious opinion that it is immoral. These comments were in the context of a man's magazine, and easily more than 75% of men would share one of these beliefs. The extreme reaction on both sides is obvious: The gay lobby wants to force their opinion on people, and people have had enough of being told how to think. There is no hate here, no fear – it's simply that people don't want to be bullied.

  • Linda Scott

    What happened to live and let live!!!! As long as no one is hurting me and I am not hurting anyone, then why can't we just all get along !!!!

  • samf1953

    GAY is not a race, it is a perversion

  • justice

    People get over it Duck Dynasty will go on and he will be back on the show . You cannot change people who hate and yes the hate mongers will not enter the kingdom of heaven ..the more interesting thing will be if A&E stands behind their convictions and keeps M r Robertson suspended or they go with the money and reinstate him ..I think it will be the latter.. they will reinstate him. Money rules and right falls by the wayside..but it is interesting how it all has turned against gay people and how wronged straight people have been treated..if you think being gay is a happy lifestyle choice live one day in a gay persons life..get over the hate..Jesus did not preach hate.

  • marinedustd118

    Phil needs to sit down with gay families in Louisiana so that he can understand their way of life??? Why don't gay people all over the nation sit down with Phil so that they can learn all about his religion and his way of life, which is the CORRECT way. Why are gay beliefs and culture forced upon us, but not the other way around?

  • me

    this has nothing to do with gay rights etc it has to do with freedom of speech. if your going to take away his right to his thoughts & opinion then you better start taking everyone's, freedom of speech isn't for PC use ONLY!!!

  • garb67

    Just like Dan Cathy Phil was asked a question in an interview and he answered honestly. It was a question designed to create dissention by it's very nature, knowing the Christian values of the interviewees. The answer is known before the question is asked. They are hoping that by asking the question, they will create a sh4t storm of controversy, and it has. I'm not sure that they expected the push back that both of these incidents have spawned. It's really time to do away with all of the feigned outrage caused by one person's opinion.
    While both of these men answered honestly answered a question about their beliefs, I'm willing to bet that neither has a hateful bone in their body.

  • daniel roberts

    if you want to get these Anti Christians to stop this crap, do it by not watching this station. This is the fourth station I have stopped watching in the last ten years. Its obviously run by leftist Communist types, who want to eliminate religion from American society. I think its great that people are calling up, and attacking the shows producers, we need to increase the pressure on them by harassing them every chance we get, and voting out congress members who support these people.

  • labelh8tr

    GLAAD wants other to respect what they believe is natural and their way of life. So they need to learn to respect what other believe is natural and their way of life. To earn respect is to show respect.

  • DocHolliday65

    I suspect that A/E needs the Robertson's more than the Robertson's need A&E, remember they are self-proclaimed “Redneck” millionaires in their own right and that money was made way before the Duck Dynasty show. Phil Robertson only pointed out in his interview that we are all sinners according to the teachings of the Bible…..a book he believes is the written word of God. He even admitted that he was a sinner and recovering alchololic. Now, if you are comfortable in your own skin or life-style….nothing he said should offend. I'm sure their are plenty of networks with their lawyers cranking up contracts to sign up for “Duck Dynasty” to their channel. Remember folks….this is reality & a reality show (which he didn't make the remarks on)….so if you want it to be “real” then you have to allow you're cast to be human and have freedom of speech….a guaranteed 1st Amendment right!

    • MrEFQ

      Look, another person who has no idea what the 1st Amendment is.

  • Glennc

    I am so happy there is a big backlash to this! They deserve it! Their reaction like this was way overboard and now they will literally pay for it! Let all the voices be heard that are against the suspension! May the boycott get ever so big!

    • labelh8tr

      couldn't agree more. I am so sick of the PC society we live in. It just encourages people to think they are entitled to everything. I respect people more for telling me how it is. While I am a person that believes in science. (The egg came before the chicken.) I respect Phil for his faith in Christianity and the way he lives his life.

      • Glennc

        Great comment here! Well worded. I think A&E are going to regret this. So will GLAAD! The fools! This is about everyone's ability for freedom of speech!

  • chris

    Phil Robertson is absolutely correct in his statements! Homosexuality is wrong! You have a choice to live the way you want, you have rights as a human being, but you should not have separate rights just for being gay or whatever else! This country needs to get back to “One Country Under God” we should all love each other and help each other. I believe this was a setup and A&E was behind it along with GQ, but I'm here to tell ya that God will sort this out in the end!!

  • rickwash4

    Why is it that Phil must sit down with gay, etc., families and learn abut their lifestyle choices??? It's always the white/black, Christian, straight, conservative, traditional Americans that have to “understand” Muslims, gays, lesbians, illegal aliens, black or Hispanic culture and the PC list goes on and on!! How about these groups “understanding” what it is to be an American “1st” & the rest of it will fall in place with respect for an individual's choice.

    • joyell

      Excellent point!

    • Guest

      Yep. I am tired of every show having to have a gay person on it now and everybody just has to accept it, but the gay community does not have to accept anything a sensible person has to say.

      • Bea

        Thank You for Serving Our Country. It is because of Brave Men and Woman like you that the gay community can even come out these days. I am standing up for Phil and his right to the 1st. Amendment that give him the right to voice his opinion. He and his brother earned that by serving our country. Unlike many in the Glaad community.

        • MrEFQ

          I can't believe there are people like you who have no idea what the 1st Amendment is.

          • AmericanMeltDown

            Give it up would you please! Mr.BFQ
            You sound like a parrot!
            You are stuck.

          • MrEFQ

            I'm sorry that you can't handle reality.

          • AmericanMeltDown

            The reality is you do sound like a broken record with nothing substantial to say other than continue to parrot the same old drivel in every post. You must be about age 12 from the quality of your posts.
            Here's the facts Mr EFQ:
            Phil has the protected right to say what he wants and practice the faith of his choice – these rights are given to him under the FIRST Amdendment..
            His employer in most states can fire at will, that is their choice. We know it. we get it.
            Phil is a man of integrity who lives out his beliefs. He gets to choose, just like you get to choose.
            A & E will see the backlash of losing millions – who cares.
            Life will continue to be very good for Phil and his family as, they have won the respect of millions of like-minded Americans who have turnied the corner of putting up with having the gay growd demanding that the rest of us embrace them and accept their perversion. We've had enough! We beleive you practice a perversion. Its our right to think this, you can stomp you little foot all you want.
            In case there is a chance you might actually educate yourself on the 1st A here it is:
            The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:
            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
            Now go ask mommy for a $20 and head to the mall.

          • MrEFQ


  • roach

    sharon diehl Think about this unto each and every woman or man there seems a pathway that is right,but the pathway will end in death or destruction,for your life to have any kind of meaning an eternal spirit is required before birth you knew nothing and after death you will know nothing,you will have been born lived your life out and died and you will have never known you existed it was nothing more than the physical matter of the universe a created body with a glimmer or spark of conscience to be snuffed out like a flame in the wind when you die,there is something far greater than you involved in your creation if you truly know yourself,you will know this is true you are worth eternity find yourself and you will find your god,we live in a supernatural universe one that is a projected will from a deity who is eternal an not effected by decaying events,time is decaying events for time does not exist as a real thing but only measures vibrations and events the eternal god is not a vibration or an event of decay, our bodies are decayed events of a deity who has infused the eternal spirit,life is eternal,, matter is not,,there is life in our bodies and not in the substance of matter itself, if that were not true then the body would never die for matter would be life and life is eternal so the spirit is separate from the body.

  • joyell

    Thank God for Phil Robertson. I salute you, sir. You have caused the sleeping giant to wake up. You have done what no preacher in any pulpit has accomplished…stirred the Christians to stand up to all of this PC crap. It's about time, too. I haven't been vocal about this particular topic, but that has changed. Christians try to live in peace, as much as is possible, avoiding controversy, but now we realize that if we don't stand up, this country is about to lose it's freedom.

  • Brian Quinn

    Something isn't right here. A&E knew all about the Robertsons before they started making the Show. Publicity stunts come in all forms.

  • Wayen

    GLAAD should be happy happy happy that Phil said this they can get their name tied to another so called scandle which is what they are really all about GLAAD should be glad !

  • just jeff

    I think its time to start boycotting any tv station, stores, online networks and anything else that supports the gay and lesbian community. don't get glaad, get mad.

  • Devlyn

    What a Witch Hunt! Such a delicate subject that has now divided the nation. GLAAD, you probably set back your cause by this conceited move on your behalf. I know for a fact I will not support GLAAD fundraisers or anything to do with them. Once you take away our own personal opinions, you are starting a asking for trouble. I prefer not to walk on eggshells when speaking on this matter but it seems highly instigated. Good on Phil not being cautious on what he said, he spoke from his heart and OWN OPINION!!! They asked him, he told. End of story.

  • Marinedustd118

    Phil had an opinion, which by all means was absolutely correct and I commend him for his courage, but it was his opinion, his freedom of speech. A freedom that I have fought for so that people like Phil can stand up for what they believe in instead of being bullied by those who want to tear down America and its freedoms. This country was built upon the principles of faith and freedom, and I know many men who have fought and died for that freedom, only to see that freedom taken for granted and torn down by the minority. Phil has the right of it, it is wrong, it is an abomination, it says so in the bible. That's just my opinion, and like every other American I have earned my right to it.

  • roach

    minority`s are just that minority`s they should never hold a checkmate on the majority for freedom of speech we all have an opinion and all should be heard without censorship

  • KAM

    I am very surprised that so many right wing Christian weirdos read The Wrap! I thought this was an ‘industry’ web site! Shocker!

  • Blonde1forGod

    Reminds me of a recent event in my church. A very faithful member of the congregation went forward to the pulpit and remarked that there were people in the church who were engaging in sinful practices and to stop sinning and repent. Guess who left the church immediately yelling and swearing? You're right. It was the ones committing the sins.
    Ephesians 6:10-11 “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.”

  • joe

    A&E has really blown it! They are trying to negate our rights of free speach given to us under our constitution by saying they have the right to interprete it by their standards. We don't neccissarily agree with what was said or how it was worded but he had the right to say it. My family, for one, will stop watching this network and will boycott its sponsers if there is no reenstatement of Phil with an apology. (I'm sure going to miss ‘Longmire” this season).

  • intel247

    It is a freedom of speech issue, there are plenty of tv shows today that promote the gay lifestyle and uses its freedom of speech to say its okay and normal. Phil has every right to say what he wants whether an individual believes in it or in GLAADs case “feelings are hurt” I think it is funny where a muslim wanting to wear a turban at work and making a fuss is okay, or its okay for GLAAD and shows like Glee to promote a certain lifestyle but when it comes to Christians we are expected to believe what we want just shut up and not talk about it. People are blind that the Bible states the world will hate Christians because it is the truth we Christians know this is how the world feels. Sad thing is if Christianity wasn't true, people wouldn't make such a fuss.

    • MrEFQ

      It is not a freedom of speech issue. You know nothing about the 1st amendment. He freedom of speech was not stifled.

  • Mark Ingram

    At the end of the day, it won't matter what the PC in 2013 America think or expect is acceptable. The fact of the matter is, homosexuality is a sin against God! Like it or not. It is just one of many sins which fail to live up to the expectations God has of us as his creatures. Phil did not equate homosexuality with beastiality, someone else did. The fact of that is clear, God nowhere in the Bible qualifies sin. Is one sin worse than another? Not that I can tell. Another fact is that we are all sinners, which is why Jesus Christ came into the world in physical human form to die so that those who would could still have a relationship with God Almighty even though they are sinners. And that's a fact, Jack.

  • Robin Schaecher

    GLAAD thinks this is racist? HOW. I did not see him hate speech another color of a person. Oh that's right if you don't AGREE with GLAAD you are racist. It has nothing to do with racism. They just want to shut Christians up. THEY want their FREE speech but no one else can have it. GLAAD is the most bigoted intolerant HATE group in AMERICA.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Folks are tired of the homo-fascists at GLAAD (Gaystopo & Lynchmobber's Association Against Disagreement). It is about time the shut up. There is nothing normal about homosex and the go-along to get-along folks need to develop a backbone.

  • Samuel Graham

    “It just means we still have a lot of work to do,” Ferraro said.

    “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,”

    Were you people not paying attention when the man spoke his beliefs. Now you want to sit him down with gay families, as if it were a malady.
    To the Ferraro comment, all I interepreted from this is “we are going to continue to force our lifestyle upon the public until its accepted. If you keep that tactic up you could evolve into the next domestic terrorist of lifestyle acceptance. This practice is commonly called ‘dancing in the bullseye'….let me know how that turns out for you.

  • april showers

    Any company funding this hateful GLAAD organization needs to be boycotted IMMEDIATELY. Can anyone put together a list of contributors to this NAZI “non=profit”? Where is the link to their financial statements so we can see whee they get all “THEIR” money? It is likely that we Christians are funding our own persecutors!

  • bam3856

    All Phil Robertson said is what most people think, and that includes ME.

  • Al Friend

    I wonder what the founding fathers of Sodom and Gomorrah would think about this. Oh wait God destroyed those cities. Hmmm

  • jack

    Then GLAAD needs to sit down with Chrstian Famiies too..then and learn their values too…

  • Simmer Down

    So sick of GLAAD's “believe as I believe, or we'll call you homophobic” holier than thou attitude. As one of the comments wondered – how many gays watch Duck Dynasty? I mean seriously, these are not the most enlightened people, and the people who care about their opinions mostly share their lifestyle or wish to. That is their right, and it is not GLAAD's over-reaching mission to change it. By the way, your sexual preference or genetic predisposition to what you find attractive does not a race make. Stop acting like it does. Just wish GLAAD would sit this one out.

  • bryak42@hotmail.com

    Oblamea says” Phil could have been talking about me”

  • thetank

    Bullies. You don't like what he says then its really simple DONT WATCH!

  • Molon Labe

    Notice it's always anti (the offended) or gay in this matter. Why not phrase Phil's position as Pro-Christian? Not as a big a headline grabber that way, I guess.

  • The First Amendment

    So let me get this right…

    You want equal rights for the gay community.
    What in your view is equal about special treatment?

    You can say bad things about the right wingers, Christians,
    libertarians, hillbillies, Texans, and everybody else you don't agree
    with and it's okay. But someone says something you don't agree with
    about gays, like it being a sin, and it becomes a hate rant…

    It's time to stop screaming about equal rights and call it what it is.
    You want to be treated special.

    • MrEFQ

      I find it ironic that your name is The First Amendment, when you know nothing about it.

      • The First Amendment

        Did I make a statement regarding the first amendment?

        I find it ironic you pretend to have some form of reading comprehension.

        • MrEFQ

          When did I say you talked about the 1st Amendment in your post? Add hypocrite to your long list of faults.

          • The First Amendment

            You claimed to have an understanding of my knowledge regarding the first amendment…

            Which you do not.

            Leading to the logical assertion that you lack any form of reading comprehension.

            Now please try to refrain from acting like a fool in a public forum.

          • MrEFQ

            I quess you forgot about the thousands of other ignorant posts you have made.

            Add poor memory to your long list of faults.

          • MrEFQ

            I'm allowed to make all sorts of comments and bad jokes because the first amendment, try again sport.

          • MrEFQ

            I never said you were not allowed to do so. There you go showing your poor reading comprehension.

          • Guest

            Please forgive me.
            I'm just a troll who was ban from 4chan.

          • MrEFQ

            Somebody is so pathetic that they were called on their crap that you changed your name to mine.

            Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha. Classic pussy move. It only shows how big of a fool I made you. Congrats.

          • Guest

            Sock accounts are alternate accounts, this is not.

          • MrEFQ

            WTF asshole, stop using my name!

          • MrEFQ

            Such a try hard.

          • MrEFQ

            After all you're right I'm a moron.

            I'm sorry to have even talked in the first place. But you must understand I'm a liberal jackass.

    • Understanding

      why would someone need to have special treatment for what they do in their bedroom? Because they have invited everyone in it.

    • dogwonder

      Bingo, they want supremacists status and to be treated like disabled people sans the disability solely based on whom they boink.

  • Dumb Hater

    For the DUCKS… Live like “THAT” = Tolerance, Humility, Acceptance, Trust.
    We are all God's children, put that in your duck call and inhale.

    • The First Amendment

      Where in the Phil Robertson's statement did he say we aren't all God's children? Referencing a aspect of the bible and his faith does not equal hate, unless every time someone says something about Hitler they become a fascist.

      Funny, your post is about tolerance, humility, and acceptance, then you go about expressing none.

      • MrEFQ

        Godwins law proven again.


    Can you imagine Jesus Christ speaking that way? Oh, please! who are people trying to kid? I guess they fool each other? Is this an example of what true Christians think? Bull crap! it truly is pathetic to hear people use God as an excuse to say something like that! It is disgusting and degrading and it has NOTHING to do with God! So keep preaching!

  • Guest


    All you gay sinners will burn in a fiery hell!

  • MrEFQ

    Q: How do you fit three homosexuals on one bar stool?

    A: Turn it upside-down!

    • MrEFQ

      You do realize if you click on somebodys name you can see that they are two different profiles.
      Try harder, try hard.


    Nobody took or attempted to take away Phil's freedom of speech! So, why are people pushing that lie? The only thing we are doing by speaking out is defending ourselves, which happens to be our freedom of speech! People expect us to say nothing when somebody says such a disgusting thing? Then they put words into our mouths! Blame it all on gay people! Good Christians? What a bunch of bull crap to use this the way that they do. I guess, in order to be a good Christian Conservative, you have to accept gay bashing? It is pathetic! I am sick of so called good Christians!

    • dogwonder

      And we're sick to death of the gay supremacist's demands that we look away whilst they demand that our society let them live in their bubble of exclusiveness never to be offended.

  • Shocked?

    Hey GLADD where is all the advertisers pulling out of the most popular TV show in America? What does this backlash mean? It means that the majority of American things you should have left Phil and his civil rights of religion alone.


    It ticks me off, also that GLAAD would use this opportunity for revenge! Not all gay people would do that! I think, in this case, they should say what they need to and then leave it alone! Sometimes we need to allow people time to work it out! Phil had said he wasn't trying to show hate! I think right then, people should have dropped it and let it go! Mom always taught me that. I have a twin brother and we use to get into big fights. He would do something and then, of course, I had to get him back. Mom would punish us both and if I pointed out to her that he did something to me first, she would look at me and say ” Two wrongs don't make a right ”
    It did bother me that a lot that people felt like it was ok to say those disgusting things, but it is part of the way we learn in life! Things change according to how we react to others and to events in our lives! Revenge is never a good thing! Ever! Even among Christians, beliefs can be extremely different. It is easy for one group to offend another! I don't think this should be turned into some hateful fight that causes a lot of pain. It is a chance to make things better. Somebody can disagree with me being gay and still be around me and even care! It all depends on how we treat each other! Personally, it feels a little sad to me right now!

  • dogwonder

    Does GLAAD represent gays, I suspect they represent the militant gays who have nothing in their hearts but hatred for Christians and people who won't submit to their radical demands for “Supremacists status via living their lives never being offended”?

    • kylegarrett

      Have you ever wondered the reason why people have it in most christians is because most christians espouse their bigotry whilst hiding behind their stupid creaky bibles. It's the 21st century & the sooner jesus freaks get hip to that, the better. I hate to break it to you but conservatives christians are ALSO a minority. And how are GLAAD's “demands” all that radical? They want the same equal rights as you or me. Would you say to a black person or a woman they shouldn't have any rights in 2013?

      Bottom line: a good chunk of the christians out there only think the crap they do because they refer to the bible for every aspect of their lives. Proving, once again, they can't/won't think for themselves.

  • John Tierney

    I would like to say that I now hope that GLADD has got the point in this learning curve on them. The 3 or 4 % of the gays do not represent the major people in America and That I hope that they stop there. If they wish to take this further I would hope that the people continue to speak up about there thinking they are better then most.

  • Anti-Obama-Reid

    Mr. or Ma'am I am not sure what I should call you given your lifestyle, but you couldn't be more wrong about this statement. “I don’t think this is about the first amendment,” Ferraro said. This country was rooted and grounded on citizens having the right to speak their mind without fear of reprisal. Ferraro is wrong as we are America but it don't mean that gay or lesbians should flaunt their gayness in front of the rest of us and expect us to be ok with it as heterosexual couples don't want our children exposed to this kind of behavior. We want our children to grow up with the ability to make their own choice based on what makes them happy not what they see a bunch of depraved people doing in public as I have seen many times. .Keep it in your homes and not in public display and we will be ok with it. However, my bible still says it is a sin and I believe what my bible tells me as I have been preaching God's truth for nearly 30 years.

    • MrEFQ

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”
      Sorry, but this has nothing to do with the 1st amendment.

  • AmericanMeltDown

    The hypocrisy of the immoral liberal left is nauseating.

    They scream for tolerance, until it is THEY who need to be tolerant
    of another’s belief system – but that is how the immoral liberal left role!

    It's look at us, aren't we just the cutest perverted little freaks around – you must embrace and love us for the little perverts we are.

    God made us male and female for a reason – a male cannot unite with a man period. They can stick their wick in a mans backside, and have a perverted sex, but it will NEVER be marriage. I will not “accept” this perversion, nor “embrace your perversion. I am not operating in fear. I am operating on my belief system. Right is right and well, left will always be immoral. It's my choice to not embrace the perversion of gays and lessbees as they try to force their perversion on the rest of the world. I keep sex between myself and my spouse PRIVATE – gays and lessbee, please keep your sex private also.

    • kmgarrett

      No, we liberals are intolerant of people who think their religion (christianity) is the only one that matters. Liberals are intolerant of culturally backward thinking people who still have an antiquated view on how people can or should love each other. Liberals are intolerant of people who base their daily lives & morals based on a stupid 2000 year old book of fables. Liberals are intolerant of bigots,racists & batshit crazy christians, full stop. I'm sorry the world is progressing in such a rapid pace conservatives can't or won't keep up. That's fine. You'll be left behind with the rest of the old farts & bible thumpers who still think an imaginary god is “coming”. The more conservative christian detritus that gets left by the wayside, the better.

      • AmericanMeltDown

        Based on your own words of intolorance – I rest my case.

        You scream for tolerance, until it is YOU who need to be tolerant
        of another’s belief system – but that is how the immoral liberal left role! Only your belief system is worthwhile in your eyes. You live under hypocracy and a double standard. That's your M O- Only you count in your eyes – that's pride and it will be your downfall. Your exact words: “Liberals are intolerant of people who base their daily lives & morals based on a stupid 2000 year old book of fables. Liberals are intolerant of bigots,racists & batshit crazy christians”

      • AmericanMeltDown

        Folks – here in kmgarretts own words – you witness the hypocrisy and double standard the militant gays and lessbees project out of their insecurities. It is they who scream and demand that we support them, yet, they mock and ridicule anyone who does not believe and live like they do.
        In kmgarretts own words, it is they who are intolorant of anyone who does not embrace and suport what we deem to be a perversion..
        Remember the Germans who turned on their own countrymen and women – kngarrett and their type are the kind of people who beleive it is only them and those who think like they do who have the right to live and speak their values. In kmgarretts own words, we don't have the right to their tolerance. Never forget!

  • bcsusmc75

    I can feel the hate coming in the air tonight…

  • Daniel Roberson

    Nothing that the man said was anti -gay it was pro-bible. He can't help it if glaad is anti-bible. As Peter and John said in Acts 4:19 “Which is right in God's eyes: to listen to you, or to him ( God)? You be the judges!

    • kmgarrett

      “Which is right in god's eyes..” You mean the imaginary god that has yet to even bother to show itself? Yeah OK. And I'm pretty sure GLAAD isn't anti-bible, only anti-bigotry & religious zealots who are afraid to think for themselves & not follow a creaky bible.

      • Daniel Roberson

        All I can say to you is 2 Corinthians 4:4And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don't believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don't understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God. I can't make you see it. But you can ask to see God's love for you and all mankind. God is not a bigot he is just bigger than our temporary human desires and even our sin if we are willing to receive him.

  • Phillip Jones

    He did NOT make racist remarks.

  • Anthony Goldsmith

    No offense, but about 75% of the people posting don't seem to understand the First Amendment. The First Amendment prohibits Congress (and by extension through the 14th Amendment the several states, territories and their political subdivisions) from making laws that abridge people's freedom or expression or religion. The First Amendment does not assure you have a job if you tick off your employer by being a reactionary asswipe. The First Amendment does not restrict your employer from telling you to pack your desk if you offend them or their customers. The sick old man has every right in the world to say his piece about how his interpretation of the Bible counsels his views on gays or that he believes black folks were happy in the Jim Crow South. No government can put him in jail for that. If he wants, he can stand on a street corner and spout his views. He can go on the radio, the internet or any other media and express himself without fear that he will be prosecuted, jailed, fined or censored by the Government. But that's it. If he wants to be able to express his views without fear of public ridicule or the loss of his job he can find a symapthetic employer or media outlet or pay for his own airtime.

  • James Pool

    GLADD and the other pro-homosexual zealots seem to have mistaken America's “tolerance” for that lifestyle for endorsement of it. I am neither super-religious or super conservative, but I recognize sexual perversion when I see it, as well as today's PC attempts to mask man-on-man anal sex in “alternative lifestyle” decorum such “being gay” and “deeply committed love”. Homosexuality is still personified by deviant sex between persons of the same gender. You can be “gay” and engage in homosexual acts all you want as long as myself or my kids don't have to witness it and you keep it in your own abode. Also…..I'm an American, which I think still gives me the right to stand on a soapbox and tell you whether I agree with homosexual behavior or not, as long as I don't threaten you with harm. Also, Americans enjoy the right of Freedom OF Religion as well as your side of the story; Freedom FROM Religion. GLADD, you have the right to espouse your pro views of your lifestyle, but I have an equal right to espouse my cons of it. TOLERANCE OF OTHER'S VIEWS…..why don't you GLADD people and A&E try it on for size.

  • TerryHaryett

    “egregious anti-gay and racist comments”???
    He spoke neither anti-gay or racist comments.
    Unless you figure, not embracing the gay life enthusiastically is anti-gay. I have no idea where anybody finds racism. Sick bunch of puppies..

  • john smith

    seems this reality tv station arts and entertainment and the members of G.L.A.A.D. cant tell what real reality is. and? cant handle the truth even after a&e hired this family for being themselves-to be real and show their faith in God. now they want too to cry fowl(foul a&e that is).shame on A&E for being spineless backbiters to appease G.L.A.A.D. the secular humanists of the world.

  • God_loves_ You!

    Why should Phil have to sit down with the Gays to know who they live if you were truly tolerant you would want to sit with him and see how he lives. You just might learn something. God loves every one and He even had a book written called the Bible that explains to everyone how he loves them and wants everyone to go to heaven with him.

  • Chesty0351

    Being against the perversion of homosexuality is not and never
    should be compared to racism. These perverse humans have chosen their path, the
    reason they hate fundamentalist Christians speaking out is simple…..they are
    reminded of just how perverse they are and that they are accountable to their

    The common argument you get from the “homo club” is
    that homosexual behavior is a natural occurrence in nature….they drag out animal
    after animal that may exhibit even the slightest bit of same sex attraction.
    Then they run the assumption up the flag pole that it is proof they are all
    born that way……WRONG……Animals were created by God without a soul, to
    less than human and when their time is done…..it's done. Humans were created
    above animals with an eternal soul to have an eternal life with God.

    If you want to frolic around with your same sex friend….knock
    yourself out and have a gay blast…..but regardless of what you say, how much
    of a hypocrite you act when you speak out against my right to my beliefs and
    the right to voice them or how loud you say it…….your existence is an
    abomination and you are just “flipping the bird” at God.

    But hey!!!! Your Godless anyways so what the f#ck does it matter
    right??…..LOL….so say your right and there is no God then we've all got
    nothing to worry about….BUT…..because I'm right, when he comes back and all
    of creation bows at his holiness……then I've got nothing to worry about
    because I’ve accepted the one gift that can save my soul from your fate. Jesus
    Christ, before you freak out and type up some crazy rant read on…….I am just a
    sinful and flawed as any human……..regardless of your type of sin…..sin is
    sin…..a lie, homosexual relations or any other sin…..it’s all the same. Find
    Christ and find the peace you seek.

  • D-lap

    My first question is what were the racist remarks. Unless there is more to the interview I don't believe gays qualify as a racial group. Second, since 99% of the press are liberal their agenda is always going to be served so what's the point of even trying to have a constructive conversation about any type of moral issues.. Third, the graphic comments made by the gentlemen from Storage Wars, New York offended millions of Americans too,,,do you think they will be suspended too? Of course not,,,see number two.

  • debi g

    “I don’t think this is about the first amendment,” Ferraro said. “I feel it’s more about the America we live in today. That is one where Americans, gay and straight, are able to speak out when people in the public eye make anti-gay and racist remarks.”
    I believe in an America where we can speak out when people in the public eye spew any form of hatred or intolerance. This is not, however, what Mr. Robertson was doing.
    He was asked what he considered a sin. (We weren't there and do not know how many sins he may have discussed prior to bringing up homosexuality.) He spoke about the Bible saying it was a sin. He didn't declare it was a sin. He didn't say we must kill/stone/hate homosexuals.
    And later in that interview, if you bother to read the whole thing, he speaks of judgement resting in the hands of the Almighty. He isn't in the business of judging or condemning. He's in the business of living, accepting, and spreading his belief.
    This is America. He has the right to believe what he believes. Isn't that how America came to be in the first place? To have that right?
    You have the right to disagree with his beliefs. You have the right to engage in debate. But I don't believe you have the right to condemn him, or anyone, because of his/their beliefs.

  • Daniel Roberson

    To Babycheeks I agree with you and what you had to say. This is a perfect example of the scripture that say judge not. It doesn't mean don't judge at all because right and wrong, good and evil do exist and we need to judge between the two. To judge not means that when we judge others be prepared to judge ourselves by the same standard. The glaad community has one set of standards for others and a separate standard for themselves. Even though I don't agree with them I will never stop praying for them.

  • Hub-bub

    Back in the 90s in San Francisco a radio personality name J Paul Emerson made both a racist comment about Japanese and a homophobic remark. The Asian-American community protested the radio station and demanded Emerson be fired. Emerson was eventually fired. GLAAD came out and said they were against the firing and believed in free speech and remarked that the gay community was not a part of the protest and referred to Asians in a derogatory “them.” Emerson found a job at another radio station where on day one he made another homophobic remark. The gay community protested and Emerson was eventually fired again.

  • Robert

    I have not had any problem with gay folks………I have a family member that is one…………..this stuff on Phil is unbelieveable………….I will not ever support “gay rights” again……………..ever!!!

  • Robert

    I believe that if a man wants to have another man”s penis, stuck up his rear or down his mouth, it is his right……………….so is the opinion of Phil.

  • Daniel Roberson

    I think everyone should read Genesis 19. It shows us the spirit that motivates glaad. If that spirit was willing to rape an angel of God to feed it's lust. I can see how it would want to get rid of the bible. Even God doesn't matter because the lust is first and foremost and like in the days of Lot there is no reasoning with one who's lust wants what it wants.

    • Michael Scott Brown

      and if you keep reading your bible right after that ,the riteous Lot gets drunk and impregnates both his daughters.

  • whitenite@centurylink.net

    whos She lickin that she got so dang offended over! He must have hit right in her home plate !!!!! Had to have been HER he made awful uncomfortable when he talkedabout all these things like sinners ?

  • disqus_tPLI4XO73J

    You know, I just saw the national news and in Africa I believe it is against the law to be homosexual. They are putting them to death. I think if I wanted to remain gay I would keep my mouth shut. They seem to think that it is right to offend everyone who isn't gay by their openness. I hate to see it on tv and on the street. Why is it ok to offend me and me not offend them. Somehow I don't think my rights ore being protected. If you want to be gay then you deal with it and the Lord. Leave the rest of us out of your sin.

  • WhyAreWeAllSoDumb

    Course GLAAD would not see this as a first amendment issue as Phil's comments do not agree with their position. Once again a liberal/progressive organization is fine with any speech so long as it conforms to their way of thinking.

    By the way I do not agree with everything Phil said and I am sure that most people would not agree with everything I say at any given time. That Is America, where we are ALL supposed to be able to say what we think without fear of not conforming to a given way of thought.

  • Eric_Randal_Young

    Leviticus, Chapter 20:13

    13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    this is not an opinion it is strait from the word of God The Holy Bible a fact the Law according to God and it we all followed God's Word to the Letter there would be no homosexuality to debate about or defend depending on your belief

    just stating the facts not expressing my beliefs Praise Be To God in Jesus Name

    • steve001968

      While I agree you can't reconcile homosexuality with Christianity I'm personally a lot more concerned with the public health crisis and incredible burden on society created by gay men's sky high HIV/STD rates. 44 times higher for HIV than for straight men and 46 times higher for Syphilis according to the CDC. It costs billions to treat all these victims of what is an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle.

      • Eric_Randal_Young

        I don't understand what your reply has to do with my original post if we all followed God's word to the letter there would be no homosexuality to debate or defend there would not be any HIV/STD rates to contend with the abomination would be abolished according to Leviticus, Chapter 20;13.Leviticus Chapter 20;22

        22 Ye shall therefore keep all my statutes, and all my judgments, and do them: that the land, whither I bring you to dwell therein, spue you not out.

        • steve001968

          1. Nobody follows “gods word” to the letter, hence the reason, if you believe in Christianity, that he sent his son to die for everyone's inevitable sins, provided they repent them.

          2. Your religion is rejected by a significant number of people, myself included, in it's entirety since it has no scientific basis and in fact is frequently contrary to scientific data. It's a bit harder to reject the mountain of scientific evidence proving the epidemic rates of STDs including HIV in gay men, therefore that is my particular concern. That said, I still think it's absurd that gays or anyone else would expect Christianity to change to reconcile with their lifestyle choice.

  • triumph1

    I hope the Duck Dynasty group come up with a line of penis shaped duck calls that GLAAD could support.

  • bpgordon

    I hope they go to another station. They are the only reason I watch A&E. Maybe we should ask dish network and direct tv. to drop A&E and save money.

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      Well there is also Barry of Storage Wars.

  • wiseoneinheartland


    • CarbonaNotGlue

      I agree with you but I don't agree with GLAAD. They have joined the ranks of those who want to run your life and mine .. AND punish your for your thoughts. Hollywood Blacklists … look it up.

    • racerxonthe8th

      You state that you chose to live like you want to live. I respect that. That doesn't mean I have to agree with your choice. I think that's what Phil was trying to say. By the way, I do believe the Bible literally. Why else would it be written? Why don't you try to accept that the Bible does not allow one to “accept” homosexuality as something that is O.K.? You can be gay or bi and I can believe the Bible and we don't have to hate each other like GLAAD would have you believe.

    • steve001968

      When the rest of us have to stop paying billions in higher insurance premiums and taxes to cover the healthcare costs of gay men's sky hi HIV and STD rates then we can afford to be more tolerant. In the meantime the fact is that any lifestyle which results in a 44 times higher HIV rate and a 46 times higher Syphilis rate as reported by the CDC is a very unhealthy lifestyle that has serious negative implications for society as a whole. If that offends you, it's because it's true and the truth hurts. That notwithstanding people are perfectly free to be disgusted by and reject your chosen lifestyle for whatever reason they like and you will just have to deal with it. GLAAD's whining will not change it, it just projects their own insecurity over the lifestyle they promote. Do you think heterosexuals get upset when derided by gays as “breeders”?? Nope, we just get a good laugh. Why then does GLAAD promptly have a hissy fit when Phil Robertson criticizes the gay lifestyle? Because the criticism has merit, that's why. That said, personally I couldn't care less about the complete incompatibility of your lifestyle with Christianity, but I do care about the massive burden it imposes on society in the form of healthcare costs to deal with the aforementioned absurdly high HIV and STD rates among gay males.

      Press Release

      All Findings Embargoed Until: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 4:30pm EST
      Contact: NCHHSTPMediaTeam@cdc.gov
      (404) 639-8895

      CDC Analysis Provides New Look at Disproportionate Impact of HIV and Syphilis Among U.S. Gay and Bisexual Men

      A data analysis released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention underscores the disproportionate impact of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men in the United States.

      The data, presented at CDC's 2010 National STD Prevention Conference, finds that the rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men (MSM) is more than 44 times that of other men and more than 40 times that of women.

      The range was 522-989 cases of new HIV diagnoses per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men and 13 per 100,000 women.

      The rate of primary and secondary syphilis among MSM is more than 46 times that of other men and more than 71 times that of women, the analysis says. The range was 91-173 cases per 100,000 MSM vs. 2 per 100,000 other men and 1 per 100,000 women.

      While CDC data have shown for several years that gay and bisexual men make up the majority of new HIV and new syphilis infections, CDC has estimated the rates of these diseases for the first time based on new estimates of the size of the U.S. population of MSM. Because disease rates account for differences in the size of populations being compared, rates provide a reliable method for assessing health disparities between populations.

      “While the heavy toll of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men has been long recognized, this analysis shows just how stark the health disparities are between this and other populations,” said Kevin Fenton, M.D., director of CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention. “It is clear that we will not be able to stop the U.S. HIV epidemic until every affected community, along with health officials nationwide, prioritize the needs of gay and bisexual men with HIV prevention efforts.”

      For the purposes of determining rates of disease for MSM, CDC researchers first estimated the size of the gay and bisexual male population in the United States – defined as the proportion of men who reported engaging in same-sex behavior within the past five years. Based on an analysis of nationally representative surveys, CDC estimated that MSM comprise 2.0 percent (range: 1.4-2.7 percent) of the overall U.S. population aged 13 and older, or 4 percent of the U.S. male population (range: 2.8-5.3 percent). Disease rates per 100,000 population were then calculated using 2007 surveillance data on HIV and primary/secondary syphilis diagnoses and U.S. Census data for the total U.S. population.

      The new analysis is the first step in more fully assessing the impact of HIV among MSM and other populations significantly affected by the disease. CDC is developing more detailed estimates of infection rates among MSM by race and age, as well as among injection drug users. CDC is also in the early stages of planning for estimates among heterosexuals. Ultimately, these data can be used to better inform national and local approaches to HIV and STD prevention to ensure that efforts are reaching the populations in greatest need.

      Research shows that a range of complex factors contribute to the high rates of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men. These factors include high prevalence of HIV and other STDs among MSM, which increases the risk of disease exposure, and limited access to prevention services. Other factors are complacency about HIV risk, particularly among young gay and bisexual men; difficulty of consistently maintaining safe behaviors with every sexual encounter over the course of a lifetime; and lack of awareness of syphilis symptoms and how it can be transmitted (e.g., oral sex). Additionally, factors such as homophobia and stigma can prevent MSM from seeking prevention, testing, and treatment services.

      Also, the risk of HIV transmission through receptive anal sex is much greater than the risk of transmission via other sexual activities, and some gay and bisexual men are relying on prevention strategies that may be less effective than consistent condom use.

      “There is no single or simple solution for reducing HIV and syphilis rates among gay and bisexual men,” said Fenton. “We need intensified prevention efforts that are as diverse as the gay community itself. Solutions for young gay and bisexual men are especially critical, so that HIV does not inadvertently become a rite of passage for each new generation of gay men.”

      Preventing HIV and STDs among gay and bisexual men is a top CDC priority. CDC provides funding to health departments and community-based organizations throughout the nation to implement proven behavior-change programs for MSM and will soon expand a successful HIV testing initiative to reach more gay and bisexual men. Additionally, CDC is implementing an updated National Syphilis Elimination Plan in cities where MSM have been hardest hit by the disease, and will release an updated HIV prevention strategic plan within the next year to support the President's upcoming National HIV/AIDS Strategy. CDC officials note that the new analysis released today underscores the importance of the HIV and STD prevention efforts targeting gay and bisexual men recently announced as part of the President's fiscal year 2011 budget proposal.”

  • Normannormal

    You just need to run yourselves back into the closet and lock the door.

    • Margie Wood

      One should not treat another with cruelty its not humanistic to do so, if you really don't know what to say to someone with a bit more sense then that Norman then you need to go back to school and get educated , Do on to others as you would want done to you. many people have lost their sense of just being nice, I am sorry if anyone was offended by what Phil said but he was ask a question and he answer it with the knowledge he knew best, yes he is a christen and he should not be sanction for his beliefs, and I for one will not watch the show without him on it.

  • DanL

    What nobody seems to getting here is that the Robertson's have called A&E's bluff and it's the Robertsons who are holding all the aces.
    The Robertsons serve God. A&E serves the god of money.
    The Robertsons have effectively said, “No Phil, no show.”
    If A&E cancels the show, the worst that can happen to the Robertsons is they go back to living off the land. Phil is NOT going to stop speaking the truth and serving the Lord–nor will his family. Even if they lose everything, they will still have a greater reward waiting for them in heaven than anything here on earth and they know it. Phil has made it clear in previous statements that he does not need this show to be complete or happy. He also knows that everything he has is a gift from the Lord. He does not care about the money because he does not serve the money.
    On the other hand, if A&E cancels the most lucrative show ever on cable TV, they will lose a LOT of money (much more than the Robertsons get paid)–and they will have to answer to the bean counters for it. If they don't cancel the show, they will have to deal with the resulting media crapstorm hissy-fit.
    The cards are on the table. Your play, A&E.

    • steve001968

      Go back to living off the land? They are worth about 80 million, if they live off the land it's by choice and they are doing it already. A&E is about to kill the duck that laid the golden egg over the whining of a minority that is terrified of criticism of their lifestyle.

  • Truthbetold

    This is GLAADs biggest nightmare come true that people would see it for what it is…all a big lie….people aren't born gay it's a choice to live the lifestyle brought on by sexual abuse an dead beat parents and spouses….that is why GLAAD is so worried this could change the tide against the the social and political agenda of having to accept something that goes against someone's freedom to believe..

  • justanaverageguy

    Urban minded liberal NYC limousine elites that own and control the media have been conditioned to arrogantly rule the political world on their own terms. They are wrong in going after hard working Americans of a different and rural culture, but just as American. Maybe even more American as many have an American heritage that is generations longer than many of these elites that are newcomers with family money.

    Many millions of Americans are part of this culture that made tons of money for A&E's portrayal, while internally they were making fun of them. The urban elites tout calling themselves liberals, but the reality is that many are intolerant bigots towards those who do not think like them.

    These elite bigots need to understand that there is another half of America that doesn't necessary think the way they do, and they are not necessarily wrong because they do not think as NYCer.

    I personally hope that the public shoves this arrogant attitude down A&E's and the medias throats. Most Americans are not bigots, but they are weary of “protected classes” ruling our speech and beliefs. Cultural changes take generations and that is what the LGTB community and others need to understand. Instead they are pushing against society to accept their special rights and that is what inevitably will result in societal backlash.

    Disclosure: I've never watched the show. I have close gay family members. I support gay rights. But I'm weary of having special rights and protections for some shoved down our throats by arrogant urbanites and a media whose real mission is to divide and conquer the USA to advance their own power.

    • sharinite

      Thanks for getting it and putting it down in writing…we all need to read, hear and comprehend!!

  • Southerngirl

    We are taught as Christians to love everyone. But we don't have to love their ways. Phil Robertson & his family are grounded in the LORD & all HIS teachings. My family & I are the same way. These people from GQ & from A&E knew full well these people were Christians when they started the show & DEFINITELY GQ knew they were. They asked his opinion. And he gave it. He did NOTHING wrong. Whether homosexuals believe it or not; it is written in the Bible how our LORD feels about homosexuality. To make it simple GOD says no man shall lie with another man & just as NO woman shall lie with another woman.

    If homosexuals continue to live this lifestyle they “SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN”. The only way they shall enter is to turn away from this lifestyle, ask GOD to forgive them & accept HIM into their hearts. GOD died for ALL of our sins. That is DEFINITELY true. But HE didn't do it so people can go on living their sinful ways. I'm a Christian & I love EVERYONE. And I will talk to people that aren't Christians to try & get them to accept the LORD as their personal Savior. This is how TRUE Christians feel. We love the sinner but hate the sin. And we are not to go out & run around with homosexuals. Phil Robertson was being truthful in what he said. He was in his right to speak his opinion. Homosexuals have that same right just as atheists do. But atheists are trying to make sure the liberals in the White house make sure our Christian children don't pray in school events or ANYWHERE for that matter. And homosexuals are wanting their lifestyle taught in schools & EVERYWHERE else.


    1: If atheists don't want their children to pray or sing about Christ tell them NOT to sing.

    2: If homosexuals don't want to change their lifestyles & would rather go to HELL instead; as a Christian I can only pray you have a change of heart. But don't go out in public making an obstacle of yourselves in front of Christians. Or in front of our children.

    And finally 3: You all speak your mind. And we Christians will continue to speak ours.

  • Michele

    Yeah Ferraro, well do your research. I’m a late shopper and will be researching every company that supports you and advertises on A&E to make sure NOT ONE PENNY of my CHRISTMAS budget is spent in those establishments, even if it means they all get DUCK CALLS for gifts!

  • Viator16

    It shows that GLAAD is nothing but a bunch of bullies. They cry for tolerance for themselves, but they deny it to others. Those they talk about the need for tolerance are the most intolerant people on the face of the earth. GLAAD is a prime example of that intolerance.

    • Wisdom


  • http://treeofmamre.wordpress.com/ John Scotus

    The people at GLAAD are just a bunch of haters who are trying to impose their values on the rest of America, and many Americans are frankly getting sick of them. Robertson is willing to let gays do what they want without any restriction or penalty, and he in fact said as much in the interview which GLAAD went out of its way to misrepresent. However, GLAAD is not willing to offer him and his fans the same respect.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    It's funny how GLAAD says they believe in free speech, BUT they only believe in it if you believe what they believe.

    I don't remember GLAAD having ANYTHING to say when Alec Baldwin went on his rant filled with hateful slurs about gays. I guess they are OK with hate speech as long as a liberal is the one being hateful.

  • DonPippin

    This mess is disgusting. GLAAD should be shaking in fear of the wrath of God. He is the one that condemns their lifestyle. Argue with him. I doubt if he will waste time talking to you, for you see, The only thing he will listen to from you is the “SINNERS PRAYER”. Once you are saved he will live in your heart forever.And he will forgive every sin you ever committed. It is a free gift. All you need to do is receive it.

  • FemEagle

    GLAAD is an arrogant, well-funded and dangerous organization. It and other gay groups make a practice of inflicting financial blackmail against anyone who dares to speak against the sexually-maladjusted, twisted lifestyle GLAAD is determined to make more mainstream. It and its cohorts have deprived small business people out of their livelihoods and taken bread out of the mouths of their children, all because those businessmen and women refused to compromise their religious principles to serve the gay agenda. In truth, it is GLAAD that is “vile” and “hurtful”, and we the people, who believe in free speech, are the ones who “still have a lot of work to do”.

    And now it's just been reported that an activist judge in Utah has struck down the state's law against gay marriage – overruling the voters in that state. Enough is enough! It's supposed to be “we the people”, not “we the courts and GLAAD”. It's time for free people to stand up and take back the control of this country from the left, before it's too late.

  • JR

    Excuse my ignorance, but how are the comments “racist”?

    • sharinite

      Guest…which comments? Be specific, please.

  • Grand Master

    It is ridiculous to ask Phil to sit down with Gays and abandon his religious beleifs by doing so. The Bible is clear, and it is obvious the GLAAD must believe free speech doesn't apply to Christians. They wont be happy until everyone goes to Hades for joining in their depravity.

  • r s

    “It just means we still have a lot of work to do,” Ferraro said.

    Currently, only 70,000 people have signed a petition asking A&E to drop the suspension. I guess he wants to offend and bully more people to get that number higher.

    The issue is really about bullying of dissenting viewpoints in the public forum. If we believe in free inquiry, we would like to stimulate debates where people can express their own views. Not be the loudest and most ruthless in silencing people who disagree with us. “(GLAAD) is also currently researching companies who use Robertson as a spokesperson.” That is really my point in so many words. They are bullies attempting to monopolize the public forum. This is the cause of the harsh reaction to GLAAD, the pent-up rage of the silenced people.

    • sharinite

      A new day is dawning in America….the Left hates it and will do anything to stop it, but, I believe Americans are fed up with the bullying, terror tactics of the Progressives aka democrats nee marxists trend stalinists…..Maybe GLADD's rep should think about the true equality they have ranted for being equal to ALL!

  • Lorrie Gonzales

    I sort of agree with you but if he is blind to his sinfulness, how/why would he “choose” to repent? I would venture God has to open his eyes, and until God does that, he will remain lost. It makes one grateful for the Grace God has Shown one, as we realize it is not our doing but Christ's. All Glory and honor to Christ Jesus! Amen.

  • Steve

    Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from the consequences of your speech. If you say bigoted things you have to accept you may get some grief. Deal with it.

    • whatever

      Agreed.. If he said bigoted comments then let the people decide if what he said was offensive to them and let them decide if they will not watch Duck Dynasty because of it and I'm sure he is willing to suffer the consequences.. It is not GLAAD's job to try to force that choice, that decision on us.. They have the freedom of speech to say, “they didn't like it, and thought it was offensive to Gays”.. They don't have the right to DEMAND A & E to punish him and they do NOT have the right to try and get people to boycott it and they DO NOT have the right to go after other sponsors, when they do that, they are NOW violating his Freedom of Religion, they are violating his freedom of speech.. They are not exercising free speech, they are exercising lynch mob, dictator mentality, they are going after him to try and destroy him.. You MUST agree with them, if you say anything they don't like and they will try to destroy you!! They also LIED about what he said. He did not compare homosexual behavior to bestiality, they twisted that and manipulated what he said to make it seem worse because they knew the truth, everyone would say, “so WHAT”.. He said it was a sin, so if they are going to complain about that, then they'd better burn all the Churches down, especially Catholic churches and they'd better tell everyone that owns a bible and every hotel that has a bible to turn them in so they can burn them cause all those bibles say it!! GLAAD lost all respect from me.. They have the right to help with Gay rights and I'm all for that, but when they start this C R @ P, making things up, putting down good people, striking out against people for a religious belief, making a battle when there is NONE, then all their credibility just flew out the window.. They moved to “extremist” and too far extremist is never good!! They were serving NO Gay cause on this issue, what cause, who were they defending? All the gays I know, and I have two gay cousins and three gay friends, NONE of them were offended, they were more offended and embarrassed by GLAAD's response and reaction.. GLAAD is HORRIBLE and for people trying to preach “rights, freedoms and tolerance” they are mutilating all three!!

      • Steve

        > “They don't have the right to DEMAND A & E to punish him and they do
        NOT have the right to try and get people to boycott it and they DO NOT
        have the right to go after other sponsors, when they do that, they are
        NOW violating his Freedom of Religion, they are violating his freedom of

        Sure they do – that's all free speech. As far as I'm aware, GLAAD have no judicial or executive powers or other such authority to force people or organizations to do what they're told. And they made no threats of violence. Everyone is acting freely. It's capitalism functioning as designed. Maybe you guys should rethink capitalism?

    • sharinite

      Right on! Now, how does Gladd get their consequences for lying, twisting words…let me know when hades freezes over!

      • Steve

        Apparently, they're subject to a large “back lash” according to the article above and many commentators – if so, what's the problem?

      • sharinite

        If one is wrong and has consequences and the other is wrong too it should have consequences also.

    • steve001968

      In other words: Any criticism of the gay lifestyle is “bigoted” and thus Verboten. He didn't even get into the fact that gay males have an HIV rate 44 times that of heterosexual males, but he should have.

      • Steve

        Well, I didn't say *any* criticism, necessarily, but Phil's comments were (albeit towards the mild end of the spectrum). Not that I know what the “gay lifestyle” is supposed to mean. I'm straight myself, but I wouldn't say I live the “hetero lifestyle”, anymore than I live the “book-reading lifestyle” because I'm a reader.

        I wonder if Phil will talk about the rate of HIV transmission among lesbians?

        • steve001968

          I doubt he would say anything since his primary concern seems to be religiously based. That said, the rate of HIV transmission among Lesbians is very low, but that does nothing to mitigate the absolute and undeniable healthcare crisis caused by the epidemic HIV rates among gay males. The data on this from the CDC and other reputable sources is mountainous and irrefutable.

  • whatever

    I'm not a particularly religious person and I have a lot of Gay friends and relatives!

    I've read and reread what Phil said, and you know what I hate, you know what I find Vulgar, Vile, Hateful and Offensive is GLAAD and the LIES, twisting of the facts and the manipulation of what was “actually” said, so that they could “Cry Victim” and try to enrage people and try to RUIN a family's life and reputation over a religious belief, that they don't agree with.. People are saying Robertson has the freedom of speech and so does GLAAD.. Fine and if that were it, all would be fine, all would be equal, but GLAAD is NOT exercising their freedom of speech, they are a lynch mob, they are out to destroy an innocent man, they are on a witch hunt, they are trying to destroy a person because he dared to HONESTLY and TRUTHFULLY answer a question he was asked.. Phil didn't go out on a pulpit and make a hate filled anti-gay speech, he was asked, what sin was to “HIM”, not to you, not to A & E, but to HIM!! He answered, according to his belief and the Robertson's are very religious, he stated homosexual behavior is a sin and he said a lot of other things were sins too, a lot of sins he committed, a lot of sins heterosexual men and women commit!! He DID NOT, let me repeat that, DID NOT say homosexual behavior was bestiality.. He said, “Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman, etc.. etc..” So that is clearly heterosexual activity and then added.. “and those men”, so including Gays, “that sleep around” with multiple partners is bestiality, man, woman, hetero or homosexual.. So if you say he compared homosexuals to bestiality then you HAVE TO SAY he compared heterosexual behavior to bestiality too.. GLAAD owes Phil Robertson an apology for going OVER THE LINE and OVER reacting, for taking an innocent statement and making it into something it definitely was NOT.. GLAAD is a bunch of BULLIES.. A & E owes him an apology too!!

  • Neurotic

    I thought the whole gay movement was about tolerance of other people that you do not agree with. So tolerate Phil. His opinions are valid just as yours are. A lot of America feels the same way. I don't think you realize how many Americans feel this way because you have silenced us so severely . gLAD is anything but silent. Others may be offended by gays making out on the streets and going half naked in parades but we are not allowed to say so. Phil spoke for many of us!

    • sharinite

      We don't need to be silent anymore…on any subject, our money is as good as theirs!

    • steve001968

      The gay lobby is about forcing acceptance and silencing criticism. Period.

  • melvin

    its past time we put a stop to people like ferraro and groups like GLAAD from deciding how we are allowed to believe and speak you have no right to say anything about someone else or how or what they say i would think with everything the gay community has been through they would understand every one has a right to own opinion and to believe the way you choose to believe and to speak your mind (right or wrong) without fear of being punished im 100 percent for Phil on this he has his opinion and is entitled to speak his mind no one is forcing you to watch or listen to what he has to say

    • Sam Sheepdog

      Man, that's a long sentence. I think I concur, but a little lost….

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    It would be kind of nice if people actually READ the comments rather reading INTO them.

    1) Phil's first comment (about anuses and vaginas) is … what? He said that TO HIM, he doesn't see how a man would be attracted to an anus.

    Wow. A heterosexual man saying that he he's not attracted to other men. And some people think that's bigotry? Or even controversial? Heck, that's the same as the Pope saying that he prefers to go to a Catholic Mass rather than a Protestant service.

    2) Phil did not “connect” homosexuality with bestiality. He listed bestiality and marital infidelity as “other sins.” This is straightforward Protestant belief (not Catholic) that all sins are the same, because ALL sins are manners of separation from God. So, homosexuality, gossip, bestiality, adultery, drunkedness — all are different forms of the same sin, which is rebellion against God.

    Phil's was a remarkably tame summary of garden variety Christian belief. And the world goes nuts, shocked to find out that a Christian actually believes in Christianity.

  • Daniel Roberson

    The backlash is so great to glaad because now people are seeing their true agenda and that is to silence the free speech of anyone who does not think and feel the way they do. Hopefully through this situation people will finally see who is really being bullied, who is really hating, who is really phobic and who is really ready to victimize anyone who is not accepting of the gay lifestyle. Phil is not anti- gay He is pro-God and the bible. Just like Lot was pro-God in Genesis 19 and the gay community of his day didn't care. All that mattered to them was their gay lifestyle.

    • sharinite

      Correct, and the progs support it because it is their identical agenda.

    • Daniel Roberson

      As for you comment Michael S. Brown “and if you keep reading your bible right after that , ( encounter with the gay community of his day) the riteous Lot gets drunk and impregnates both his daughters” If you read the story correctly Lot's daughters got him drunk. They had the same spirit as glaad. They forced their selfish incestuous sexual lifestyle on their father. God didn't condone that either. I hope this means you are willing to admit that homosexuality is in the same negative boat as incest. Both are condemned as sin ( wrong doing) by God who loves all sinners but hates their sin.

      • Michael Scott Brown

        No way im defending those wicked people's behavior.Forcing yourself on somebody is wrong . incidentally I met a woman from Uganda who was imprisoned for being lesbian .She was held for months but never formally charged or tried. She was repeatedly raped by prison guards who said it was their Christian duty to show her what real intercouse was. She got out with her life, our ” degenerate” gay and lesbian church helped her escape to Canada, where people who speak like Mr Robertson can be lawfully charged with inciting hatred.

        • Daniel Roberson

          Michael S, Brown You speak of this woman who was a victim in Uganda who suffered rape and humiliation at the hand of evil prison guards. Every time I hear stories like this from gay people I say two wrongs will never make a right. God does not approve of this evil either. So why would those who embrace homosexuality want to spend eternity with such evil people?. Also Michael when I look at you I see a person greatly loved by God. Because of that you don't need a church that affirms you, you need a church that affirms God and his word. There are two churches in the bible an Acts 2 church and a 2 Timothy 3 church one affirms God the other affirms people.

  • Ohreally

    Glaad has bullied people into silence long enough. Why can't glaad understand that CENTURIES people have been affronted by the gay lifestyle. Even nature disagrees with it and procreation doesn't exist

    • steve001968

      1. The gay lobby is extremely insecure about the lifestyle they promote. They know it's incredibly unhealthy resulting in astronomical HIV and STD rates and they know that the idea that it reconciles in any way shape or form with Christianity is absurd.
      2. Because of support from Hollywood and liberal politicians they frequently badly overestimate the support they have for their radical agenda among the general population.
      Both of these things make them hypersensitive to the slightest criticism and result in a tendency to badly overreach as seen in the Chick-Fil-A debacle.

  • Ml Howard

    70,000 signed, SO WHAT! I believe Piers Morgan had more signatures on the White House We the People website than that, 70,000 is literally nothing.
    The man needs to be sanctioned, in my way of thinking permanently. It is the only way to send the message that intolerance and ignorance will not be tolerated in our nation or on our televisede shows.
    If advertisers want to stand beside this idiot let them, it will come bite them on the posterior before it is over.

    • sharinite

      That's just the second, or perhaps third petition…over 1 million in less than 24 hours the first time out…People like you need to be sanctioned….who gave you the right to be ugly, nasty human beings because you finally get your way after throwing fits for years? There are many things I've wanted in my life but never got but I didn't have a hate group to back me!

      • Ml Howard

        Nasty? Nothing nasty about my comment, just a fact stated. Phil shoould be removed no matter what the religious right has to say about his views. I remind you there are more non Christians in American than there are Christians. We all do not subscribe to the outrageous beliefs of bigotry that some continue to hold near and dear. It took time for slavery to change but that did not make it any less wrong. It also took time for those who are sexualy oriented to stop being persecuted and that is still in progress. Phil is another step in that direction, Lets hope A&E fires this bigot for good!

    • steve001968

      Yeah uh I hate to break the bad news but public support is running overwhelmingly in Phil's favor. The majority in this country is sick of the Gaystapo and all the other little brown shirts who think they have some magical right to be free from criticism. This is going to be a huge debacle for them just like Chic-Fil-A was. I could barely get served at Chic-Fil-A for weeks after their failed boycott. The line was wrapped around the building twice and into the shopping center parking lot. The shopping center had to create overflow for the Chic-Fil-A line out of parking spaces just to keep traffic flowing. He should have also criticized the fact that gay men have an HIV new infection rate 44 times higher than heterosexual men according to the CDC since that is a public health crisis in this country. Sorry, Hollywood may cowtow to the gay lobby but the HIV virus doesn't care. It just keeps targeting them due to the fact that that lifestyle as practiced by most is EXTREMELY unhealthy. The Syphilis rate is 46 times higher for gay men than for heterosexual men as well.These numbers are nothing short of astronomical. If this post offends you, it's because it's true and the truth hurts, and I couldn't care less.

    • fred2

      @MI Howard

      Your love of censorship is disturbingly similar to those who silenced critics of slavery, Jim Crow, Nazism and communism.

      I'd start questioning if you are on the right side of free speech.

  • Jonathan Foulds

    So GLAAD get a huge backlash, then Ferraro continues to bash Phil, and is now researching other companies that use him as a spokesperson, presumably to try and screw with Phil's other business dealings.

    Ferraro is obviously less tolerant than Phil, or anyone I know, he is obviously stupid, as he hasn't learnt that the backlash means it is he that owes the apology, and it is he that needs to learn about the world he lives in. He is the one that discriminates. I find his heterophobic and racist comments repulsive.

    • steve001968

      “So GLAAD get a huge backlash, then Ferraro continues to bash Phil”
      They are slow learners. They got smacked around like ragdolls by Chic-Fil-A supporters

  • chuck

    It is time that groups like GLAAD stop their bullying .

  • bobbieann

    phil is now supposed to sit down with gay people in Louisiana to discuss there lifestyle and try to understand it
    im sure hell will freeze over first
    the spokesperson for a&e needs a vacation seems he is stressed out and needs time to come up with a better plan
    hey phil you are my hero!

  • sharinite

    Let's see, Gladd's rep is upset because he has received a big push back, right? USA has a population of approx 340 million…gays represent about 2-3% or about 3-8 million but the hate posts from gay activists I've personally read on the ‘net and in magazines and newspapers have come to roost back to GLADD. Well, welcome to the club…as a non-prgressive aka democrat neet marxist trending stalinistic, I ask, how does it feel to have this amount of angst brought home to you? We, normal Americans without an axe to grind, have been subjected to the worst humans can put out..go to comment sections in the NYTimes, The Atlantic, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune Yahoo, MSNBC, CNN and read some of the uglist, filth progressives have dished out since Clinton's debacle with his sexcapades in the White House…or, try to read anything decent about Jews…white men and women. The same men and women that support this country with taxes that are used to entitle a huge number of people for far more reasons than ever before in our history….Why there are more Americans on disability than there are gays…And, anyone with a gripe needs to read the DailyKos or MoveOn comments…you'll need to disinfect and a hot shower immediately after.

    • steve001968

      There's a definite backlash and GLAAD and other gay lobby groups demands for acceptance is fast alienating people who otherwise wouldn't care one way or the other.

  • Dem Feels

    What a bunch of panicky fags

  • Lilly

    Larry, you may be on to something there. We could start posting on behalf of Gladd to the Muslims and lets just see what happens. They want us Christians to be quiet and compliant, I am thru with both. All this comotion over quoting the bible. Yes…..I see contact with the Muslims coming around. lol

    • fred2

      Good point.

      Louis Farrakhan regularly denounces homosexuality, but I don't see GLAAD taking on the Nation of Islam.

  • B. W. Wright

    The comments Phil R. made were from the Bible. He went on to say that he loved everyone as God does. The Bible specifically states that homosexuality is an abomination. Phil certainly had a right to say what he did. He did not bash anyone, just stated what the Bible says. So, the only problem these naysayers have should be with the Bible. That will definitely be between them and God one day.

  • cajun lousiana proud

    The. South does not care about the liberals if are america likes this don't come to the south and we won't give an opion the south will rise again were not stupid compared to city people we don't care get a life

  • Larry Stauth

    @WillMoor:disqus .. Homophobia = afraid of homosexuals. Not agreeing with or seeing with a point of view or lifestyle is NOT a result of fear.

    You do know who stupid it sounds, when you try to say someone is “afraid” of something?

    Which is likely why this is an endless battle, because you are handling it like a people are intimidated, when in reality, they are betting ticked off…

    As for Muslim, it has everything to do with the discussion, because Liberals have no problem speaking publicly about anything Christian, and all Christians do is express their values, Muslims act on those.

    As in, the point, would you rather have a guy who says “I don't like gays”… or a guy that support killing gays, but says nothing?

    Seems to me, the only one's afraid are the anti-Christian groups, who keep trying to silence the opinions of those Christian groups, and calling it homophobic and hate speech, as a means to censor.

    What is going to result, just as it always has, when you attempt to force others views, you are going to get rebellious hate, for real…

    Example, look at the Civil Rights Movement. In areas where it was allowed to transition on it's own, where education was the tool, blacks and whites played quite well together… but in areas where it was forced upon them? Some people STILL have issues today and there is still areas of severe hatred brought about because of race….

    Is that the future you foresee for homosexuals? Hatred and anger? Then keep forcing.. History is a great teacher, try using it.

  • Truth

    Homosexuality is simply wrong, if they don't believe so can we ship them all out to mars and in a few years they are all wiped out!

  • xtra

    As for the “racist” comments, just like Phil, I worked every summer in the fields and used the money to buy Aretha Franklin and Jimmy Hendrix records. I was 11 years old when I started working in the fields. Can you guess my Race or Gender? Things were better then. Children were better behaved. Linda Ronstadt, Hendrix and Sydney Portier were Americans, unhyphenated. Now Can You Guess My Race or Gender?

  • Truth

    In the interview, he was asked what is sinful and he goes on to say numerous things are
    sinful all according to things which are stated in the Bible. The
    problem ultimately isn't with Phil. The problem is with man's pride and
    failure to humble themselves before a righteous God who would have us to
    lead Holy lives. We can't pick and choose what constitutes right and
    wrong – it is mandated by the higher authority – The same authority you
    will stand before on Judgment day to give account of your sins. Phil's
    comments are construed as hate – when in actuality – if you would take
    it to heart, and repent of these sins, and accept Christ as your savior -
    You could spend eternity in paradise instead of going to hell. God
    leaves the choice to us – it's really what life is all about and an act
    of love not hate which motivates Phil to warn you about your sin.

  • ProudVet

    GLAAD and LGBT we agree to disagree, and lets leave it at that. Gods ways or the Worlds ways, you chose.

  • Donald Graham

    Appearantly Ferraro misses the big picture. An organization (GLAAD) that preaches tolerance toward their own views, practices intolerance toward those who offer a differant view. GLAAD is a group of hypocrites, and as we have witnessed in the past few days even a plurality of the gay population doesn't agree with this extremist organization

  • Amerikan

    Why is it wrong to have an opinion? I know several homosexual people, get along with them, but I don't believe in that choice of lifestyle. They are free and
    welcome to do as they so chose, but that is their choice. I do not hate them, so why am I termed a hater, and they are not a race, so why would you call me a racist?

  • Dexter Hexter

    Is Rich Ferraro a “ferry”?

  • Cirric Fylenco

    I hope Phil doesn't “sit down with gays”. Here they are trying to do the brainwashing thing. And actually what theyre trying to do is make Phil bow to demands to suck liberal ass.

  • The Queen of Hearts

    Before any of you out there who are offended by Phil Robertson's comment on gay people ask yourselves this…. Are you so dam perfect that you have never said a bad word against any other group of people, have you never even had a bad thought in your life? Have you never disagreed with someone elses lifestyle? Are you really that squeaky clean perfect? I think not. Leave the man alone, there are millions of Christians in the world and this religion teaches homosexuality is wrong. Don't like it? Get over yourselves. You don't have to agree but then I don't have to agree with you. Stop sniveling!!!

  • gvanderleun

    “God gave Noah the rainbow sign,
    No more water, but the fire next time.”

  • johnnyBgood

    Normal reaction from normal people

  • Egd Consulting

    So if Phil believes the way he does he must set down with gay family's to simulated into there way of thinking and life styles. It sounds like Phil has a great chance to share the word of God. Maybe that's right where the Lord wants him. I don't believe they will change his mind. For the Lord gave us free will so don't kid yourself unless you give your heart to the one and only true lord you will spend your eternity in death and darkness.period.

  • Egd Consulting

    For those that scoff at the bible only the oldest text there is. It's going to really sick for you scoffed if we're right and your wrong. Big gamblers I say eternity is a dam long time.

  • neo rambo

    its time that the majority told the very loud minorities to mind their own business and stop trying to force us to accept them we have no problem as long as they stay in their little corner of the world and dont try to make us accept them

  • pc

    Wow – I can not believe that this is causing such a big deal – the man stated what he believed in. He may not be pc but who cares – It is refreshing to hear someone actually say what he feels and thinks. I am so tired of everyone having to be pc – I would love to tell the young people of this world (black, white and whatever other color or origin there are – to get off their lazy buns and start doing some work – we are a country going down hill. that is where pc has gotten us;

    • steve001968

      He isn't allowed to state that if it criticizes the gay lifestyle. The gay lobby is incredibly insecure about the lifestyle they promote and any criticism that amplifies that insecurity is simply unacceptable to them.

  • Jesus was an Atheist

    Well, by look of this unkempt, hickish fellow, he obviously enjoys sticking his pecker in various farmyard animals, so I don't think he's got any cause to complain about gays having anal sex.

    • fred2

      An atheist bigot accusing others of bigotry.

      Talk about irony.

    • steve001968

      Your projection of your tendency toward bestiality onto others is irrelevant to this discussion.


    Gays don't bother me, as long as they don't leave a stain on my couch after sitting on iy.

  • Joe

    I believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Rich to sit down with straight families in California and learn about their lives and the values they share.

  • lonebear

    Really? Big back lash? O well. Glaad decided to jump in the chute so I guess now they are going to have to ride the bull

  • Rich Marini

    Stop trying to push your values on a country whose majority could care less for what you preach.

    • fred2

      You mean GLAAD right?

      • Rich Marini

        Yes fred sorry. I am not very good with words.
        Maybe it is time we take “Modern Family” off the networks as some of the actions and things they say are offensive to the Majority of American people.

        • fred2

          Or GLAAD could simply not watch Duck Dynasty instead of dictating what other people should watch.

          Frankly, I don't watch Modern Family less because of its openly gay characters and more because it's humorless compared to the Cosby Show, Family Ties, A Different World, the Jeffersons, Good Times, Happy Days, Roc, and The Simpsons to name a few.

  • dave

    I don't like you gays and Lesbians. I not afraid of you. I could care less what you do in your bed or anywhere for that matter. You want to kiss in public, I can choose to stare or look away, that's my right. Have fun, It's your constitutional right not god given right. What disgusts me is your continual crying about someone not liking you. You don't have any more right to something than I do, although with all your crying you seem to be getting more than I or someone like me. You rally with special interest groups that influence our govt. not because they care about you but because they care about your money and political impact ie: themselves. That's govt. corruption at work at it's best. That's usury on your part. Grow up. Try at little acceptance on your part for a change. I like vaginas better than anuses.

  • Destitute Dick

    I am offended that Phil threw us drunks into the same category as perverts. Oh! That's right! HE DIDN'T! God did! I will accept that. Now you perverts need to accept that.

  • Marcus

    GLAAD, an anti-american terrorist group who wishes to hurt anyone that disagrees with their view of the world

    the same people demanding tolerance refuse to allow it in the open discussion of ideas

    if you dont like what someone believes, too bad, get over it, you dont have a right to stifle ANY thoughts or opinions here in America

  • Marcus

    GLAAD's own words condemn them

    “I don’t think this is about the first amendment,” Ferraro said. “I feel
    it’s more about the America we live in today. That is one where
    Americans, gay and straight, are able to speak out

    what part of “able to speak out” don't you understand idiots in GLAAD?

  • Gary Schwab

    Phil Robertson did not attack homosexuals, he quoted, or paraphrased scripture. Not once has he called for any action, physical or, to the best of my knowledge, or otherwise, to be taken against any person, regardless of their sexual orientation.
    The same can not be said about GLAAD or like minded people, or organizations.

  • Doran Walker

    Phil robertson's biggotry has rightly met with its reprecussions. Christianity is a hate religion just like it's twin islam. I hope duck dynasty is cancelled.

  • MoLee

    Here are the top advertisers on A&E. Call them and tell them what you think. THEN BOYCOTT.
    Sensodyne: (866) 844-2797

    Bass Pro Shops: (800) 494-1300

    T-Mobile: (877) 453-1304

    Samsung: (800) 726-7864

    Motorola: (800) 653-5350

    Walgreens: (800) 925-4733

    IHOP: (866) 444-5144

    Macy's: (800) 289-6229

    Nokia: (888) 665-4228

    Microsoft: (800) 642-7676

    Verizon: (800) 837-4966

  • gogo

    Bomb threats, death threats, violently angry phone calls and social media posts … Good to see that family values, and good Christian God fearing people are handling this hiccup in a sane and rational way.

    • Bronco Guy

      Awwww, yeah they're some real victims alright

    • steve001968

      The only one I see talking about Bomb threats, death threats etc is you. As far as “violently angry phone calls”, I guess the little Gaystapo brown shirts bit off a bit more than they can chew. They should have learned from the spanking they got when they messed with Chic-Fil-A, that being easily the most pathetically failed boycott in US history. Chic-Fil-A's only problem was trying to figure out how to serve all the new customers.

      • gogo

        Duh, it's in the 2nd paragraph of the article. Guess you missed reading the entire piece in favor of just commenting. Bite me.

        • steve001968

          It says nothing about bomb threats or death threats. I suggest you go back to fourth grade and learn how to read simple English, such as where I wrote: “The only one I see talking about bomb threats, death threats etc is you.” Since you apparently dropped out of grade school, I can see how such a complex sentence confused and bewildered you, as, apparently, did the article, since you think it talks about “bomb” or “death” threats when it mentions neither. Now you look like even more of a fool. Congratulations I didn't think that was possible.

          PS A&E has now completely caved, and, as predicted, it's Chic-Fil-A all over again for the little brown shirts at GLAAD, so massively insecure over the lifestyle they advocate for, that they can't tolerate the slightest criticism of it.

      • gogo

        Also, please provide the empirical evidence (aka – facts) to support your assertion that the “Chic-Fil-A …being easily the most pathetically failed boycott in US history.” Or are you just overly given to hyperbole ?

  • Bronco Guy

    Shouldn't the story read “buttlash” instead?

  • Dontgiveashit

    But what about all the poor ducks?

  • Dontgiveashit

    I wonder if they don't like gay ducks?

  • justsayin

    The gay community doesn't want tolerance or acceptance, they want to force everyone to approve of what they stand for. Each person has a right to his or her own opinion and beliefs. There are several passages in the Bible condemning homosexuality, this can not be altered regardless of what any group desires. The words and meaning never change even if we choose to twist, alter or ignore them. It is no more correct to be an adulterer or fornicator as it is to be gay. This does not mean I am afraid or a homophobe, it is just what I believe. I also believe everyone should be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of whether they believe the way I do or not.

  • BruceRET

    Clay Aiken used the term “Homophobia” referring to Phil Robertson's knowledge of the sins that God will judge everyone by. Phobia is an extreme fear of something.
    Phil Robertson does not fear homosexuals, terrorist, adulterers or any of the persons that are sinning against God. Phil does have fears! The fear that those of us that ignore the “Laws of God” will die for ever from this life and the reward here after.

  • gogo

    Oh please, A&E put the family on TV in the first place. You would not even know who Phil was w/out A&E. Also, A&E is running a BUSINESS. They made their decision on the bottom line, which could ultimately hurt them. But, Phil may have broken a contractual agreement or clause in the agreement. A&E funds and produces the program. They could pull the program entirely and DD could go to another Network, BUT would probably have to wait one or two years because of a no-compete clause.

    Phil stated his opinion, it was then published. He retained and still retains his Freedom of Speech. That was never denied or abridged. Either way, both A&E and DD are getting a lot of play out of this – in ink, TV and internet. So. In a way, they all win.

  • IsuportDuckComander

    I suppourt Phil completly. Everyone has a right to their views. The gays think they can force thier beliefs on everyone. Support the Robertsons by buying Duck Comander merchandise and not Duck Dynasty merchandise as Duck Dynasty is owned by A&E.

  • ISupportPhil

    From my observation of all these posts is that some of you are calling the Bible homophobic racist bigot., Phil said nothing wrong. It wasn't on t.v. It was in a magazine I personally NEVER read. I have nothing against gays. But these gay groups are hurting more than helping. DO NOT shove your lifestyle in my face, or shove it down my throat and DEMAND I Like it or else!!! Respect must be earned from both sides!!!!!!!!!

  • morrowrn

    GLAAD has free speech (which is what you wanted, isn't it?) and Mr. Robertson, as well as every other person in this country also has the right to free speech, to workship as they choose and to live their life as they want. The problem obviously, by GLAAD's own statement that they “still have a lot of work to do” really means that they will not stop their assault on Christians until we renounce the teachings of Christ. I don't know about anyone else, but instead of that happening, I'm seeing the awakening of long silent Christians…………Amen!

    • steve001968

      GLAAD's free speech is babbling stupidity. They claim he's lying but fail to cite a single “lie”. They are just upset because of their own massive insecurity over the lifestyle they promote. This makes them hypersensitive to criticism. GLAAD thinks everyone should be forced to accept the lifestyle they promote and the simply fact is that nobody has to do that and people are free to criticize it. The more on target the criticism, the more hysterical they become.

  • diamina

    I read some of this dribble and drool from the likes of Sharon Diehl and TickTock and a few others. Let's get this straight, the man is NOT GAY…NOT IN TO GUYS…the man LIKES WOMEN! So he feels that a vagina (which is a medical term WillMore, such as femur and occipital) is much more inviting to him than a males anus! He believes that the Gd he follows doesn't agree with YOUR LIFESTYLE! Who the heck are you to say he's wrong…Heck, if your fathers didn't like vagina none of you would be here now so you should all be thankful for the men who like vagina!
    GET OVER YOURSELVES! People would be sooooooo much more accepting of would you if you would just meld into society and STOP expecting special treatment!
    Seriously….GET OVER YOUR GAY,LESBIAN,TRANSVESTITE, CROSSDRESSING, SELVES AND REALIZE THAT NOT EVERYONE HAS TO LIKE WHAT YOU DO NOR DO THEY HAVE TO CONDONE IT NOR DO THEY WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOUR LIFESTYLE! I know waaay tooooooo many gay men and they are the most obnoxious bunch of cackling hens in the world. They're more of a diva than women I know and they will tell you, with pride, to your faces that they are!
    Be whoever or whatever you want and stop flaunting your lifestyle in our faces and expect us to make concessions for you!
    Oh and this is directed at you Sharon…
    1ST) Most intelligent folks don't need to let others know their profession in the hopes of proving themselves; intelligence, as class, is something exuded…the intelligent don't NEED to prove themselves, unless they are insecure for some reason.
    2ND) Usually beautiful women aren't considered chattel…we are desired by males and live our lives on pedestal's! Sadly (perhaps you fit the category) it's the ugly girls who feel the need to be feminists because men aren't usually interested in them and they have a need to prove themselves. (ooops…maybe I'm onto something here!) (For the sake of this commentary I am stating that) I am an intelligent, college educated woman who is married and I have children and NEVER have I felt like chattel….perhaps you have…
    boo hoo for you… :'(
    Oh and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (I'm not even Christian and I'm not offended by his “bible thumping”)…what a bunch of low IQ's you people are!

  • Talking Tina

    Political correctness is the worse thing that ever happened to this country and it needs to be stomped on like a ciggy bud and buried in the dirt. Come on people grow a pair and act like the Americans we are, btw media whore don't help it. Stick to reporting real news donkey butts (This means who CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS)

  • sniffles09

    extremist gay Nazi censorship
    not this time,
    not this time
    you keep saying acceptance
    how ab0ut YOU show some.

  • sniffles09

    gays are upset over what phil said
    all he said was to describe what they do

  • photonblaster

    The gay community goes to extremes to vilify straight people in general and Christians in particular all the while spewing hate and childish name calling. Bottom line, gays are no better that anyone else and in fact are often worse.

  • lollypop5960

    GLAAAD needs to do the apologizing to all the folks they offended.

  • steve001968

    Frankly, Robertson didn't even address the most serious problem with the gay lifestyle: Their sky high STD/HIV rates. According to the CDC the rate of new HIV diagnoses among gay and bisexual men is 44 times the heterosexual rate. Yes, 44 times higher. The syphilis rate is 46 times higher. Obviously, as frequently practiced, this is a very unhealthy lifestyle and it costs tax payers billions every year in healthcare related expenses, in the form of higher insurance premiums and under programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and, now, Obamacare. Given the numbers, denying how unhealthy this lifestyle is overall is really quite ridiculous.
    CDC Press release follows:

    Press Release

    All Findings Embargoed Until: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 4:30pm EST
    Contact: NCHHSTPMediaTeam@cdc.gov
    (404) 639-8895

    CDC Analysis Provides New Look at Disproportionate Impact of HIV and Syphilis Among U.S. Gay and Bisexual Men

    A data analysis released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention underscores the disproportionate impact of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men in the United States.

    The data, presented at CDC's 2010 National STD Prevention Conference, finds that the rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men (MSM) is more than 44 times that of other men and more than 40 times that of women.

    The range was 522-989 cases of new HIV diagnoses per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men and 13 per 100,000 women.

    The rate of primary and secondary syphilis among MSM is more than 46 times that of other men and more than 71 times that of women, the analysis says. The range was 91-173 cases per 100,000 MSM vs. 2 per 100,000 other men and 1 per 100,000 women.

    While CDC data have shown for several years that gay and bisexual men make up the majority of new HIV and new syphilis infections, CDC has estimated the rates of these diseases for the first time based on new estimates of the size of the U.S. population of MSM. Because disease rates account for differences in the size of populations being compared, rates provide a reliable method for assessing health disparities between populations.

    “While the heavy toll of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men has been long recognized, this analysis shows just how stark the health disparities are between this and other populations,” said Kevin Fenton, M.D., director of CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention. “It is clear that we will not be able to stop the U.S. HIV epidemic until every affected community, along with health officials nationwide, prioritize the needs of gay and bisexual men with HIV prevention efforts.”

    For the purposes of determining rates of disease for MSM, CDC researchers first estimated the size of the gay and bisexual male population in the United States – defined as the proportion of men who reported engaging in same-sex behavior within the past five years. Based on an analysis of nationally representative surveys, CDC estimated that MSM comprise 2.0 percent (range: 1.4-2.7 percent) of the overall U.S. population aged 13 and older, or 4 percent of the U.S. male population (range: 2.8-5.3 percent). Disease rates per 100,000 population were then calculated using 2007 surveillance data on HIV and primary/secondary syphilis diagnoses and U.S. Census data for the total U.S. population.

    The new analysis is the first step in more fully assessing the impact of HIV among MSM and other populations significantly affected by the disease. CDC is developing more detailed estimates of infection rates among MSM by race and age, as well as among injection drug users. CDC is also in the early stages of planning for estimates among heterosexuals. Ultimately, these data can be used to better inform national and local approaches to HIV and STD prevention to ensure that efforts are reaching the populations in greatest need.

    Research shows that a range of complex factors contribute to the high rates of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men. These factors include high prevalence of HIV and other STDs among MSM, which increases the risk of disease exposure, and limited access to prevention services. Other factors are complacency about HIV risk, particularly among young gay and bisexual men; difficulty of consistently maintaining safe behaviors with every sexual encounter over the course of a lifetime; and lack of awareness of syphilis symptoms and how it can be transmitted (e.g., oral sex). Additionally, factors such as homophobia and stigma can prevent MSM from seeking prevention, testing, and treatment services.

    Also, the risk of HIV transmission through receptive anal sex is much greater than the risk of transmission via other sexual activities, and some gay and bisexual men are relying on prevention strategies that may be less effective than consistent condom use.

    “There is no single or simple solution for reducing HIV and syphilis rates among gay and bisexual men,” said Fenton. “We need intensified prevention efforts that are as diverse as the gay community itself. Solutions for young gay and bisexual men are especially critical, so that HIV does not inadvertently become a rite of passage for each new generation of gay men.”

    Preventing HIV and STDs among gay and bisexual men is a top CDC priority. CDC provides funding to health departments and community-based organizations throughout the nation to implement proven behavior-change programs for MSM and will soon expand a successful HIV testing initiative to reach more gay and bisexual men. Additionally, CDC is implementing an updated National Syphilis Elimination Plan in cities where MSM have been hardest hit by the disease, and will release an updated HIV prevention strategic plan within the next year to support the President's upcoming National HIV/AIDS Strategy. CDC officials note that the new analysis released today underscores the importance of the HIV and STD prevention efforts targeting gay and bisexual men recently announced as part of the President's fiscal year 2011 budget proposal.

  • Annoyed

    WOW you believe the next step is for phil to sit down with gay families and learn? Give me a break! Listen, Phil was quoting from the bible and stating his opinion there is NOTHING wrong with that. Get over yourselves. I don't have anything against gays and I don't believe they won't get into heaven I believe everyone that tries to live a good life will regardless of sexual orientation… However I most certainly support Phil's right to his own beliefs and his own opinion.

  • Rich Marini

    Not being the word smith like some I think that the “alternative life style” communities have too much positive media attention for such a small minority in American Society.
    If you don't like what was said don't watch the show or support it's sponsors but don't stop my Rights to watch a family based show.
    Does A&E Network stand for “Gay & Me”.

  • Daniel Revas

    Once again a group of people who only make up 2%-8% of the population exert disproportionate influence on the rest of us. Political Correctness has finally reach a critical mass, and it is becoming devastating. The free speech rights of the majority have become effectively suppressed, which was the goal of the lunatic Left all along.
    GLAAD can go screw themselves. They have no right to “not be offended”. If anything, the First Amendment was designed to protect offensive speech beyond all else. It's why disgusting groups like the American Nazi Party were allowed to march on Skokie Illinois, which has a large Jewish population. It was horrible that it happened, but it demonstrates the strength that this Country USED to have. A strength that could stand the test of all ideas, no matter how objectionable.
    Whether it's GLAAD or any other left-leaning special interest group, they are weakening our country by attempting to suppress free speech.

  • imanolemainer

    Duh- what did these people think the reaction would be??????????? My fellow Americans and I, at 97% of the populace, are fed up with the attacks of this group and others on our beliefs. Phil Robertson doesn't owe gays an “opportunity” to sit down and learn. GLAAD members need to sit down- and shut up.

  • JustMe

    GLADD could have handled this a whole lot better. Instead they chose the bully route. Is the group now going around and targeting sponsors? Well, guess what? If they target a product I use, I'll buy it any way. Sometimes a guy's spouting off is just a guy spouting off. GLADD needs to get a grip. I love the comment below about their getting to big for their girdle. Giggle.

  • dorothypearce

    Now they know that most of us believe we have the right to our own opinions: we are not required to hold their opinions; we are allowed to express our opinions just as they are allowed to express theirs. Punishing people who do not agree with them is wrong.

  • Ken Morts

    Still have alot to do? How about this, keep your bedroom life in your bedroom. It is not a lack of education. It is not fear. We don't give a rat's ass who (or what) you have sex with. All real people do not care what you do. Ask me my opinion on a topic and I will give it. #America #FreedomofSpeech

  • Sam Cro

    Time to do something besides blogging. A&E is owned by Disney, stop watching their movies and going to Disneyland.

    As Woody Allen said in ‘Manhattan’ A few baseball bats and bricks at a Nazi rally would make an impression, same advice for the next Gay rally.

  • Greg Burton

    Aren't Christians supposed to love everybody? This is another example of the “double standard” that this country lives. Carefully monitor what goes on television, language, violence, sex, etc., but let video game manufacturers make sick ass video games with viiolence, killing, bloodshed. I for one, am not a fan of reality shows. Television has become a “wasteland” for this crap. This is a sick society, and as long as people eat this crap up, they'll keep putting it on television. Anybody will do anything in this greedy country of ours as long as there is a buck to be made. Keep religion in churches where it belongs, and keep it off television, or pushing it door to door. I am not a fan of Duck Dynasty, or any other reality show, and I don't believe that a true christian should condemn gays, lesbians, or skin color. Entertainment shouldn't be at the minorities expense!

    • Jamie Panetta

      From what I've read, Phil said nothing about not loving the people he was referring to, quite the contrary in fact. He said only that in his eyes and within his beliefs, it is a sin. Period. Did you not read the interview before jumping to conclusions and perpetuating a stereotype??

      Go to GQ and read it before jumping to conclusions:
      “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the
      Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about
      Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort
      ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?”

  • charlie

    (those companies that choose to be affiliated with this family need to speak out). These companies that sponsor them are run by good ole boys that make hunting gear. camo clothing for hunting, guns for hunting, Not to mention the family business that is geared towards hunting. Yea, I'm sure these companies are going to care what GLAAD has to say.

  • Harold Mcrae

    do you remember when Anita bryant spoke out about gays in her Christian belife's and the Florida Citrus association banned her commercials and she was intervied after that all she said was i turned it over to my Lord to handle and it dident take long they had the big freeze in Florida and killed all the orange trees except the growers that backed Anita you could drive through Florida and see Tree's still bearing fruit that was the growers that backed Anita and 10 foot away tree's that were dead lesson learned by one major drink company that almost went bankrupt dont mess with freedom of speach especially when that person is a Christian

  • Betty Cowley

    Unfortunately for you, Mr. Ferraro, you just don't understand the religious community. We don't get together & vote on what is sin & what is not. We have two choices: Believe what God has said, & presented to us in the Bible, or not believe. If we believe, then we must try our best to follow the Bible. The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. It doesn't say that we cannot associate with, accept or love a person who is homosexual, just that it is a sin. It also does not say that in a thousand years or so, when people are better educated, or with changing times homosexuality will no longer be a sin. So, therefore, regardless of whether or not Phil Robertson sits down with a group of gay couples to see how much they love each other or see their family values, homosexuality, to Christians, will still be a sin.

  • hateafag

    This f. A. . G. S need to put something in their m. O. Uths and sh. U. T..up. nasty f. A. G.s. playn in each others human waste.

  • Conrad Trudelle

    When you realize that GLAAD is not the controlling factor of this society you will probably get a lot more accomplished. Over the years I have known a lot of homosexual people both male and female, I have had cordial communications with them, they have understood my stand for the Christian ethic, and I have understood their position on gay rights, Though we have not agreed on a whole heck of a lot of issues, one has remained constant, respect for self and respect for others, GLAAD has no concept of this ethic, therefore they are in a conundrum of how best to serve the portion of the population they say they speak for. For you information GLAAD the answer is quit hollering in my face and talk like a human being, otherwise keep threatening and get your butt handed to you, simple isn't it!

  • JoAnn Lewis

    GLAAD should be put in the same category as PETA……Ignorant, arrogant, and just plain Evil.



  • geno51

    What gets me is there is any discussion on gays verses straights anyway. If folks with different sexual differences were to have all the same rights as the “straight” folks do, do you think there would be all this “discussion” about it?? Have any of you people with this anti-gay beliefs actually read any of the studies and reports by Universities and doctors have done stating that sexual preferences are biological? Yes, there are those out there who have made “life choice decisions” but that is, I would say, a very small percentage. And I say it is there decision and none of my affair. Please check up and read about what they say before condemning. Phil is entitled to his belief and his opinion, but he should watch how he voices them. To publicly voice them without all the facts does hurt others. Being in the public eye, he has the power to influence others and to perpetuate the hate. This is my opinion. I say love and accept everyone and leave it to God to handle.

  • Kris

    Phil said it as it is. It's a sad day when we have to choose what words we use so not to offend someone. If you're feelings are that close to the outside, then you are in bad shape. Us “country” folk see it and say it as it is. This isn't capital square or some high rise city. We live and work of the land. Enjoying God's creation and not in a hurry to go no where in life. You complain about someone's comments, or looks or attitude. But does it truly affect your everyday life? You criticize him for what he said, but you can't tell me that you never looked at a person and never said a rude or offensive comment? Would you tell the fat woman in Walmart she looks horrible and shouldn't wear that? Or a homeless person they're a lazy bum? What about a Muslim at the airport? Do you not judge and have preconceived notions about them? The kids with their pants around their ankles or the group of guys sitting on the street corner all tatted up and drinking. Would you walk up and tell them they're all gang bangers and druggies? You judge a man for his conviction of faith and his thoughts without looking at your own first. Easy to judge and jump on the band Wagon when shouting from a glass house isn't it? So what he used the word vaginal and anus. Isn't that the medical word for them? Whites are Caucasian's, no I'm an White American, hispanics, no Mexican's because their from Mexico, but that's racist to say no days. Come on and act like you have an education and freedom to think for yourself before you open that pie hole you call a mouth. If things were meant to be that man and man should be together or woman and woman, then why do we have the anatomical parts to mate with the other sex? Otherwise we should all be a non gender species, but we're not. Point made.

    • queenofromania

      “Us “country” folk see it and say it as it is.”

      Uh, no. You ‘country’ folk see it and say it as you see it, not as it is. You like Phil because he says things you agree with. You don't like Alec Baldwin, a guy who not only was suspended, but got fired from his MSNBC job because of his anti-gay rants, because you don't see him as one of you. Both Phil and Alec engaged in the same behavior.

      Phil has a right to free speech. He also has an obligation to use his right to free speech with consideration. In this case, he should have considered how his employer, A & E, would take those remarks. A & E didn't appreciate what he said because what he said was hateful, and Phil was suspended. We'll have to see how this all plays out, but I'd rather A & E used their ethics to determine their business plan, rather that use their business plan to determine their ethics.

  • Kris

    By the way. “This America” is in the worst shape now then ever before. We used to be a strong proud country. Rich with economics, industry, and family values. Look at it now, kids don't respect their elders. When is the last time you saw a young man rush up to open the door for a woman? More crime then ever. Can't leave your house unlocked when even at home. Politicians are crooks. Sex, drugs, cursing and murder are a normal part of TV and media. And you want me to openly accept and tell my kids gay couples are right and ok? More welfare then ever and now Obamacare, the Government telling you what insurance you have to get. A normal working person makes $8 an hour with milk at $5 and gas at $3 plus. In and 8 hour day that means you make $64. Houses cost over $100,000 and cars over $25,000. America is in bad shape and a poor future unless people like Phil Robertson step up and make a change soon. But we're just dumb rednecks stuck in a wonderful past that need to live up to a destructing future right? I think things were better our way.

  • kris

    I like Alec Baldwin. He's willing to stand up and say what he thinks. I have a problem with people that can judge, but judge from a singular point of view. Phil had a rough past and found a new life with his conviction of faith. Need to learn more about the man first. Those born with a silver spoon in their mouth are easy to judge those lesser then them. Actors, politicians, people of wealth, many city people I've met and sheltered TV educated Americans. Many people are not whom the seem because they can put on a good show and prance around spouting and pointing fingers. Yes us country folk are very simple and honest. We help a stranger in need, give when we have nothing our selves to help another wave at a stranger driving down the road. Say things that Thank you and your welcome. Yes sir and no ma'am. We'll have a conversation with a complete stranger because a stranger is only a friend you haven't met yet. Can you say any of that happens in bigger cities across America? Will the person in front of you let you go ahead at the check out because you have less then them? Do young people step aside in your path to let you by? Do people cuss in front of women where you're at? These are mine and Phil's way of life. Work hard everyday and love the Lord. He never made racist comments and I don't like to have to explain to my child why 2 men are holding hands and making out in public. How they live their lives is their business, but marriage is the right of the church and a religious practice. So I guess gays are excepting Christianity after all huh?

  • Marshall Autry


  • Marshall Autry


  • Dan Rome


  • vdetillion

    This is a free speech issue the only speech you want free is yours gladd and we have the same rights and we are going to exercise them.

  • Bill

    Two points: First Phil spoke the truth according to The Bible. Second, A&E needs Phil and Duck Dynasty far more than Phil and Duck Dynasty need A&E.

  • Rightyo

    Incredible – why is it necessary for Phil to sit with families in Louisiana? He is not intolerant, he's not calling for any action to be taken against LGBT people. What is it that GLAAD expects to accomplish? To justify its knee-jerk reaction to an American expressing his opinion? It's not freedom speech that is at stake here, it's freedom of thought. You attempted to ostracize an individual because he doesn't think like you want him to, you attempted to hurt/punish him and now it's failed. Now you think to put him in a position of capitulation to show that he admits to erring, but he DID NOTHING WRONG. You just don't like him and you can't admit that and it falls on your head to apologize.

  • Flipperj

    Sit down with nobody. tell them to stay in the closet where they used to be and all is well

  • merlin1981

    they want chjristians to sit doiwn and shut up that is how they rule…fight back boycott any group who gives this group a dime..boycott a & e boycott their advertisers…make this hurt them in the wallet….do not watch duck dynasty until phil is back with an apology

  • merlin1981

    estimates of gay population in this country..3.5%…less then 8 million
    estimates of Christians in this country 73%…more then 227 million
    rise up the masses can crush this…the squeaky wheel should be removed not greased

    • Michael Scott Brown

      Two teen boys were publicly beheaded last year for homosexual activity is that where this is headed ?

  • IndependentGl

    I personally enjoy the freedom of speech argument. No one is hindering his speech. Robertson can run around gay-hating and being a racist all he wants. No one is preventing that, no one. Think about it, if you said the same things at your job (he's in the public eye) and your employer didn't like it they should be able to fire you. Or is this a socialist country where employers don't have the right to hire/fire as they see fit? The 1st Amendment argument is oxymoronic. Robertson is not being prevented from speaking his mind. He's being appropriately fired for not representing his employer in the best manner possible.

    • AmericanHorseman

      He wasnt fired. He's still there. Read the news much?

  • Betsy

    Why would Phil Robertson lower himself to sit with anyone associated with GLAAD.
    You know if it was so natural to be gay, why would there be so much work to do?
    Not gonna change the Bible, no matter how hard you try. Be Gay and stay out of peoples faces that don't agree with you or care to be around that lifestyle. Ferraro get over it and mind your own business.

    • The Great and Powerful Turtle

      see now there i think your wrong,im positive Phil would sit down and talk to them and would be courteous charming and full of humour but im equally sure there`s not a cats chance in hell of them changing his mind because these are things he believes in …that sin is sin with no compromise

  • Allen

    I think the US would be better served if we split it down the middle red
    and blue. The Christians can have their side and wait for Jesus and the
    intellects can have their side and progress as a society. I don't want
    to share my life experiences with Christians and they don't want to share
    their experiences with me. I don't have anything against them but the
    first thing out of their mouths are how they are against everything.
    This isn't going to work long. So lets divide the country.

    • Tom Tte

      Yes, except:

      A) it's not “divide the country”, as the minority radical atheist and LGBT haters and tenets are clearly a small subset – as some are overt, obnoxious, hateful, spiteful, and intolerant of others (of the majority of Americans) beyond reason,

      B) yes, I can understand how morals, ethics, values, and faith among the majority, and majority of intellectuals, can be anathema to the atheist and LGBT radical fringes who continue their jihad of hatred and intolerance for any who do not espouse their fanatical ideologies.

      • Allen

        You realize Obama won the election right. its not as small minority as you think.

        • april showers

          You do realize that less than half of eligible voters are registered, right? And that not even all registered voters even show up to vote, right? Yes, because the majority knows very well that politics is a rigged game and both parties follow the same policies. There is no party to represent the majority, that's why the majority never actually votes, which leaves the fringe minority in charge!

          • Allen

            So Republicans don't represent Christian views?

    • Billy Wages

      You're on the right track. Lets split up.

  • MarkH_TX

    Dear GLAAD;

    Mr. Phil Robertson said nothing wrong. You were wrong for your hate and intolerance. Some people don't like you shoving your political agenda and your lifestyle down their (our!) throats. You're trying to force something that you know to be a pervasion into the mainstream conscience and get us to accept it as normal. It's not normal: It's a sin! If you want to live that lifestyle, then fine. But we don't have to accept it as normal or as Godly. We don't and it's not!

    Merry Christmas. May the Lord God Bless and Keep you and may you find Peace in the Love of Jesus Christ.


  • Garrett Barry

    Screw the liberal whiny “find a way to be offended” people. They can all go pound sand or whatever else it is they pound



  • Olivia

    “egregious anti-gay and racist comments, those companies that choose to be affiliated with this family need to speak out.”
    So GLAAD is suggesting companies affiliated with the Robertson family to be cruel and horrendous criminals. The Robertson's are just that… a FAMILY! Any person or company standing with them should be applauded! We need more family-friendly entertainment in the media today, and I am sorry to say that the majority of GLTA is humorously portrayed in the media as raunchy and perverted… not geared towards families and completely inappropriate for children. But let us remember, GLTA are the pitiable victims here, it's the FAMILIES who are the cruel and frightful criminals….NOT!!!
    C'mon GLADD, quit making completely ridiculous and backwards statements!
    I do not believe Phil meant anything hate-geared in his comments, he was simply being honest about his beliefs.

    • Michael Scott Brown

      I'm a Gay man but the last time I checked I was still part of a family. ..lets do inventory yup , Mum ,Dad brothers, sister in laws, nieces nephews aunts uncles and cousins. Hate to burst your bubble but there's Gay Christians out here too .

      • AmericanHorseman

        ….Michael, there is no such thing as a gay Christian. Christians are not allowed to “Cherry Pick” out the parts of the Bible they do not agree with. Now, if you mean you desire men but do not practice homosexuality and call yourself gay…you could have a point although I would disagree. What must be done is to realize the homosexuality is a sin….mandated by God. Sinners must repent in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Of course, no one will ever *make* you repent. Thats your job. Let us know what you decide and good luck…

  • Lori

    Sitting down with gays is not going to change the man's religious beliefs. I don't understand why GLADD can't see that. It seems they are trying to force him into agree with their cause….and that isn't going to happen.

    • Billy Wages

      I would not let them force me to associate with perverts and deviants either.

  • Donald Graham

    Thanks Fred for the contribution – especially liked the Harvey Levin point of view. From what I have read of him, wasn't expecting that

  • Randall Whited

    If I cared about what someone else thought of me I would never be able to live my life. I live my life the way I want to despite what anyone thinks of me or my lifestyle.

  • Jamie Panetta

    The folks at GLAAD found his remarks vulgar, but yet their own remarks are found vulgar by many Americans, why is one any different from the other??? These people are unbelievable, I don't necessarily agree with everything that Phil
    said, but as God as my witness I will defend his right to have that
    opinion and express it in a respectable way just as I will defend any
    LGBT group to have their own opinion and express it in a respectable

  • Chris13

    I agree with Phil, something is wrong when a guy would rather poke a big hairy butt instead of a women??? Just my Opinion, yes my very own God given opinion. I have friends who are gay but that doesn't mean I cant have my very own opinion about the matter.

    • Billy Wages

      I don't like homo's either.

      • Michael Scott Brown

        I'd rather not think about the gory details of the heterosexual act but I know lots of nice straight people and I respect their lifestyle choice.

  • tim

    so now we are persecuting Phil Robertson for freely speaking about his religious beliefs,,,,, sounds like a 2 fer for violating Phils constitutional wrights. good job

  • tim

    A & E surely aren't saying no to all the money they are making selling all the duck dynasty merchandise.

  • tim

    so, under your theory phil should sit down with the priests that molest little boys, and that will change his mind, and make that ok too.

    • marylou

      Maybe GLADD should sit down with Phil and he can show them the error of THEIR ways….especially when they attempt to negate his opinions based on his religious faith! How dare they put THEIR lifestyle ahead of his!
      Where is the tolerance they claim to seek?

  • barloot

    GLAAD is entering a very important time in it's existence. The NAACP went through this period as well. The question of ‘Are we still irrelevant?’ should be asked. At this point GLAAD seems to exist to perpetuate their own existence constantly ‘shaking down’ any peoples and let's be honest just famous/politicians for things they've said. A sort of regulator of what can and cannot be said on all things gay, with a financial penalty enforcement wing. This backlash was along time coming. Not to defend Phil but he is lowhanging fruit. a clown that can be made example of by ‘proper people'. Eh, whatever, it all for charity!

  • Michael Scott Brown

    I'm a Gay Christian and I think the man should be disciplined not fired. Not disciplined for being Christian or his moral outlook but for expressing views that very strongly do not represent his company's tolerent policies and guidelines. I don't think A&E wants to gag free speech ,wage war on Christianity or make Homosexuality mandatory. These events are just growing pains of a changing society, not the beginning of a righteous Holy War.

    • AmericanHorseman

      Michael, there is no such thing as a gay Christian. Christians are not allowed to “Cherry Pick” out the parts of the Bible they do not agree with. Now, if you mean you desire men but do not practice homosexuality and call yourself gay…you could have a point although I would disagree. What must be done is to realize the homosexuality is a sin….mandated by God. Sinners must repent in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Of course, no one will ever *make* you repent. Thats your job. Let us know what you decide and good luck.

      • Michael Scott Brown

        there are many rooms in my Father's house. ….hope the disco music coming from mine doesn't disturb you….

  • mike

    GLAAD continues to spread hate and people have had enough!!

  • Becki

    I do NOT think he should be punished for stating his opinion or his religious beliefs! So what, you have freedom of speech and/or religion as long as everyone agrees with you or you are from another country???? Seriously! What is wrong with you people? He should NOT have to “sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share”!!! That's like telling a Christian they have to “sit down with Satanists to learn about their lives & values they might share”! how completely one-sided can you be??? GO PHIL!!!!!

  • kathye62

    The real issue is: Do we grant freedom of speech – and religion – as a right to all, or as a privilege for a few? GLAAD appears to claim free speech as a privilege for itself, to be shared only with those who share their exact same views. Does anyone else remember, in grade school history, the quote from one of our founding Fathers, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”? That is freedom of speech. Free speech is the right to state what you believe. It doesn't mean that the rest of us have to agree.

    • barloot

      It does not mean freedom from speech. The fact that gay people got pissed is not the issue. The fact that GLAAD is now trying to justify it's existence is still not the issue. The real issue is what is to be done with people with unpopular views.

    • Travis Frazier

      freedom of speech is protection from the government and is granted to all. It is not protection to keep your job if you make your company look bad.

  • Robert

    I wonder why GLAAD doesn't demand Louis Farrakhan to sit down with homosexuals and remove his 1st Amendment Right?

    • T.R. Rollins

      The Race Card is worth more hit points than the Gay Card…

  • jake

    Look, everyone knew Phil's actions were going to bring everyone out of the woodwork to voice their opinion. I am a left leaning independent. Somethings I'm conservative about and somethings I'm liberal about. I know for some extremist republicans and democrats that is impossible but it can be so. I don't necessarily agree with the things that Phil said but he does have the right to voice his opinion. We all do. All the anti-Phil groups are. What irks me is that GQ asked him his opinion. This isn't something he just sat around saying on his show. You don't get to ask a person his opinion and then burn him. Were some of the things he said ignorant? absolutely. So what?! I hear worse shit on fox news, the radio, other networks…Westboro. No one is shutting them up. I believe in free speech but I do understand that it can be abused like we see with those crazies in the Westboro church group. I don't much care for the lifestyles of those who practice alternate living but they have the right to do so. It doesn't affect me if they get married, it doesn't affect me that they adopt kids, it doesn't affect me that they work next to me, it doesn't affect me that they play, eat or whatever next to me. What does affect me is when and if they throw their lifestyle in my face and tell me to accept it and their beliefs when they don't even accept others who disagree.

  • _user

    F-ck GLAAD for whining and complaining about there rights, while f-cking with others! GO TO HELL, DOUBLE SIDED -RSHOLES!

  • SmarterNewe

    Wow , the only purpose of ANY of this making the news is so the idiot masses will forget that we're all gonna die from the radiation making its way here from Japan. Nothing in the news about it though, just a lot of this crap.

  • David Johnson

    Who the fk cares if that stupid show is even on?? It just shows how many Americans are just plain stupid that they even watch trash like that . Their IQ levels are about 2.

  • Butch Anderson

    I dislike self righteous, foul mouthed christians putting words in the lords mouth. Phil is the lords interpreter and the lord has nothing good to say! A spitful god is no god at all.

  • Sheri Unger

    Did we not fight for freedom of speech or has everyone forgotten. Has everyone forgotten we live in a so called free country stop hippocrits really wake up FREEDOM OF SPEACH!!!

    • Travis Frazier

      freedom of speech is protection from the government. Private companies are saying in their contracts that you can be fired for any reason. So no, nobody ever fought wars for the right to say anti-gay remarks and still keep their job.

  • JOHN


  • Kelly Clark

    ??? “Silence is agreement in this case” Are you effing kidding me, if a group decides to keep it's opinion to itself then GLAAD will tell you and the world what you believe. What a bunch of egotistical self-important nonsense. This group expects people to respond when it makes a bunch of noise, but when they are the recipient of that noise their response is “It just means we still have a lot of work to do.”
    I do not care what consenting adults do, but this group is arrogant and highly hypocritical.

  • Bert Stanford

    My understanding is Phil was asked by GQ Magazine his opinion and Phil gave his opinion. GLAAD was never asked by anyone for their opinion, so why do we allow the news to dictate our discussions. Who cares what GLAAD's opinion is???

    • Travis Frazier

      I care more about GLAADs opinion than yours.

  • AmericanHorseman

    If sinners do not like being called sinners…then they should just stop sinning. Simple. Anti-Gay??? You got a problem with that? Take it to God. Tell Him you have a problem with His Laws. Lets see what happens.

    • Billy Wages


    • T.R. Rollins

      “Anti-Gay??? You got a problem with that? Take it to God. Tell Him you have a problem with His Laws. Lets see what happens.”

      I did take it to God. I asked Him, “Yo God…whazzup you genocidal, homicidal, lazy, crazy A-hole…! I have a question for you…You are our Almighty, Omniscient and all-powerful Creator, Lord, Savior and Master of the THE ENTIRE FREAKING UNIVERSE, and yet you somehow still managed to ROYALLY f**k things up by forgetting to include “Thou shalt not be Gay!!” in your list of Commandments! What's up with that BS, bro??!?”

      Here's what happened. Igniting the loud, epically ‘fragrant’ and voluminous fart I had rattled the rafters with just a moment before, He manifested Himself as a fiery fart cloud in the middle of my room, and with the burning ball of freshly busted-ass shaping itself into the face of Butthead and in the booming voice of Bullwinkle, He spoketh in Reply…


      “The fact that I, in my Divine and unfaltering Wisdom, did NOT include it in my list of shizznit I don't want you apes doing, along with the fact
      that I sent my only begotten son to earth to directly teach you
      Me-damned idiots my “Don't be dicks to each other and love EVERYONE as you are *supposed* to love Me!” message…is this little thing I
      invented called a **CLUE** as to how I stand on the issue of being gay!
      My boy didn't freakin’ stutter when he passed on My Divine Command to
      you, My children, but I'll say it again one more Me-dammed time for you
      apes on the low end of the IQ Bell curve:

      ***”You are to Love your neighbor, as you Love yourself, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”***

      That means you keep your Me-dammed nose out of the business and bedroom of people that love each other, and let ME(!!) do the judging of My creations! End of Me-dammed discussion! Understand, you morons??!?

      The passage in Leviticus that the moron segment of the so-called Christians is getting Stuck-on-Stupid over, “Thou shalt not lieth with a man, as one lieth a woman, it is an abomination,” has been read COMPLETELY freakin’ wrong, you douchebags..! This rule is basically “Bros before Hoes!” It means to never bust out any tried and true classics such as, “I promise I will only put in the tip/won't come in your mouth/call you again, etc. with other dudes!! If another dude is down with loving your manly meat-clown, they know what the deal is and don't need the polite lies that chicks do to get them to shag you, so don't BS/lie to your bros like you do your hoes! THAT'S what it means!!!

      The Bible is not *my* ‘inerrant’ word! I outsourced all the editing and printing while I was tripping on peyote and a Leviathan-sized bong hit as I wrote “The Dark Side of the Moon” for Pink Floyd while getting my galaxy-sized schlong serviced by several planets full of those smokin'-hot green Orion chicks from Star Trek, so you can ignore all that crap about how shellfish and composite fibers are “bad”, and selling you daughters into slavery, and stoning her to death!

      Furthermore, whatever you freaking do…DON'T let the fact that I have made, and CONTINUE to make My gay creations and allow them to live all up in dis’ biyaaatch…which again I FREAKIN MADE(!!), also serve as a HUGE FREAKIN’ HINT as to how I feel about their “sin” (sic) of loving someone with the same type of plumbing!! Because I would totally keep making something I despised! Go ask the dinosaurs how that worked out for them! Me-damn your stupidity, people! I have MILLIONS of you turds beating, robbing, raping, murdering and doing other such cruel and HATEFUL things to each other, and my self-proclaimed ‘most
      adherent followers’ add to the hate by giving grief to people who are
      doing as I commanded and LOVING each other! Pull your heads our of your asses and go after the *haters* that aren't getting My Divine message, not the LOVErs that just happen to be doing samesies! F**K!!!!!”


      (end quote)

      …He then commanded me to spread The Word and slap down the Stupidity of those that claim to love him the most, but adhere to his Word the least, and he walked away in a cloud of fire and brimstone as he was mumbling something about how he should have evolved us from dolphins instead of sh*t-slinging chimpanzees…


    • Travis Frazier

      I would love to take it to god. Do you happen to have his number so I can reach him?

  • jessje

    Weak minded people who can be destroyed by a word.

    • Billy Wages


  • Danielle Emond

    That is just to show you how many unintelligent people there are around who watch this show. Scary thought. Sorry, would rather read a good book than watch trash on t.v. Most viewers don't think this is a staged show, lol, pathetic.

  • hp b

    Hey Ferraro, your agenda is ‘gravy train’ powered. Artificial.
    When the gravy train stops, feel free to push it yourself.

  • Conformity Kills Ambition

    No surprise.
    People are tired of being told what to think and how to act.

  • knows the game

    Never watched an episode, don't plan to. Best decision I ever made was getting rid of cable over 3 years ago.

  • raphaeltrumpetsound .

    Wouldn't a bigot be someone who agreed with HOMOSEXUALITY on screen, only for a secret tape to LEAK out with him ranting about FAGGOTS and SUCH?

    How did Mr. Phil do that?

  • JT

    Yep, I support free speech, provided I agree with what you are saying………says the sodomist!

  • Tyrone L

    To understand God, we must start with the question, “What is man”, This is the secnd most important question you and I will ever find an answer too. And if we cannot accept the answer to this second most important question, than the first “Who is God” becomes completely irrelevant. As human beings we attempt to decide friendly answers to the questions that frighten us most. We develope all of the supporting evidence that is minamumly required to get the outcomes that we like best. Basically we are willing to lie to ourselves, we are willing to embrace whatever story we like best at the expence of the truth. And in the world in which we live, mankind has decided to believe a very dangerous story, that there is no God. This is the prerequisit for the struggles that you see now and the darkness that is assuredly yet to come. (Author: Trey Smith)

  • john smith

    I was just at wally world and they had racks and racks of duck dynasty shirts,bobbleheads,chia heads and I think they are going to sell duck dynasty shotguns.just kidding on the last part ……….well maybe not?