Charlie Sheen Blasts ‘Duck Dynasty's’ Phil Robertson for ‘Unforgivable’ Comments

Charlie Sheen Blasts 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson for 'Unforgivable' Comments

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The “Anger Management” actor threatens the A&E reality star with “a MaSheen style media beat down”

Charlie Sheen is giving voice to the voice-less in a raging Twitter rant addressing “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson, who's in the middle of a controversy over anti-gay and racial comments made during an interview with GQ magazine.

No stranger to being in the middle of a media firestorm himself, Sheen shows no mercy for Robertson in a very angry missive posted to Twitter on Saturday.

“You have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine, who DO NOT have the voice or the outreach that I do,” FX's “Anger Management” star said. “Well, news flash shower-dodger, I will speak loudly and clearly for ALL of them.”

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In speaking for those who are offended by Robertson's statements, Sheen refers to the reality star as “mallard brained” and “desperately sub evolved,” among other incendiary things.

He also threatens ”a MaSheen style media beat down” as he insults Robertson's intelligence and offers some interesting thoughts on the kind of work Robertson can get after “Duck Dynasty.”

As fans of the A&E show already know, Robertson has other avenues in which to make a living outside of reality TV. His patented duck call is at the center of his multi-million dollar company, Duck Commander.

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Currently, A&E has suspended Robertson from shooting the series indefinitely — a move that will have very little effect on the upcoming fifth season premiering on Jan. 15. Nine out of the 10 episodes have already been shot and the production is currently on production hiatus.

Read Sheen's entire message to Robertson below:

hey Mallard brained
Phil Robertso!
you have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine,
who DO NOT have the voice or the outreach that I do.
well news flash
I will speak loudly and clearly for ALL of them.
just when your desperately sub evolved ass thought the pressure was off,
you are now in the crosshairs of a MaSheen style media
beat down.
(I'll try to keep the big words to a minimum as not to confuse you)

your statements were and are
abhorrently and
mendaciously unforgivable.

the idea that you have a job
outside of dirt-clod stacking
is a miracle.

the only ‘Dynasty’ you are attached to might be the
re-runs of that dated show.

the only thing you should ever be in charge of building is a hole in the ground the exact size of your head.
perhaps your beard would fit as well if you plucked out the
army of scabies and
bull weevils sequestered deep in it's sarcophagus of dander and weasel pelts.

shame on you.
you're the only surviving
brain donor I've ever known.

when the gators and Egrets
kick you out of their
you need to make serious amends to those you have
radically offended.

on the eight day
when I was whittling my cosmic banjo,
I'm pretty sure YOU were the scattered dross I then used to light a fire and
locate the nearest
Andy Gump.

repulsed by you;
c sheen

hash tag;
Duck; that was me.

  • bcmugger

    Wow, a think charlie is just mad because he likes it in his butt?

    • Peach314

      No. happy there is someone in the media more repulsive than he.

      • Bob

        Why is Phil repulsive. Do you have something against Christians

        • Peach314

          No, the duck gut deciding who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

          • Jesse

            I don't see where he decides. I see where he speaks on behalf of what the bible says. It sounds like you might not be sure what the end holds for you. But I guess you and ol Charlie can figure that one out together. Way to be anti American by condemning someone on his basic rights

          • Dani

            No one has the “right” to be an ignorant jerk. No one took away the duck man's freedom of speech. He can show off his stupidity all he wants. Doesn't mean everyone has to agree with him and doesn't mean he shouldn't be accountable for the nonsense coming out of his mouth. Hate is not a family value but apparently it's a Christian value. Exactly why I'm proud to not be a Christian. (fyi freedom of religion IS a right – funny how Christians seem to not understand that it is not a requirement for US citizens to be Christians). Interesting that Sheen has shown more compassion for Americans than you or the duck call moron.

          • pavo

            How was he an “ignorant jerk”? Did you see the interview? Or are you just going off of what social media is telling you? Read the actual interview, and if you call that “ignorant jerk”, than what is this you just posted?

          • mark

            Agreed, charlie sheen does not have the right to be an ignorant jerk. Hate apparently is a secular value according to charlie sheen, who is directly criticizing another human being and he should be asked to leave his show immediately. A law suit could ensue for character defamation. Suit against Charlie and the show he represents. Thats what this is all about any way A&E is afraid of law suits.

          • ruby

            so very very sad for you You are seriously taking up for a man with his morals? Just why this world is so evil and mean…..You do not think that Charlie Sheen is an Ignorant Jerk?? Well that is just amazing…..

          • pavo

            God decides!

  • killer punkin

    Charlie Sheen is a fag!

    • Theo Howe

      Does it bother you as a possibly gay man who hasn't come out of the closet, Charlie has gotten more trim than you will ever in your life?

  • pam muir

    OMG coming from him thats a riot

    • Bruce Spang

      After reading all the comments posted I am very pleased that no one sympathizes with this moron. Sheen you are really getting low when this is the best publicity you can get. With your talent it is probably the only way to get to get your name in the arena again.

  • Joseph G Watson

    Was he sober when he went on his rant?? retorical question..

  • Michael

    Only in America would someone from a 1st world country be so closed minded. Maybe it's time to get rid of the Red States? they are just holding the U.S back!

    • omegaman22


  • Anonymous

    Shut up Charlie Sheen

  • bonzo

    Really Charlie, you of all people…sorry Charlie your an idiot…

    • ajaxJohnson

      We want tuna with good taste

    • James Fowler

      AMEN !!!

  • buckbamboo

    Charlie, did you lose your crack pipe again?

    • James Fowler


  • Alex

    Charlie, go enjoy some crack.

  • Clockwork Taxi

    Pure Sheen power. No one better to put this Billy Goat half-breed in his place. Except maybe a black homosexual male. That would be too fitting. WINNING.

    • john

      Clockwork, you sound like a moral degenerate

      • Clockwork Taxi

        Thanks, you sound like a sweet young Christian boy supporting bigot uncle Phil.

        • pavo

          Yeah, if anyone disagrees with what you think, Clockwork, they deserve to be lambasted and probably tarred and feathered, as well.

          • Clockwork Taxi

            Trying to figure out what that means…

      • Carl

        Wow , You all need to get a room . There is not much on TV these for morality lessons . So change the chanel or shut up .

  • C Sheen-burg

    Charlie Sheen-burg making comments on someone elses behavior…….hilarious!
    His rant shows how uneducated (or stoned) people think.

  • fredbeard

    anything coming from hollywood is a joke and more so from this crackhead lol

    • Richard Vergis

      I Agree…Ronald Reagan…

  • GoodGriefs

    Well now we have heard from the high standards of Charlie Sheen. This should settle the issue once and for all on what is wrong and what is right. I use Charlie as a moral barometer usually. If he says something is good or he does it than I think the opposite is true!

    • Richman

      Why does the media pay any attention to this moral degenerate. After what he has done with his life, he has proven to be about as low as pond scum. His brain is in his penis (on a good day when it isn't totally fried on drugs). Phil Robertson is not the brightest bulb in the box, but at least he has moral standards and an opinion shared by many others. Bottom line, he is an actor. Why does anyone take him seriously?

  • Kevin

    Hey Carlos…….Shut The F(_)CK Up.

  • ajaxJohnson

    I don't know if I would want to be on the same side of any issue with Charlie Sheen

    • A_lawyer_who_knows

      Why doesn't Martin Sheen step up and help Charlie with his Adderall addiction?The guy's kids are going into foster care and he refuses to even apply for custody because he's an addict.Just a sad, sad situation there.

      • Ingrid Lawson

        i do not think the father-son relationship is noteworthy for martin and his son other than charlie has snubbed his father off. help? charlie is beyond help. if, then martin sheen ought to take custody over the grands. never mind charlie who is delusional

  • Jack of Burr Ridge

    Charlie Sheen and his talented family are far above the duck dynasty in every way;
    they are and have been real actors who have brought many of us, many hours of entertainment without dividing us. I for one enjoyed the sheen family for many years
    and will continue to do so as long as they decide to favor us with their acting talent…

    • bob

      Actors shit who cant look good on tape after 10- 20 cuts to say afew lines hell you can make a monkey a actor

    • K

      Like OMG stop dividing us and like let us get back to our entertainment …Jeeez.

  • Wayen

    Go away, far, far away !

  • Daniel S. Adams

    HEY Charlie!!!! Just who are you kidding???? you are a FU***** UP DRUNK!!!!!! I would not even consider a remark from you….What a joke….

  • Wayen

    Hey Charlie why hasn't GLAAD fighting for the vice principle in Seatlle that lost his job because he was gay? Maybe like you he isn't as big a name like Phil Robertson. Should we suspend all of these school boards that fire gay people come on Charlie speak up !

  • Greg

    Wow. Charlie Sheen considers certain behaviour “unforgiveable”. Who knew?

    • Nate

      He must be trying to get back in good with all the leftist, gay jew writers and producers.

      • Caley McGuire

        No, he just wanted to rile up the bigots and racists. Too close to home?

        • Nate

          Right, if I aptly describe most Hollywood writers and producers, I'm a bigot. If however, Hollyweird says most Phil Roberstson fans are right wing, heterosexual, non-jews they're just stating facts right?
          I grow weary of your double standard. If accurately stating the facts of the political affiliation, sexual orientation and ethnicity of Hollywood types is “bigotry” then maybe they need to take a hard look at themselves and how the World perceives them.

  • mediator

    i guess honesty isn't always the best policy after all…shame on GQ for asking the question in the first place, the duck guy is entitled to his opinion. Maybe a little more thought should have been given to line of questioning in the first place. It seems Mr Phil may have been led down a path to me.

  • RJC


  • John Brown

    Okay, so now I have a decision to make, side with known drug addict and all around whoremonger Charlie Sheen, or with a devout Christian man who was quoting the Bible. Hmmmm. let's see whoremonger or Christian. I think I'm going with the Chtistian. Sorry Charlie, you continue to lose.

    • Bob

      Amen bro

    • Dani

      Who's asking you to take sides? And since when have there been no addicts or whoremongers who claim to be devout Christians? PLENTY of them out there. Stop hiding behind your Bible in order to justify your blind pitiful hate for others.

      • Duckmensupporter

        Hate? Where's the hate? Now it's wrong to believe in your religious foundations. I guess it's ok if your a egotistical drug addicted celebrity that has no moral foundation.

      • consuelo

        I guess it's okay to have “blind pitiful hate” as long as it's aimed at Christians. Why is it that the PC community, which preaches diversity and tolerance, is the LEAST tolerant among us? I, personally, don't care what anyone in Hollywood has to say. It doesn't cloud my judgment in the least. And I wonder how many of the Hollywood crowd has signed up for Obamacare and how many of them, who support the tax and spend administration, pay their fair share of taxes.

    • Clockwork Taxi

      I'll take a whoremonger over a Christian any day of the week. Religions make people foul, case in point, Phil Robertson. I kind of doubt Christ intended such a serpent tongued barbarian to be representing his religion.

      • PJD

        A guys speak what is biologically true and you call him foul?
        Not everyone is drunk on the PC punch
        What did he say that was so offensive to those who think that nothing should be off limits (except criticism of their licentiousness)?

        • Clockwork Taxi

          Biologically true? Yeah let's talk about those blacks in the 60's. It was biologically true to discriminate against them. I saw no frowns. No complaints. And as for the queers, let's have the spokesman of “Christ” talk about assholes and vaginas. You got a winner there boss! Bet he makes you and your religion proud.

          • Xristianxon Jamex

            Hey RACIST hypocrite…don't DENIGRATE the plight of blacks by EQUATING it with the “struggles” of gay folks, you band-wagon-hopping, civil rights movement hijacker. That's ALL GAYS have to argue (use someone ELSE's plight OR attack anyone who disagrees). Phil said nothing but he considers gaiety to be a sin. WHAT OTHER group gets their panties in a bunch like this? Did adulterers come out pissed off that he said adultery is wrong? Did alcoholics come out all overly sensitive and crying that their feelings were hurt? NO! What happens when folks say they think orgies, swapping/swingin, or S&M lifestyles are bad? Nothing. Cuz ONLY GAY FOLKS want to MAKE everyone AGREE with their lifestyle. They are narcissists, and they're self-flattering megalomaniacs thinking anyone ACTUALLY CARES what they do privately. How does the statements that homosexuality is sin 2x in the article PERSONALLY HURT gay folks? What a bunch of sissy cowardly punks…my sister with Down Syndrome has endured 1,000,000 times worse stuff than that and she “manned” up more than these thin skinned punk sissies at GLAAD…if they weren't gay, if they were anyone else in the world or any other type of person, they would be the laughing stock of the free world for being such sissified, histrionic OVER THE TOP drama queens. Are you that much of a punk yourself?

          • Clockwork Taxi

            So Christ like…

          • truthhurts

            You know Phil used to be an adulterer right? And he did make comments about African Americans being happy about working in the cotton fields where he too worked. So maybe you should focus on the whole story not just the parts you agree with. Everyone I'd allowed to speak their opinions doesn't mean there isn't consequences for what you say!

          • JS

            There is a word and and an action……repentance. If you sincerely ask for forgiveness, it shall be granted.

          • JEREMY


          • Cee

            Word and truth. The plight of Blacks and Gays do not compare at all.

          • tornadohunter

            What you said — Really!!!

          • Lionel Maxim

            They get their panties tied into knots because they are trying to promote and justify their repugnant lifestyles, for which you don't have to use the scriptures of any religion to prove them wrong. Merely apply common sense and the rules of nature any you will see how fucked up our species are in comparison to the other species inhabiting this planet.

          • Sue

            Lionel likes boys, so obvious.

          • Lionel Maxim

            @ Sue lets meet up honey bunch and I will prove my love for pussy to you.Hehehehheheheh

          • cs picks

            WHAT OTHER group gets their panties in a bunch like this?
            Planned Parenthood

          • Xristianxon Jamex

            Hey HYPOCRITE: ON TOP OF THAT, you're a complete AIRHEAD… you CAN'T discuss this logically cuz you're an emotional basket case…first of all your assinine illiterate statement “it was biological true to discriminate against blacks in 60's…” What? The dude above was talking about how homosexuality SCIENTIFICALLY violates nature…HOW MANY gay folks can make a baby? NONE…so they are ACTUALLY INFERIOR to hetrosexuals in creating a family. YET, they are a bunch of haters…they COPY hetros, by adopting or kidnapping kids through the corrupt foster/CPS system and they're STILL mad that they're inferior. There's nothing biologically inferior about black folks…everyone knows that…so the evil sin of racism was wrong and errant. The fact that gays go against nature is ACCURATE and CORRECT, you baffoon. It will never change.

            You're such a perverted twisted illogical detached from reality idiot and airhead, you think that Phil's personal view that he likes a vagina over an anus is unbiblical or perverted? Wait, you unlearned ignorant fool…the bible talks about sex…Song of Solomon is practically x-rated….you're a pathetic stupid hypocrite when you HATE ON Phil for his religious beliefs as if Christianity is a joke AND THEN you turn around and say that Christianity's standards (that YOU INTERPRET with your ignorance) are now supposed to be applied? Is it applicable to life or not? Pick one side you double talking bafoon! make up your mind.

            Or keep playing weasel, family law attorney, spin doctor, lying projection of blame disingenuous games.

          • Clockwork Taxi

            Wow you truly are a hateful, worthless, piece of human existence. A reason I am pro-choice (something that would probably make your inbred jaw drop) is that it trims the fat. Which you most certainly are. Spewing hate and vile wherever you go. I hope that kid you are holding in your picture turns out to be a homosexual. So she can hate her father, as much as I truly dislike you. Phil is ignorant, but he has the right to his opinion, and I have the right to mine. You have the right to yours as well, but as much shit as I might talk on Phil, you must know that you aren't worth the shit in his bowels. You are truly rancid and awful. And how dare you call me racist?! I'm not part of the Duck Dynasty. And how am I a hypocrite? I have enough common sense to know that your Bible is the equivalent of Greek mythology. Your poor kid. I truly feel awful for any child living in a home of such hate disguised in “Christ.”

          • mr_mcguyver

            Your right taxi man, if thinning the heard needs to be done then god should start with you, but GOD does not work that way and even the idiots, bigots, whores, drug addicts and sinners have a place in the world as GOD loves everyone, even you.

          • cle

            In many cases people believe that God as you say thins the heard but in actuality if a person does not get to experience the heavenly kingdom it is the choice they make. A person chooses to turn their back on God and live a life full of sin which God cannot be a part of sin. God never changes, we are the ones that pull away from Him.

          • Clockwork Taxi

            Of course God loves me, I'm not a wretched human being like Phil Robertson is.

          • Jas

            You've certainly earned His love.

          • SupportDuckguy

            Pro choice? You have no clue. Pro choice or pro murder of the innocent ones? God so love you that he gave his only son. Repent and be forgiven

          • Clockwork Taxi

            Yawn. What now?

          • angel

            Why would you say that you want his daughter to hate her. I hope you learn to realise how easy it is to say stupid stuff. Out of anger or otherwise, one of you has to stop, back it up and the other has to do the same.
            don't be as hateful as your enemy or it will make you exactly the same.
            the bible says what it says but Christ wouldn't agree with either ofyou. If your position is the right one, don't sound like your foe or you lose your self.ang

          • consuelo

            I guess you are just a racist then.

          • Jas

            Oh! there goes the hate card. Did you learn that in the civil rights movement? Your an original genius.

          • Jas

            Um… you might want to work on your own hate problem.

          • Xavier

            Wow Xristianxon Jamex- for someone who apparently doesn't care about gays, you seem to care a whole hell of a lot! #1- The Bible says a ton of ridiculous $HIT that ppl just ignore bc it's crazy- but the few passages that vaguely apply to gays are BLOWN up & held to such high regard for no reason other than to justify your hatred and superiority complex. #2- SCIENCE (yes, the ANTI-BIBLE/RELIGION) shows homosexuality to be NATURAL. Use your BRAIN instead of being brainwashed. What violates nature is gay people being forced to be straight. And if you really want to be a dick and say that heteros are superior, I actually believe the opposite to be true- that homosexuality is MORE EVOLVED than heterosexuality, and therefore superior. Gay people can, and do have biological children- we are not infertile/impotent. The fact that 2men or 2women don't pro-create does nothing to discredit the naturalness of homosexuality. You are so stupid and self-righteous it's mind-numbing, and then you have the nerve to call gays hypocritical at this point when we are through being abused by idiots like yourself! Are you a scientist?! I highly doubt it, so why the hell should anyone take your opinion as accurate and correct?! because of the bible?! don't make me list off all of the things in the bible that people dont live up to. You want to talk about hypocrites. Ugh I can't even deal with this. Gay people wouldn't have our knickers in a twist if people weren't such douchebags to us!! Oh but black people are the only one's who have been f*cked over by society..suuureee!

          • Tahart27

            You need to chill out and just come out of the closet already and get it over with!

      • dontheweatherman

        pay day someday for YOU, and it wont be nice

      • Alvin Durrence

        He quoted the Bible. I don't think Christ would object, and He wants people to speak of his teachings.

      • Tim Smith

        Clockwork Taxi………man, how true……….of course the mean-spirited always wrap themselves in religion or the American flag… sad!

      • Stephen Hallend

        You have no idea what you are talking about. You read something and you judge Mr. Robertson on what the rag mag said. Always out of context. The man believes in God and lives by His Word. He is kind. The bottom line is this, do you really believe that it is natural for a man to have sex with another man or a woman to have sex with another woman. Mr. Robertson only pointed out the obvious. We are all sinners, homosexuality is only one sin. The difference is that to many people want to change the way the Bible instructs us. Leave the people who still believe alone, your harassment will not change them

      • Homer Richards

        like Charlie sheen are much better role models than Christians like Phil. Someof the positive examples that Charlie has set include shooting Kelly Preston in the arm in 1990, admitting to being a client of Heidi Fleiss in 1995, beating a UCLA student in 1994 for refusing to have sex with him, pleading no contest to charges of battering model-actress Brittany Ashland in 1997, involuntary insertion into rehab for a drug overdose in 1998, being served divorce papers by Denise Richards in 2005 for reasons that ranged from dalliances with prostitutes to drug and gambling addictions, being jailed during Christmas of 2009 for pulling
        a knife on then wife Brooke Mueller which resulted in another involuntary visit to rehab, being charged with battering and imprisoning porn star Capri Anderson in 2010, and he ends up fired from his Two and a Half Men job in 2011. And this is a truncated list of his awesomeness.

        So, feel free to support the drug addicted, woman beating, prostitute loving, sex-addicted, morally skewed loser Charlie Sheen as he swills alcohol, eats prescription drugs like candy, and still magically manages to make people like you think he’s cool. I, on the other hand, chose to support Phil. He is a good decent Christian person with his morals intact.

        As for your claim regarding religion, that is the easy way out for a loser such as yourself. You are unwilling to commit to something because it is a commitment. Though you are fully incapable of realizing how much of the natural world escapes your view. You are incapable of being able to prove your own existence for
        that matter, but you are fully comfortable with asserting that all religions are essentially falsehoods. As an engineer with a deep scientific background I recognize the architectural details that reveal that an intelligent hand was behind creation. Though I’ve never read the bible I have no doubt that all that we see arose from intelligent design. I did not believe this all of my life, but I am convinced of it now.

        You, of course, are free to cling to your belief that evolution was the mechanism by which this planet came to be populated with 7.77 million species of animals, 298,000 species of plants, 611,000 species of fungi, 36,400 species of protozoa, and 27,800 species of chromista. However, in clinging to that belief you assert that these 8.74 million species all arose from a common point. Essentially, you believe that roses are your relatives, and perhaps you are correct. However, the underlying mechanisms that would be required to allow a single common ancestor to evolve into the diversity that we see would never have arisen by chance. We live on a perfect planet that is situated in a perfect orbit around a perfect sun within a perfect solar system. The improbability of that occurrence coupled with the improbability of DNA forming from nothing equates to a practical impossibility.

        Also, you have to consider Quantum Mechanics. Below the Planck scale reality starts to become exceptionally bizarre. If you could see it with your naked eye you would realize that you exist as nothing more than a bunch of probability fields holding hands…and then not holding hands. You are real but you are not. Nothing is as it appears. However, there appears to be a rule set in place that causes us to see the world as a solid form. Quantum Mechanics proves that observation changes outcomes. In various experiments it has been proved that superpostions collapse into a single state under observation. In reality, observation creates
        the reality that we see, which appears to be a rule/law of nature itself.

        So, love Charlie Sheen while believing that there is no creator all that you want. Just know that you are wrong. Period. It is not even worth arguing unless you can prove to me that you actually exist, which you can’t.

        Maybe you are right though…maybe religions are falsehoods. There is no way to know which one is the “right” one. Just because there was an intelligent creator does not mean that any specific organized religion is correct. Regardless, Charlie Sheen is a douche bag supreme. Yesterday I yelled, “Hey, Douche Bag,” and
        Charlie Sheen busted through the wall smelling like vinegar and water.

    • Michael Vain

      Hmmm. . . Guy with the balls to ADMIT he's a whoremonger. . . or knuckle-dragging douchebag hypocrite? I'll side with Charlie. Hypocritical ‘Christians’ can rot in their fictional hell.

      • cle

        If the Christians are right and there is a hell those words could be very painful for eternity. Just imagine how long eternity is with your skin on fire but never burning up, the pain and agony. The sores that are open and burning with nothing able to give you relief. Definition of Eternity – if there was a steel ball the size of the earth and a single bird came out and pecked it one time a day; if and when the ball disintegrates that is when eternity starts. If there is any way to image the length of time.

        • Tim Smith

          Are you on drugs ? ?

          • cle

            Is that the best you have. I don't offer any disrespect to anyone, all I do is clarify my Christian belief. And I can support it through Scripture and all you can do is offer something as meaningless as “are you on drugs.” I was actually hoping for some depth. Now the analogy I used in describing eternity is just something I use in order to show some relationship to time. Maybe you didn't understand it or is there something else I need to clarify for you.

        • Stephen Hallend

          I will pray for you. Read your Bible preferably when you are not doing drugs!!!

          • cle

            Again which part are you having a problem with? The fact that there is a hell that Christians believe in or the point of agony that will be experienced or the example of time.

      • Alvin Durrence

        So Michael, your saying that Charlie is not a hypocrite?

      • Tommy

        Three cheers !!!!

    • Becky Sanders Oldenburg

      The statements about homosexuality was not in the New Testament, they're in the Old Testament which is a part of the Torah. Unlike you, the Jewish people evolved to realize that it is God's place to judge a person's choices. Really look over the New Testament, Christ says nothing against homosexuals. He says “Love one another as I have loved you.”

      • cle

        Becky if you would like to read about homosexuality in the New Testament please read Romans 1:18-32 v.24God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another; v.26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lust. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones; and
        1 Corinthians 6:9 speaks about the people that Will Not inherit the kingdom of God (homosexuals). Read the full Scriptures.

        • Becky Sanders Oldenburg

          I stand corrected, at the same it also speaks about greed, maliciousness, ill Will toward others, cheating of which he had said he's done. They practice greed. You don't have to be a millionaire to live comfortably. I go to church, say my prayers, lector, not to mention, I'm a Eucharistic Minister & Parish council chairperson. Does that make me a good Christian? No! Does that give me the right to insult or condemn someone for their choices? No. I wish people would be more disgusted with the over 659,000 child abuse cases reported, the 1.3 million women & 835,000 men that were assaulted by their supposed love one. The 89,000 women sexually assaulted, the estimated 15,000 murders & the thousand of animals that are abused. I think those are far worse things than who a person chooses to love.

          • Becky Sanders Oldenburg

            I also want to reply to his statement about his cotton picking days with the blacks. Do you honestly think that a black man is going to make any derogatory remarks about the white man treats blacks while standing next to one? That could cause you to have a bunch of white hooded cowards come to your house with a hideous lawn ornament burning in your front yard. I lived in Monroe, LA in the late 80's & saw the racism & sexism first hand. I was called a Yankee because I was from Arkansas ( SE AR.). The last thing I have to say, I really don't like what he said but when it comes down to it, I would fight to protect his right to freedom of speech. That being said, you should also be willing to do the same for anyone else that's different from you. I desperately wish I. Could sit down with him & explain why he might want to reconsider his views.

          • cle

            Becky, They are to the point that there is no forgiveness in this world. All that you mention is terrible and until we realize as a country that we cannot legislate morality but instead raise a country that has a higher level of morality than selfishness we will continue to spiral downward. Regardless of what the sin is we are to forgive the person, we are to help them move out of the lifestyle, move out of the sin and love them unconditional. For how can you love me when you don't love your enemy says the Lord.
            I work with people that are being released from prison trying move them back into society and become productive even offenders.

          • cle

            I am compelled to continue. It is good that you work within the church and you are so right that does not make you are me any better than anyone else. It is about setting the example for others to follow us as we are to follow Christ. Christ loved us first where we are, we didn't have to change before going to Him but as we develop a relationship we desire to change and become more Christlike. We have to love each person where they are and show them through actions how to love everyone regardless of who they are or what they have done (Matthew 5:43-48). WE do it one step at a time and when we fall we have an accountability partner to help us.
            MA Marriage and Family
            MS Psychology
            M-Div Religious Studies
            PhD Religious Studies
            PhD Marriage and Family

      • Support duckguy

        Book of Romans

    • Tim Smith

      The uneducated always gravitate toward religion…….look at the South and the “Tornado” states……..the most backward in America…..full of Bible-thumpers and “Christians” and always getting slammed with tornadoes……what's up with that?

      • Stand Up For Phil

        Guess New York and the northern states storms doesn't count?
        Just another Northern Yankee, who thinks everyone in the
        South is a red neck. Just shows his stupidity.

        • Tim Smith

          For your information I live in a large city on the west coast of Florida…………not up north. A snowstorm is not a disaster like a tornado. It blankets your house in white powder….and then it doesn't explode the house into a million pieces.
          No, there are “pockets” of educated people in the south……Atlanta…… the large Florida metro areas…. the city of New Orleans,….the N. Carolina research triangle, but once you get outside the city and their suburbs you go back to the 1950's, including Florida which is no better than the rest of the south in that regard.

  • Pat Henry

    Charlie who?

  • Forgiven

    I would just like to say that I stand with Phil on this issue many people keep saying I can't believe he would say something like that but the bible is clear on this subject SIN IS SIN NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. It is not Mr. Robertson's words that have made people mad it is the word of GOD which the bible teaches is sharper than any two edged sword and when we hear Gods word and there is sin in our lives it convicts us of it because GOD IS HOLY AND WE ARE NOT. The only thing you or I can be is forgiven if we repent of the sin in our lives and ask for his forgiveness that is the only cure. So I will not blast Charlie Sheen because even with all his faults I KNOW THAT I HAVE JUST AS MANY AND THAT IT IS ONLY BY GODS GRACE that I am forgiven for them.

    • Richard Vergis

      I like the part best where he worked in the fields with all the Happy Negroes…and then Civil Rights ruined it all for them…too funny

      • no name

        Once again taken out of context. That's not what he said. He did say that they the black people he worked with appeared happy; as opposed to the angry ones today that are not working.

        • Ashlee

          If they're angry, it must be because of the lack of opportunity. I'm pretty sure no black person was happy when there was always the possibility of being lynched. Besides, why would we believe any of the black people this man worked with, trusted him enough to confide their true feelings. The fact that he equated “white trash” with black people says enough. Has no one ever heard of a back handed compliment before?

    • James Fowler

      VERY WELL ENOUGH SAID…..YOU CANT GET NO PLAINER THAN THAT. THANK YOU AND KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ I AM RIGHT ALONG WITH YA IN THE SAME BOAT. I JUST HAD TO SHARE A VERSE WITH YA…IT KEEPS POPPING IN MY HEAD…..II CORINTHIANS 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

  • bob

    Charlie sheens is a actor on the way out looking to get his face in the headlines one more time charlie just shut the fu k up and grow old with your stripper sluts

  • Dave

    Sheen sounds like you're a in the closet fag.You really got room to talk you non-acting druggie!!

  • michael

    I like Charlee but he has no room to speak,lol.hasnt he been caught with prostitutes,beat his wife,has been a drug addict for the last 20 years,could care less for his kids,and didn't they kick him off HIS OWN SHOW.charli no one cares that your mad bro hahahh

  • Robert Colontonio


    • mark


  • diamina

    This Alcholic, drug addicted, sex addicted, busted up actor, who was FIRED from his hit TV show has something to say!
    Please Charlie…you're a total loser! Maybe you should get some tips from Phil on how to keep your fan base! No one was too upset when you were fired, no petitions or boycotts… but so many of us are up in arms over this man being beaten up by a bunch of racists and bigots for voicing his Constitutionally protected opinion! (Yes the one's who are bashing Phil Robertson are the bigots and racists! You are not allowing a fellow American his right to his own thoughts and opinions…that's absolutely prejudice in every way!) The Constitution gives us FREE SPEECH….it doesn't mean someones feelings can't be hurt.
    People need to grow up and put on their big girl or boy pants and get a life!
    Your parents must be so proud of you! (not)

    • guest

      I could not have said it better mysel!! Praise God! And thanks for speaking the truth so eloquently!

      • Rachel Alisha

        Wait what r u agreeing with him on the comments or Charlie sheen?

        • guest

          I am agreeing with the comment.

          • Rachel Alisha

            Oh okay wont judge, but why are you agreeing?

        • g m

          WOW Rachel, If no one tells you that homosexuality is a sin then it's okay.
          NOT, It is the only adbomination

          • wishful sinful

            Whats an abdomination?
            Is that, like, when you eat too much after doing loads of crunches?

          • Sand up for Phil

            Are you saying I CAN'T say that homosexuality is a sin, but you CAN say it is okay???

          • Deidre

            Phil dates guys. Why so angry Phil??

          • Lucy

            lol good one abdomination to many crunches ahahaha..the ignorance in people is just wow you know it is 2014 people get over yourselves!!

          • Lucy

            You are an ABOMINATION! learn how to spell if you are gonna make ignorant comments!!!

    • phil's freind

      of all people to complain about someone speaking their mind. nobody really cares about the opinion of a washed out crackhead spouting off about a decent Christian man exercising his god given rights to free speech. you sound a little prejudice yourself there Charlie ! you need to get off the tiger blood and crack,its clouding your judgement.

      • richardjames

        who is Charlie Sheen to judge anyone he should be in jail

        • Terry Haines

          Better question is who is Charlie Sheen period!!!!

          • Kevin & Tricia

            CHARLE SHEEN!!!!! he only wishes he had the following of DUCK DYNASTY. He woulden't know the first thing about MORALS. He is a washed up So Called TV star, I'm so tired of closed minded people judging us for what we believe and having faith in GOD. they need to take a page from Phil's book. it could only help Most of the CLOSED minded people in this Godless world we live in.

          • bearone7777

            The “DUCK COMMANDER”—Phil Robertson was correct, that is what hurts so many people here Kevin & Tricia—And the sooner folks of FAITH UNDERSTAND THAT IN THE 21-CENT. we will be better off in this country, and actually the world!!!!

      • Angelina_217

        you also took the words right out of my mouth and my thoughts on Mr. Sheen's rant!!! what does he know anyways beside being an abuser of women, drugs and alcohol!!!!!!!

        • aksnoridr

          Charlie who? Sorry I don't hang around drug addict dumpsters looking for a fix so really not to familiar with those degenerates

        • Ralph Tapp

          Totally agree with you Angelina. And I would like to send a message to Charlie in a word from Phil ……(” WINNING”)

    • Rachel Alisha

      Wow harsh.

    • Moose

      Everyone is allowing him his own thoughts and opinions, he put them out there, he's just getting a few thoughts and opinions back. No one is persecuted simply because their words have repercussions.

    • Angelina_217

      well said my friend!!!! well said!!!!

    • scalper44

      Yeah, i'm sure Phil really cares what Charlie thinks of him as a man. ;-)

    • bearone7777

      diamina—May GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS and keep you for speaking out the truth!!!!

  • Houston

    Boy….. Now that`s a high moral character speaking about someone else. Hey Charlie, how many lines did you toot to get enough brain cells buzzing to think that stupid shit up ? You are just an overpaid Hollywood punk who thinks he`s above others. STFU !

  • kenny

    Charlie sheen as talented as he is brainless. this is the same guy that insisted Obama investigate bush as a co-conspirator to 9/11

  • Constitutionalist

    Charlie Sheen has been irrelevant for a few years now who cares what he says. And is that the pot calling the kettle black. They both have a 1st amendment right to say what he want but people have a right to disagree with Charlie.

  • Anderson

    I seriously doubt Mr. Robertson gives a rat's butt what the drunken fool Charlie Sheen has to say about or to him. However, Sheen has a right to his opinion just as Mr. Robertson has the right to his opinion as allowed under our constitutionally-given Freedom of Speech. Funny how all those liberal-minded “mouthpieces” scream about their own right to freedom of speech, but get all bent out of shape when someone with an opposing view uses that same freedom and expresses his/her opinion!

  • what happened to us

    for anyone who thinks that the sheens are more of anything above the Robertsons , clan lets review, Phil has a masters degree in education, all of his siblings, who were dirt poor managed to get college degrees except for Si who was a career soldier, his children are ALL married to their original wives and raising there children in homes with 2 parents and as far as anyone knows, no blue lights on the lawn, no custody dramas, no porn star nannies, no f bombs, no crack pipes, also that “ignorant reckless talentless hillbilly”, built a 400 million dollar empire without a daddy to give a leg up in the business I could go on but Charlie legal dramas would take to long, no to mention 3 x wives, probable bi polar disorder, and raging anti semetic remarks . Yes Charlie is funny, so are the robertsons. I don't take my morality or beliefs from either, they are just entertainers. but if I did, Charlie has multiple issues with being accused of actual violence towards women, remember when he “accidently” shot his girlfriend, strangled his wife, etc. come on if you cant stand Phill, fine but Charlie must of been STONED when he started casting those stones. He has offended everyone

    • Old soul

      Well said my friend. Great perspective. Phil's comments were rough, but unfortunately true. Truth is truth. Why do we all try to pretty up the ugly. Hate the sin, love the sinner. That's with thievery, man-whoring, gossip, jealousy, and even homosexuality. Just because it's more acceptable in a world with degrading morals and and crime metrics, doesn't make it right.

    • Lori Gore

      Couldn”t have said it better. The fact is the God I believe in does not HATE anyone and has said that no man shall judge another, I believe everyone has a right to express this opinion, isn't FREEDOM what we are hated and critizied for, many of our own soldiers have died and will die for the right for Phil and yes even Charlie to say whatever they want, however, in my opinion Phil was not preaching hate or calling people rude, juvenile names I have ppl close to me who are gay, I LOVE them I respect them, when they pass and meet the Father as I will, they and only they will have to answer and atone for any sins that they have done. I believe it also says a sin is a sin is a sin, which to me means no sin is seen in greater degree than another sin. I don't believe a serial killer are child molester have a better chance to get into the Kingdom just because of who they loved….I do not believe Phil is a hater, I read the article and watched his preachings, I didn't feel hate in his voice…as where I read this from Charlie and it is dripping with hatred…Charlie, first of all clean up your own home before stepping into another man's. Instead of focusing on Phil why don't you try and fix yourself healthy to help your children and ex-wife? You are rich by money standards Mr. Sheen and you have a great talent in your acting but I don't believe you should be the moral police. LOVE is LOVE……GOD is LOVE, let's remember we are all here together for a short time let us not waste it on hating anyone for things we can not change, if you are not hurting anyone, live your life as you will because one day we will all answer for no one but ourselves.

      • James Fowler

        II CORINTHIANS 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    • James Fowler



      AND THE BEST PART OF CHARLIE RAN DOWN MARTIN'S LEG AND THEN WAS FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET! Too bad Martin didnt let it all go in the toilet!

  • mike

    I use to enjoy two and a half children but no more playing DVDs of Duck Dynasty

  • Bobs

    I was a big fan of Mr. Sheen until I read this ignorant rant that has no basis in truth. If in fact Mr. Sheen is offended he should take it up with the Good Lord himself because The Father thought these words important enough to put in our rules for living book otherwise known as the “HOLY BIBLE”. I have always found it a lot simpler in the long run to follow the Ten Commandments than to go against them. If you don't like the words of GOD take it up with him and “NOT” Mr. Robertson.

  • JoAnn

    Charlie is just mad because he didn't have 9 million fans backing him when he fell off the wagon back on the crack pipe. Probably tweeted that from a crack house along with the Beeb. You are all washed up Charlie. The past. A has been. Where does Charlie fall? A drunkard and a swindler? Go to bed Charlie and wake up next month. We all are repulsed by you.

  • Pathetic

    Charlie Sheen is a nobody with no brain cells left. What a joke. Sadly he's the smartest liberal out there

  • PJD

    What Phil said is basically common sense.
    Sheen, what an A-hole

  • Michael

    Hey Charlie ,Read carefully …Your an idiot

  • Michael

    Mr.Vane .since your education has not elevated above the third grade .You speak volumes .Way to go knuckle dragger


    Well Charlie, I always did think you were a funny guy, and your comments are just like you, “A Joke!”. Funny, I actually did side with you during all the squabling with the network. Guess I was naive to think you weren't the same egotistical ass as the Hollywood execs. You have now come out of the closet. I still suspect your job future is not as bright as Phils. Looks like you fit right in with the creep running A & E. She deserves to be fired like you were.

  • bill

    sorry charlie.. your a loser, your dad and brother have more talent in their pinky than you'll ever have…you are a washed up has been who will never amount to nothing .your better days are pissed in the wind one to many have no right to even put your 2 cents in .for all the crap you've done just put a sock in it..and go put some more powder in your nose or whatever it is you do..its all you'll ever be good loser..

  • Asamtè

    Gosh. Ok so I'm seeing two different opinions here…. Some of y'all are defending Phil and some are defending Charlie. I agree that some of Phil's comments could have offended people but I'm just glad he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Isn't that respectable right there? Can you not respect a man who lives his life how he preaches it. At least there is a man like Phil who has the decency to stand up for he believes is true. Whether you agree with him or not.. Can you not respect that? The beautiful thing about America is we have free speech. Charlie can say what he wants and so can Phil. But I challenge each person to look at both of their life's.. Look at it deeply. Inside and out. Who do you believe in? A man who has been in trouble with the law dozens of time and created a name for himself known as a freak… Or a man who is know for a life of morality with a God-fearing spirit. I know you might of believe on God or think he's intolerant, but what kind person do you want to be. A freak like Sheen, or a morally stable man like Phil Robertson.

  • MotherT

    WIENER,,,, Oh wait that was supposed to say winner,, But then I would have been talking to Mr. Robertson, as opposed to S–t brain such as yourself Charlie,,,No one misses u. go back to sleep.

  • MotherT

    Reply to Michael Vain,,Sounds to me like u r the rotting,hypocritical or not.

  • bubbinator

    Sheen-nobody cares a twit for a thing you say. You are an irrelevant Hollywood degenerate with a bunch of gay friends who I suspect sit around and pleasure one another orally for nourishment daily. Hope you choke.

  • MotherT

    Dani,, When r u going back to a place that knows being a Christian has nothing to do with hate, apparently u missed the lesson in this country.

  • Joe

    I'd like to hit this jerk Charlie Sheen right in the mouth. He is not qualified to speak about anything. What a disgrace as a human being, father, husband, etc. You libs make me sick & are the ruination of this once great country. Has he or any of you ever heard of free speech. I hope you atheists & Christian haters burn in eternal hell for your ignorant ways. You should wish you were only half the person that Phil Robertson is.

  • Laughing Harder

    Why do people take this Robertson fellow's remarks seriously anyway? The guy's about 3 teeth shy of becoming the crystal-meth poster child and obviously wouldn't know common sense if it fell on his face and started to quack. He made some stupid remarks in a gossip rag, oh well, it won't change much since this guy isn't exactly a mountain-mover and doesn't really affect society one iota. Anyone who believes human beings are somehow unequal, and tosses out archaic threats torn straight from a book that existed to quell early civilization is really not someone to give much attention to, let alone allow this nimrod to ruin your day. I mean paying any heed to Robertson's rant is like stopping to give serious consideration to that one guy one the street corner yelling at phone booths; it's a waste of time and brain power.

  • Rock R

    sheen is the poster boy for everything disgusting,…his doped faggy opinions don't mean crap to any decent person…go to hell dope head, along with all your Hollywood faggy garbage scumbags!

  • Athlonio

    Hey Charlie, how many episodes of Anger Management does it take to equal the viewership of a single episode of Duck Dynasty? You couldn't count that high, anyway.

  • DukeJW

    Charlie is still trying to make a comeback after his rants. His rant on Phil was wordy, but Phil would take Charlie out as quick as a water moccasin strike.

  • BaxterII

    Wow! That was one hateful rant by the opposing side.

  • just me

    You don't like the idea of him hurting friends of yours, so your speaking out for them-hmm-seems kind of lame. Seeing how you hurt your whole family with the lifestyle that you have led. I wouldn't throw stones, Charlie.

  • notrelevant

    Oh good, I was wondering what Charlie Sheen thought about this- said no one ever

  • Shadow Mage

    Oh here we go again. “Because the bible says it, it must be true.”
    I dare every one of you bible humpers to follow the bible to its entirety, not just pick and choose quotes that satisfy you.

  • guest

    Hey Sheen! I'm gonna use real words that aren't drug induced like yours are… I know it may be difficult for you to understand being so high all the time; but, that duck dynasty dude that you are bashing takes care of his kids and would never disrespect his ex-wife!!! Why don't you go take care of your family instead of disrespecting wonderful people that contribute greatly. Also, since his family is worth $80 million, it's safe to say he's made his mark in the world. You can only aspire to be the man Phil is!!! I used to think you were funny and pretty cool – Now I just think you rhyme with rick!! Go find another stripper… You are tired! Signed – you lost a Fan!

  • guest

    Shut up Sheen…. you sound like a total idiot right now…

  • Uzal Roberts

    Fuck Charlie Sheen's alcoholic ass.

  • Rickyrock3us

    All I can say is at the end of their life who will be more respected and who did more for their family. Which ones family will care more for them. Many wives and children who he does not see. Or a man who loves his one wife and family and does what is right to keep them on the right path.

  • Charlie Dink

    Charlie Sheen, what a dip shit! You have a lot of room to talk! Go back, sniff some more drugs, have sex with your prostitutes and stop trying to further your worthless career. Two and Half Men is a much better show without you. You are a role model for children not to be!

  • jean

    Mr. Sheen you need a reality check and a job. Go to church, find the Lord and seek his help. You will benefit immensely from it.

  • James

    What a useless twitter rant. Be a man, Charles. Go say whatever's on your mind to Phil's face.

  • Dawn

    Strange thing about most libs………they are so “compassionate” until someone disagrees with them.
    Sheen, you are a train wreck and no one I would want to emulate. I mean look at YOUR sad life.

  • Stu


  • Colonel

    Hey Charlie, look who is calling the kettle black, who should have values like the Robertsons. How many people have you hurt in your lifetime? How much booze and drugs have you taken? You should keep your drunken drug fill nose out of this debate, for you are no role model for anyone. If your gay friends are upset then maybe they are to sensitive, where is the tolerance they preach. You exploit women on all of your shows and no one says a thing. You are a disgrace.

  • Casey

    Charlie, you are miserable. Seriously shut up.

  • Jay

    Charlie please do us all a favor and kill yourself….really please kill yourself….you are nothing but trash!

  • Jay

    The entire Sheen family is trash!!!!

  • Jay

    Charlie you would make a great spokesperson for GLAAD. They'd like your skinny little ass.

  • USVET35

    Charlie Sheen supports people like Miley Cyrus who can twerk on national tv and talks about it was her right……enough said. Charlie you're an idiot. It works both ways.

  • Chattown

    hey Charlie,
    go ahead and snort another line and get another drink. Your opinion and voice means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things as you have no moral ground to stand on.

  • Stan

    Charlie Sheen to say this is funny and sad. Her tries to give a beat down and shows his stupidity once again. Maybe if he listened to Phil and practiced what Phil says, his life and kids life could be a Lil better.

  • vince kim

    Hey Sheen u 2 bit POS. Everyone knows that you are a Tri-Sexual and a Muff Diver Ala Carte.
    With your reputation, you would be better off just keeping your slimy mouth closed

  • Hashtag-Think About It

    Let's all listen to a guy that can't , and doesn't want, to take care of his own children. Not to mention, Phil may have chosen the right words but, if humans were meant to be gay we wouldn't exist. We would drive ourselves into extinction without reproduction….

  • mainechiver

    Wow I used to enjoy charlie sheen but its slowly going away.

  • nthestorm7

    18:22 ESV /

    You shall not lie with a male as
    with a woman; it is an abomination.

    20:13 ESV /

    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both
    of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their
    blood is upon them.

    17:15 ESV /

    He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns
    the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.

    • nthestorm7

      Is Sheen mad at Phil or GOD ???

  • Doug

    Charlie Judge not least you be judged Ithink we all have have room for improverment I know I sure do. Take a good hard long look at your self in the mirror.

  • wayne

    Charlie sheen again u show what a dumbass u r look at your ratings on tv look at his what a piece of shit u r

  • Mrs. Curry

    If its ok for Phil Robertson to speak his mind then Charlie Sheen can to. I'm not gay but I am black and I'm offended. And which bible are you people reading from? I hope its not the King James edition because he was gay. Yes you kissed a girl and you liked it. You men walk around with skinny jeans and bare chests thats gay. Your president is black. The money you spend has passed through gay hands. I support free speach not free ignorance. Charle Sheen is a drug using alcoholic he never said that he wasn't.

  • Gigi

    To Charlie Sheen…..I was a fan of yours until now. Loser

  • curly2

    Sheen? LMAO! You're kidding right? This coming from a guy starved for attention. What a moron.. I guess free speech only applies to the empty headed crap he comes out with..

  • a humble human, You?

    I agree Your the loser Charlie Sheen. The Man was asked his opinion, and the last I checked its a free country. Your Cruel and inexcusable words to a very humble man sickens me. You will be the one I dont watch. How dare you say such cruel things. If your friends were offended, grow up. You actors change the bible to please and satisfy your own selfish ways. Phil was asked and he told. Who the hell asked you. Your a big drunken idiot and now I will not watch any of your crap, and I am sure all the Country folks and Christians, agree. Thats alot of people, Oh just because your a rich spoiled brat, you should be ashamed. Let your so called friends get some thick skin. What you said to phil was worse than what he said. It is wrong by God's standards, not yours. I am done with your stupid ass…………………. Bad Karma Charlie, its a bitch….

    • Rob

      So sad, all the judgmental folks out here, I wonder what Jesus would say!!!
      We all make our choices and must live and then die with them. Beleive what you will about Phil and Charlie, in the end they too will be judged by the only one with power to do so!! I'm not perfect, I have a crack in my butt just like most and that includes Phil!! I have some different feelings about things then Phil, I would however love to have lunch with him and Jesus, a thought!! Charlie is out to lunch all the time and loves to hear himself!!

  • steve

    all of his friends ? this actor i did say actor , he has no friends , what the hell are the y watching the show for any how if there like you ? your an idiot, loser I wish youd get mad at me , loser, number 1 a@e new what was airing at the time b but iIm not try to explain this to you loser. your more stupid than i thought , you know theres a front row seat in hell waiting for loser like you , good to say wont see you there tho, come on and get mad @ some one who dont give a blank blank

  • stable

    Phil and Chuck have something in common; They both got canned for being moronic ignoramuses.


    Charlie,Charlie!!! Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, who is this person? If you don't know,GOD does for sure! Cleanse yourself before you talk…

  • BigDawg72

    Just lost another fan Charlie, actually I went from liking you to wanting to kick your azz. Nice job.

  • Ehret9

    Now here is a real logical KNUCKLEHEAD to give any advice to anyone, Dude put some pie in the pie hole!!!!! He spoke from his true beliefs not some drunken,
    drug binge!!!!! At least you know who he is and where he stands!!!!!!

  • Durand Amerson

    yea Charlie stay out of it an sweep around you door .ever person has a right for their belief this is America isn't it or have we forgoton we cant say what we believe in anymore with out someone jumping in an missing up another persons life so just leave this man along its his belief an he has a right to it an I love the show an don't ever miss it so yea for duck dynasty
    an who wants to hear from Charlie any way

  • txnasn60

    If the idiot Charlie Sheen is against Phil Robertson then you have to know that Robertson is right. If you can think of anything bad, Sheen has probably done it or will do it. Charlie you need a lot of help. You act like the drugs and alcohol have completely burned whatever brain you had.
    PS Strong letter to follow.

  • DWW

    My thoughts exactly diamina !!How can a crack addicted hooker loving AIDs spreader talk about anyone.We all know hes not right in the head and his new show is a Bomb,so hell do anything to stay relevant,or atleast in News in one way or another.But just by putting his foot in this,he makes it a cartoon of sorts,because no one takes anything this loser who has done WAY WAY WORSE,has to say with any serious-ness.Just a loser blowing smoke between literally blowin crack smoke.The depths some will go to just to see there own words in print.Phils comments might be seen by some as offensive,but in the grand scheme of things no one got hurt besides feelings on a subject that is no different than someone saying a fat person is disgusting..,Being gay is not like a disease or illness that when people make fun it hurts because they cant help it,its SEX,and if someone thinks a certain act disgusts them,then so be it,its there belief..Having Gay Sex is not above reproach and to be thought of as something that should be treated like a Holy Act that everyone should love or never speak of it because its sacred,ITS NOT,its a choice..He didn't choke a hooker or trash a Hotel room while sniffing coke and urinating in his pants.Go crawl back under that huge crack rock you grimey loser,your children must be very proud of daddy(same name the porn stars call him).

  • James Fowler


  • Traci

    Oh Charlie, You have no right to talk. You're opinion doesn't mean shit. You are one of the biggest scab brain idiots out there. Winning, Winning, Winning all that babbling BS coming out of your mouth during another one of your drug fueled tirades. Everyone has a right to their opinion including Phil Robertson whether you like it or not. Many people that are in the limelight have made some unfavorable comments and done some really stupid things. You are on the top of that list, Moron. So why don't you do everybody a favor and keep your OH SO, important ramblings to yourself.

  • CharlieSheenCrackAddict

    I think the thre people that watch Anger Management should boycott that Show

  • Ron Vignola

    Hey Charlie keep you're mouth closed , you're a idiot a drug addict and a drunk a pervert and a women beater. Do you really think for a half a second you're going to Heaven , Sorry Charlie boy you're going straight to HELL!!

  • mr_mcguyver

    I'm sure Charlie has a belief; He believes he'll have more liquor and drugs. He is the last person that should open his mouth and comment on someone else's problems. I hate to break this to you Charlie but your mouth has hurt more people than you know and they at least have the decency to keep quite about it because you have the right to spew your views and hate and because of our rights to free speech and the right to our religions beliefs whatever they are or are not. Those of us that follow GOD's Word know the truth. Could Phil have phrased it differently, maybe but don't ask a man of GOD a question and expect him not to quote his teachings as that won't happen. I hate to break your Hollywood bubble but there are more Christians than think, “sorry Charlie”.

  • Steve Ogle

    Bullying is alive and well in the gay community! I think we have all tolerated this till we are blue in the face. I love Phil and Duck Dynasty, especially because of their awesome family values. I hope that the family decides not to pull the plug on the show, I do hope they move to another network though. If it was'nt for Duck Dynasty I would never watch A&E because of their groosom programing and violent commercials. We need a real family oriented network rich in values. It is getting so hard to find good wholesome tv shows and movies without language and violence. Thank God for the Robertson's! But Phil needs to know when to say things and who to say them to.. I agree that it was a little harsh what he said, but America wants reality, they got some now.

  • happy happy happy

    If it offends you for someone to make a comment about you or the way you are then maybe you should change your ways because you are a shamed of what you are. I believe in GOD and I don't care what you say Its not going to hurt me physically its your opinion good for you and may God or whatever you believe in bless you.

  • Steve Ogle

    Boy that must of been one big Sheen-dig last night huh Chuck? I do hope you feel better. Drink plenty of water and I think Aleve works better than Advil.

  • dontheweatherman

    Charlie Sheen needs long term very extensive mental health care, even if it has to be involuntary commitment

  • Canada Girl

    Phil is more of a MAN in his little finger than Charlie could ever dream of. Charlie is obviously jealous of Phils popularity. There are so many boozing overpaid good for nothing wanna be actors, who needs them. But a REAL man like Phil, that is who people want to see

  • Trisha Doherty

    Emilio always was the cool one. Charlie is just the human STD repository for a Ukrainian pharmaceutical company.

  • Maila

    I consider Charline Sheen to be “sub-evolved.” What did he call himself? A god or something with three women supposedly living with him as lovers? Yeah, I think he might be sub-evolved.

  • davidc4291

    Charlie just showed how stupid and narrow minded he really is. I have been behind him in the past for what he believed in but this time he has shown how stupid he really is. Phil is a well educated person with a master's degree and so is all of his son's except for one and he was only speaking what the bible tells us. Which is freedom of speech. I will no longer watch any of his shows and put him in the same category as Jane Fonda..

  • davidc4291

    I also forgot to add that the father and the family have far more money than Charlie will ever have before the show. Why? because they are hard working, down to earth American's.

  • BB

    Mr Sheen, you do realize that Phil is a college graduate, don't you ? Apparently you don't! I suggest you inform yourself before name calling Mr Robertson. I watched your show one time. I found it uninteresting. I agree with Diamina. Go down a few messages and read it. Not that you would listen to us commoners. Remember this commoners made you and they can break you. Stay out of this. It is over your head.

  • Joan Doe

    You are such a loser. You have no sense of reality dog breath

  • Cary Davis

    Charlie WHO?

  • JB

    Who really cares about Charlie Sheen”s view, or mine for that matter? And why is it news worthy?

  • jaymey

    Charlie Sheen has something to say about someone saying something that may be controversial ? Please… spare us all.

  • angie cranfield

    They say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You my friend happen to be in the largest glass house there is. You need to read Phil's comments thoroughly and then read in to it what he didn't say. You have no voice in this as the mirror you look into has broken several times in your life. Get right with God and yourself so you can take care of your own problems.

  • DD

    Charlie Sheen! I cannot believe anyone would feed into his hypocritical remarks/opinions! I mean come on……you are nothing more than a 2 bit washed up actor riding off of your wonderful Daddy's coat tails! Not to mention a crack smoking,
    prostitute chasing, adulterer and piece of crap Father! What Mr. Robertson said and quoted was straight from the Bible… more no less…..straight from the bible, something i'm pretty sure you know nothing about! The LORD'S word has no gray areas its black and white does not allow for the changing times, or re-interpretation!
    You think because you are a “has been” celebrity that you bashing Mr. Robertson for yourself and those “that can't speak for themselves” is going to make a difference? I think not in fact i think your little speech shows what a true bigot you are and will only serve to help Phil Robertson!!! Amen Mr. Robertson AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sueq

    Not sure what all the fuss is about,
    Phil can and did say what he wanted
    Gays can be and are offended
    Network can and did fire Phil
    Seems everyone can do and did do what they wanted, ummmm that's a free society, protected by the constitution.
    So what's the problem? Oh, I see
    Only Phil has rights, got it.
    See but he works for the network and they also have rights. I certainly am not questioning his right to free speech, unfortunately it has consequences.

    • stable


  • Average Joe

    Charlie, you have enriched my life with your funny acting on the two and a half men show… but c'mon…think back to when human life began…or in your case, when you were in sex ed in grade school…

    Normal: A man who inserts his penis into the vagina of a woman.

    Abnormal: A man who chooses to insert his penis into the fecal passageway (rectum) of another man.

    Normal: A woman who allows sexual intercourse with the man she loves.

    Abnormal: A woman who chooses to be sexually attracted to another woman rather than to acknowledge sexual reproduction.
    Is gay OK? I say no way, it's just another abnormal life style that is being shoved down the throats of normal people. Get a grip people, keep your sins to yourself…

  • Jf Fabera

    At least Phil Robertson lives the gospel and is faithful to God and his wife, unlike Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, anyone in politics named “Kennedy”, and someone named “Charlie Sheen” who recently was living with TWO women in his LA mansion, whom he referred to as his “goddesses”

  • just me

    and WOW!!! Don't you sound intelligent with that rant you went on.
    Forget it nobody listens to you anymore.

  • bigD

    Charlie Sheen Is a washed-up has-been and never will be again.

  • patti

    Both Phil and Charlie, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, although I do believe in Freedom of Speech, even though it doesn't do any good because society dictates how words are to be interpreted, which is really sad, and it would help if you both turned the other cheek, God bless you all

  • DoDa

    I would rather be a drug addict than a bigoted zealot.

  • DoDa

    Christian zealots are in the same league as the taliban, same mentality. And then the bigoted KKK thoughts as well. Cancel his show and boycott his products.

    • Jf Fabera

      Are you aware of what the Taliban and KKK do to gay individuals?

  • Thomas Allen

    I was a fan of Charlie Sheen until this, even with all the stupid crap that he has spoke in the past. I gave him the respect he deserved for his talent but this latest rant of his has done it for me. You're in the toliet Charlie and circuling with this rest the world who lack morals.

  • call somebody that gives a cra

    So, Sheenhead is speaking for the gay and lesbian community now? I wonder how they feel about this sheeniot being their self appointed spokesperson. Like Charlie Sheeniot can speak for anyone. What a total looser. I just can't believe that ANYONE would listen to this moron, much less put his inane ramblings in PRINT no less. Any media source that keeps giving this dolt any semblance of validity gets lower marks in my books. Give some real stories, or at least something that is worthwhile anyway. Sheen and his lunatic rants don't appeal to anyone anymore. Give us ALL a break, please!!

  • mossonrocks

    Sheen? LOLOL!

    Hollywood's moral compass! LOLOL!

    Just another entitled spoiled rich guy.

  • Stu Pedassel

    Sheen's a moron. Wouldn't dignify him with a response.

  • Brenda

    I would rather watch Duck Dynasty anytime over Charlie Sheen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Lucas

    Phil..You and your family have God on your side! You have the right to say whatever you want to say. I would take little notice of anything this crazy drug addicted alcoholic has to say. Charlie is like so many others in the world today…he has no idea what it is know God's word, how to be a good parent, or how to live a good and decent life. When Charlie drops dead he will know the truth that God has blessed you to know now! God Bless You Duck Dynasty Family! STAY STRONG IN GOD! WE LOVE YOU!

    • stable


  • Thomas Allen

    This whole thing is stupid really. Those that think the Christian faith is hypocritical and those that follow the desires of the flesh no matter what they are. VS. Those of us who know we have a need for the cleansing blood of Jesus and desire the forgiveness of God through it. Its Christmas time folks be full of joy and thanksgiving for God has given us the ultimate gift of his son even though we didn't ask for it.

  • Andrea Lucas

    What is with you Gays, Lesbians, Trannies, and Charlie? What the hell is wrong with you? Your friends have no voice? PLEASE! Your friends have hired people to BULLY Phil and each and every one of your friends know that Phil has the right to his own opinion just like they do! So…what is the deal? If you all chose to believe one way in the Bible–that is your choice. The same is true that Phil has his right to the way he believes in the the Bible. The truth of the matter is that when you drop dead you will know the truth. Believe what you want…live like you want… WHO IS THE BULLY NOW? GAYS! LESBIANS! TRANNIES! AND PATHETIC CHARLIE SHEEN! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE TRYING TO FORCE OTHERS INTO THINKING YOUR WAY! YES!!!! YOU ARE ALL BULLIES! LEAVE PHIL AND THE REST OF US ALONE! ONE DAY GOD IS GOING TO GET TIRED OF YOU CHARLIE…AND JUST LIKE THAT…YOU WILL BE GONE! SHAME ON YOU!

  • Casey

    Hey charlie did anyone come to your defense when you got fired? I think not, go take care of your children you pig.

  • grace

    Duck Dynasty is a joke – the guy has 0 talent and he's on TV? It's pathetic – I don't care if it's Charlie Sheen who is bashing him or anyone of us – this guy should NOT be on TV – the show is idiotic and he has no talent. Duck Dynasty is the perfect example of just how low television has sunk. It's maddening and it's about time people realized how idiotic it is to put someone like this on the air.

  • stable

    If ya like Duck Dynasty ya like the Kardashians. They're no-talent reality heroes to the mentally inept. And, Phil and Chuck have something in common; They both got canned for being moronic ignoramuses. Anyone supporting either one should NOT read the bible but rather the teachings of Jesus.

  • richardjames

    Charlie Sheen is a drug addict and an idiot I spent most of my life suffering because of religious persecution and he has no ides what he is talking about, he's probably never even picked up a bible. He's probably a closet queer. The bible doesn't describe them as gay it says in Rom. 1:24-27 after he describes his wrath being revealed against ungodliness and unrighteousness it condemns those suppressing the truth and those who deny him or give him credit for creation. read Rom.1:18-24 then at 24 it says” Therefore God in keeping with the desires of their hearts gave them up to uncleanness, that their bodies might be dishonored among them, even those who exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerated and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the One who created, who is blessed forever. Amen. That is why God gave them up to disgraceful sexual appetites, for both their females changed the natural use of themselves to on contrary to nature, and likewise even the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, male with males, working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full recompense, which was due for their error. unlike the murderer and thief who was forgiven who was crucified on the side of the Christ, who was described as being with the Christ in paradise these are receiving full recompense for their error. Every where, they are mentioned in the bible it is in with a list of people who have committed crimes that are deserving of the ultimate punishment, (DEATH) it is wrong to refer to them as GAY as in down playing what God see they are doing. There is more do not side with them or vote for their being allowed to be married or you are making yourself at enmity with God a bad place to be in. Ramses thought he was smart that way also it cost him his son.1Cor.7:2-5,Eph.5:5, Rom. 1:24-27, 1 Cor. 6:9-11, 1Tim. 1:9-11, Jude 7

    • Atheist ONE

      LOL there is no god you moron… it's a myth. and the bible was written by man.. 200 years after …haha . if you think not.. explain Horus 3000 years before your invisible guy in the sky… same exact story.. and the other over 100 gods before… how can you be so blind mentally ??

  • fire me

    charly posted straight racist remarks against a jewish boss and he says Phils remarks are unexcusable. I think he just wants to make himself feel better and try to get ratings back for looking like a dried out crack addict.

  • Blinded by hypocrisy

    The glaring hypocrisy from the intolerant Christian-phobic Hollywood elite is blinding, especially coming from this so-called intelligent moral compass. This is classic ignorance coming from a drugged out wife beating adulterous anti-family bigot. Wow, you have a fantastic sense of morality Sheen, let me choose you as a role model over Phil. Pop another pill Sheen, I think another stint in rehab is in your near future.

  • tornadohunter

    It's funny how Charlie is JUDGING Phil because he was judging something else. Phil wasn't judging anyone!! Didn't realize an opinion was judging someone!!

  • JS

    I love you, Charlie,but sometimes you don't have the sense God gave a tennis ball! Now shut up, and let others have their opinions too.

  • Melanie

    Shut the hell up Sheen!!! you idiot!! You are a piece of crap!! your movies and shows should be banned from TV and you should be banned from Hollywood (if anyone out there had any sense)….

  • Jonathan Foulds

    Well Charlie, the Jury have come back, and it's tough, 99% sided with Phil, and say your a banged up wife beating junkie. Can't argue with that logic…..

  • Georgia conservative

    Charlie, your narcissism is really growing, if possible. Please consider, leaving established religion mentality aside, Homosexuals are participants for the elimination of the human race. Let's assume that a law was passed REQUIRING all people on earth become homosexual, instead of ALLOWING full benefits while being such.
    50 years maybe? You say gays have no say in this, they're born this way? Good thing their mothers and fathers weren't. I'm thinking maybe they might have had issues concerning parental upbringing, bullying, mocking, empathy, inferiority complex of a multitude of issues??

  • DDFan

    Charlie's comments are so immature! He never once addressed the issue, all he did was bash on Phil like a child, who he knows nothing about! Praise God for Phil's good example and Charlie's perfect example on WHAT NOT TO BE!!!!

  • Elm

    If there is a person on this planet who should keep their mouth shut, It is Charlie Sheen. What a Hypocrite. Ignore this person. He should be promoting D.D. not bad mouthing. REALLY!!

  • Ray Kamus

    we have no rights since OBAMA got into office…Freedom of speech or press were all thrown out the window…I don't give a shit I will say whats on my mind if u don't like it ….KISS MY ASS

  • Alvin Durrence

    Hey Charlie Dimwit. You mean you have enough viable brain cells to put out that BS. Go have another drink, or another line and go back where you came from. Dumb Ass.

  • Grayeagle

    You cares for Numb Nuts Charlie Sheen says, another Hollywood idiot …

  • Ray Kamus

    You don't want an honest answer to question like that …Then don't f..king ask them…u ask me something bout some shit like that id probably say what u want like…we cant say things bout certain people…but yet a white man can be called a redneck , trailer trash ,are a hillbillie…so I have the right to defend myself and fire back with my name calling antics..

  • HAWK33

    Like Charlie Sheen has any room to talk.. his brains are toast and were toasted along time ago.. I bet his father is so proud of a son that tries to suck his way back into the media spotlight by jumping on a guy who expressed his thoughts which he has every right, The Only friends charlie has are the ones at the other end of a crackpipe…. all the people who are offended .. FUKOFF don't read the $hit..

  • John Ware

    Can you believe that drivel that came from this barely educated dullard!! Did he even graduate high school? He can't even spell correctly. If I remember correctly, doesn't Phil have a masters degree? Isn't he an inventor? Doesn't he run a successful company worth a ton of money? Doesn't he employ a bunch of people? Didn't he start said company and make it grow? What has Sheen ever done? Well, first of all, he changed his name because he was ashamed of it, doesn't he suck enough booze to kill a horse, doesn't he do enough drugs to kill said horse, hasn't he exposed himself as a fool, doesn't he use enough foul language to make a whore blush, doesn't he avail himself of these whores? Who in their right mind ever listen to this fool? Who in their right mind would want this idiot as their spokesperson. Once again, he has stepped in it with both feet and mouth and not so intelligent mind!!!

  • Angelina_217

    Charlie I have always always loved you as a great actor and a regular human being that I thought you were!! But ranting at one of America's most loved Family on TV right now is really out of line!!! For a person of your background with drugs, and all sorts of demons, you really don't have room to talk that way to Mr. Robertson nor his wonderful family either!! So before we have to hear your BS think about your past wrong doings and your past drug abuse maybe the next time you will not insert foot in mouth!!! #growupandgetoffdope

  • SupportDuckMen

    Why would anybody care what Mr. Sheen has to say? Please! get your own life in order before judging others. Who in their right mind can give any weight to what this guy says?

  • britbike

    Sheen,,, Ive been on your side ever since youve decided to get on your own side , Visa Vie the whole hollywood thing,,,, but you RatF#^*#&eing me with this Phil Robertson thing is pretty much unforgiveable,,,, Im selling all your 2 and 1/2 Men vids that I posess, and you can pretty much Kiss my A%$!!!!!!! Screw you Dirtbag!!!!


    I Read down a few posts and started to see people calling Charlie an Idiot.. and then posting religious comments… LOL who is the real idiot? lets see some guy living life to the fullest .. coming in at the end sliding in sideways yelling… WHAT A RIDE.. or the people closed minded sheep crouched under a rock hiding from reality with a book of fairy tales .. ummm I pick the charlie way…. YEEEHOOOOO!!!!!

  • ctrn

    Oh Charlie..

  • DanL

    What Mr. Sheen and his holier-than-thou attitude doesn't realize is that Phil and his family serve the One True God, not the god of money or the god of public opinion. Cracker Barrel has already flip-flopped after pulling Duck Dyansty merchandise off the shelves and experiencing the resulting tsunami of support for the Robertsons. A&E is back-peddling as fast as possible saying that even with the suspension, the show wont change next season.
    In short, it's Phil and his family who hold all the aces. If A&E wants to continue to air the most lucrative show on cable, the family has said “No Phil, no show.” Phil doesn't need A&E. They need him. I doubt he even cares. The Robertsons have called A&E's bluff and the network is clearly in a lose/lose situation.
    So, while the best Charlie Sheen can muster is a name-calling rant revealing his true color, it's pretty clear who's “winning.”

  • Roger Dean Dodd

    really Charlie Sheen who GOT FIRED from CBS cause of his drug and alcohol problems and his attitude that no one is bigger than him. Hey Charlie go down to where Phil lives and talk that shit, see how far that will get you. Charlie Sheen is a big time LOSER. hey Charlie when are you actually going to make a hit movie? I would hope that your crotch got infested with the fleas of 10,000 camels but I wouldn't wish that cruel punishment on the fleas.

  • MeKnowNothing

    F**** Sheen the herpes riddles drunk!!!! Free speech!!!

  • Stand up for Phil

    Who cares what this “Washed Up Actor” Says. Me thinks he could use a few Bible lessons himself!!!

  • a sane person

    Who cares what Charlie thinks, he is insane. With all the incoherent rants, the drugs, the craziness–he is an idiot!

  • Oldtrader3

    Phil Robertson has a Master's degree. I do not think Sheen ever finished high school and he is making fun of Phil? Get real Charlie retard!

  • lovee12

    Hey Charlie go home get drunk and shut up nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

  • Tomasd

    Charlie Sheen has got to be the biggest idiot of all time. You should listen to yourself you drunken excuse for human being. Not only do you suck, your show sucks! Maybe the suck word hit too close to home. Grow up no one cares what you think!

  • Stephen Hallend

    Charlie, up until this very moment I have always been a huge supporter and fan of yours. Now I have to say that you have crossed the line and I am afraid that you have crossed the line and you might be losing many supporters. The whole i=dea of supporting you before was that you were honest about who you were and what you believed in. I admired that but you seem to think that if someone has a different opinion than yours they should not be afforded the same respect. Mr. Robertson has always been and will always remain a man of the Word. That means he loves and respects God and that means he believes in the Word of God. You do not have to believe the why he does but you should respect his right to believe. For the first time I see you as a hypocrite. You should stop telling others how to believe, act and speak because you would never allow that to happen to you. LOST ALL RESPECT FOR YOU

  • JJ

    Charlie, Charlie. You've spent your life making a fool out of yourself. Now you are using that drug-addled brain of yours to condemn someone else? And Robertson insulted your Crack-head, Hollywood friends? Hell, Charlie, they don't even know which planet they are on! You are even a bigger dimwit than I thought!

  • Barbara Moore

    you its really bad when a man of GOD speak out and every one blow it up but you can let all this killing and shoting and all these sex show on AND NO SAID ANY THING ABOUT IT MOST STARS ARE DRUG HEADS OR DRINKS AND HAVE TO GO TO CRAZY BUT A CHIRSTAN SAY SOMETHING AND HOMOSEXILY OR GAY THEN THE HOLE WORLD TURNS UP SIDE DOWN IF THE GAY AND HOMOSEXILY GET MAD BECAUSE THEY ARE SINNING WELL THEY BETTER TURN IT AROUND THE BIBLE SAID IT A sin but we not the judge GOD is and the reason the tv people get mad cause they don't wont to hear the truly cause half of them are gay or homosexily there self take a stand chirstans stand up for our GOD and start fight for what we believe in happy a blessed day to

  • Charles Hopkins

    Who gives a s**t what Charlie {the drunk, boozer, doper} Sheen has to say… all I can say is get new friends you dimwit…all that are in Hollywood are queers and lesbians. I do respect Phil's belief and his opinion and their show is a breath of fresh air…you Charlie S. are a washed up has been and your opinion has no valid bearing on this situation, go back under the rock that you slithered from and get you a pill or bottle or joint or whatever you are using these days…..WINNING

  • Ron

    Charlie Scheen is such a loser and an idiot. His opinion on anything doesn't count.

  • smilinjack

    Charlie Sheen is as crazy as a shit house rat. Who cares what he thinks?

  • Tada

    Charlie is just a oportunist taking advantage of the huge audience that is watching this drama. This is his only claim to fame, acting out his anger in the public eye. He does not care if he makes a fool of himself. He has only that left to make a dollar with. He is just trying to tag on to the story for a ride at boosting his claim to fame as a clueless big mouth.

  • Scottg

    Wow!! OMG what is wrong with you people. I am amazed at the idiotic controversy this has brought out. I get so sick of hearing about gays, blacks, Muslims, or anyone or anything else that doesn't fit in this society. We praise veterans all the time saying they are protecting our ability to be free when we are destroying our freedom from within and becoming a communist country, and our kids are dying for this lie. We hear all the time who is cheating on who and so much more. This country and world has so many things to worry about and we are worried about 1 mans comments or beliefs on TV. We have the rich getting richer in Hollywood, NY, or Washington in there comfy homes trying to turn America into only their world AND OUR GOVERNMENT doing the same. I sit here wondering is America now a communist country forcing people to believe and live only as they want them to. Are the non Christians afraid that if a Christian is as popular as the duck commander that he might lead more men to Christ. When I was a kid I was taught something that might help a few of you. Sticks and stones might break my bones but another mans belief's or words will never hurt me. Here is my view and you can take it how ever you want to. I am not on TV or a public figure. I believe in GOD but unfortunately by the day I lose my faith in man and this country. The only person I worry about judging me is GOD!! Because no man on earth is without sin and your sin is no worse in Gods eyes than if you were gay. So who are you or anyone else to judge another man, woman or child for there sins, comments, or actions. If you have never committed a sin, or broke a law PLEASE SPEAK UP BECUASE we all want to meet Jesus in person before we go to heaven or hell.

    Charlie Sheen, I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR COMMENT. I always liked you as an actor and when you got kicked off Two and a Half men it pissed me off and I supported you. What you do on TV is to entertain me and you get paid well for it. What you do or believe outside of that I really don't care because that is your life and is between you, god, or whoever you did something to. I would have loved to have known and partied with you personally. AM I gay, NO, I LIKE WOMEN. But I do have a nephew who is and my wife's step sister is and I love them both very much. If god feels that it is wrong then that is between them and god, not me you them and then god. But do I find Phil Roberts comments wrong, hurtful or anything else, NO!! He has the right to believe speak and say what he wants in this country especially from the bible. Charlie, I LOVED YOU IN A LOT OF MOVIES, BUT YOUR TRYING TO DO TO PHIL WHAT OTHERS DID TO YOU. He has a right to live out and play out his life just as you do, even on TV. If you don't like him you don't even have to get out of your lazy boy to change the channel because TV's all come with a remote now. You didn't feel the things you did was wrong or that you hurt anyone. But because of your actions I've had to watch someone else play on Two and a Half men or result to watching another stupid reality show. Duck Dynasty excluded because that one actual is good. Now here is my thought on this and everything. I don't care if you like it or not because the last time I checked the mail your contribution to supporting me wasn't there. Maybe we should create a part of this country for those perfect people to live in and the rest of the world can be for the rest of us. I recently heard of one country that has decided they would imprison any homosexual person for life. But the US was formed off the basis that you had the freedom of speech and to believe in your god, OR NO GOD. What I see daily anymore is that we allow idiots in Washington and other groups to decide our basic freedoms. But I guess we live in America, the land of your only free if you do exactly what the government, churches or public decides is right and your rich. I don't know but it still sounds communistic to me, but I only live here and like everyone else I have to live by these laws. I guess its a good thing I am not Gay and living somewhere where it is illegal. Just a question, I over slept this morning and had planned on seeing if church services was still allowed on TV. Because if you look at the bible or religious beliefs it still says say being gay is wrong. Or am I wrong about that? But here is one thing I am not wrong about anymore and that is that small groups and idiotic people seem to have power to determine how we will live or what I might want to watch. I guess you have to be in the right group to be free.

    I have to be honest, I am very disappointed in people and Christians most of all. If you believe in god you should never judge another person for their actions. Your not god and disliking someone because of what they do, live, or if they believe different from you doesn't make you right and them wrong. Unfortunately I, like all of you are human. So if you are a Christian and without sin, or you have never made a mistake then please be the first to cast the stone and I'll be happy receive the first blow. But until you are without sin then sit down, shut the f**k up and clean out your own pathetic closet before you start commenting and cleaning out someone else's closet. Because what your doing is attacking him for preaching what is in the bible. He even continued on saying he loves all people and would never treat anyone different. Instead I guess these this types of advertisements below that are more acceptable today to watch or read instead of watching a man who says Be Happy!!

    Shia LaBeouf Gets Graphic in ‘Nymphomaniac’ Sex Scene Teaser (Video) – TheWrap

    30 Hottest Jewish Women Under 40 Will SHOCK YOU

    (Rant Lifestyle) Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ Nudity Defended By Dad Billy Ray (Video)

  • Lionel Maxim

    You have spoken out for most earthlings Phil don't be bothered by that washed up excuse, embarrassment of a father figure and crack head Charlie Sheen, mouthing off its is the after affects of his last sniff up his nostrils talking.

  • zorka

    Like we should really care what drug/drunk Sheen says – Charlie should listen to Phil and maybe, just maybe change his life. His words are to be ignored by all. I've yet to hear anything worthy coming out of his mouth – so why do we really care what he is saying of Phil. Why would they even be published.

  • truth

    You're an idiot. .I wouldn't listen to anything you have to say! You've done such an amazing job with your life yet you can take others down. . What a joke!

  • PepperPete

    I am buying duck commander calls for all my friends and all you libtards can stick one up your quack.

  • ty

    you got know room to talk
    about anybody u made bad moves in your tv shows and a lot more

  • ty

    I support duck dynasty all the way

  • duck fan

    Charlie Sheen is a Douche Bag! Go away, Charlie, go away!

  • DJr22

    Charlie Sheen is a self-serving idiot. He of all people has no right to call anyone out, much less someone simply speaking his opinion, to which he is entitled. Charlie, just shut up. S-H-U-T U-P!

    • hump humpington

      Charlie sheen you are on a voicemail calling your ex wife denise Richards a nigger. you forgot about that Charlie I don't care about duck dynasty but a lot of people do and you and Hollywood and all who are higher ups there are fags you have to be fags to make that kind of money in Hollywood

  • Ralph Tapp

    just a word from Phil to Charlie : ………”WINNING”

  • UncleSamJr

    Phil Robertson: WINNING!
    Charlie Sheen: LOSING!

  • not charlie

    I didn't know Charlie was so gay

  • MamaKim

    Charlie who?

  • Down Fast

    Phil Robertson is just telling them what they know is true. He was answering questions about his opinion which is what most Christians believe. Freedom of speech and religion. Who cares what the Dope Addict has to say.

  • scott

    Way to go Charlie ! Was a fan of yours for many years with all your trials and tribulation. (Not anymore) ” GO DUCK DYNASTY”

  • Rich

    Shoe Sheen boy just offended the last 5 people watching his stupid show

  • Terry Haines

    Charlie Sheen has become such a non issue since being fired (rightfully so) that he is now trying to re enter the media world by opening his mouth to prove what everyone knows. He is a moronic toad. Your publicity ploy will not work. Crawl back under your rock duffus.

  • Russ

    If Charlie Sheen is professing to be a moral leader then we have far bigger problems than Phil Robertson.

  • Jas

    Charlie sheen supporting you maybe isn't so good. Good job Cracker Barrel on sticking to your self proclaimed integrity. Your proof that it's all about the money with you liberal morons. Phil has proven he has integrity. Money is not changing his decisions,

  • mike park lane

    Charlie Sheen why should anyone care what you have to say, your an actor for god sakes not a philosopher.

  • Grandma SweetP

    OK that was fun, Charlie Sheen is outraged, how cute is that. What a moron!!

  • Dick_of_Earth

    Sorry all you Heterophobics, but when Charlie Sheen is on your side then you know you must be screwed. I'm sure this is all the work of his publicist in a pathetically desperate attempt to keep him relevant. Tolerance is a 2 way street – I give the respect that is due to people who make a choice that is different than the one I would make, but they make no attempt to accept my truth or opinion. In other words, according to them – if I don't agree with them, I must be wrong. If they don't agree with me, I must be wrong. And they wonder why they get no respect.

  • duck fan

    Hey Charlie! Stick to what u know best. Tweet about hookers, jail, narcotics & canceled tv shows. Even if u grew out a beard, wore Camo, went hunting & got a brain u would still be a MORON! What a Ass Clown.

  • Nichcola

    Like the comments of Charlie Sheen mean anything anyway. He's such a joke.

  • Debbie Connolly

    Charlie Sheen is an idiot and he needs to just stop talking.

  • dpaulinla

    he's still whittling his cosmic banjo………lmao

  • Lee Pie

    Charlie Sheen just because someone has a different opinion than you, it does not mean they are wrong. For centuries gays have not been embraced by any society, it is no different now. There will always be people who oppose them and maybe they have a point too.

  • Marcie Ison Phillips

    Wow and I thought he couldn't act any more childish. What an idiot.

  • Chas White

    Hey Charlie,
    Two letters for you… ” F.O.”!
    If you have more than the “shit for brains”, some of us in the public believe you have.
    You'll know what “F.O.” refers to.
    St. Augustine, FL

  • Omnisurf

    Charlie Sheen: Ignorant, Naive, “thank heaven's for a Thesaurus”, cosmic simpleton.

  • Summer

    Last week Joel Ollsteen appeared as a guest on the Katie Curic show. When she asked him for his opinion on homosexuality and gay marriage, he said… As a public figure, I don't discuss my personal beliefs in a public forum. I guess Charlie missed that memo.

  • cs picks

    I am really feelin’ Charlie's love and respect. BTW, oh great “intelligent” one it's “boll” weevils. “Bull” weevils wobble but they don't fall down. Wait, those are weebles. Maybe bull weevils are a drug induced phenomenon.

  • Rockvilleron

    Want unforgiveable, really DUMB comments? Read anything from Charlie Sheen.
    Nuff Said!

  • madjack

    Well Charlie, you can count me as one person who use to be in your corner, long gone. Too bad Phil is a good Christian, because Id love to see him wash your mouth out with soap and then beat your ass.

  • joe1cr

    I wonder if Charlie is a card carrying member of Hollywood's Fudge Packers Local #666 who have voted to go on strike in solidarity with GLAAD .

  • scalper44

    Sheen isn't qualfied to take care of his own kids so he certainly isn't qualified to judge Phil Robertson. A man who has raised his own family, started his own successful company and managed to live his life with a little honor and integrity.
    Charlie? Not so much on all of the above.

  • elohist2009

    And mr robertson was suspended for comments that are justified by scripture as well as science/history… Really immature to insult and name-call; he has no right. I wonder who is meaner?

  • Deana Buckner

    Charlie is a LOSER

  • Steve W


  • Bino3669

    Charlie is one of those people Phil was speaking about thats why hes so pissed. Stay the course Phil!! We got your back!!

    • Lilly Rose

      I love mr phil.i raised my kids and now grandkids r being raised with those exact same morals. GO PHiL We GOT THIS.

  • Bino3669

    sex addict = Charlie Sheen
    Beastiality = Charlie Sheen
    Drunkard = Charlie Sheen
    Drug addict = Charlie
    Sinner who doesnt know the first thing about the Bible = Charlie Sheen
    Exact type of person that Phil is talking about? You guessed it!!!
    Charlie “Freakin” Sheen!!!

    • Lilly Rose

      I agree. Enough said.OH one more thing You suck Charlie Sheen .no one likes u .GET IT NOW!!

  • melba

    would someone please cut off charlie's penis and shove it in his trash pie hole.

    • Lilly Rose

      He would probably enjoy it.SICK. !

  • cheryl chiasson

    Please, Charlie Sheen :~(


    OYE CARLOS ESTEVES! READ THE ARTICLE PENDEJO! dont just blast because you read the crap TIM MOLLOY shoveled down your PIE HOLE! READ THE TRANSCRIPT of the interview, ignore the personal opinions for ONE MINUTE and make YOUR OWN opinion, or do you think YOU and the GAY community are above being sinners? you are not, WE ARE ALL SINNERS, and in a Christian's mind specially the Gays are among the biggest sinners, because all through the bible in at least 4 places it is said that a man bedding another man as he would a woman is a detestable act!, the MUSLIMS DECAPITATE GAYS! protest that violation to human rights instead CARLOS ESTEVES!
    WE DON'T KILL GAYS in this country! we tolerate and coexist with! in fact we even allowed special legislation to PANDER to their special needs, so much that we are allowing CHILDREN who are not legally allowed to be sexual in ANY FORM and for their own protection, THE GAY community has pushed and now our CHILDREN are being told that it is OK to live and grow WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE! that there is no punishment for their wrongdoings, that there is no hell to go pay for SIN or CRIME, as a parent do you want your children to grow as miscreants because they where never told how to behave in society?
    And about black people, Mr Robertson was very clear that he had no problems with other races, that in fact he 2 was on his hands and knees in the same cotton fields working with them, during his childhood wich was the times for racial bigotry to be heavy and the fact he only has happy memories of living and WORKING with AS PEERS and COMRADES! shows you this man had little or no notion of RACISM,
    Maybe if you spend 4 hours sober enough to actually read the interview you, would understand, maybe learn something, that YOU ALSO need to get some Jesus in your life BRO!
    sacate la cabeza del culo man!


    By the way PENDEJO!, i met your wife in the set during filming of STARSHIP TROOPERS as an extra runing around pretending to be killed by a giant mantis(Denise Richards), you never deserved her! she was the best part of your life, the only good part, beautiful and refined inside as a person as well as outside.
    You'r a LOOSER! this is why you lost her, because of your BOCA DE PERRO!, you spout out nonsense without thinking, without reading the whole facts!, or is it you went by the hear say? did you bother to READ the transcript before TIM MOLLOY put his pro gay spin and bothered even to FOOL the blacks into an uproar making them think the man said something racial when he did not, in fact he shared personal experiences of PEER-BONDING with blacks! during the most horrific times in history for blacks, HE! WORKED ALONGSIDE THEM GUEVON!
    READ THE ACTUAL TEXT YOU HAS BEEN WASHOUT FOOL! you only managed to make an ever bigger IMBECILE out of yourself!

  • Jayna

    Ahahaaa….yea…THIS will last and be in the forefront for a LONG time! NOT! Hey POT, how can you call a Kettle “BLACK”, only, if I had a serious choice of who I'd PREFER for my children/grandchildren to learn from…it certainly would NOT be YOU. You are demonstrating the epitome of HATE! Get a life Charlie, no one cares what you have to say anymore…oh wait, MY BAD, no one ever did.

  • Sue

    Hey folks, who the hell is the guy named Charlie Sheen. Is he an actor or what :)

  • bearone7777

    TGHis should be filed under the tag—What is this idiot saying??

  • Brian Plummer

    Thank you Charlie Sheen for sticking up for us LGBT people. You are my hero. The Bible has been changed & doesnt say what Phil Robertson thinks it says. If he is truly a Christian then he should read the original Hebrew & Aramaic Bible.

    • Lilly Rose

      Hes not Hebrew.why should he? Have you read the Holly bible? Its not normal for people of the same sex to do the things they do Why do u think God Made a man and a woman? One of each .There is a reason that.!!!!!!!!!

  • Sick of Sheen

    In Charlie Sheen's world only those who agree with him or his friends have the right to free speech. I think we're all very tired of hearing what this loser has to say about anything. He's a drug addicted, alcoholic moron who got fired for being a pig. Phil has a college education, was a teacher and raised a fine family with virtues beyond anything that Sheen could even comprehend. As an atheist, puppy killing, low life, who is a bad parent and a worse husband, not to mention a mediocre actor, he should keep his irrelevant ideas to himself.

  • TheDemonofVice187


    • Lilly Rose

      Right on .!!

  • Lilly Rose

    To bad u didn't hv a father to instill morals and values in u like mr phil did with his kids and grandkids. They r an awesome family .I would b proud to b part of..So go DUCK yourself charlie you r washed up.except it.