A&E Pulls ‘Those Who Kill’ From Schedule After 2 Episodes

A&E Pulls 'Those Who Kill' From Schedule After 2 Episodes

Paul Schiraldi/A&E Networks

Network hopes to find a new time slot for struggling freshman show

A&E has pulled “Those Who Kill,” from the Monday night schedule and will replace it with a second episode of “Bates Motel,” TheWrap has confirmed.

The drama, starring Chloe Sevigny, premiered on March 3 to soft ratings and drew only 830,000 total viewers in the 10 p.m. timeslot this week.

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“Bates Motel” will now air new episodes at 10 p.m. on Monday, and repeat episodes of the “Psycho” prequel will air at 9.

A&E has not yet determined a new timeslot for “Those Who Kill” or a date when the show will return but should decide one in a few days, a spokesman told TheWrap.

“‘Those Who Kill’ will return at some point,” the spokesman said.

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“It's a good show that we believe in but unfortunately the ratings weren't where we hoped they'd be.”

  • FilmFan

    What!? Come on! I love this show. They better bring it back.

  • zeeba

    This show is great. I hope they dont pull it completely!

    • MMP317

      I have not seen any advertising or promos other than the previews that were aired when Bates Motel was on…
      A & E WAKE UP AND PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON! Great show. Loved the first two episodes … THRILLING!!!
      This reminds me of when NBC (No Balls Channel) pulled HANNIBAL.

  • Joe

    This is not fair. What do you expect when there was no adverts for it. I fell upon it by chance because of Bates.

    • as;ldkfj

      Ok, I agree I liked the show but they advertised it for freakin ever

  • inflip

    gret show! Hope they continue to air soon!

  • Iris

    Missed original 2 shows, finally watched last night on demand. Please show entire season. I saw great potential.

  • Intrigued

    I really enjoyed it too, and I also happened upon it by chance, ironically, I was drinking coffee and suffering through a few minutes of A&E duck dynasty (my husband watches it) and I saw this marvelous brief preview so I DVR'd it (I know modern jargon) and was looking forward to doing the same next Monday and there, more Duck DInasty but oh no, no more Those Who Kill. Go figure! Hopefully they will show all 10 episodes “in a near future”. The actors are so good and the plot delicious.

  • Annette

    It a shame I loved it from the beginning,

  • CM2

    “Those Who Kill” was the best “who dunnit” to come along. I can't believe that it's been pulled…. It was scary but so worth watching. It was dark but real. Please find another place to show — It reminded me of early James Patterson.

  • Philly Joe

    Put it back on!! At least make it available online!

  • cindyloo

    I thought that the show was amazing.

  • Donna Russ Runyon

    Found out about this show because a family member worked on the pilot …Loved the show and was looking forward to settling in to a new favorite series then bam it was gone and I was like wth….Please bring it back as I was hooked from the beginning….

  • Airwatersigns

    I was looking forward to watching the third episode, and now come to find out that A&E has pulled the show. I really hope they will bring the series back and show the rest of the season. It's a great show.

  • SB

    A good show. Fire the executive who promoted it for no advertising. I really liked the episode I saw

  • Niki

    Unbelievable! one of the few good shows and they pull it!

  • leroy

    I'm pissed! How do they expect something to do so good when it's sooo late on a work day??? Like A&E be fucking up I swear replace it with that fake ass show Duck Dynasty and call it a night.

  • sal

    I loved this show A&E : -(

  • TheKMD

    I LOVED this show and was SO upset to not be able to find it on the schedule tonight :(

    • Pam

      They need to make room for back to back duck dynasty … It's not A&E it's the duck dynasty channel. Yes that's sarcasm … Please not so much ducks !!!! It's not art not entertainment !!!

  • C&J12

    I Love this show a lot more than Bates Motel. I only watched Bates cause it came on before Those Who Kill!!! Please don't let this how go away!

  • AdamSaurus Rex

    Really loved the show, would be great to see it return. Maybe air it on a Friday or Saturday night? Way to many people have other things to watch during the week

  • China&Gabby

    Are you kidding?!!!I been excited for tonight's show all week.I love Those Who Kill That's just crazy!

  • Heather

    wow finally a show on tv that always has you guessing and spooks the crap outta you and its get pulled, how is this any different than a&e showing marathons of Criminal Minds…. same type of show just at a newer more exciting angle…..what a shame.

  • K McNally

    This is one of the best shows on A & E. We need it back ASAP! Please! Better than Bates.

  • K McNally

    It is Monday and where is my new show that I was so excited all day to see? It has been canceled. Please bring it back.

  • Chris Godzich

    Dissapointed. I thought wasa good show. Too bad..

  • Shannon

    The show is awesome i hope bring it back it was a great night to watch bates motel and then those who kill they need to bring it back

  • sammy127

    I just fell upon it as well. I saw a promo from Bates Motel. I really liked it. Bring it back and do some advertising.

  • gearsangel

    This is a great show. I watch it on demand because I can't stay up late enough to watch it. Damn.

  • wildflower

    Bring it back! There is so little TV I enjoy watching, this was one of those shows.

  • Nicole Elaine Tubbs

    Please bring it back asap! It's a fantastic show and I am hooked!!! Not to mention I got to work on the show, and blown away when it aired on A&E! It is quite possibly the best show on the entire channel and it made for an exciting Monday night!

  • syd

    They will keep teens acting like total idiots on tv for years but not this series? are you kidding? A&E better bring Those Who Kill back! Im hooked!

  • trisha

    Finally a&e get a great line up for monday nights and they yanked it!! BUMMER!! Those who kill GREAT SHOW!!!

  • Jamie

    Really you did not even give it a shot bring the show back i was already hooked!!!

  • johnbbbb

    A&E, can't you give the show at least one season before you pull the plug. It takes time for people to find the show and get involved. This is the second show this year that has been dropped after only 2 episodes. Really pissed -off.

  • E.

    This show is so much better than Bates Hotel, it's not even close. Please bring it back. As good as Breaking Bad and True Detective. Truly fantastic!

  • scurvydog

    Two episodes is to quick to pull it

  • Fan

    Ya they should bring it back. I was enjoying the show! It was a nice new view on these murder mystery type shows.

  • melinda6907

    I was really liking “Those Who Kill”!! The 2 episodes just left me wanting more! Sucks it was taken off air!!

  • melinda6907

    It's also not fair 2 have the 2 episodes that did air taken off OnDemand!!

  • Sandra

    Wth I just watched it on demand last week. Back to back! Loved it so much

  • matthew

    This show was so dark and interesting dont pull it its an awesome thiller. I dvr it everyweek its too good to end it..Pleeeaaaassseeeee

  • mimi5


    • mimi5

      I really love this program. I was so excited to see 3rd episode! It seems the best ones go first. Please, please bring it back!!!!

  • Randi

    Bring “Those Who Kill” BACK! Please ;)

  • Lee

    Great show, as is Bates Motel. But mistake to pull it. I have recommended it to friends and family members…for it's superb acting, rate it up there with likes of “true detective”. Bring it back, soon. Much better than Hannibal. Shows title might not be as popular “Bates Motel” or “Hannibal” both these titles has a well known history
    to draw in the curious. Maybe your marketing needs work. Not the show.

  • Hip guy 55

    I really enjoyed the first two episodes, and looked forward to seeing more…I do not understand the pulling of the series. Give it a chance…it kept my wife and I at the edge of our seats..
    BRING IT BACK SOON, please!

  • fan32

    Come on A&E give it another week it should deserve that at the very least. It was a great show they just didn't promote it enough…nothing wrong with the show.

  • mike

    A+E is making yet another lame programming move. The fact is the show was to good for a back water pay cable channel that spends most of the time showing reruns.

  • rayne

    That is such crap!!! I loved that show. I will not watch a&e until its re-released.

  • Chris

    Bring it back. And was'nt Norman Bates a serial killer? So really both shows should air back to back. I like them both.

  • nicky

    I loved those who kill thank god there bringing it back I wonder if the people that record the show still make the ratings go up because I bet a lot of people do that I kno I'll be watching this time as soon as it's back I miss it

  • Mayqueen

    They did advertise, Joe. That's what sparked my interest.

  • Shaun

    Great show, very disappointed to see its been pulled. Give it a chance.