Brooke Burke-Charvet Fired From ABC's ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Brooke Burke-Charvet Fired From ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars'


The co-host won't be returning to the show's upcoming 18th season

Brooke-Burke Charvet isn't returning for the upcoming 18th season of ABC's “Dancing With the Stars.”

A co-host of the dancing competition since Season 10, Burke-Charvet was informed she had been fired on Friday.

“weird day….Shocking pre-season elimination #DWTS… ME,” she tweeted. “@Tom_Bergeron didn't even read my name. I won't be returning to the show this season.”

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“Dancing With the Stars” executive producer Conrad Green released the following statement on Burke-Charvet's “elimination.”

“We can confirm that Brooke Burke-Charvet will not be joining us next season. She's been a wonderful part of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ family since her triumphant win in season seven and will unquestionably be missed by our entire team. We'd like to thank Brooke for her years of great service.”

According to a report from E!Online, Burke-Charvet had no idea she was in danger of being fired when producers told her on Friday afternoon.

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“I have enjoyed seven seasons co-hosting DWTS but understand the need for change considering the position of the show at this juncture,” she told the site in a statement.

She continued, “I've always been one to embrace change and looking forward to pursuing opportunities I previously wasn't able to entertain because of contractual obligations to the show. I've seen my fair share of shocking eliminations in the ballroom but this one takes the cake.”

Over the past few seasons, the celebrity dancing competition has experienced a decrease in viewership. Last November, “Dancing With the Stars” had its lowest season finale ever, earning a 2.4 rating — down 20 percent from last fall's finale — and 12.8 million viewers.

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Before joining “Dancing With the Stars” in 2008, Burke-Charvet served as a correspondent and hosted several series and specials at E!, most notably the travel series “Wild On…” She has also made guest appearances on NBC's “Las Vegas,” Fox's “The Bernie Mac Show” and USA Network's “Monk,” among others.

“Dancing with the Stars” returns Monday, March 17 at 8/7c for its 18th season.

  • Meri

    I won't miss her at all.

  • EdwardNygma

    You know they'll replace her with some young punk born in the 90s. I guess 42 is “too old” for a female host of a dancing competition show. Meanwhile, Tom Bergeron, who's 58, is probably in no danger of losing his job.

    • AJ

      come on, their skills are nowhere near equal level. your argument should be that, like Bergeron, they ought to get a smart, quick and witty 58 year old female host instead of a vapid youngish former model. That said, I think she should get some credit, i really dont believe that she was completely oblivious to the possibility of getting cut, and is probably not as shocked as the sensationalist report says.

    • Melissa

      I don't think it's right getting rid of her. She did nothing wrong. If they ousted her because she is no young enough anymore, then they need to get rid of the judges and Tom Bergeron as well and hire all young people. I think they need to accept that fact that it's time to take the show off the air. That's what networks do when ratings go down hill.

  • Rick F

    I don't think she's needed with the new format in place last year. She kinda just hung out wherever, unlike previous years where she was upstairs after the dance and before the judges scores. BUT getting rid of Harold Wheeler and the Orchestra? Complete stupidity!!!!! I WILL NOT watch this season if the band is gone. With Leno getting ousted and now the orchestra for a “younger” sound…….I guess these stations think the baby boomers are already dead. What a shame. That orchestra was magnificent! So long (even though I like Tom Bergeron) DWTS. You just lost someone who's viewed every season. ABC executives…….as Jay Leno said to Hugh Grant……”What the hell were you thinking?”

    • mady

      Well said. I am with you….

  • SallyinChicago

    Budget cuts?

    • Folie-lex

      Probably… and considering she's one of the more expendable people on the show no surprise she's the one to go.

  • bk

    How about you actually have stars on the show, people may want to watch them again. the stars they have on the show are so low on the celebrity list and they are there for a reason, no one pays to see them act, why watch them dance?!??!

  • Xfonlady

    I usually DVR the show, so that I could watch the dancing segments, and never hear anything she or the judges said.

    • j

      I always fast forward through her interviews and Samantha Harris when she was cohost.

  • Eli

    this show and all reality BS like it need to be canned to make way for better scripted shows. the age of reality TV is over. the entire point of television is escapism from peoples lame lives. why would we want reality TV? ugh.

    • aldisiij367

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  • LLcruize

    She was not very natural in her interviews. The previous hostess, Jules, was able to react to what the contestants said or did. Brooke never seemed comfortable with doing anything outside the expected/scripted questions.

    • Foodie67

      I agree!

      • Nikki Sutton

        I totally agree! I couldn't stand to watch her interviews. The questions were stupid and it seemed like she had no interest whatsoever in their responses to her questions. Erin Andrews might be better, I hope!

  • Ronald Co Seteng

    I', glad she's gone. I just wonder why? If they're considering replacment I hope they don't consider Melissa Rycroft who like Brooke won. Maybe they should bring one of the former pro dancers like Julianne Hough.

  • Walter Higgins

    Hey Brooke, welcome to the unemployment line. You have been eliminated. See you on the next Dyson infomercial.

  • sheilad

    don't put the blame on Brooke Burke!!!! Put it on the ridiculous winners who really can't dance but are more popular. I haven't watched this show since Mario Lopez lost to “whoever”. He was the real dance winner. Good luck to Brooke. She deserves a better send-off

  • Ann Glog

    Brooke is definitely not the reason for the poor ratings. The show overall has ran it's course. They don't real stars, Tom is not “barn burner” host either. I haven't watched since Emmitt Smith won. Not saying he should have won. I just lost interest. Also, the professionals changed too. It's just time for the show to be cancelled.

  • Merry Lou Masonry

    She was too interested in out dressing the stars.

    • Marvinas2

      “Out-DRESSING” the stars???? ABC's been undressing the stars – especially the men – the last few years. To Out-DRESS” them, she'd have to take it ALL off! No, I've lost all respect for ABC and DWTS. They've tried too hard to commercialize what once was a real talent show. They should put the clothes back on the men, engage “stars” who are really stars, hire two more judges like Len to make it a professional competition, and eliminate the popularity contest phone-in voting. Maybe bring in some judges from Sochi!

  • Micheal

    Brooke Burke was the only reason i even watched this show.. guess ill be watching something else now.

    • Angela

      I could not agree more Brooke is amazing and now she is gone!! I will not watch anymore as well!!

      • honest L

        I stopped watching DWTS when Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, was on the show winning, won over Brandy and couldn't dance a lick but I believe the reason she was winning was because she is Palin's daughter. People want fairness in any competition so I believe this is when the ratings started slipping. Brooke and the orchestra are scapegoats. (There should be a better way to cast votes. Voters should be allowed to vote once a night and there should be a way to track voters calling in more than one time which would make the voting fair to the competitors).

      • Mady

        I love to watch Brook more than the dancers, now I WILL NOT WATCH IT ANYMORE….

  • Cindy

    I hate it when they start messing with shows that are great as they are! Big mistake on their part!!!!

  • Larry

    Ridiculous!! Blaming poor ratings on someone who's barely on-camera. The network, with all their “statistics” came up with eliminating Brooke. Real genius. And now replace her with a young SPORTS reporter….that makes sense. How about changing up the judges? No more Carrie Ann frothing about a 2 inch lift, or Bruno, jumping around and flailing his arms and the curmudgeon, Len, who has a burr so far up his —- he can't see!

    Now you eliminate an orchestra that cold play anything and play it well. I think ABC has the wrong idea of their demographic…young people will not be attracted to this show , no matter what, unless all the dancing becomes “popping, hip hop.

    Lost me.

    • Trish Chasity

      revenues and how it cost less to pay a live orchestra.

  • JJS

    Hope the lines given Lopez in the series will be a lot shorter than the lines she ad libs when asked a question. I don't know what's worse, Lopez or a three minute commercial break.

  • Sunshine

    So sad Brooke Burke-Charvet… You are a doll! They will be sorry they let you go…it's not your fault for ratings. Maybe if they had real stars, viewers would really watch it!

  • Faye Conner

    Low ratings had nothing to do with Brooke.. We know none of the stars and could care less to watch and now will not watch at all. As already mentioned by others, reality TV is on it's way out. It was cheap to make over quality TV. We are ready for good sic-coms. Fire Bruno who is vulgar….and bring on a real judge who doesn't jump up and rotate his hips ever chance he gets..

  • Reality

    Are you out of your mind?! Brooke-Burke is the prettiest co-host ever?! Everybody loves her!

  • bobby k

    This is such a farce . I hear Erin Andrews is taking Brooks place .If it is eye candy they
    are looking for they should keep what they have. Brook is a beautiful 42 year old
    former winner. Sorry Erin but Brook still gets my vote!

  • ss

    Thank God.

  • Marty

    Last year was the “beginning of the end” for DWTS anyway. The format was crap and they made sure that Disney stars were on as long as possible. How many people had ever even heard of half of them. I agree that Bruno is the one who needs to go. Oh well, I did enjoy it before all the changes and “rigging”, but it's BYE-BYE DWTS.

  • onemssassy

    The show is almost an insult to anyone's intelligence to watch ! The judges all seem to score the same most of the time…if one gives a 7 the other two 8 out of 10 times will do the same! Before they go firing anyone, they need to fire the scoring sytem and the voting system to make it more fair. Seems the better dancers go home early and the not so good ones hang in forever! The judges need to be more real and individual in their scoring and I don't know what they can do about the voting. The popular stars are going to get more votes no matter what…that is why they get them on the show, so that folks will watch…but that doesn't mean they can dance! Bill Engvall was more shocked than anyone that he lasted as long as he did, you could honestly see it in his face every week…but his fans called in and voted every week! Doesn't mean he could dance…and he did improve…but there were really good dancers that were sent home. And he is not the only one! The reason most people are not watching has nothing to do with Brooke or the orchestra…it has to do with the show's blueprint! They are lucky to have lasted this long!

  • Skins

    Show was cute for a few seasons, but just got totally played out. I mean, who really wants to see Jack Osbourne dance?

  • velvetpiano

    DWTS has, season-by-season deteriorated. It's become over-long (clearly to pander to advertising revenues), segments are now stretched beyond bearability; it's become all-too-obviously a platform for commercially-related ‘stars’ (those with beneficial $$ projects) and, with the termination of Harold Wheeler's orchestra and Brooke Burke (both of whom, incidentally IMHO belong to a more glamorous, audience-appeal era of TV), it has departed from the rails which carried it directly into the hearts of the millions who watched and loved it from the start.

    The abs/pecs sex-it-up brigade of shirts-off pseudo masculinity has gone Waaaay past it's ‘wow-factor’ date and the irrelevant appearances by in-house record-company puppets is nauseatingly annoying.

    The British equivalent (upon which DWTS was based – however now, sadly and similarly debased) was a must-see Nationwide favourite for literally DECADES in Great Britain.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, a network just might do something purely for the audience… limit it to ONE hour, use a limited number of real stars, keep a great, mid-sized band, keep the wannabe dross off the screen and you'll find the audience at home will LOVE it., the ad space (which will become gold-dust) will pay dividends and the show won't have to die the sort of death which this inevitably will be.

  • Sally

    Haven't watched since it went to two days a week.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    What did he do wrong?

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Liberals also are soft on crime, therefore we have child
    molesters in our neighborhoods praying on our children. They put gangsters and
    rapists back on our streets because they are too pathetic to do what is
    necessary. Soft on crime, soft on terrorism and our enemies (see North Korea,
    Iran, Syria, Russia; sorry Osama in Ladin is small time compared to the threats
    we face and what else has been going on).

  • DandyDon

    I have never seen this issue addressed before.
    Every DWTS has two or three “Ringers”, performers who have been under dancing contracts since they were 7 years old. It is ridiculously easy to predict the final three.
    How about equal non dancer celebrities then we can see who improves the most form their instructors?

  • kl

    the viewership has been declining because they keep changing things! It was great up until the past 3 or 4 seasons. They had a good show and should have left it the way it was. Now it's more athletes and reality tv people than real stars. The Bachelor?! Housewives?! They aren't true stars. And firing Harold Wheeler?! Really???

  • Mamabear4

    I doubt that Brooke Burke was the reason for the low ratings. I had been a serious viewer until about the 10th season then they just started getting “stars” that were not as entertaining to watch. They either were pulling names out of a hat or picking people that already had dance experience so it was no longer fun to watch. It got to be where one could almost predict a winner after the 1st show but the goof balls were kept around on purpose to keep the ratings goings. I got to where I didn't even believe that the “bottom 3” even had anything to do with viewers votes or judges votes. I think they were picked by the producers before the dancers even danced. I think it was wrong that Brooke was fired and you can bet that I won't start watching the show again. Clearly the producers have no clue why their ratings are as low as they are.

  • Judy Ellison

    abc made a BIG MISTAKE of firing BROOKE, she is a very classy lady..!!!!! ERIN ANDREWA NOT SO CLASSY!!!!!!

  • Elvis81

    Well, when the likes of Elizabeth Berkeley gets eliminated after receiving perfect score; who'd want to support a show like that? The weird, the butterballs or the legend ones that can't move get to stay and the good ones that are pleasant on the eyes get kicked out. Enough already. I do hope Davis and White battle it out for the finals.

  • Elvis81

    They need to get rid of Len, that grumpy no-fun smurf who's always rude to show to viewers how disgusted he is with Bruno, who is quite the opposite.

  • Tina

    Brooke Burke was a terrible co-host. Samantha Harris was MUCH better. All Brooke could do was read a telepromter, she showed no interest in interviewing anyone. The whole show has poverstayed it's welcome. CANCEL THE SHOW!

  • Mady

    I have never been crazy about the show, the judges are nuts.. and the dancers are boring…I prefer watching the Bachelor more exciting…