Sofia Vergara's ‘Killer Women’ Episode Order Slashed by ABC

Sofia Vergara's 'Killer Women' Episode Order Slashed by ABC

ABC/Bob D'Amico

TCA 2014: The limited series will be replaced by new drama “Mind Games” in February

“Killer Women” is on the cutting block.

After the Sofia Vergara-produced series premiered to a 0.9 in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and fell again in its second week to 0.7, ABC has cut the show's episode order by two episodes bringing the order from eight to six episodes, a network representative told TheWrap.

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In comparison, ABC's “The Assets,” also a limited series, was pulled from the schedule after Episode 2. “Killer Women” and “The Assets” tied for lowest premiere of this season. “The Assets” also had a 0.7 rating with its second episode.

According to ABC's premiere dates announcement during Friday's Television Critics Association press tour, new drama “Mind Games” will replace “Killer Women” on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

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From executive producer Vergara (“Modern Family”) and creator Hannah Shakespeare (“The Raven”), “Killer Women” stars Tricia Helfer as a Texas Ranger, one of the few females in the agency. Each week, she tracks down a new felon as she deals with those who doubt her abilities.

The limited series also stars Marc Blucas, Marta Milans, Michael Trucco, and Alex Fernandez. It airs Tuesdays at 10/9c.

  • Tim Dillenberger

    Broadcast is a tough market for new shows.

  • EggZackLee

    I hope Mind Games bombs. Kyle Killen is the sleaziest of the sleazy guys in hollywood. He cheats on his wife and is gross to the women who work for him. I can't think of a worse person in this business right now.

    • Devin McMusters

      Not according to Wikipedia.

  • zengrrl

    Killer Women was ok, but it felt too soap opera-y. I would've liked to have seen it as a straight crime drama.

    • George Otwori

      Broadcast networks don't do Crime Drama they do Crime Procedurals. The last Crime Drama to last more than one season was NYPD Blue on ABC. Prime Suspect and The Chicago Code were the last two decent attempts on Broadcast. Crime Dramas are cable Justified and The Bridge.

      • zengrrl

        Thanks for nitpicking that. Doesn't change what I was saying.

  • Devin McMusters

    Tricia Helfer has a new show? I love her. I wished that they had advertised about this show.

  • Urvy Jaramillo

    Should of sticked to cable.

  • prplprsn

    I wish ABC had given it more time. In this day of On Demand and streaming players, i.e. AppleTV & Roku, I find it strange that a network would still go by how many people viewed it at the time it aired. I just started watching it this week.

    • DVDxR

      They go by how much money they can charge for advertising. Those are based on the C3 (commercial 3 day) ratings. If a show isn't doing well in ratings, why keep it on? The networks are not charities. Also remember: You are not the customer, the advertisers are. You're the product. The show is the bait. If the bait isn't bringing in enough fish (viewers) you don't keep using it, you switch to something that works.

  • Apocalypto

    Damn not The Assets! Killer Women was laughable and Helfer flinched every time she fired a gun. We were supposed to believe an Abercrombie & Fitch Central casting model was a hardass Texas Ranger?

    • Denise B

      I stopped watching the minute they introduced the Abused Wife storyline. A sheriff's daughter and hardassed cop is gonna let some candyass politician slap her around? Seriously?

      • Apocalypto


  • Terry

    The Assets was great…was advertised enough..!!! Hope someone else picks it up…ABC keeps goofing up, wow,,,,

    • anna

      I love killer women , I dont watch mind games , are u kiddieng me? Put rhe show back on , give it a chance it takes time for people to start watching and abc should advertise more !

  • disqus_QPbG1K7QHA

    Of course they cancel a show I like….They always cancel a show I like…….

  • Bkrs

    I'm watching Killer Women only for Tricia… But I really don't want it cancelled.

  • 2horsestolove

    It's on against “Justified” – not much better on TV than Justified.

  • TXJT

    If it was Sofia Vergara's show… I think people wanna see her.. not those other ladies..

  • richard

    Yes that's the way it always goes isn't it.?
    I really like this show especially the “warrior” episode. Abc will replace it with something stupid , with no substance. That's the way it always goes.

  • 2sweet

    Tuesday night is already full. Bad night to launch a new show. Would have been a great fill in for scandal.

  • Kenny D

    I really like Tricia Helfer, but I have to admit the show is lame.

  • gingermavy .

    as you can well imagine, it was terrible. One thing that bugs the shit out of me is this rash-like a virus-of female cops with very long hair that is never bound. No department IN THE WORLD allows that.

  • Hazel Chacon

    Why are you canceling this show “Killer Women”. I watch it . It's. a great show I will not watch the Mind Games!!!!!!!!!!!!. Your making a big mistake you will loose me watch only 2 days for ABC.

  • pb in tx

    Good show. Good cast. Well written. Violent subjects but not grsphic do of course cancel it. Abc needs to give shes a chnce.

  • Sherry

    Take another good show off. And to top it off we just get left hanging. I'm surprised that anyone watches all you channels. Do you ever check the ratings of the people that want to keep the programs?

  • YoPhilly1

    ABC is so bad at hyping up these shows – sometimes for months (I still recall “Last Resort” hyped in April..cancelled after what, 6,7 episodes in Oct '12) Lately many of these don't survive 2 weeks..perhaps some are THAT bad, I don't know. But give it a chance for people to get into it. Or check it out once before giving it the ax. Been saying this for years, these “Fall / Winter Finales” KILL a momentum of a show. “Life On Mars” back in 06, 07? I admit I was into it..after the Holidays I completely forgot about it..apparently many others did as well. I've seriously given up on network TV, lot of shows Im simply not interested in, the ones I do..they get cancelled. Sad, but many love the reality junk- Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars..those shows just need to stop already!

  • Lisa LeBlanc

    Oh, come on!!!
    ‘Killer Women’ is a great show, with an interesting story line and a helluva lot more fun than, shall we say, ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ ?

  • CaitMick

    Wow this sucks! I was just looking it up thinking they were going to be picking it up for more episodes, not cutting it short! This show is amazing, it's finally a show about a badass chick, going after crazy women. It's such a great show, always keeps you engaged and I loveeee the story lines. This is really sad news, I'm disappointed, I was already not happy about it being only 8 episodes, but now 6 come on! That means next week is the last episode, I hope they can wrap up all the story lines together in a great way instead of just half ass rushing through it and making it the most common thing you could see coming. Damn, this is horrible news.

  • da1putt

    the song at the end of episode 5 – how did making it look easy get to be so hard – who does that song. want to have it on my play list

  • That's me Name

    Real Simple…
    New title “Molly Texas Ranger ”
    Sidekick is old retired geezer Ranger.
    Drop the abuse story line – Who cares.
    Its not meant to be a lesson in morals.
    Give it time to develop a story and following.

  • Diane S

    Why was this show cancelled?? You should've at least finished the events going on. Really liked this show!!

  • sosadjackie

    Omg!! Do not cancel this show at lest let the season finish. This was so good and such a great story line. Come on ABC.

  • Pattypie

    I agree that networks don't give new programs enough of a chance before they cancel them. My husband and I both liked Killer Women and Assets and now they're cancelled. I don't think 2 as with Assets or even the six of KW was enough to develop a following. I may be dead wrong but Mindgames looks really inane.

  • j

    Why is it when there is female lead in a show,they cancel it.The show has merit and was enjoyable because it has been based in Texas……….

  • jgirl12!!?!

    Such Bullshit I Hate Abc They Take Everything Good Away! Mind Games Looks Terrible I Will Not Watch!! I Love Killer Women!!

  • Thomas M. Kelly

    This was a great show! Not like a lot of the other mindless bullshit they keep on the air!



  • wjadesunglo

    Ooooh sure…just leave us hanging! This sucks, I happened to like this show! And I tape Justified! A change of pace with the show being about women killers!! ABC get your shit together!!

  • Dawn

    I really like Killer Women and I am pissed that they cancelled it, they never really gave it a chance….but other stupid shows they keep on for years and years WHY????

    • Lala

      Omg! I loved this show along with others in my house. Mind Games is seriously stupid. Tried to watcg but the guy wouldn't shut up and didn't make any sense. Bring back Killer Women please.

  • Bythia

    I really enjoyed this series! I retired from a career in law enforcement when things for women were changing. I related to the character and wanted to see more. I had a friend who led the domestic violence unit who was beaten by her husband. She was in the same situation “I can't tell anyone because of what I do”.
    I also feel cheated that I didn't see the other 2 episodes. I imagine they were interesting.

  • Upset Female

    Going to stop watching ABC. They always cancel good shows I get interested in. Love Tricia. Booooo….MCPs

  • dave

    THEY NEED TO FIRED EVERYONE AT ABC AND START ALL OVER AGAIN,THEY CANCEL SHOWS THAT ARE GOOD AND THEN PUT STUPID ONE ON THEN THEY CANCEL THOSE ONE TOO. I think then need to just move them to different time or a different day instead of just canceling them for no good reason.

  • filly

    Love this show. I loved Ranger Molly. Hard to believe she was abused?? Well, there are men that are abused and people don't believe that either…it can happen and this last episode explains what happened. I was also hoping for more additional episodes and hope another network picks this up.

  • Alura Davis

    Me personally i love Killer Women, and I dont know why they are canceling the show. It is a good interesting show and I was looking forward to future episodes. I will not be watching Mind Games.

  • Becky

    Every time a like a program they cancel it. Now I read they are only going to air six episodes instead of eight. :(

  • Jackie Puska

    This stinks! Maybe another network will pick it up! I hate that ABC didn't give it more of a chance! I knew something was up when the first few minutes last night showed an episode that had not aired. ABC, this is a bad move!!!

  • Mike in Texas

    One of the few good shows this crap network has produced in years, and they cancel it because of their idiotic choice of a title. Most folks didn't even know it was a LEO based series, assuming that it was another reality based women's prison show. The name needs to be changed to “Ranger Molly Parker” or “Molly Parker, Texas Ranger”.
    Maybe A&E has more brains than these jerks, and will add it to their line-up alongside “Longmire”!

  • Robert Rivera

    Bastards! This was our family show! How dare u! You guys should be the ones on the chopping block!

  • vicki626

    I swore I would not watch another new ABC show after they cancelled GCB. But Killer Women caught my eye…and just like GBC Killer Women gets cut. No more ABC.

  • freda caouette

    My husband and I looked forward every week to watching Killer Women. Now we find out it's been cancelled and the last two shows are not going to be aired. Really!!! Come on ABC. That was a good show. Great stories and great actors!! So sad.

  • becky1304530

    Well it's official I give up on ABC. Lost another viewer ABC. Network TV sucks; I don't know why I bother. And ABC couldn't even be bothered to show the last few episodes. Just goes to show ABC is not a station worth giving your time to.

  • jen

    It's a shame! I really liked the show. we had it DVR'd n watch the following day cause we go to bed early. thanks ABC for taking another good show away!

  • Martha

    So I just watched Mind Games that replaced Killer Women and it sucked. This is what they replaced a good show with. This is why I never watch ABC, stupid decision. Killer women was much better. The run it during the Olympics and wonder why it wasn't watched……try again idiots.

  • Killer women

    I really liked killed women. I will not watch mind games. Very disgusted with ABC.

  • Meow

    We're so upset they cut out episodes and just cancelled Killer Women! It is a great show. I can understand why they cancelled The Assets. Tried to watch the first episode & got bored. It was way too disconnected. Sorry ABC but The Assets was a pile of crap compared to FX's The Americans, which kicks arse! Anyway, let's get real. Quit cancelling GOOD shows. First Body of Proof, and now Killer Women? I guess there's not much point to watching network TV anymore.

  • busymom

    One of the few shows I actually take some time to watch…so very disappointed….was anxious to see how it was going to end….the plot was really getting gripping…at least let us see how the series was going to end….do they really expect there to be super good ratings during the OLYMPICS! COME ON!

  • dougee

    I love this show. Why did you cancel it.. It did have a sucky title for the show, but looked forward to watching it.

  • trath7

    To bad they canceled it it was just starting to get good although they didn't take it seriously anyway they skipped an important episode and I guess they didn't think anyone would notice hopefully they will just run it in the summer instead of Rookie Blue i mean they are clearly not Rookies anymore that was a show with only one season in mind you can tell by the title

  • Feathermay

    Those last two episodes BETTER be added to their site, Netflix, Amazon, and/or Hulu soon…least they can do after unfairly canceling one of the very few shows that was actually decent.

  • Wilswayb2@

    Why? Why? Why? I honestly do not understand what you people that are in charge of the shows on tv Re thinking. But most of them are absolutely just stupid. My husband & I talk every evening about what's going to be on tv that night. And, I'm not kidding, nearly every night, what ever is on is , how can I say this? They really suck!!! Reality tv is taking over & I'm sorry but, like Survivor, it's always the same, , just a different place & different people!! Come on!! Why take a show off that is at least a little different, and is filmed in a great place?? You didn't even give it a chance! I very seldom watch this channel, except for Castle. So you need to bring it back & do something other than reality shows!! How many of you out there are sick to death of reality shows? Let me know at wilswayb2 @ aol. com i'm serious!!!

  • mia

    Wow but the bachelor & the bachelorette is still on. I really liked Killer Women it was a good show I will not watch Mind Games a knock off of USA's Pysch

  • ericks733

    They didn't even give killer women a chance, :-( Shows like duck dynasty, mindless crap, get a ton of play but shows with make you have to think get no backing….. bummer, I really enjoyed it

  • annoyedabcwatcher

    I don't know why I bother starting new pilots when they just cancel them when they start getting good.

  • Tsurwolf

    Who is playing Mind Games with the viewing public ? What a load of crap.
    Killer Women was a great show ( ABC in oz has only one show worth watching ” Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries” and even that is in limbo for another season )
    With the Olympics on most people's minds, the PTB at ABC should be shot for killing Killer Women, and change the title to something more appropriate, after all it's about a Texas Ranger. And yes I have been through the Ranger museum

    Cheers TBBW

  • Keithfeds

    Aww, Killer women was such a great show. They didn't even give it a chance! They probably just didn't advertise it enough. You know what I find hard to believe. That shows like Survivor or The Simpsons are still on After 19 years, when I haven't heard anyone mention either of those two shows in 17 years. Who the heck watches those shows?

    • Feathermay

      Well, my family watches The Simpsons…I think they're still good, but can probably think about ending it soon. There are WAY more than enough great, classic episodes. No sense dragging it on past its period of fairly consistent quality. I felt the same way about Spongebob before it was recently canceled.

      For the most part, though, I don't know what the hay goes on in the heads of TV execs. Comparing TV now to TV of the 90s and every prior decade of its existence is like…rotten apples to sweet, fresh, juicy ones! New series that show some promise of goodness tend to be axed within weeks, while utter refuse and totally “meh” ones clog the airwaves. I mostly stick to old, original, good shows that are in reruns; there are enough of those for them to be new to you and future viewers, and many that you can watch infinitely and never tire of…as opposed to everything they're churning out now that you don't really even want to see once.

  • Carrie

    I must say I am very disappointed to see this show go. I bought the first episode from the play store and fell in love with it . I ended up buying the first season that night. Im starting to think that the rating system for new shows is flawed. Due to the fact that this is not the first show I loved was canceled due to ratings.

  • Marisa

    Why???????? Better advertising and you would have had a bigger audience..

  • Heather

    disappointed, I really liked that show. Could have finished t sheeason out

  • Sher

    That's abc for you ‘Ass Backwards Corporation’

  • LadyMorninstar

    ABC get your head out of your rear end. This Show was AWESOME! The cast was perfect and the plot was on course. Bring this show back.

  • Feathermay

    Well, there's one upside–they put the two unaired episodes on Hulu Plus quickly. That was nice, at any rate.