‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ Canceled by ABC

'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' Canceled by ABC

ABC/Jack Rowand

The “Once Upon a Time” spinoff fails to find the audience of its sister show, series finale to air next week

There's no happy ending for ABC's “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.”

ABC has canceled the “Once Upon a Time” spinoff, a network representative told TheWrap.

Ordered for 13 episodes, the series finale episode will air next Thursday.

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” at 8 p.m. on Thursday drew a 0.9 rating/ 3 share in the advertiser-coveted Adults 18-49 demographic and only 3.3 million total viewers. That's only a bit better than last week's episode rating of 0.8/3, though it's lower in total viewers — last week's episode attracted 3.5 million viewers.

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Producers may actually find this news to be some sort of relief. It had been intended as a one-season show and it felt as if ABC's desire for a new hit drama trumped that plan.

“What we're planning to do is tell a complete tale, beginning, middle and end, finish it,” executive producer Edward Kitsis said at the Television Critics Association Press Tour last August. “If people like it, hopefully we'll come back and tell another adventure with this cast.”

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This cancelation followed Thursday's announcement that Christian Slater-starrer “Mind Games” had been pulled from the schedule after just five episodes. It earned a mere 0.6/2 in the ad demo for its most recent airing Tuesday night — a 14 percent drop from the previous week, and a tie for its series low.

In addition to “Mind Games,” ABC's drama failures this season have included Sofia Vergara‘s “Killer Women,” “The Assets” and “Lucky 7,” which has the unfortunate distinction of being the first fall show to be canceled.

  • David Perkins

    Makes me wonder if ‘Nashville’ (which I like despite its soapiness) could be in big trouble. Its numbers are hurting, and it can't be a cheap show to produce.

  • texlovera

    ABC's shows are all Disney crap now anyway. There really is utterly no reason to tune in to them…

  • http://livingthecreativelife.blogspot.com/ Jennifer M.

    Fine with me. That show was painfully boring. I love OUAT, but this new spin-off was not as charming or interesting as the original show at all.

    • Your mom

      Fuck you!

  • Stephie59

    Well I for one liked it a lot. I'm not too keen on the lead actress, funny enough, but the premise of the show and the story line I found very interesting. I love the Red Queen and I love to hate Jaffar. If they brought it in as a one season show I have no problem with that, as my tv show lineup is very full anyway, but to say that it wasn't interesting would be untrue. Once it has a nice finale ending, I'm okay with that.

  • hupto

    Since Disney and ABC are the same company, why not throw ZORRO reruns into the slot? It'd cost nothing and the ratings couldn't be much worse.

  • http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepr1xp/index.html unsean

    “Producers may actually find this news to be some sort of relief. It had been intended as a one-season show and it felt as if ABC's desire for a new hit drama trumped that plan.”

    What do you think ABC is, part of the BBC? I wonder because British television networks are the only ones I know of that create a series with the intent that it last for a year (or however long a series lasts in the UK) and actually end it in that time.

    If “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” was successful I get a feeling that that season would stretch as long as it had a large enough audience.

    • Jethro Nededog

      Due to today's year-round programming, networks are indeed creating “event series” meant to last just one season to fill the hiatus for their regular shows, i.e. Fox's “24: Live Another Day,” CBS's “Hostages” and ABC's “Betrayal.” And, as I wrote, the producers intended this series to be a one-and-done.

      • http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepr1xp/index.html unsean

        Edward Kitsis said: “If people like it (Once Upon A Time In Wonderland), hopefully we'll come back and tell another adventure with this cast.”

        Which leads to the conclusion that, if the ratings were high enough the series would indeed be back, perhaps reconfigured in the vein of American Horror Story—a series with a lot of potential that it fails to live up to on a regular basis, but that's another discussion—not ending.

        In other words, it was primarily ratings, not the idea that the story ended.

        • Jethro Nededog

          I agree. Ratings are enough of a reason for an “event series” to be suddenly renewed for another season — that's just business. I won't argue with you on the rest, but as a reporter I know that the producers would've been OK with a season run.