‘Suburgatory’ Creator Talks Cast Cuts: ‘The Show's a Little Leaner’

'Suburgatory' Creator Talks Cast Cuts: 'The Show's a Little Leaner'

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TCA 2014: Emily Kapnek addresses the cost-cutting they did in advance of Season 3, relationship with ABC

“Suburgatory” boss Emily Kapnek addressed cost-cutting changes that helped her show nab a Season 3 renewal during its session at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday.

“Obviously, we scaled back a little. The show's a bit leaner up here,” creator Emily Kapnek told the group about the ABC show.

The show, produced by Warner Bros. Television, had to let go of series regulars Alan Tudyk, who played Noah Werner, George Altman's (Jeremy Sisto) best friend; and Rex Lee, who played the Chatswin High School's guidance counselor, Mr. Wolf, among other cost cuts.

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But, Kapnek said that the cuts worked out in the end. “We get to focus more on our existing characters and get a little deeper into their characters,” she explained.

“It was a fun challenge,” she continued. “I think we all feel really great about this season. It's a great season.”

The good news is that Tudyk will appear on three episodes this season.

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“He had a rough go at it last year, his marriage ended, so he checks himself into a mental wellness institution and he returns to spread love — or he tries,” Jeremy Sisto, who plays George, teased of Noah's return storyline.

Additionally, Parker Young, who played Ryan Shay, didn't return to the show this season.

“He did that!” Kapnek yelled out when TheWrap mentioned that Young had expressed a fear that he would be written out to this and other reporters during press event at the end of Season 2.

Well, his character did leave for college, but Young found a new gig. He's currently starring on new military comedy, “Enlisted,” on Fox. But, he will also return for three episodes.

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“We found a way to bring him back and find out what's there and not there with Tessa,” co-executive producer Andrew Guest said.

“He's such a huge part of the show,” Kapnek said. “Obviously, him and Tessa have huge chemistry, we didn't want to lose that.”

“I also think his presence is felt even though he's not there,” exec producer Patricia Breen added.

In an effort to fill the void of Ryan, his parents (played by the hilarious Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer) find a foster son. Viewers will meet Victor Ha on next week's episode 2.

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Earlier during the executive session, ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee said he loved “Suburgatory.” Despite the iffy Season 3 renewal, scheduling circus and finally their midseason placement this season, Kapnek admitted she did feel the network's love.

“We're very happy to be back on the schedule!” she joked.

“Suburgatory” airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c.

  • kbirdusa

    Hate to break it to you, Ms. Kapnek, but Alan Tudyk was the funniest person on the show. Why you dropped him and kept Ana Gasteyer is beyond me. She overacts every scene she's in and her character is like nails on a chalkboard. A little of her goes a LONG way.

    This will be the last season of your show.

    • 1sock

      probably the other actor was more expensive and clearly the only way this mess of a show limped back to stink up the airwaves was by slashing budget and serving as cheap filler while the flailing network tries to find real shows

  • zengrrl

    Tudyk was the only reason I made it through Season 2. Won't be watching the show except those 3 episodes, I guess.

  • against violence

    I saw the last show and there was a humorous reference to snuff porn. Snuff porn is not funny and I found the humor reference to be in VERY poor taste. I will no longer watch and support this series. In my opinion, humor remarks should NOT be made regarding situations where others are harmed and killed!