40 Actresses Over 40 Who Are Still Conquering Hollywood (Photos)

These days, the biggest female stars in Hollywood are often the oldest, and there are more than you might realize. From “Gravity” star Sandra Bullock to “Skyfall” scene-stealer Judi Dench, here are 40 actresses who aren't letting at least four decades of existence slow down their career

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Monica Bellucci (49)
  • Jockman9

    Dang! Glenn Close has REALLY aged hasn't she.

    • Barbara Shewchuk

      She's 66! what do you expect? She looks real.

  • Avenger280

    Julia Roberts – two words: Tess Ocean :-D

  • Avenger280

    Helloooooo!!!!! Sasha Alexander (41) and Lucy Lawless (45)

  • guest

    kate beckinsale hottest of them all

    • Avenger280

      Kate is lovely but Sasha and Lucy still rule ;-)

    • Avenger280

      Kate is lovely but Sasha Alexander (40) , Lucy Lawless (45), and Liz Vassey (41) still rule the world!!! ;-)

  • jstroc

    None of these can even hold a candle to Courteney Cox who is absolutely beautiful.

  • BigFan

    How did Dana Delaney not make this list?

  • Brenda Cibelli

    where's Jessica lange !!!!

  • Nikki

    Allison Janney, anyone…? Movies and a new sitcom.

  • Mmyth Buster

    Oprah and Melissa McCarthy you gave to be kidding.

  • Kevvy Luv

    I stopped reading after Oprah popped up. Come on.

  • AHS

    Where is Jessica Lange???

  • Jonathan

    Halle Berry need I say more… :)

  • JBQ21

    Out of 40 actresses, there were 3 black actresses with Halle being multi racial. The U.S. population is 12% black. There were a number of Brits and a few Hispanics. The industry obviously is run by exploitation of a few spoiled white women. I did pick up that there were a couple of gays (Jane Lynch). Oprah is still in the closet. The issue was easy when Hollywood had its “stars”. They had an image that must be upheld and there was talent involved. Now, the fare is placid and the actresses are mediocre with plastic implants being the defining criteria.

  • JoJo

    Hello….Winona Ryder and Ashley Judd.

  • JOSH

    Jane Lynch has horns. Where's Kate Beckinsale?

  • Vino

    Wankoff list. Of the 40 “sexies,” only 5 have anything hot.

  • bossalini_black

    pam grier?

  • nomnom

    ??????????? nooo Connie Britton…..come on who made this list?

  • Kuane

    Where are the Asians???? No Kelly Hu, Ming Na, or Lucy Liu???

  • ddr

    Olivia d'abo!!!

  • DucksBeware

    WTF is Oprah doing on this list… and if she was worthy… where are Whoopi and Elen? Un “F”ing believable… Hollywood, where being PC is more important that water and sunshine!

    • http://outinthestreetfilms.com/ Out in the Street Films

      Oprah just came off The Butler – huge. Whoopi and Ellen? TV talk show hosts? Are you kidding?

      • Biliegh Berrie

        Whoopi has done several movies, you cannot count her off as just a TV Talk Show Host!

  • Zurinayeem

    What? no Angela Bassett? Melissa Leo? Alfre Woodard? Lili Taylor? Geena Davis?
    jennifer beals still works. As does jennifer jason leigh, dany delany, Ming Na-Wen, Lucy Liu, Thandie Newton, Rebecca Romjin-O'Connell, Whoopi Goldberg?
    And so on and so forth…Odd.

  • Gerard Kennelly

    leslie mann is NOT conquering hollywood
    elizabeth hurley has done sweet FA since austin powers imo

  • Dan

    Allison Janney!!!!