Alan Dershowitz Denies Sexual Assault Claims: ‘I Don’t Even Know Who She Is’ (Video)

Acclaimed attorney denies claims made by Virginia Roberts that he and others forced her to have sex

Alan Dershowitz denied claims made by 30-year-old Virginia Roberts that Dershowitz and others forced her to have sex when she was an underage girl.

“I’ve never seen her, I’ve never met her, I don’t know who she is,” Dershowitz told Matt Lauer Monday on the “Today” show.

Dershowitz was accused of sexual assault by the same woman who claimed billionaire Jeffrey Epstein kept her as a sex slave. The woman, referred to as “Jane Doe Number 3” in court papers, also claimed Britain’s Prince Andrew forced her to have sex.

In an interview with “Today,” Dershowitz denied three separate claims Roberts made against him, including they had sex on an airplane.

“Manifests of the flight will show I was never on the airplanes with her,” he said.

Dershowitz called out the attorneys for the woman — Bradley J. Edwards and former federal judge Paul G. Cassell — for unethical behavior and called for their disbarment.

Watch the interview below.