Alec Baldwin's ‘Up Late’ Drops 41 Percent in Key Ratings Demo Since Series Premiere

Alec Baldwin's 'Up Late' Drops 41 Percent in Key Ratings Demo Since Series Premiere

Most recent episode of the MSNBC late-night talker hits low among the 25-54 crowd

Alec Baldwin‘s MSNBC show “Up Late With Alec Baldwin hit a mileston that the famously ill-tempered “30 Rock” actor likely wasn't celebrating on Friday.

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The Nov. 8 episode hit a series low in the 25-54 demographic, eking out 101,000 viewers in the demo — a 41 percent decline since the show premiered five weeks ago.

In total viewers, “Up Late” hardly fared better, scoring 395,000 viewers, a 40 percent decline since series launch.

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The Oct. 11 premiere of “Up Late” actually improved on MSNBC's average for the Fridays at 10 p.m. timeslot, enjoying an 18 percent boost over the previous four weeks with 172,000 viewers in the demo and jumping 71 percent in total viewers with 654,000.

However, the show has yet to match those numbers since, and has experienced its ups and downs in the ensuing weeks. The episode prior to Friday's drew 130,000 in the demo.

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The good news for “Up Late”? It actually improved in total viewers compared to the week before, which hit a total viewership low of 354,000.

Baldwin's guests on Friday's show included Workers Defense Project staffer Cristina Tzintzun and Mary Brosnahan from Coalition for the Homeless — activists whose work Baldwin admires, but who lack a national following.

Meanwhile, CNN's “Unguarded” drew 41,000 viewers in the demo in the 10:30 p.m. timeslot and 133,000 total viewers — down 55 percent and 54 percent, respectively, from the series’ Oct. 25 launch.

“Hannity,” airing at 10 p.m. Friday night, posted 1.7 million total viewers with 337,000 of them in the demo.

  • sketchgrrl

    There hasn't been enough publicity about when Baldwin's show airs. I would watch it if I knew! How about ads on CNN and HLN?

  • Marc


  • Steve White

    Do we really need another mouthpiece for the promotion of leftist/socialist causes? Apparently not.

  • hupto

    Part of the problem is that it airs at 7:PM on the West Coast, not exactly prime viewing time, especially on the weekend. Secondly, they never repeat the show, even in the wee hours. Thirdly, the light-headed promotional spots misled people into thinking it would be closer to Bill Maher than Charlie Rose. Lastly, I'm a news junkie and even I had never heard of last week's guests! (I'm not saying he should recycle the same old faces, but you have to expect lower viewership with unknowns.)

  • woodymcbreairty

    I love Alec Baldwin but the Alec Baldwin I love is full of pi– & vinegar, is at his best when he is pushy, aggressive, abrasive & verbally confrontational. Alec has an insight into the workings of politics that is borderline eerie & I find he is always proven to be right on the mark. I have been very disappointed in his program so far, but I hope he gets with the current times & gets nasty with those who have it coming. I certainly hope his show @ MSNBC works out. This is a very high profile & powerful political platform for someone like Alec who has a fire-in-the-belly passion for truth & justice in politics.

  • CeCe1

    I'm a fan of Alec Baldwin but this show isn't working because he can't shut up! I was so excited to see his interview with Debra Winger but after ten minutes of him interrupting her and talking over her (and always about himself) I gave up. I tried a subsequent show and the same thing happened. I gave up. He can't seem to get out of his own way.

  • Maiden

    Ah, another Hollywood celebrity giving razor sharp political advice…

  • robin

    well mr. white, do we really need a right wing, anal conservative, nitwit like Hannity? He happens to be one of the least intelligent people ive ever seen in public life period, let alone on a network. I tip my hat to those conservatives who at least have an opinion based in reason, fact, study and homework. Hannity is a multi millionaire based on being ignorant. Only in AMerica. But, Hannity's success should show everyone just what's possible in an acceptional country like the USA……

    • Pete

      funny how all the conservative nitwits have all the #1 shows on radio and tv. Is most of America stupid or has the left not figured out how to turn on their radio and Tv.

  • robin

    As regular MSNBC watcher, I found Balwin's choice of guests stunningly uninspired…leading off with a ditzo like Debra Winger..then Chris Mathews hawking his new book?

  • Anne

    This guy is an ass. He needs serious anger management.Take him out of the spot light.