‘Now with Alex Wagner’ Takes Martin Bashir's MSNBC Timeslot

'Now with Alex Wagner' Takes Martin Bashir's MSNBC Timeslot

The move from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. opens up the noon timeslot

Alex Wagner is taking over the 4 p.m. ET timeslot on MSNBC, the spot recently departed by Martin Bashir.

The move was announced in MSNBC President Phil Griffin's year-end email to his employees, where he lauded the network's efforts, applauded their new website, and reenforced, “Growing and evolving our digital space will continue to be a priority in 2014.”

Griffin closed his memo with the Wagner news: “Alex Wagner and the “Now” team will be moving to 4 p.m. starting Jan. 13. Alex is an incredible talent and her voice is a perfect lead-in to our evening programming. Alex, Dana Haller and the entire show team have done great work over the past two years and I'm looking forward to having them in this new timeslot. We'll have more announcements in the new year — stay tuned.”

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Wagner has been the host of ”Now” since November 2011.

Bashir resigned earlier this month following unseemly comments that he made about Sarah Palin. In response to a Palin comment comparing the national debt to slavery, Bashir called her a “world class idiot.” He described a punishment that forced a slave to put “sh-t in his mouth” and said Palin would make an “outstanding candidate” for the same treatment.

The move to 4 p.m. opens up the noon ET slot on the network. The network recently hired Ronan Farrow, who is set to debut in January at an unannounced time.

  • David Perkins

    Alex Wagner's show has some nice depth and focus to it during the noon time slot. Most often, the show isn't a ‘repeat the headlines’ hour that bores a devoted couch potato like myself. I hope that approach continues, and is enhanced, with the move to later in the day.

    • Dr. Margaret A. Bradley

      When will Joy Reid be rewarded for her excellent work with a show?

  • Anthony Dodd

    What's fantastic is that Alex will have access to breaking news instead of rehashing the bigger stories from the previous day.

  • ellie

    Oh boy! Another “host” to widen the racial divide by spewing hateful nonsense about conservatives and the republican party. And NBC wonders why their ratings are down…..

    • Wraith

      Fox News spews nothing but hate towards democrats and liberals, they just have higher rating because there are more white people who tune in to their racist bullshit.

    • jschmi71

      FOX critisizes liberals in politics for their beliefs. MSNBC critisizes conservatives for their stupidity. Not all liberals are correct in their policies or opinions but I lived in Alaska for 13 months while in the navy and I never saw Russia.

  • artemis

    Fox and CNN hosts and guests start the clash by saying whatever they feel like, without consequences… MSNBC hosts make sometimes harsh comments in response to theirs,,, and get fired.

    Makes it hard for me to be loyal to MSNBC when they constantly show that they are not ready to be loyal to their staff or to their viewers.
    Get off the fence boys and gals.

    So you don't appreciate what Bashir had to say, he got too personal? How personal do you think Palin's comment was to him and to a lot of us MSNBC viewers of mixed race and other heritages? You want to appear impartial? Follow his show with a 15 second editorial saying that the management would like to crap out from having the balls to support the opinion of this particular host on this particular issue and leave it at that. Dont fire the host and take away his career unless he or she is the one that starts the ruckus by talking nonesense and spouting junk…. oh, wait, that slot is taken, by FOX.

    • Sam u

      Bashir has contributed to the public honestly and fearlessly in many and diverse areas. It will be therefore appropriate to excuse Bashir and re-institute him to his post.

  • Sam u

    “Now with Alex Wagner” is unpretentious and hypocritical program that is focused on the topic at issue. Alex gives time to her interviewee to say what they asked.. Most of the time she does interrupt them half way etc. Alex is modest and does not criticize others for the sake of criticizing. She has a good start at balancing issues based on credible evidence: not from circumstantial evidences. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALEX AND ALL THE NEWS MEDIA HOSTS AND THEIR AUDIENCES!

    • MBG9

      Do whut

  • Jorge

    The new format foir Alex Wagner's show is terrible. They're making her into just another talking head. Her strength is to be able to moderate a lively group of people. She's fun, smart and quick. None of that comes through in the new format

  • WmShoe

    I will say I miss the old “Cocktail Party” format…with numerous guests and discussion…