Ratings: Fox's ‘Almost Human’ Finale Hits New Low

Ratings: Fox's 'Almost Human' Finale Hits New Low


NBC comes out on top for Monday

Fox's season finale of freshman drama “Almost Human” hit a new ratings low on Monday, as NBC topped the night with the “The Voice” and “Blacklist.”

NBC was first in ratings with a 3.9 rating/11 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic. According to preliminary numbers, the network was also first in viewers with an average of 14.1 million. “The Voice” at 8 p.m. earned a 4.5/12 and 15.7 million viewers, while “The Blacklist” at 10 received a 2.7/8 and 11.1 million viewers.

CBS came in second with a 2.1/6 and in viewers with 7.6 million. ”How I Met Your Mother” at 8 earned a 3.3/9 and 9.1 million viewers. At 8:30, “2 Broke Girls” received a 2.6/7 and 8.4 million viewers. “Mike & Molly” at 9 got a 2.2/6 and 8.9 million viewers. “Mom” at 9:30 had a 2.0/5 and 8.4 million viewers. “Intelligence” at 10 p.m. ended primetime with a 1.2/3 and 5.3 million viewers.

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ABC was third in ratings with a 2.1/6 and in viewers with 7.6 million. “The Bachelor” at 8 earned a 2.2/6 and 7.9 million viewers. A rerun followed. At 10, “Castle” hit a series low with a 1.6/4 and 8.2 million viewers.

Fox came in fourth, with a 1.6/4 and in viewers with 5.4 million. “Almost Human” at 8 hit a new low with a 1.5/4; it brought in 5.7 million viewers. “The Following” at 9 got a 1.7/4 and 5.1 million viewers.

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Univision landed in fifth, with a 1.1/3 and in total viewers with 2.8 million. Telemundo was sixth in ratings with a 0.5/1 and 1.3 million viewers.

The CW was seventh in ratings with a 0.3/1 and in total viewers with 1 million. At 8, “Star-Crossed” got a 0.4/1 and 1.2 million viewers. “Beauty & the Beast” at 9 had a 0.3/1 and 879,000.

  • Luci Widnesor

    Sometimes a low rated show is just too bad to watch. Sometimes it is just too good to draw a large audience. “Almost Human” is the second one. One of the best written, best cast and most thoughtful shows on TV but no – if you are into The Bachelor or The Voice or 2 Broke Girls, it is just too smart for you.

    • Cayo Hern

      Luci, I agree with you fully! Please see my comments above!

    • Sarah Bojstrup Mason

      Totally agree! I couldn't have said it better myself. It would be a travesty if it's cancelled!

  • Cayo Hern

    I agree with Luci 100%….Monday night is jam packed with some of the best shows of the week…and some of the most popular, crowd=pleasing garbage. I think it's the wrong night for a boutique show like Almost Human, which might well do better on a Thursday or Friday. But will Fox allow it to develop an audience? Surprisingly, Fox has some of the most intelligent shows on broadcast television, including Almost Human and The Following…..but remember, they are also the channel that canceled Family Guy very quickly! If Almost Human doesn't get a second season, I'll be most disappointed……

    • Luci Widnesor

      I agree. What surprises me is that for a science fiction action series, I come away thinking about humanity, death, love, loneliness, friendship – what they mean especially in a high-tech disconnected society. And these issues are so well tucked into the drama that you never feel preached to.

      • Cayo Hern

        Luci, I think we must have been separated at birth! You hit on the exact same ideas that I have about this great show….If it doesn't get renewed, at least we'll know who the smarted kids on the bus were!!! Until then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and watching Cosmos and Bill Maher!

  • Almost Human Fan

    I'm not sure how you can say that the Almost Human season finale “hits new low”, when it had the same ratings/share as three weeks ago, but viewers were up .28 million (and up .37 million from two weeks ago)?

  • Don

    yeah considering my DVR is on overload Monday nights it's just too crowded here (although the first thing I watch before anything else is Almost Human). That being said I did not know it was the season finale until I turned Monday's episode on to watch it. This better get renewed though as it is a show worth keeping in FOX's lineup that is gaining a good following. Hopefully they give it at least 1 more season.

  • Rick Sterman

    Love this show, was advertised for totally incorrect. The story and plot lines are solid and they better not leave us hanging.

    Cheers was LAST place their first year, but they had LOYAL people at the network that KNEW a well written, acted and produced show would bear fruit, and it did.

    Almost Human is probably my favorite new show this year, next to ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

    Unless they have a sure fire HIT on deck to take its place, why not see if it picks up fans, they left a lot of loose threads in the finale.

  • Dana

    I have never written about a TV show. But when my daughter told me that Almost Human might be on the chopping block I had to write.
    I think this is one of the best tv shows out there.
    I hope that Fox gives it a second chance!!!

  • Nicole Deeds

    I’m a huge fan of Almost Human. I watched it every Monday it was on and even though it was obviously out of order, I enjoyed it. I love the character interactions, the stories and the futuristic time setting. I really want this show to be renewed! Come on Fox!! I really want Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human on my TV this fall! #RenewAlmostHuman

    • qtpie83

      I totally agree. I love, love, love this show. This is the first tv series that I've love since….. (yea, that is how long it has been. Lol) Please don't cancel. Bring it back.

  • g.motes

    I am very much hoping that “Almost Human” will be returning. This is a great show and I wish it is given a chance for the word to get around to watch it.