Dailies | ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2': Dane DeHaan's Crazy Green Goblin Strikes (Photo)

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': Dane DeHaan's Crazy Green Goblin Strikes (Photo)

He appears to have the upper hand over the Marvel superhero

Spider-Man fans have already caught the first glimpse of Dane DeHaan's Green Goblin in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” but the villain is crystal clear in a new still from the upcoming superhero movie.

The image (above) also suggests the Goblin — a.k.a. Peter Parker's childhood friend Harry Osborn — is crazy strong, as he appears to easily hold down the web slinger (Andrew Garfield) as they battle on a giant gear mechanism.

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DeHaan's Goblin joins a number of other bad guys lining up to take on New York City's friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man in Marc Webb‘s sequel to his 2012 blockbuster reboot of the Sony franchise.

Jamie Foxx plays Electro and Paul Giamatti is Rhino, while Chris Cooper plays Norman Osborn — the Harry's father, who also becomes the Green Goblin in the Marvel comics. It's not yet clear what role the older Osborn will play in Webb's update.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” swings into theaters on May 2.

Here's the full photo of DeHaan's Green Goblin in action:

Dane DeHaan's Green Goblin - Amazing Spiderman 2

  • Flash

    What have they done to goby!?

    • Robert Buchanan

      Ruined him forever, I'd say.

      • Ethan Smith

        He looks better than I thought he would. He looks insane. I like it. Just wait to see him in motion. I wasn't too sure about spidey's new costume until I saw more pictures and real footage. And he's not as bad as Rami's Goblin, so watch your mouth.

  • WOW

    since when did orcs become spiderman villians???

  • Ryan Tiffany

    He looks a little different! omg, character ruined 4-eva!

  • william parcell

    He looks great. Just what Green Goblin is supposed to like.

    • Andrew

      I thought the Green Goblin had a mask, scaly skin, gloves, and pointed boots. This one has a heavy-geared arm, no mask, no scaly skin. What were you drinking when you typed this?

  • Kyle

    I agree! He looks insane alright, I'm just not sure about that costume. I can't get a good look at it, but it looks weird!

  • Brennan Schulz

    i like it, to me it seems like they crossed the original to ultimate. cant wait to see him in action! don't care what people say this goblin looks like a win!

  • Juan Cerda-Ofogh

    Wearing a goofy mask doesn't make a great villain….comic book nerds worried about the purity of the comic book look of the villains need to get over themselves…