Amy Poehler Promises ‘Very Exciting Last Moment’ in ‘Parks and Rec’ Season Finale

Big episode will try to top triplets revelation

Amy Poehler says next week’s “Parks and Recreation” season finale will have “a very exciting last moment.”

Poehler told reporters Friday that fans should watch the hour-long show to the very end, because something will happen that will make viewers very excited for Season 7.

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Poehler and “Parks” executive producer Mike Schur were determined not to ruin the surprise on Friday’s conference call. But Thursday’s episode set up a huge conclusion for Season 6: Poehler’s Leslie and her husband Ben (Adam Scott) found out that they’re having triplets, even as they try to plan Pawnee’s star-studded Unity Festival.

The couple discover they’ll need much more money than they had expected, and that realization coincides with the possibility of a new job.

“Leslie will make a decision about whether to take this big job that she’s been offered,” Schur said, adding that Ben also faces a decision that “hints at a change in his life, or at least a nominal change.”

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Adding to the couple’s stress: Leslie already has a child.

“She’s always been a working mother since before she was pregnant, because Pawnee is her kid,” Poehler said. “I think she’s always been a pretty maternal and paternal person on the same time on the show. It’ll be interesting to see which baby wins.”

The one-hour season finale airs at Thursday, April 24 at 8 p.m. on NBC.