Anderson Cooper Grills Arizona Senator Over His Defense of Bill That Would Allow Gay Discrimination (Video)

Anderson Cooper Grills Arizona Senator Over His Defense of Bill That Would Allow Gay Discrimination (Video)

The CNN host hammered Sen. Al Melvin over whether the state's proposed bill would allow discrimination against LGBT people

Appearing on CNN's “AC360” Monday night, Arizona State Senator Al Melvin fiercely defended his state's controversial bill SB 1062 that opponents say would allow businesses to discriminate against gay people for religious reasons.

Anderson Cooper held Melvin's feet to the fire over whether such a bill would also allow Catholics to discriminate against divorced people, and Melvin deadpanned, “With all due respect, sir, I don't know of anybody in Arizona who would discriminate against another human being.”

“Really?! Nobody?!” Cooper exclaimed. “I know people in New York who discriminate. Really? There's nobody? Discrimination doesn't exist in Arizona?”

“Well, maybe you ought to move to Arizona, we're more people friendly here apparently.” Melvin countered.

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Melvin said that people were beginning to oppose the bill because of the “media frenzy” surrounding it.

“You're seriously blaming the media on this?” Cooper interjected. “Oh, come on!”

Later in the interview, Cooper left the politician speechless when he asked if he considered firing LGBT people discrimination.

“If somebody is fired because they're gay or lesbian in your state, is that discrimination?” Cooper fired back.

Melvin, clearly thrown off by the question, paused, and nervously fought to regain his composure.

“I…don't know of anybody that discriminates in our state,” Melvin stammered. ”I know you're trying to set me up, and I'm not going to stand for it, sir.”

Watch Cooper's contentious interview with State Senator Melvin below via CNN:

  • Fantasy Maker

    What a pathetic interview by Cooper. It is no wonder this network is tanking

    • jhon tanner

      yeah stupid cooper trying to get people to see the truth of who their representatives are what an idiot this cooper guy is giving reasonable arguments against a law that would make books written by people in the bronze age laws that affect and will destroy millions of lives

    • mistergsf

      What a pathetic human being candidate for governor. It's no wonder Arizona is tanking.

  • Zack

    Jan Brewer is BRAIN. DEAD.

  • Newzheimer

    The way this bill is written, anyone could discriminate against anyone and use their religious beliefs to do it. Let's say I'm a Catholic and I choose not to sell a house to a divorced person. My religious beliefs preclude divorce, therefore, selling a home to a divorced person would violate my religious freedom.

    See where this is going? Talk about the Law of Unintended Consequences. This Melvin doofus is a joke. And he's running for Governor to replace Brewer, who's term-limited out.

    Good luck to you, Arizona!

    Note to the NFL: Move the Super Bowl now.

  • DAz

    Nobody here in Arizona wants to discriminate! That law must have been written by non-Arizonans! Those legislators who voted for the bill must all have come from out-of-state!