Dailies | Foul-Mouthed Batman Throws Hissy Fit in NYC Times Square, 2 Spider-Men Comfort Him (Video)

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Of all the incarnations of Batman over the years, a Dark Knight accused of cursing in front of kids — and even pushing one — in New York City's Times Square on Friday is by the far the angriest to date.

The masked street performer denied the allegations when a police officer came to intervene, and then continued to curse up a storm as two friendly, neighborhood spider-men approached to calm him down.

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This is hardly the kind of behavior people should expect from the hero Gotham deserves, but at least it's entertaining.

  • Musik Mann

    DC Comics, Marvel and whomever else has the rights to the superhero characters and images really should create some sort of morality agreements regarding the people who wear these costumes. On more than one occasion, on Hollywood and Highland, I've seen behavior by the people wearing the outfits that was less the stellar.