11 Movies We Wish Were April Fools’ Day Jokes (Photos)

Movies that are so bad, they're good, are great. Others are just so bad we wish they were jokes Hollywood played on the moviegoers for April Fools’ Day

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"BATMAN & ROBIN": If social media was on fire in 1996 when Joel Schumacher cast the sequel to "Batman Forever," surely we would have collectively assumed the director's decision to pick Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze was a joke. Little did we know, Schumacher had a bigger punchline in mind, and produced the most expensive joke of the '90s.
  • Jacquie

    You lost me at Man of Steel. Really?

    • kwijino

      I agree with you on that and the Star Wars movie. It's chic to dump on it, but it ain't bad at the level of the other films here.

    • http://vkattnyte.blogspot.com vk at nyte

      exactly.. this list is for shit…Sabotage??? cmon now..i think you are just shitting on Schwartznegger cause you want to..he's had 4 other films besides that since..

  • Nick

    I agree that Adam Sandler should go back to drama. He was better in these two dramatic films – Punch Drunk Love and Reign on Me

  • MoiraB

    LOL – oh, thank you!! You agree with me (since I first saw the ridiculous thing) that “Man of Steel” is a huge joke! I HATED it – it's like “let's make a Superman movie that's moody, morose and burdened with the worst, murky CGI that's ever been inflicted on a major superhero movie.” And don't get me started on that final, overblown battle scene — at least when the Avengers fought in NYC, they made sure to show the human cost and the rebuilding. The “Man of Steel” battle royale was just a stupid smash-fest.

    • http://vkattnyte.blogspot.com vk at nyte

      uhm,,that was the point…That film had other details you are obviously missing but of course youi actually watched it right or didf you just watch the trailer?

  • Ward P

    How was this list compiled? By using a dart board? C'mon, SABOTAGE already? JERSEY GIRL over GIGLY? Really?? You could have found 10 films as bad if not worse (if that's even possible) as THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE than go for tired choices such as THE PHANTOM MENACE. Fifty lashes with a wire hanger for this lazily-compiled list, guys.

  • Chagui

    Fuck you about MOS, that movie is great, Fuck you, fuck your site, fuck your collaborators, fuck your editors, fuck your taste, fuck all of you.

    • Mahesh Walatara

      Hmm CNN's profanity filter doesn't seem to work. hehehe

  • David

    All bad films except for MAN OF STEEL. If you're not sure, go watch SUPERMAN RETURNS again.

    • http://vkattnyte.blogspot.com vk at nyte

      i agree i think you are mixed up there.. Superman Returns, Jack the Giantkiller,,,practically every superhero film that Singer has done etc

    • Mahesh Walatara

      Superman Returns was FAR superior to this Man of Steel crap.

  • Reign

    I agree on the others, but Man of Steel was actually pretty good. I really think you meant Superman Returns, now that was pretty bad and should have definately been on this list.

  • oletip

    Man of steel was a great movie I didn't mind the last stand too !

  • eric

    Have u viewed & screened urself first

  • domino

    I wish this list were april fools..
    turns out juat another sad episode written by fools

  • John

    What a waste of an article, Adam sadler movies – enjoy them a lot, battle field earth – very enjoyable, Star Wars – great movie – tell you what bone head you go make a movie and then we'll sit back a rubbish it. Don't put down that which you're not capable of making. Surley they didn't pay you for this article.

  • Mahesh Walatara

    I loved Arnie in Batman and Robin. Best thing about the movie. ANd I love Phantom Menace- problem was being the most anticipated movie in history, nutting could live upto our expectations. Everything else I pretty much agree with even though I still haven't seen Sabotage. Man of Steel was crap, yes.

  • Pedro Gomez

    Escape Plan was good and it embraced its own cheesyness.
    Man Of Steel was amazing…
    Jack & Jill was bad, but Grown Ups 1 was great and Just Go With It wasn't half bad.

  • mangojay

    Man of Steel and Hangover III were pretty decent. I'm dumbfounded that they were included on the same list as Battlefield Earth.

  • Kevin Dondrea

    Just about all the movies they mention were actually pretty good. I think Critics are only good for letting us know what movies to watch by telling us “Don't watch this”. If we had listened to critics, “Caddy Shack” would have been a flop. The only person that listened to the critics about Caddy Shack was the producer who killed himself after reading the reviews, 1 week before it smashed the box office.

  • Metroid72

    Where's Resident Evil Apocylapse, that movie was a disgrace to not just the Resident Evil franchise but Video games in general.