Dailies | Ashton Kutcher Tells Charlie Sheen to ‘Shut the F— Up’ About ‘Two and a Half Men’ (Video)

The former star of the CBS sitcom heard him, too

Ashton Kutcher wishes Charlie Sheen would “shut the f–k up” about “Two and a Half Men” already.

The actor who replaced Sheen on the hit CBS sitcom three years ago made a “public plea” while appearing on ABC's “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday.

“Seriously. Like, enough already,” Kutcher said at the end of the interview (above). “It's like three years later and you're still blowing me up on Twitter. C'mon, dude. Really?”

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Sheen — who was fired from the show in 2011 after his wild personal life began to interfere with production — heard the message loud and clear. He took to Twitter on Thursday morning to apologize.

  • Guest

    Charlie could do major damage to pretty-boy Kutcher's face

    • Marcus Tanner

      yeah i'd rather be a pretty boy then a crackhead thug, you neanderthal

  • stupidjerk

    I like Charlie Sheen and I like that response.

  • Boy191

    I dislike ashton kutcher in the role and charlie sheen was the only thing going for two and a half men. Kutcher realized no one would go watch his shitty movies so he decided to fill in a popular tv show and fuck it up. So fuck you kutcher

    • Johnny Pozzi

      “charlie sheen was the only thing going for two and a half men”

      Show lasts 3 seasons later without Charlie…

  • Kuddly_Kitten

    Like when people won't stop making homophobic jokes because of their own latent homosexuality, Charlie just needs to admit that he wants back on that show.

  • Zach

    I'm surprised at how many people support Sheen's ridiculous behavior. Glad he had the balls to apologize though.

    • Guest

      …but then he told Kutcher if he ever said that again he'd put him on a hospital food diet. Gotta love Carlos

      • Zach

        No more than two hours after his apology too! The dude's crazy.

        • Guest

          ‘winning’ you mean! if that's still a thing…

  • Bett

    Charlie Sheen needs to crawl back under his rock and take his booze with him.Every time he opens his mouth it sounds like “Sour Grapes” His ego is so inflated that he though the show would go under without him. Personally I like the show better with out him.

  • linb0315

    Sheen is the biggest jerk of all time – a druggie loser that has a big mouth! He makes me sick. He gets worse with every passing year – the loser needs to just ride off into the sunset and do us all a favor. He's a has-been (who never was) – just a loud-mouth, classless, idiot. Ashton Kutcher makes ten times the man Sheen is. At least he has class.

  • Terra Pennington

    Charlie Sheen is a has been…

  • Michèle FESTA

    Just a skirmish between two “old fellows”.Nothing else!

  • Cybercraig

    Charlie, STFU!

  • Michael Difani

    I'm not a father, but I guess a major face to face, eye to eye talk between pop Martin and son Charlie regarding temper tantrums many years ago did not do any good. Here is another example of the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Oh yeah, all those Gods like us and their public blow-ups.

  • Tim Aebi

    The show was hilarious with Sheen – just check out the re-runs. I like Kutcher, but he simply doesn't have the timing that Sheen had – true though, towards the end, Charlie started to lose a little. But by far and away, the best shows in this series were with Charlie Sheen. There's just no denying that. Again, I'm not saying Kutcher is bad, just not as good.

  • Jake

    Charlie Sheen is the man. Asthon Kutcher has sucked monkey nuts at everything he has acted in since That 70's Show and The Butterfly Effect. I personally haven't watched a single episode of Two and a Half Men since Charlie left and did anybody else notice he just sat down like he was wearing a skirt