Ashton Kutcher, ‘Two and a Half Men’ Co-Stars Top Highest-Paid TV Actors List

Ashton Kutcher, 'Two and a Half Men' Co-Stars Top Highest-Paid TV Actors List

Neil Patrick Harris, Ray Romano and Mark Harmon are also among the Top 10

Ashton Kutcher is getting paid more than enough for two and a half men.

The CBS sitcom star earned an estimated $24 million dollars over the past fiscal year, topping Forbes’ annual list of TV's Highest-Paid Actors. The rankings also factor in earnings in addition to the actor's primary TV vehicle.

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His co-star, Jon Cryer, is runner-up with $21 million in earnings. Angus T. Jones, also in the comedy's opening and closing credits, is seventh on the Forbes list with $11 million in earnings.

Not bad for the Chuck Lorre cast — it pays be to be syndicated.

Ray Romano is third on the list with an estimated $16 million. The comedian makes the vast majority of that bread from “Everybody Loves Raymond,” though he qualifies for the list due to his current role on “Parenthood.”

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Mark Harmon and Neil Patrick Harris tied for fourth, each becoming $15 million richer in 2012-2013.

Here is the list of the top earning actors:

1. Ashton Kutcher $24 million
2. Jon Cryer $21 million
3. Ray Romano $16 million
4. Neil Patrick Harris $15 million (tie)
4. Mark Harmon $15 million (tie)
6. Patrick Dempsey: $13 million
7. Tim Allen: $11 million (tie)
7. Angus T. Jones $11 million (tie)
9. Michael C. Hall: $10 million (tie)
9. Charlie Sheen: $10 million (tie)

  • post warrior

    So while Ashton complains about Wal-Mart,,, he makes 24 million while the guy who works on the set doing menial labor or sweeps the floor, empties the trash makes 24,000. In other words, he makes 1,000 times the money… Hmmm,, how much has he offered to give back to be distributed amongst the crew?? Maybe 3 million?? I am quite sure it would be hugely appreciated,,, while I am reasonably certain he could live on only 21 million before all of his endorsement cash. ….. Ah,,, yet another true Hollywood Hypocrite,,, shock me.

  • J.P.

    Jon Cryer makes that show. Ashton is okay but Cryer is the funny man. I also liked
    Angus T Jones. He was great. !!!!!

  • Kathy Holczman

    If actors need to change for the same show then it is not the same and will not watch. I do not like Ashton Kutcher at all and never like him in his comedy show either. Changing people does not make the show, it destroys it

  • charles

    Charlie Sheen was much better than Ashton Kutcher…don't watch the show anymore.Ashton Kutcher isn't funny!!!

  • justsaying

    Love the fact they kicked this loser to the curb – too bad he was too stupid to learn from Sheen's mistake. Good thing he can now devote all his time to his God – no major network will ever hire this moron!

    • George McMahon

      He's making 11 mil a year going to college. If he's a moron I want to be a total imbecile!

  • Bob

    Kutcher is a talentless moron the only role he did that was remotely good was kelso on That 70's Show but that was because he wasn't acting he is Kelso, a Skirt Chasing Dumb Ass Two And A Half Men should have gone off the air when Charlie left without him there is no show and now Angus went all psycho religious Cryer is ok but Charlie Sheen was the whole show.