Obama Calls Out Rush Limbaugh, Fox News for Painting ‘Caricature’ for ‘Republican Base’

Obama Calls Out Rush Limbaugh, Fox News for Painting 'Caricature' for 'Republican Base'

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The President says propaganda has left him unable to reach across the aisle, and he refused to offer “judgement” on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's “Bridgegate” scandal

President Barack Obama is blaming his rocky relationship with Republicans in Congress on Rush Limbaugh, and the constant stream of bad press he receives from Fox News.

In the New Yorker follow-up interview to the magazine's in-depth portrait of the President, Obama is described as being “particularly touchy” when discussing the notion that his inability to compromise with Republicans prevents him from passing more legislation. The publication's initial interview made media waves earlier this week due to his comments about marijuana.

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“The issue has been the inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base so that they feel persuaded that I'm not the caricature that you see on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh,” Obama said. “But I'm somebody who is interested in solving problems and is pretty practical, and that, actually, a lot of the things that we've put in place worked better than people might think.”

If the voters don't trust him, Obama explained, then the Republican politicians they elected can't compromise with him, because their constituents will consider it “a betrayal.”

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“And as long as there's that gap between perceptions of me within the average Republican primary voter and the reality, it's hard for folks like John Boehner to move too far in my direction,” Obama added.

When asked to weigh in on the “Bridgegate” scandal surrounding New Jersey's Republican governor, Chris Christie, Obama avoided giving an opinion on the matter.

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“Well, I like Christie personally, and we've had a good working relationship on specific issues like the Hurricane Sandy recovery,” he said. “Beyond that, I just don't have enough facts to offer a judgment.”

  • wks

    Man, I can't wait for Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, and the Koch Brothers to vacate Planet Earth…

    • John Elliott

      Why? Do you have a problem with those who spread the truth about your hero obama?

      • chaos99972@yahoo.com

        if you had ANY conception of what “Truth” actually is, I'd take you seriously.
        Instead, I simply laugh at your pathetic fear of the Black Man in the Whitehouse.
        I hope, when they agree to RESTITUTION, that’ you're the one they take everything from FIRST.

        • John Elliott

          So you have to make it about race. Maybe then, my ‘fear of the black man’ as you put it is why I supported Herman Cain, and Allan West. No, you are so afraid of being called racist yourself that you will support obama deep into the fires of HELL. Good luck with that, and again, where are your facts disputing the honesty of those who spread truth about obama? You have none,

        • Patriot

          Chaos – Restitution? Race? You need to talk with your Obamacare doctor about oppression psychosis.

    • daddyody

      Here's your chance – give me some examples of lies that Rush has told… and I'll match you with lies that Obama has told… we'll see who runs out first

      I'll wait for your list!

      • kenneth

        @daddyody I wouldn't hold your breath. Democrats are much better at spouting off than presenting facts.

        • MutantMessiah

          Read my response to daddyody about Limbaugh's many lies. You'll find many sources to enlighten you about Limbaugh's reign of error.

      • MutantMessiah

        Check out The Tampa Bay Times Pundit Fact. Scroll down and click on “see more statements”. Then scroll down and click on “next”. Scroll down until you get to Limbaugh's picture. You'll see he gets a “pants on fire”. Click under that and read about it.

        Other websites deal with more of his lies. PolitiFact rated 20 of his statements. Three were rated “true” or “mostly true”. The rest were “false”, “mostly false”, or “pants on fire”. You can read about them all there. Have fun.

        • daddyody

          The affordable care act won't add a dime to the defecit – BO to the American people when selling obamacsre
          the attack on Benghazi was in rrsponse to an anti muslim video

          Thrre has bern no targeting of conservative groups by the IRS

          This is the most transpsrent administrayion in history

          If you like your plan you can keep it

          If you like your doctor you can keep him

          I knew nothing about the problems with the website

          KEEP IN MIND – THESE LIES HAVE CONSEQUENCES – He's not just a radio show host – he's the “leader” of the most powerful country in the world The fact that your political affiliation would excuse this behavior is frankly pathetic and shows how far off track this nation has gone – there is no right and wrong… only what is good for my side – that's the MO

          • MutantMessiah

            So, you'd rather change the subject than admit Rush is a compulsive liar?

            As for what you said about Obama –

            I just heard a report a few minutes ago on the radio that the deficit is down dramatically since 2009 when Obama took office, and one reason is the ACA.

            The attack on Benghazi wasn't in response to an anti-Muslim video, but that's an error, not a lie.

            Both liberal and conservative groups have been investigated by the IRS for abusing 501(c)4 status. Most groups investigated were conservative because there are far more conservative groups out there. Karl Rove and others have been creating groups with 501(c)4 status, then using them in ways that were distinctly political, not for “social welfare” as they are supposed to be. But many liberal groups have also been investigated. Did you know that?

            The only plans you couldn't keep were the garbage ones with $10,000 deductibles and such. Did you read about the woman “Bette”, who was discussed in the Republican response to the State of the Union? It turns out the expensive alternative mentioned was from her insurance company. Bette never even went to the ACA website to see what cheaper alternatives were available. Is that the best example the Republicans could come up with?

            As far as I know, there was nothing in the ACA that said you couldn't keep your doctor. Of course, if your doctor dumped you, the ACA can't make him keep you.

            I doubt Obama did know anything about the website problems. That was being handled by the companies setting it up and was a very technical matter. The companies themselves didn't seem to know how bad the problem was. How would you expect Obama to know?

            20,000,000 people listen to Limbaugh's lies everyday. They believe him. He, and other right wing talk show hosts (Michael Savage, Mark Levin, to name a couple), along with Fox News keep Americans like you grossly misinformed. That does make a difference.

            Now, why don't we get back to the subject of this article: Rush Limbaugh's compulsive lying. Care to defend him?

    • Feudi Pandola

      I agree that the people you mentioned are drug addicts, politcal toads, and right wing reactionaries. The problem is The Obama Gang is just more of the same from the other side of the spectrum.

      • Patriot

        There are extremes on both sides. The difference is a true leader would bring people together. There is a reason this administration is dysfunctional and inept.

  • truthisliberty

    Does lying have anything to do with why people dont TRUST you?
    Same game just a different name. Blacks are poorer then ever. Violence still runs rampant. Drug abuse and madness fills the school's. Just the way immoral tyrants like it! Men like Barry know chaos creates desperation and dependency. Barry never addresses the root of such disarray, he only exploits it for power. He's a master of the lawless. He has ZERO credibility because he takes no responsibility. Rather he lies with a smile. Vacations well many are suffering. Hypocrite! People we live in evil times, get to know Jesus asap!

    • David

      Can someone say drama queen! I mean common if you take everything you say to heart we should be bunkering down for the apocalypse. Take a deep breath, it will be ok. You need a hug!

      • Barry Milhous Obama

        Can someone say drama queen!

        Barack Obama

      • truthisliberty

        Ya you should take truth to heart and learn from history. You need a heavenly hug to hug hell out of you, as Barry is an evil ruler leading the naive to hell.

        • chaos99972@yahoo.com

          Only ones going to hell is the likes of you, who believe your hatred and racism are commanded by God.
          Boy, are YOU ever in for a surprise, bigot.

      • truthisliberty

        Can someone say willfully ignorant? Can someone say pawn? Can someone say doofus? Obama drones are lost in the woods of deceit.

        • chaos99972@yahoo.com

          can someone say “racist”?
          how about “intolerant”?
          or just plain STUPID???

    • NewOrderGuy

      I know Jesus and for sure he was not a Tea Party bigot/racist.

      • truthisliberty

        If you knewJesus you would know he's pro morality, anti sin. Barry aka Obama is a morality bigot, bribing women with birth control and championing sexual immorality!

        • JB

          The kind of Jesus you describe wouldn't like Pope Francis (“Who am I to judge?”)

          • truthisliberty

            Your right the true Jesus is rejected by the papacy and popes are a mockery. No one needs Rome's traditions to be saved.

          • chaos99972@yahoo.com

            The catholic church was around for FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS before people rebelled against it. Our Saviour doesn't hate people who are different from them, the way that you do, you bigot.

          • Rockenroller

            Is Pope Francis included in Tim Michin's ‘Pope Song” ?? I would have to say birds of a feather….

        • chaos99972@yahoo.com

          Well guess what?
          You have absolutely NO idea who our Sviour REALLY is, you moronic, hate-filled idiot.

    • chaos99972@yahoo.com

      No, lying has nothing do with it.
      Being BLACK has EVERYTHING to do with it.
      Doesn't it.
      Truthisliberty: you wouldn't know either if they both kicked you in your furry teeth, you bigotted moron.

      • Patriot

        This black excuse is getting old. If you are black like me, get over yourself. It's his policies and lame excuses, stupid!

  • Mr.Mann2010

    You people are good at throwing false accusations at our President nut are reluctant to call out Rush Limbaugh for his CHICKEN-HAWK-DRAFT-DODGING-PRESCRIPTIONDRUG-ABUSING-TWICEDIVORCED-THREETIMESMARRIED-YETNOKIDS=GAY,WOMANHATING-RACIST ways. But it's okay. Only the hate for the first President that doesn't look like the previous 43 could bring the most f—-d-up people together. Now that's AMERICAN PATRIOTISM in the 21st century.

    • SClanding

      A bad President is a bad President.

      You seem to be the only racist who cares more about the color of Obama skin that the reality that he is a dishonest and incompetent man.

      Honestly smearing your fellow Americans for such a dishonest and horrid man is just compounding your mistake in supporting his dishonesty and incompetence to begin with.

      Barack Obama simply isn't worth it.

      • chaos99972@yahoo.com

        typical racist tactic, using all kinds of innuendo and lies to denigrate tyhe Black guy in the whitehouse, then calling those who call you out on it “racist”.
        Makes me sick to my stomach, that scum like you are allowed a voice in public.

        • Patriot

          Obamacare will take care of that stomach problem for you.

    • letmeeatcake

      …actually, it is obama's lily white liberal whiteness that puts me off…

  • joe

    the only honest politician in Washington is Joe Wilson ” you Lie” certainly Obama has nothing negative to say about Christie the Democrats want Christie to run so the can clean up in 2016

  • Cutler Hamilton

    Yes, Republicans have never lied…..said no one ever.

    • SicSemperTyrannis

      If you like your insurance and your doctor, you can keep them.

      • Cutler Hamilton

        Used Obamacare, got better, more affordable insurance, kept my doctors. That's doctors, plural. Check, Check, Check, and check. Is it perfect? Heck no! Is it a start? Yes! Is it better than what we had before? For me, it was. I can understand if it didn't work for you, but don't blame POTUS. It takes both POTUS and Congress to make changes. Just repealing the whole thing and starting over gives the insurance companies even more leverage in establishing protections and schemes to raise healthcare costs.If you have issues, write or contact your local Representative or Senator. Personally, I live in South Carolina and feel fortunate to have benefited from the ACA. The Governor did not expand Medicaid or set-up a state exchange. My advice to you is do your research. Learn about health insurance, health care costs, and why it's so much more expensive here than other countries with socialized medicine. No, the level of care is not less than what we have here. In fact, most other industrialized countries have better care and lower costs because it's socialized (AKA shared).

        • truthisliberty

          What a slave. Ya I got mine who cares if Obama lied. Is the way of the deceived. Basically you're in bed with a crook.

          • letmeeatcake

            …he's probably not a slave…he's probably employed…

        • Feudi Pandola

          Obamacare will cost me $1,316 per month WITH a $5,000 out of pocket deductible. It is keeping me, literally, from retiring because who can afford that kind of lousy health insurance?
          In that sense, it is hurting the economy as more people my age (62) cling to jobs they'd love to turn over to younger people but can no longer afford to do so because of Obamacare.

          • Cutler Hamilton

            Like I said before, it's not perfect. It's a start. It works well for some, worse for others. But the previous system we had was worse, way worse. The next issue is to control drug and procedure costs. That's the main difference between this new system and other socialized system around the world. Yours sounds like the premium is a bit high and you don't qualify for premium discounts. Is it a state exchange or federal exchange?

          • Feudi Pandola

            My premium “sounds a bit high”? My god man, it is MORE than my frikking mortgage! It was from a federal exchange in Pennsylvania. What you so blithely blow off as “a bit high” has altered my life drastically for the next four years while hurting the economy at the same time. And this scenario is being repeated millions of times throughout America. You people have no clue…none!

          • Timraiders

            Just as long as its cheaper for you right? Screw everyone else if there cost go up or they get cut off. It's a great program as long as you get yours!!! true puppet

          • Patriot

            A start to what end? Do you mean the millions of jobs the CBO says will be lost? Wake up tool. I've been a patient in non-US countries. None of what you've posted is correct.

    • Patriot

      Politicians always stretch the truth. Use to be they all buried a bit of truth in their bull. Obama gave up that pretense and took lying to a whole new level.

  • Marg

    This cry baby is the worst so called President in my lifetime! He is weak and incompetent and only got elected because he was Black! Dems only care about snuffing out the white population! As the Senate Democratic Leader, Harry Reid put it when he wanted to start a presidential campaign back in 2007, he does not look as nasty as most blacks and does not have a negro dialect!

    • hamster999

      You must be five years old then.

  • SClanding

    Barack Hussein Obama is a fundamentally dishonest man.

    It was not Rush Limbaugh or Fox News who forced Obama to lie to the American people for 5 years that “if you like your healthcare insurance, then you can keep it. Period”.

    That was Barack Hussein Obama…..

    It was not Rush Limbaugh or Fox News who spent more time LYING to the American people than overseeing his signature legislative program to a point where it is the worst government clusterfreak in nearly 5 generations.

    That was Barack Hussein Obama.

    And finally it was not Rush Limbaugh or Fox News who viciously smears and attacks the motives of his political opponents then pretends to wonder why those attacked people won't help him with his asinine ideas and programs.

    Barack Hussein is a dishonest man doing dishonest things.

    • Katiedid7

      Well, what was it that caused bush and his cronies to lie to the American people about the WMD's that brought us into a bogus war in Iraq where over 5,000 Americans are now dead?

  • islandhunk

    What an idiot! fudge off and die liar worm!

  • LMS

    Why did Fox & Rush start bashing him from DAY ONE?! Was it Obamacare? Was it Benghazi? No? Then what could it have been? What would make people have such a dislike for a person?

    • daddyody

      Because his liberal writing and record while in the senate, along with his ties to people like alinsky, bill ayers, jeremiah wright, quentin young, the new party…
      It doesn't take a genius to see that a person with influences like these in their life would lead America down the wrong path.
      And just for the record – everything Rush has said obama would do- he has done!

      • gary

        very well put daddyody!

      • chaos99972@yahoo.com

        the very FACT that you listen to a fat, loud-mouthed DRUG ADDICT precludes any decent, honest american from listening to any of the LIES you spout.
        Absolutely pathetic.

        • daddyody

          If you can stop name calling and focus on fact I'll present you the same challenge I offered earlier – give me a spevific lie that Rush told and I'll match it with one obama told – we'll see who can come up with more lies…
          Since you seem to have trouble recognizing what a lie is I'll get it started
          “The affordable care act will not add one dime to the defecit” – obama said this in a national address to the entire country – the fact is according to his budget office it will add 10 TRILLION to the defecit by 2020…
          Now it's your turn…

    • John Elliott

      Have you read his books? His books open the door to his mind. Almost everything he says now contradicts what his books say. That is enough to question his integrity from day one.

    • B4Cons


  • toooldsmart

    LOL I see soloero can't handle the TRUTH! ( he has been under the tanning lamp again I see also)

  • rnbonner

    Why waste time again with this bigot. He is either trying to sell another book or trying to boost his ratings. The Pres could do better.

  • Thomas DeCive

    in other words…..”WHAAAAAA….they dont like me….SOB…..so mean…..BOO HOO….everyone adores me except them……WEEP…..hurts my feelin's….SNIFF….I'll show them…..BAWL….I'll put the IRS on ‘em and then the DOJ on ‘em and then…….”

  • letmeeatcake

    …learnin on the job ain't easy when everyone is so negative all the time…

  • BlackPegasus

    wow I didn't know there were so many ignorant tea party types who visited this site.


    Poor Barak Obama….He has most every media outlet making excuses for him but his narcissism overwhelms and he cannot help himself. From Fast and Furious to Benghazi, to the NSA he let run wild, to the IRS chasing after conservatives to the State Department and Justice Dept. doing his bidding all these people fawning on him and yet Rush Limbaugh doesn't roll over and play dead for Obama?

    Cannot stand the heat Mr. Obama….get out of the kitchen.

  • freehealthcareforall

    The real problem with the elite Repunant gang is that instead of admitting that they dislike Obama because he is black; they cowardly run around and around with birther issue, stop short of destroy the economy from their shutdown government, playing with the debt limits, and never bother to pass a real budget, constant disrupt healthcare implementation, etc. to blame any bad thing thy can find to Obama. When FDR enacted the social security program, the same GOP party tried to dismantle the SS program for being a socialist idea. It took 7 years for the SS program to start to work and now it provided the safety nest for many retired people (including the Republican elderly who vote against for people who would destroy the program that they benefit). Frankly, just admitting being a bigot will help them have some peace.

    • Justin

      Do u speaka English?

    • Patriot

      And SS is going broke because the government is incapable of adminstering any program responsibly.

  • terrylrt1

    Lmao – but he had enough “facts” to issue a public statement about the Martin-Zimmerman case, and attempt to start a nationwide race war. The absolute hypocrisy of these people just amazes me. And this guy in particular – if he ever accidentally tells the truth about something, I imagine his head will explode.

    • B4Cons

      Your post a perfect example of what the President is explaining in the Article.

  • thomas

    Thank you to anyone who spreads the word/truth about Obama.

  • Feudi Pandola

    Can't stand Limbaugh, but he cannot hurt the country because he holds no position of power. I voted for President Obama in 2008 but quickly learned the error of my ways when he ignored J-O-B-S for his entire first term in favor of an awful law that does not work and never will work. This presidency has been woefully inept…as bad as the Carter Administration except worse because America re-elected Mr. Obama to assuage its white guilt. And now the chickens have come home to roost!

    • chaos99972@yahoo.com

      Watch and learn, fool.
      Saving 3 millions jobs isn't “ignoring jobs”.
      Problem is with bigotted, racist republiCANTS rejecting every single thing the prez tries to do because they hate and fear the BLACK MAN in the WHITEHOUSE.
      Gods, I'm so sick and tired of these BIGOTS.

      • Feudi Pandola

        You write like you have a fourth grade education and you're about as intelligent as a three year old judging by your “comment”.

        • mollycruz

          That's right, can't fight the facts, so get personal and insult somebody. Bill O'Really could have written this: all gas, no thought.

          • Feudi Pandola

            Facts? Really?

    • mollycruz

      What a tiresome string of cliched soundbites from FOX; all wrong. Good going guy; keep that box on your head.

      • Feudi Pandola

        Great hairdo Ms. Troll. Do you go out in public like that?

  • x y

    Touchy? Didn't he want this job with all its pros and cons? Obummer's disrespect for people, especially republicans, is the cause for his problems. His statement “…inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base…”is absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful of his other mulatto self. People are capable of making up their own minds, listening to him and other people that weigh in on a subject and making up their own minds. Does he really believe the American public really believe what talking heads say and do not have a mind of their own. His obvious oblivious flight from reality, makes him believe his own rhetoric.

  • x y

    One has to accept that Obummer is mentally ill. How could a president of the United States state that he would like a son that attempted to murder someone, used drugs, probably was a drug seller, skipped school and was a gang banger. Outrageous statement. Any high school senior knows that if you take away money from people they will not be able to spend that money normally in the economy. Increase the cost of health insurance and other expenditures have to drop. The economy will have to slow down, the stock market will have to fall, company profits will have to fall. Obummer is such an unintelligent, fool, fraud and a fake, really the American people can not allow him to guide the nation. He has to renounce or be impeached immediately.

  • hap46

    Does Obama think ALL Americans really listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox TV?
    I vote Republican 95% of the time but have never seen or listen to either. I come from an upbringing of taking pride in what you do, do the best you can in everything you tackle, don't expect the government to take care of you and your family (save for a raining day as surely that day will come), and treat everyone as you want to be treated.

  • Timraiders

    What is the big deal? Fox news is to the republican party what MSNBC is to the democratic party. Just so happens people actually watch fox news.

  • Hal

    What a joke. The bad press from the right has made it impossible for him to “reach across the aisle.” Is there no end to the excuses for his total absence of leadership abilities?

  • Izit Justme

    Rush Limbaugh and Fox News aren't available where I live, and I don't really feel like I am missing anything. And I know that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News don't hold elected office.
    So Mr. President, please explain again why you can't reach a compromise?

  • ben

    It scares me to see that so many people like @truthisliberty:disqus are in this country. Your arguments are based off of your religion. Religion should have nothing to do with politics. Everyone has their own religion and ideology, who's to say yours is the one that's right, because in the end no one really has proof. We must trust in man and in our ability to cooperate with one another. More so in our country, seeing is that we are a country so full of diversity. The republican party has already stated that they would not let obama pass any legislation (or make it extremely hard), i believe purely out of spite and not for the good of our people. Where's the cooperation? where's the love?

  • Juan Ganem

    Obama or Osama or whatever his name… is an un-american homosexual.. fraud and liar out to destroy democracy and the american way of life… IMPEACH THE BASTARD