Dailies | President Obama and Zach Galifianakis Grill Each Other On ‘Between Two Ferns’ (Video)

The most powerful man in the world poked fun at the actor for the terrible third “Hangover” movie, while Galifianakis called him “The last black president”

After five years in office, President Obama finally got to fire back at an interviewer.

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Obama has been on plenty of late night shows — he just recorded a goodbye for Jay Leno — and even “Saturday Night Live,” but his performance on Zach Galifianakis‘ Funny or Die show “Between Two Ferns” marked a new level of POTUS comedy. His appearance on the spoof interview show was recorded two weeks ago and announced last night, ostensibly as part of his push to get people to enroll in his health care plan before the March 31st deadline. But it was so much more.

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Obama went straight after Galifianakis, giving him a taste of his own awkward medicine, teasing him about being short and rotund, as well as his career. When Galifianakis asked him if he was disappointed that he couldn't run for a third term, “I actually think it's a good idea. If I ran a third time, it would sort of like doing a third ‘Hangover’ movie. Didn't really work out very well, did it?”

The host didn't hold back either, calling Obama “the last black president” and asking if he planned on building his presidential library in Kenya.

  • Franklin7234

    This is dumb and stupid. $18T debt, 15% U6 unemployment…and the President spends his time on kindergarten projects

    • DCGirl

      Seriously, are you surprised?

    • John Fiebke

      Weird…I was scrolling down to the comments thinking that the first one I saw would be this exact comment. And here it is. Either I can predict the future or you guys need a wittier line of debate.

  • Leeta Sweet

    This makes me sick! What is happening to us? Seriously!

  • Jacob Jones

    Between 2 Ferns is actually pretty funny.. It can be awkward, too..

  • Tay

    The pres gotta live too . Cant just be work work work . Funny how everybody can criticize, and say he needs to do this or that when half of u cant even manage your own money lol

  • Brian James

    I love this it's nice to know the president is not a lifeless robot.

  • shelby

    POTUS was funnier than Zach!

  • Trey

    POL POT-US is more like it. (Think for a moment to that meaning settle in…) Obama is the only joke in this bit. If you had seen this same video when he was an absentee, “Present” voting sophomoric Senator, you'd be asking why such a buffoon is even worthy of an interview. As a Libertarian, I don't want Right Wing Zealots running my country, but you 51% mindless rubes elected something worse – a lazy, bull@#$& artist who is either the most ignorant man to hold office or the dumbest (and I thought GW Bush was a bumbler – this guy is just a smoother-talking moron).