‘Best Man Holiday’ Stuns ‘Thor’ With $10.7M Friday Box-Office Upset

'Best Man Holiday' Stuns 'Thor' With $10.7M Friday Box-Office Upset

African-American comedy may hit $30M for three days but Marvel's superhero sequel is still on track to win the weekend with $35M

Suppose you threw a giant reunion party and ended up topping the box office?

That's what fans of  ”The Best Man Holiday” did Friday, lifting the sequel to a $10.7 million opening night and knocking off the reigning No. 1 movie, “Thor: The Dark World,” in the process.

The R-rated African-American romantic comedy is on course to finish with around $30 million for the three days, well ahead of projections, which were for around $20 million. With a production budget of just $17 million, “The Best Man Holiday” will be a big financial win for Universal.

Disney's Marvel superhero sequel wasn't far behind Friday with $10.4 million and should wind up the weekend at around $35 million for its second win in a row. It's in a lot more theaters – 3,841 to 2,024 – than “Best Man Holiday” and many are 3D and Imax, so it is expected to dominate Saturday and Sunday. “The Dark World” is at $119 million domestically and has brought in more than $350 million worldwide.

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But “Best Man Holiday” fans stole the show on Friday by partying like it was 1999.

That's when the original “The Best Man” opened at No. 1, and Malcolm D. Lee – who writes, directs and produces with Sean Daniel – reassembled the ensemble of the first film for this holiday sequel, the week's only wide release.  ”The Wolf of Wall Street,” directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, had been set to open this weekend, but Paramount last month shifted it to Christmas Day.

Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Regina Hall, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Monica Calhoun and Melissa De Sousa reprise their career-launching roles in “Best Man Holiday,” and Eddie Cibrian joins in a supporting role.

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The film aimed directly at African-American audiences, women in particular, and it's connecting. Advance sales were strong, and a survey conducted by online ticket broker Fandango suggests it became something of an event. Forty percent of the ticket buyers said they'd see it with a group of four or more.

“Last Vegas’ was running a solid third after taking in $2.5 million Friday. That's just a 22 percent drop from last week and puts the geriatrics-gone-wild comedy on pace for a $9.5 million third week for CBS Films. It's brought in $40.6 million overall.

Paramount's “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” in its fourth week, was next with $2.2 million Friday. That topped the $1.7 million gobbled up by Relativity's “Free Birds,” but the 3D animated kids film could overhaul “Grandpa” if families turn out on Saturday and Sunday, and both films will likely wind up with around $7.5 million for the weekend. “Bad Grandpa” is up to $84 million domestically, and “Free Birds” is at about $36 million after three weeks.

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“Gravity” is still orbiting in its ninth week, taking in $1.7 million on Friday. That puts the 3D space epic on course for a $6 million weekend. It's taken in $235 million domestically for Warner Bros., and more than $477 million worldwide.

Summit Entertainment's sci-fi tale “Ender's Game” is also looking at $6 million for the three days, after taking in $1.7 million on Friday, and a $53 million domestic total after three weeks.

Oscar hopefuls “12 Years a Slave” and “Captain Phillips” were next and should finish at around $4.5 million. The slavery saga brought in $1.3 million from 1,411 theaters Friday in its fifth week  for Fox Searchlight; Sony's Tom Hanks piracy tale brought in $1.2 million from 2,626 theaters and could cross the $100 million domestically this weekend.

Paramount's “Nebraska” opened in four theaters in New York and L.A. Director Alexander Payne's black-and-white drama starring Bruce Dern took in around $41,000 for a solid $10,365 per-screen average.

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Focus Features expanded “The Dallas Buyers Club,” another Oscar hopeful, from 35 theaters to 184 and it brought in $492,000. That's an OK $2,675 per-screen average for the AIDS drama, starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.

Fox moved “The Book Thief” from two to 29 theaters in its second week and it brought in $101,000 Friday. That's a $3,498 per-screen average for the story of a young girl in pre-World War II Germany based on Markus Zusak's 2006 novel.

  • tym2go

    Eddie Cibrian supporting cast. Laughable.

  • Confused

    Okay question, why does it have to be an African-American comedy and just just a comedy. I swear…ignorance.

    • http://thalia1965.wordpress.com/ Thalia Sanders

      it is about African Americans.

      • http://carltonjordan.com/ Carlton Jordan

        its not about african americans. its about friendship, love, and life.

        • Mehrdad Meh

          well there's that but you forgot the church sequence every African American has it

          • Mimi

            Why do people from 3rd world countries have so much hate. Do like your counterparts and go blow up yourself.

          • Mehrdad Meh

            hate or funny it's about perspective and i'm not from a 3rd country also last time i checked atheists don't blow themselves up on other hand i liked the first movie it was fun so i don't understand the hate part

          • scandalhooked

            this one ie church sequence as you called iy was called a funeral even white hispanic asian indian etc die and have funerals too

      • Ms. T

        well when a movie has a white cast, why isn't it called that way??

        • Kevin Dudie Bond

          Has to do with white privilege…it's that simple.

    • Molly1958

      I agree. You never see a movie promoted as a White Comedy.

  • Lykebudda

    two things why is it being called and AFA romantic/comedy…it a romantic/Comedy all the actors are black the post is incredible but the wording is disturbing. Good job to everyone involved.

    • zennebula

      Agreed, very disturbing.

  • nikki knowles

    Because no one but black folks are actually going to go and see the movie.i will wait until it comes on BET or something.

    • wks9370

      you're right Nikki… that was an inaccurate statement. People like to go see well told stories and movies…

    • Irastell Robinson

      Sorry Nikki but I saw the movie Friday and the majority of the people there were Caucasian. They were there because they wanted to see a great movie and support the cast not wait for it to come on BET. The movie was great! I laughed, cried and enjoyed every second.

    • scandalhooked

      not true the theatre I just left was mixed in Fort Lauderdale and actually 3 white ladies were next to me in my row and they all loved it they were laughing just as hard and crying just as much and had the same sentiment leaving the theater it was an awesome movie they were even joking with me to bring my own tissue next time. People just need to have an open mind and give each other works a chance

      • Michael Jackson

        Just three

        • scandalhooked

          Please read b4 commenting it says they were right next to me I did not state there were only 3 in the whole theatre. I did not take a head count on how many hispanics; whites; blacks; asians indians; mixed or other groups were present

    • Angela Smith


  • Really

    Thank you, why can't this just be a comedy. What do you really want to say? Anyway,I'm very happy that everyones coming out to see the African American Movie!!!!!! :-)

  • truthspeaker

    It's obvious why it's called an AFAM Comedy instead of just a Comedy. Because white people don't support black movies. Its up to black audiences to do that. Although blacks go support “White Comedy” all day.

  • wks9370

    In the case of Best Man2, I don't think the term is being used in a derogatory manner as it usually is when applied to AFAM movies, created, produced and starring AFAM's. It's more of a description, because the movie is about the lives of a group of affluent AFAM friends, dealing with topics central to both AFAM's, the affluent black class, and the traps of success, that we all go through. But from a distinct african-american point of view. So, while I understand most commentators frustration with the term, I don't feel that it's being used in a “put down” sort of way.
    And I feel it will gain support from white viewers due to the strength and intelligence of the movie itself.

    • Mo'Kelly, Inc.

      It may not have been meant in a derogatory way, but it is surely received in a condescending way.

      • Ms. T

        Agree…it's just like when I'm at work….a coworker said the black UPS guy dropped off the wrong package, but when the white guy dropped off the package…he was just the UPS guy….I pointed this out to them….they said that for everything….no label when they're white, but if another race…it's always the label then the title…hmm

    • Ms. T

      well if that is true, why not do the same for other movies??? Just a thought !!

  • okc thunder

    I am white and I support all movies! Its a great movie!

  • roo08

    except it wasn't AIMED at an african american audience…it's just that alot of media outlets didn't think to pay attention to it.

  • name

    And what does The Wrap call a comedy with an all-white cast? A Caucasian comedy? Not the smartest move or terminology. I understand the thought process of the person who wrote it, but I hope THEY understand that they felt the need to add the “AFAM” part because of this society built on marketing things with white consumers in mind.

  • monalisa15

    It's so freaking disturbing having to read so many comments by whites where they are making racists comments about this film. Anything relating to black people the racists start coming out of the woodwork. Whites make films constantly without black people in them and we don't make racist comments. Why the hostility against black films?

  • The Ignant Intellectual

    As long as movie reviews continue to start
    with sentences like ‘African-American comedy…', we ain't NEVA gotta
    worry about EVA being contenders. Meanwhile, I cried in the theater,
    cried a lil after wards, and tear up thinking about it. I needed that
    movie. But back to the words Todd Cunningham chose to open this article.
    Let's talk about DAT.

  • Annoyed7

    Why does it have to be an “African American” romantic comedy?

  • Shavella Watson

    People always put a label on everything -_-. Why does it have to be called an African American movie? but when it comes down to other movies aka when the cast majority is White they just call it by it's title/genre. I understand the cast is all African American, who are great actors & actresses btw. But why can't you guys just call it by it's title or genre instead of saying the race in front of it? I mean how do we expect the world to be more diverse if you guys keep labeling everything?!!!!

  • Kim

    very offensive article. it's hilarious that white movies aren't classified as european american comedies. the movie is not a “black” movie….it's just a movie! very condescending indeed and i'm glad the writer is being called out on it. this crap needs to stop.

    • Michael Jackson

      I agree with everyone that it should not be called a African American movie but truth be told. A majority of White America do not support a movie with a all Black cast and African Americans will support an all white cast. So until White America will support a movie with an all Black cast. African American movies will be called African American Movies. It is not ignorance, it is just truth be told.

  • Cece Duvall

    This author was being shady like a mother

  • Kc

    Todd needs to learn to use his words better. I seems as though he has not come to grips with the fact that there are great African American actors.

  • InvisibleZombie

    Is it an “African-American” romantic comedy or a black romantic comedy? Looks like most of the stars are NY-born U.S. citizens. However “Thor: The Dark World” seems to be an Australian-Israeli-British-American action movie, or whites as we sometimes know them.

  • scandalhooked

    The were at least 2 white actor in the movie and every audience regardless of demographics if they gave the movie a chance would love it. Three White ladies sat nest to me and we all ended up laughing and boohoo crying. After the movie ended we all had same reaction it was an awesome movie and want to see it again. We all left hugging out of the theater and they were even joking saying next time I should bring my own tissue. We watch White comedies more White Hispanic Asian Indian etc etc should get out of their comfort zone and just see movie because we think it would be enjoyable not because of stupid labels that american like to tack onto every darn thing.

  • Jason

    Whoever wrote this article should be fired for racism. “African-American Comedy”? Wow… Might as well be promoting segregation. Is it really such a shock that black people have presence in America? Ignorant.

  • Sheree Wiley

    I went yesterday to the Brentwood theater and there were plenty of white adults. A bit olde but they were there and everyone enjoyed the film.

  • 1bksisme

    Y does it have to be an “African American Comedy” which it wasnt, it was a Holiday comedy…you retards. The movie was not about afa, the actors were. Movies with all white actors are not portrayed as a white american film, so why say that. They knew what they were doing. Whoever started this mess needs to be fired

  • melonman

    Haven't seen Af-A rom-com so don't know how good it is, but having seen Thor 2 and how flat and bland it was it whole-heartedly deserves to be knocked off top spot by any movie that has vague connections with a soul, or even a point


    Morris Chestnut and Nia Long need to get there props and attention for having star power. Its sad that they are so overlooked and yet so beloved by the African American Community. Regina Hall also has a quality and with the success of Think Like a Man and now Best Man the three people should get a lot more roles because they are obvious favorites and bring in the black audience… Morris Chestnut a heart throb for decades in the African American community and beyond. Nia Long has girl next door charm and is a beauty. Shes like the Cinnamon Meg Ryan with her appeal and audience range.

  • Alexa

    Great movie! Everyone in it was on their A game! The fact that the movie opened on 1,000+ screens less than the latest male-fest Thor (Zzzzz…) and STILL won the week, shows you the power of actors people WANT to see along with a GREAT script. My girlfriends and I are going to see it again, next week!

  • Molly1958

    “Eddie Cibrian joins in a supporting role.” A supporting role? Isn't he on screen for 30 seconds? That's an embarrassing, non-existing role. Do any of the reviews mention how great his deliver was of his six lines of dialogue? I'm sure he's counting on an Oscar for that performance.