Bethenny Frankel on Canceled Talk Show: ‘I'm Not Really Great When I'm Shackled’ (Video)

The Skinnygirl founder says ‘Bethenny’ made her feel “edited, diluted and a little bit controlled”

If anyone expected Bethenny Frankel to be heartbroken over the cancellation of her talk show, she's not. In fact, she claims she feels relieved.

“I felt edited and diluted, a little bit controlled,” Frankel told host Andy Cohen on Tuesday night's “Watch What Happens Live.” “And I'm not really great when I'm shackled. As you know, you have to kind of unleash the beast.”

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Frankel said she wanted the talk show to succeed and see a second season not because she enjoyed the experience but because fans believed in her. Producer Telepictures canceled “Bethenny” in February, during its first season, due to low ratings.

“I wanted it to get renewed because of how many people are invested in it,” Frankel said. “But ultimately, it was not what I really should be doing. I really didn't love it the way that I thought that I would.”

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“Bethenny” averaged a 0.7 rating among women 25-54 this season and pulled in just over 1.1 million total viewers per episode, compared to Queen Latifah‘s 1.5 million and Ellen DeGeneres‘ 3.9 million. DeGeneres was a co-creator and producer on “Bethenny.”

  • FrankM

    Dear society: Please stop making stupid people famous.

  • Humancobras

    She always has a dumb excuse for all of her tired ventures that fail!!! (S)he's annoying!!!

  • Davey

    She's such a whiner. The show sucked because of her – quit blaming the producers.

  • Lol

    Didn't Amorosa tell her that the show would be cancel in the near future?

  • Chris Ramminson

    “I felt edited and diluted, a little bit controlled,” Frankel told host

    Welcome to the working world. When you have a boss you're going to feel a bit controlled, just ask most of America. You do too much of what YOU want to do, you'll usually end up getting fired…. Weird (sarcasm)