Beyonce's Secret Album Shoots to No. 1 on iTunes

Beyonce's Secret Album Shoots to No. 1 on iTunes

Well, that didn't take long

Who needs promotion? Not Beyonce, apparently.

The pop songstress’ new self-titled surprise album is No. 1 on iTunes just hours after its unannounced, exclusive release on the music-buying platform. That's pretty impressive considering that many people went to bed last night not even knowing that Beyonce had a new album.

At the time of this writing, the non-explicit version of her new offering is sitting at No. 3 on iTunes. Only Childish Gambino's (Donald Glover of “Community”) “Because the Internet” separates the two Beyonce options.

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Individual songs and videos off “Beyonce” will be for sale next Thursday, when those will surely hit their respective charts as well. But for now, Mrs. Carter's “visual album” offering can only be purchased in its entirety — 14 songs and 17 videos — for $15.99 via Apple's music-sharing app.

Physical CDs and DVDs began their manufacturing process on Thursday night as well and will be available in time for Christmas, according to a press release.

Beyonce's new album features collaborations with husband Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and others. Even daughter Blue Ivy is featured in both a song and the video for “Blue.”

The album was first unveiled around 9 p.m. PT Thursday night. It was quietly uploaded to iTunes, a Facebook post, press release and homepage makeover followed.

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  • xo

    Gaga who?

  • Emme

    Who drops an album without warning?!!! Only the Queen

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    now that's some g’ sht.

  • Hip hop can die

    The hell with her and her horse like physique. It's the same crap from the same hip hop artists. They can drop crap so quick cause all they do is record it. There's no thought into writing the songs. She certainly is the queen of absolute crap on iTunes!

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      You must be joking – ths women is hot who cares who she sings – hate to see what you idea of a beautiful sexy lady is!

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      There's “no thought into writing” her songs? Stfu please & thanks since you Clearly don't know what you're talking about. First off, she's not a “Hip Hop” artist you moron. She's in the “POP” category as in Popular Music. And she's also on R&B. & as for “horse physique” you're obviously not blind so you're just stupid & jealous because no one w/ eyes or a brain would say she has a “horse physique”. Just because you don't enjoy her or her music doesn't make your skewed & super jealous misinformed rants of her correct. It only makes your hate & jealously plain as day.