Dailies | Beyonce Releases Part 3 of Behind-the-Scenes ‘Self-Titled’ Doc, ‘Run ‘N Gun’ (Video)

Beyonce Releases Part 3 of Behind-the-Scenes 'Self-Titled' Doc, 'Run 'N Gun' (Video)

The songstress with the No. 1 album in the country and her famous rapper husband discuss the creation of “Drunk in Love”

Beyonce released the third part of her “Self-Titled” featurette series, “Run ‘N Gun,” on Christmas Day, where she shared behind-the-scenes footage of her secret album.

In the five-minute plus clip, the pop singer claimed to have recorded 80 songs for the album. The final version of her unannounced effort, which was released exclusively on iTunes, consisted of 14 songs and 17 videos.

Rapper-husband Jay Z joined in on the fun in the mini-documentary, where the two discussed the creation of their “Beyonce” collaboration, “Drunk in Love.” Mr. and Mrs. Carter also take viewers behind the scenes of the organically-developed accompanying music video shoot for the song.

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The beach scene, and the studio atmosphere during the initial recording (which also included super-producer Timbaland on the keyboard) seem to reflect more of a party environment than a work one.

Beyonce dropped a self-titled visual album with no announcement on Dec. 13. It quickly became the overwhelming No. 1 album in the country, a feat it repeated in its second week.

The story of the album that nobody knew was coming continues in the upcoming Part 4.

Watch Part 3 of “Self-Titled”:

  • SallyinChicago

    She's brilliant.

    • Rach1979

      Yes she absolutely is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poppy Jones

    She's horrible, and still a fake. Don't ya realize that Butyance did not have any music planned. This young guy stepped up to the plate 4 her, and put this stuff together, and of course the nastier the better. I am hearing only repulsive comments concerning her new music. Butyance didn't have a clue if or when she would have her new music at all, she had nothing planned.

    • Nursemate

      Shut up…. Jealous because u r not successful!!!!

    • Rach1979

      You sound so ignorant it's almost senseless for me to reply but because I'm being an asshole right now I can't help it!!! Beyoncé has millions of fans which her sold out concerts proved.. She has more talent in one ass cheek than you do in your entire body.. Planned not planned.. What's your point?? Clearly she had a year to work on the music which she has stated several times and decided to go less formal with the videos this time which I an the rest of her fans loved so why don't you go hang out o fukk yourself avenue and get a damn life.. I get so sick of jealous envious people spreading their posion.. You say negative things about her and call her fake yet it's your cancerous ass on a blog spreading negativity and hate!!! STUPID ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A DAMN LIFE

      • Poppy Jones

        Some of u are so into music until u do not pay attention 2 the real deal. Don't just follow people because they make money, learn a little something about who u idolize-does the person have substance, and so on. Damn, it sounds like anyone can come along, sit on the pop charts, make millions, and everybody worships them. PAY ATTENTION TO WHO YOU IDOLIZE. That's what I am saying.

      • Poppy Jones

        Rach1979 I read your comment and I wonder if you know anything. Everything you said sound one sided. Which brings me to my point, you idolize the woman so much until you have no clue of what's going on. This is the reason this world is in the state that it is. Everything is virtual. No one pays attention.

    • Rach1979

      Go eat your damn face so your lips will stop talking you fukking nat!!!1

  • DReview

    “songs that were the most effortless for me.”

    You're beautiful, cool, smart, and yet you miss your abilities to path a good cultural influence for the future. You're rich so your children are going to have an easier time not getting sucked into the warp hole of the place your husband came from. Good for them. You actually have the time to talk to them and be able to counter act the education preached by you and your husband's music. Parents that don't have the time to talk to their kids often find themselves fighting against you and the other so called “gangsters” of our generation.

    Tell me, would Martin Luther King be satisfied with the way the average minority lives and is treated in the United States? And do you think he would agree with all your songs? Especially your husband's and other “gangster” rappers? The depiction of materialism, the use of vocabulary, and self grandeur has created a huge gap in the lower class community; and arrested development (all colors).

    Effortless should be the last word in your vocabulary.