Bill Maher Blames ‘Gay Mafia’ for Mozilla Scandal (Video)

Bill Maher Blames 'Gay Mafia' for Mozilla Scandal (Video)

“If you cross them, you get whacked,” the late-night host says

Bill Maher thinks there's a gay mafia, and “If you cross them, you get whacked.”

The comedian made the comment Friday night on his HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher.” During a panel discussion on the recent resignation of Mozilla chief executive and co-founder Brendan Eich, Maher asked his panelists their thoughts on the Mozilla scandal.

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Here's the backstory. Eich resigned Thursday, after he faced criticism for donating money to support California Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the Golden State. Prop 8 was initially passed in 2008 before the U.S. Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional. Eich's donation came to light in 2012, but it only recently touched off a protest, when he was promoted to the position of CEO on March 24.

Maher weighed in on the Mozilla scandal. “So this guy apparently does not want gay people to get married, and he had to step down,” Maher said.

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He then asked the panel, which included former Republican Congressman Tom Davis, Forbes contributor Carrie Sheffield, MSNBC host Alex Wagner, hip-hop artist Nas and Canadian environmental activist Captain Paul Watson, their thoughts on the situation.

Sheffield responded, “I don't think it's very fair.” Maher then joked that it's best not to cross what he referred to as the “gay mafia.”

Watch the video below:

  • Damien W

    In your zeal to take a shot at Maher, you didn't do the homework to find out that this was actually on his web-only post-show Overtime, and not on the actual show. Also, hello, he's a comedian — when he's making a non-comedic point, he lets you know it. I have no problem with what he said, it's a comedic trope that has been around as long as David Geffen.

    Also, that video you linked to will probably be taken down soon. Just sayin'.

    • AJ

      Ohhhh the irony.

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Eye roll

  • jw52

    article is in accurate when it says that the Supreme Court determined that prop
    8 in California was unconstitutional! Really shitty reporting, SCOTUS did not
    make a decision but returned the lawsuit back to the appeals court because they
    determined that the council bringing suite had no standing, that is the plaintiffs
    were not the State of California, and where not allowed to pursue the case. If you’re
    gonna slant your story, at least get your facts right


  • ogregunner

    I think “gaystapo” is a better term than “gay mafia”, its a better descriptive term.

    • Dissent

      and is a far more accurate analogy. The Mafia is a business, whereas the Gestapo is merely a group of organized thugs..

  • Mozilla

    Maher was not joking on this point. He was referencing an old joke but he was not joking. That is clear. He is correct. Gonna have to find a new browser, darn it. What Mozilla did was outrageous regardless of your position on gay marriage.

  • robin Mayo

    I think the world better put them back in the closet or put them in a hole and cover it up. This all happening because of the lib media.

  • Thunderbolt

    Yes,,more wonderful examples of Gay equality in action,and how we are going to be so screwed here,when this bullshit gets more and more out of control! Eich's resignation from Mozilla,will continue to be one of many reasons why all the Gay
    stuff here,will just cause more problems,that we,as a country,just cannot afford to
    take on! and if Gays want to act like the Mafia or the Gestappo,then all it will do,is
    just fuel the hate and prejudice,until people get sick and tired of all their bullshit! so
    let's really see how all this “equality” will continue to improve our Nation,because when we Fall,then we can luck back to how it all started-corrupt politicians! the same cancerous,traitorous vermin,who sold-out our country,to fuel this insanity for
    Gay equality,all because of a few stupid,money hungry politicians,who have proven time and again,that money DOES matter-and for just the right price,rules CAN be broken! just ask the Democrats and their Liberal supporters,who have made all this
    craziness possible,,and our President,who is so way overdue for an impeachment!
    but meanwhile,”Gay America” continues to grow,like an advancing cancer,,perverting and corrupting everything that this country once stood for-and
    threatening other Americans,who are wise enough to recognize this sham,as it is
    becoming more and more clearer,that Gays want to criminalize anyone,who doesn't go along with their ideas of equality and “brotherly love”,which has another
    meaning for these self imposed deviates,and we're supposed to sit back,and take
    all of this shit,like it has meaning? you know people,what the Gays do with their
    lives shouldn't be ANY of our business-but when their “equality” threatens our
    values,even at the point of things,like this resignation,because this Eich guy did something REALLY normal,like support Traditional marriage,,and these PC police
    and their Gay confederates,who DON'T like that,and makes examples out of other
    people,because of their intolerance,then i'd say that this qualifies as a threat to Free Speech,and the right to voice an opinion,,and THEY don't like that?,,TOO BAD!! its time,that other Americans send the message,that Gays don't have the last word on anything,but their own private and personal business,because while
    it may be okay and fine for these people to live in their same sex utopia,many of us
    really prefer our Traditional values,and OUR right to be honest about disagreeing
    with these self imposed people! Eich may seriously want to grow some balls,and
    fight this-but corporately backed Gays have proven to be formidable-but if we don't have the backbone to fight this kind of bullshit,then we really do have a problem,
    and this won't go away,until we stand up to this nonsense! this kind of equality is
    NOT a reasonable thing,nor can it play into Racial ethnicity-its BY CHOICE,not by
    birth,or by genetics,but by personal choice,,but when these self imposed people are given power to fire or fine other people who don't go along with their ideas,then that isn't any answer either,its just another problem,,and one,that can be delt with,without disrupting or criminalizing other Americans,because that is so
    damned phoney and stupid! you can't fight Nature,no matter how hard you try!

    • James C Gray

      talk about a “whack” job.

  • James C Gray

    too silly.