Bill O'Reilly to Interview Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday

Bill O'Reilly to Interview Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday

Sit-down will mark O'Reilly's third interview with president

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos won't be the only face-off on Feb. 2.

Fox News’ Bill O'Reilly will interview President Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday, during the network's pregame show.

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The interview, which will take place at the White House and cover an array of topics, will begin at approximately 4:30 p.m. ET. This will mark O'Reilly's third interview with the nation's commander-in-chief.

In addition to the live interview on Sunday, an additional taped portion will air on Monday's edition of “The O'Reilly Factor.” The entire discussion will then be made available on

  • llittle111

    You can just about predict that Bill O'Reilly will be asking about Benghazi and pot smoking

    • old dog

      Ya! And you can bet Obama will dodge, duck, and evade!!

    • Pickey

      You whiteys are so jealous about a BLACK MAN being PRESIDENT!!! EAT YOU STUPID HEARTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • frankly2

        How do you know that “old dog” is a whitey? Don't you think calling someone a “whitey” is racist?

        • Hmph14

          I do. But then that's acceptable today isn't it. (rhetorical question)

      • Richard Stein

        Hey Pickey, It's not that Obama is black it's because he is an egotistical moron. His only concern in life is to blame anyone who disagrees with him. No jealous I'm just worried about us all.

      • darkhorse

        “Whitey's?” “Black man president?” Clearly, racism must be alive and well in “Pickey's” imaginary world!

      • Funk Obumer

        who cares if he is black orange blue what ever. He is evil that is what matters. Pull your fricken head out and wake up.

      • obamabeenlyin

        Hey PICKEY , r u a dumb BLACKIE? Obama's 1.

      • paul

        Obama is 1/2 white…a mulatto…lol

        • mike

          He calls himself a “mutt”.

      • ree

        Pickey — – you are probably more ‘black’ than bama- – he's only HALF black – - but like you – - 100% racist and ready to play the race card anytime. OR – - you are a paid blogger to post/rile up and spread hatred.

      • Under the table

        Hate to point it out but the black vote wasn't enough to carry Obama to the White House. “Whiteys” voted for him as well. Likely the votes were not cast with jealousy. Think about this before you rant.

      • Bn2D

        Black my butt he's only 1/2 and the black part is the dumb part.

      • dc

        you must be from the peanut gallery of race baiters

      • Mickey

        That's just dumb

  • Bn2D

    O'Reilly do the job the main stream Obama media won't! Ask that POS tough questions that will make his skinny little rear end squirm in his seat.

    • sunnyjane

      In your dreams.

  • Milloy36

    I'll bet he changes his mind. He won't be able to blame everyone else with Bill.

  • John Lee

    Does anyone in their right mind believe that O'Reilly will ask the president the tuff questions like the ones he points out to every night on his show ? After the interview on the following night show he will explain away his softball questions as being respectful . All this is is an avenue for Obama to sell his healthcare nothing more or nothing less

    • Travis

      You nailed it. These guys are all fireworks until they are face to face. Two reasons: one, to get someone this big, there are agreements made about what is and isn't going to be asked (similar to how Big Bad Bill makes his interviewers agree not to ask him about his sexual harassment case from a few years back). Second, they would look like insane lunatics if they spoke to the President's face the way they talk about him on their shows.

  • Mr.Mann2010

    Let's see if O'Reilly has respect for the office or will his racist attitude overcome his patriotism.

    • al sheldon

      Respect is not an entitlment. It is either earned, or it is not.

      • lois

        I have lost more respect for the office of President during the Obama nightmare than any other time in my life.



        • Travis

          You must not have been alive when Prince Georgie Jr sent 1,500 servicemen and women to die on a lie in Iraq.

    • obamabeenlyin


    • mike

      When does Al Sharptongue get to interview the potus?

    • Hmph14

      Understand that just because someone of one race disagrees with someone of the opposite race DOES NOT make him or her racist. If that were true, then Obama would also be racist for disagreeing with much of what O'Reilly believes (except that he is half black and half white so that would make both him and O'Reilly half racists???) See where your logic fails? Probably not. :/

  • Jonathan Carter

    Obama been on O'reilly 3 times already, that is more than any MSNBC or CNN host. Do Conservatives really think Obama is scared of O'reilly? Obama knows what is coming, he can careless about the questions O'reilly is going to ask him.

    • Robert Quinn

      The people at the white house get to screen every question that comes the Presidents way. They even suggest alternative questions . O'Reilly will not ask anything that the Presidents men haven't already put a spin on. Every answer has been greatly rehearsed ,remember …this is Show Business. On the Factor I noticed Bill getting soft lately and no longer look for him to tell it like it is when it comes to the current administration .
      Been watching since 95' great show .

      • Jonathan Carter

        You're wrong O'Reilly questions are never screened. O'Reilly can tell you that himself. People who go to the O'Reilly show know what he is about. And, Obama really doesn't care, he has nothing to lose.

        • Mickey

          only America has something to lose

    • Mickey

      And we could not care less about his answers

    • Hmph14

      I think what you meant was he could NOT care less about the questions O'Reilly is going to ask him. Unfortunately, I believe you are right. Also unfortunate is that these will be legitimate questions the people of the United States would like answered, today, in 2014. Yes, he got voted into office (with an overwhelming majority of black votes….interesting) but look at his approval ratings now!

  • SOX4713

    O'Reilly has mad a caricature of himself. He will die of a ruptured overblown ego.

    • tonikuehl

      And Obama?

      • Mickey

        he already has

  • Castor Troy

    1st. question . What do have on The Clinton`s, seem with so many who have gotten in there way in the past wind up dead , how have you & your family survived ?

    2nd question . When Hilary & Joe Biden go at it in a debate, he with his reputation for stupidity are you afraid he might implement your whole admin.on all the criminal wrong doings that is common place in your White House ?

    Last Question . What`s more frightening , Firing Squad or The Gallows & will you get to chose ?

  • John Lewis

    What a surprise the current president wants to be a celebrity talk show host in a few years. This little show has a written script and will show him as a guy can act like average Joe. Except he is not responsible for anything, now lets go play.

  • Morgan Mandel

    That show will get very high ratings!

  • Justintime

    Michael savage not o smiley

  • rsoski

    Bill O…HA….The last time he interviewed the PARASITE IN CHIEF ….Obama told him he sat for 20 years in Rev Wrights church and NEVER heard him say anything. OReilly NEVER asked a followup….OReilly seeks the lefts approval….and acts like a lefty when talking to many lefty's.

    • linus nnaike

      Your parents,your children will never attain the height Obama achieved in his lifetime,quit that hatred.

  • al sheldon

    I would like to see Bill ask the tough questions and press for straight forward answers, but it will not happen. He'll just serve up clay pigeons for Obama to blast out of the sky, and then make excuses later for his weakness and ineptness. Hang on to your television. It'll be spinning in circles.

    • Torsh Johansen

      Naw, won't happen like that. They weren't clay pigeons in previous debates. But sure, easier than you'd like too see — okay.

      But Mitt going on MSNBC or Obama going on FOX — both will get some tough questions (but not pushed and forced like it's Hardball or something). That's all.

      FYI: Obama's doing more interviews with O'Reilly than with anything on MSNBC. At least something's being done, right?

  • seriouslylegit

    Bet he wont try to turn off Obamas microphone when he starts making a point ORielly loses on like he does on his show.

  • Jon Theriault

    I like Bill but hope he ask tougher questions this time that on previous interviews which his question were weak

  • Sandy Lefebvre

    I can't wait to see THAT interview! I'm sure Bill O'Reilly chewed him up and spit him out with REAL questions! All the other channels ask questions like, “So when is your next vacation?”



  • SamyyCiao

    Good to see them do this – this is good for America – too bad MSNBC – your toast LOL!

  • SanPas

    Glenn Beck to Megan Kelly, Jan-2014: “I wish I could go back and be more uniting in my language,” Beck lamented. “Because I think I played a role unfortunately in helping tear the country apart.”

    I'm glad that Glenn accepts and states the damaging influence of Fox. Perhaps, congress will revisit an old rule, abandoned under Reagan in deference to Rupert, and requiring that broadcast owners be full-fledged American citizens. Murdoch is Australian, Israeli and US while Sheikh Al-Waaleb is a full time Saudi

  • geno

    Sorry but I am not an Obama fan but think Barack Obama is smarter than Bill O'rrieilly and will handle him just fine. The fact is he is right Fox news has Demonized him to the point of ridiculousness.

  • frankly2

    I think he is starting to realize that being the “divider in chief” was a mistake. Just like Clinton who became the most conservative guy in DC during his second term, Obama is about to get very reasonable with the republicans to repair his image for posterity.

  • ne

    This is going to be interesting

  • Bruce Boudreau

    It is good that a fair and balanced reporter like Bill will be askin questions.
    I just hope Obama isn't upset about Bill asking him what it is like to be the first colored man as President.
    Maybe Sarah Palin could help Bill out.
    Make sure Bill asks why 4 Americans were killed in Bengazi, but no one knows why hundreds of our marine were killed in Beriut under HITLER Reagan.

    • linus nnaike

      And why Fox news supported the war in Iraq that killed over 4500 American lives based on false premise that Iraq has a weapons of mass destruction and they keep on shouting about Bengazi with 4 deaths.i guess,4500 is greater than 4 and until now,fox news have not told Americans who gave the false info to them.

  • animal

    Bill o will win

    • mike

      America will lose.

  • Maximus

    If Bill O does not get strong with the President on each of the many inconsistencies and political gigs that has been going on … argh! When will someone get tough and hold the President accountable?

  • Maximus

    Everyone, write five tough questions for the President and reply here. Also send them to Bill O'Reilly … maybe Bill needs help writing his script. Bill is weak and needs our help.

    • Torsh Johansen

      1. Would you bang a white woman if your wife let you?
      2. Do you watch Fox News every day?
      3. Do you think anyone has been unfair to you, like, ever?
      4. Would you let any of your daughters date Biden?
      5. Say you're doing a hooker. So, Mr President, when you were having sex with this hooker, didn't it cross your mind that you'd be hurting your wife? She's no push over, you know!

      • mike

        Would he let his daughter date Justin Bieber…..

  • billsimpson

    Don't kid yourself. O'Reilly only really cares about one thing. It isn't the left, or right. It is supporting whichever side can get him the most money.

  • charles bourget

    its not even a match of wits-OH Really is a witless mitthead who lies and has a severe obsessive , compulsive disorder with self delusional ration syndrome (SDRS)–his being a sociopath ,as is all of his cohorts, he will never be honest with himself and will continue to preach hate and bigotry just like Mitthead Romney and the sociopathic RR flat earth,evolution denying abusers of power. A three year old child has more on the ball the Billy OHReally :))

  • Funk Obumer

    Does anyone still doubt that Obumer is the antichrist? Does everyone know about the fema camp gas chambers and guillotines? Do you remember Hitler took away the guns then took the Jews to the concentration camps. time to connect the dots people.

    • Torsh Johansen

      Dude, stop worshiping the people who make Fox News look liberal. :)

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    O'Reilly?!? Might as well let Larry King handle the job… Likely same results.

  • freeeme

    Oh Bill- talk to me me, interview me, give me some free publicity. But let's do it on Super Bowl Sunday so everyone sees me. Somebody please cut the wires during the interview!

  • Slow Hand

    Its amazing how the tea party continues to underestimate this President. Thats why he continues to clean your clock. All you know is fear and hate. Its not working outside of southern and rural white males over 40. For the 1st time in history, the whole world knows who you are. That is the root of your fear and hate. Man up!!

    • Hmph14

      What world are you living in? He's proven himself to be a liar over and over again. Take a look at his approval ratings which in fact reflect WAY more of the population than just the “rural white males over 40”. His healthcare plan is plummeting to utter failure that the taxpayers will have to bail out. What is BETTER now that Obama has become president? Nothing…everything is either about the same or WORSE! If he's done such a great job, nothing should be WORSE than it was before Bush got out of office. WAKE UP!

  • Bruce Leckie

    Question for Owebama. Which award did you deserve more and which less, the Nobel Prize or the Liar of the Year Award ? And why ??

  • Funk Obumer

    “To conquer a nation, First disarm it's citizens” Adolf Hitler 1033 when they come for your guns don't forget? to give them the ammo.

    • mdag5252

      seriously, you're a disgusting piece of dog sh*t. you are ignorant beyond words. Obama is taking no ones guns. what the hell is wrong with you people on the right. the country is laughing at you, the world is laughing at you, your family and friends are laughing at you. all of you right wing lunatics are making it easier and easier for the dems to retake the house in November. so keep spouting your hate, your lies, and your intolerance.

      • Funk Obumer

        the rep and dems tea libs left right are just an illusion to make the public think we still have a republic. them and the potus are just puppets to the elite that rule the world. Everyone is laughing at you because your so ignorant to the fact that the same people that run the govt also run the media. What a brilliant way to brainwash the sheeple to believe any they want ya to. mdag5252 you are the one that is ignorant beyond belief. The puppet master/illuminati want you to fight black/white, dems/repub whatever to not wake up to the whole picture. Like in the wizard of oz “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. That's about as simple as I can put it. I hope your smart enough to figure it out. cheers

  • paul

    I'll bet he don't show…

  • MsD

    Talking about women right, tell does old , take off your hats and salute the dead and stop buying viagra

  • MsD

    I haven't seen so many haters in all my days, life is short and times is hard, you guys better wake up and smell the roses, get out that hater zone

  • Bill G

    I'd like to see O'Reilly ask the little tuat how the FACT that his maternal grandparents were communists and his mama was a coal burning commie slut has influenced his politics.

  • Koki Eye El Magiko

    Arent the 2 best interviews Obama gave w/ O'Reilly? Anyway, the questions were given ahead of time so Obama can agree. the interview wont be live.

  • Under the top

    O'Reilly vs. Obama–two Irish guys are going in the ring. This should be good.

  • Bob L.

    The need to have the spotlight on him just before the biggest televised event of the year speaks volumes about the man.

  • Scott Carey

    Personally….the first time Bill O reilly cuts him off or talks to him like some average joe he should shut his ass down…….your addressing the office of the presidentcy …he forgot that the last time

  • dc

    Can’t think of a better person to interrupt
    in order to stop his leftist bloviating views and agenda that are
    destroying this country.The tougher the question for this guy the less
    winded lie he can spew!

    You cronies are so lost!

  • Chris

    Mr. What? This empty suit demeans the word.

  • obamabeenlyin

    stupid asshole(you)

  • fufe

    plrease calm down america is comming together

  • Lance K


  • Hmph14

    prease lern how too spel