Dailies | Watch Michael Bay's ‘Black Sails’ for Free – Right Now! (Video)

The pirate adventure premieres Jan. 25 on Starz

“Black Sails,” a Michael Bay-produced pirate drama, doesn't premiere until Saturday, but curious viewers can currently watch the first episode for free on YouTube, courtesy of Machinima.

Created by Jonathan E. Steinberg (“Human Target”), the new show is a prequel of sorts to “Treasure Island,” centering on Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and his mentorship of a young John Silver (Luke Arnold).

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The free preview (above) kicks off with a short behind-the-scenes featurette with Steinberg and the cast talking up the show set in the Bahamas, and then launches into an explosive opening sequence during which pirates attack an English vessel.

Starz is so confident that the show will be a success, the premium cable network has already ordered a second season.

  • jan smiths

    but queen bay's name is attached to it.

  • Kerrie

    Kerrie Spinrad feeling annoyed
    ARRGGHHhhh..I'm so frustrated! Stick me in a plane with turbulence and bumps, I freak from being scared, but sick? NOPE. Riding out 16 foot wave sin Prince William sound for what seems like the last day of our lives, not even a burp. NOPE…..I tune into the freebie from STARZ new show called “BLACK SAILS”/Pirates-and they chose to use what I call home made cinematography. AND I”M wanting to pitch my cookies inside of a half an hour, head is spinning and pounding! it happ…ens if I watch those 3D videos my family plays where the camera is essentially your characters eyes….ARRGH! The new movie subtly bounces as if the camera were being held instead of perched on a stabilizer. If you watch it carefully you'll see what I mean. I thought they went with this kind of photography initially when the film took place on the ship, to create a realism…..so I weathered thru it—-but NOOOO they had to continue the format on land scenes as well…DANG IT!! and the writing was brilliant, right from the get go, I was hooked on the characters being introduced!!
    And now I won't be able to watch it…I'm so bummed. There's so much crap out there for leisure viewing and I find another fantastically written series, with realistic characters and I CANT WATCH IT!!!