Dailies | Black Santa Found Hiding at Macy's – Alert Fox News’ Megyn Kelly! (Video)

But why is he so hard to find?

Fox News non-opinion host Megyn Kelly sparked outrage earlier this month when she declared to all of her young viewers that “Santa just is white,” but a new video proves there is at least one black Santa hiding in Macy's extravagant Christmas display.

Animal New York reporter Amy K. Nelson went to the Macy's on 34th Street in NYC to search for the “special Santa” that had been rumored to be employed there, and she found him — after finding his Caucasian counterpart, first.

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“There's just one Santa,” the second Santa ruled.

“Megyn Kelly seems to think otherwise,” Nelson responded in the video (above). “Have you heard of Megyn Kelly?”

“I've heard of this story, but Santa hasn't really had much time to sit down and watch TV,” Santa said. “This is the busiest time of the season.”

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Nelson's real concern, however, was not proving Kelly wrong, but rather Macy's and society's”fear of a black Santa.”

“There is a black Santa Claus at the Macy's on 34th Street, but you won't find him if you just follow the crowd to the 8th Floor Santaland exhibit to wait in line for the white one,” Nelson wrote. “That is because Macy's doesn't reveal black Santa's location the way they do the white Santa.”

  • Jesus Christ

    The black Santa is fine. The white Santa is fine.

    A few years from now, there shouldn't be a special Santa. We should all be cheerful in the next day regardless skin color of Santa. If anything, the most accurate skin color of Santa is that of our parents – aren't they the real Santa(s)?

    Merry Christmas.

  • delorest

    That's exactly what they speculate that Jesus would have looked like……hair like lamb's wool.

  • Louis Adams

    Its pretty sad when we focus on skin color weather than the meaning of what the person Represents Weather they are real or Frictional, I'm pretty sure no matter what Jesus looks like he can't be happy with the way people are acting.

  • htownlawman

    stupid story

    • Gina

      I agree, very stupid!

  • Robin

    Thanks Amy for the story…very interesting…glad you found the hidden black Santa, but if you visit Washington, DC, I am sure this special Santa will be displayed proudly and you will not have to find him. Megan Kelly has a limited mind set, shame on her, Megan get out of your sheltered world!

  • Donna Hurley

    I thought they were Santa's helpers because he is busy at the North Pole getting his sleigh and reindeer ready for tomorrow nite.

  • Rex Stevenson

    A black Santa with a gray beard. Give me a break! My daughter and I were in Macy's three weeks ago and there was no black Santa Claus then. Why now, I wonder? And as for the color of Santa's skin, why should it matter? He is there for all children of every race and nationality, and the fact that he has ALWAYS been portrayed as a white Santa is accepted tradition, not racist.

    But I am glad the Santa's are safe inside Macy's, because if either of these elderly gentleman ventured out onto the streets or wandered through Harlem, they'd likely be the victim in a “Knockout” game.

    • lumin

      Just because it's tradition doesn't mean it's right. There have been many traditions throughout time that have been downright wrong. The black Santa may mean nothing to you but he means something to many others who look like him.

    • Jezmund

      Do you have any idea how freaking racist you are?

  • NoGuff

    “Black Santa Found” –So what? It's called “freedom,” you idiots. How about you allow others the same courtesy? Fascists.

  • SNLHumes

    That's cute! Just like the man said, there's only 1 SANTA & in the minds of each individual, he can be whatever color, height, weight, ect ect that they'd like for him to be! Loved it!! :)

    • oliver

      My cat thinks Santa is a fat guy who looks like me

  • noproblem

    More proof that segregation is STILL alive and well even in 2013.Honestly, how do you even justify this? Unless there is an Asian Santa, Italian Santa, Indian Santa and a Latino Santa, oh yeah, a Philippi no Santa too in every one of their little nooks / kiosk; this just seems too racy IMO. For now, we will leave it as a black and white thing. Otherwise it gets complicated.

  • Kit

    There should not be a special Santa. The black Santa was great. The white Santa was okay but not nearly as much fun as the black Santa. Stores should have the best Santas they can find. And good friendly fun Santas come in all colors.

  • doug james

    i guess everything now has to be black…

    • lumin

      Does everything have to be white?

    • roller 1

      cross burners show up everywhere! Who the hell said everything has to be black. Damn they're just like roaches.

  • noproblem

    I will have to draw the line with a gay Santa. YEAH, I said it…..

  • Mad Mike

    Little children don't care about Santa's color because they have not been indoctrinated into the racist bull sh*t of the Southern pukes – YET!

    • oliver

      You think only southerners are racist? Not all of them and not all northerners…oh, white, black, Asian, latin(did I leave anybody out?)

      • Christopher Mulgrew

        Remember it is SOUTH Boston that is racist.

    • woowoojones

      You start out nice, then say something racist (regionalist?) yourself. Nice,

  • tonycoza

    that's not the real santa…..fools

    • roller1

      And there's a real Santa? Sounds like you have more problems then just being a fool!

      • http://Denverbroncos.com/ Virgil Cole

        Evidently like you slept through sarcasm 101 during your time at the University of Phoenix.

  • rob

    Jesus should be on the no fly list.

  • http://Denverbroncos.com/ Virgil Cole

    Sorry, I would run from that guy. That would scare a kid to death!

    • woowoojones

      oh c'mon, he looks jolly.

  • John

    I seen Santa in Africa, China, North Pole. Then you wouldn't believe it I seen Megyen Kelly flying on a phony FOX NEWS on a broom stick. At first I thought she was a janitor?

  • John

    I seen Santa in Africa, China, North Pole. Then you wouldn't believe it I seen Megyen Kelly on phony FOX NEWS flying on a broom stick. At first I thought she was a janitor?

    • PeteH

      Read her résumé – JD in Law, PolySci degree, host of a top-rated cable show…

  • John

    Megyen Kelly needs to come out of the closet as a white woman!

  • Bigoteatsakabalbas

    I want to know if there is a skinny santa without bushes, asian looking santa that can fit into the chimney. Caucasian santa is a symbol of unhealthy christmas sooo fat!! By the way santa claus is a fictional character thanks to coca-cola commercial. Sorry I don't believe in christmas.

  • mrexchecquer

    For the supposed forward thinking and advanced nation it is, or supposed to be. There is little advancement in basic intellect. If the original people of America were 1% as color aware as so many immigrants,who say they are American today, There would be no America. There is a lot more to be concerned with in this place than skin color. I am sure the original people thought the same thing when they saw what the cat dragged to Plymouth Rock.

  • tomas77

    The most striking thing about this episode is that Kelly claimed Jesus was white.

    The only white people in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago were Roman soldiers from northern Europe.

    • jack

      I think the original santa was started in the germanic part of the world so what color would he be. Maybe we should require them to be purple with orange spots, that will stop all comments about color, or at least it should

    • Jezmund

      Since when were the Romans from Northern Europe ?

  • dTRON

    UH, the Mall Santas just report to the real Santa in the North Pole Duh! And he is whatever color your mind chooses him to be. He has no color boundaries.

  • Doug halterman

    What color do they want frosty the snowman to be

    • Tynk2

      Depends on the color of the snow that day…:). hehehehehe.

  • inthebellyofthebeast

    Another left wing racist rant.

  • Juliet

    That is wrong just plan wrong every one need to make a living weather your black, white, Spanish, Mexican and many others this needs to stop

  • Ms. B

    It is what it is! Why is the black Santa hidden? Now that's the question. I agree with what many of you are saying but lets not avoid the obvious. If I was there, that would be my question to Macys. Come on now, let's be for real.

  • Groundhog

    Medicine men can be white, but is that the first color that
    comes to mind? Santa can be any color, it is true that the children do not
    care. However to ignore that that Santa has been traditionally white, is to be
    ignorant of fact and history. to say that the black Santa is “special”
    is racist if color does not matter. I would not doubt that both white and black
    Santa's know each other and get along quite swimmingly.

  • John Joseph Wilson

    Santa Claus is for the young children of every race and color. It does not matter to them that he is black, white, Asian, Red, Arabic, etc. just that it is Santa Claus to talk to and ask for special things important to them. Next thing you know some adult will say it is unfair to women and say Santa Claus is female not male. The only thing unfair is Adults taking the warmth and fun out of a special time of the year.


  • radioguy

    Magan Kelley is an ignorant blonde hired just for dumb men to gawk at. Typical foxtard viewers

    • PeteH

      Megyn Kelly holds a JD in Law and a Degree in PolySci.
      She worked 10 years for a prestigious law firm and now has a top rated cable show and is whip-smart.

      She has accomplished more than you ever will, even if you live 100,000 lifetimes.

      And your résumé?

  • Deathbydeath

    If it doesn't matter then keep it true and traditional. black santa handing out ebt cards.

  • jack

    Before anyone makes any comment about race they should spend a week in some place like S. Central L.A. & if they are still alive after that week then they can make any comment they want without repercussions

  • PeteH

    BTW, for those of you that get your “news” from The Comedy Channel and SNL and didn't see the show, Kelly made the comment in jest and in reaction to a comment from another show on another network (Take a guess?), and of course the media ran with it as some type of racist rant.

    For the record, Kelly is smarter than any of her detractors, especially the people calling her a “dumb blond” – “Blond” is used in the Masculine form, “Blonde” in the Feminine form.
    Much like “Senor” / “Senorita”, “Pinoy” / “Pinay” or “Filipino” / “Filipina”

    Megyn Kelly has a JD in Law, she worked for the prestigious Law firm of Jones Day which is the 3rd largest Law firm in the world for 9 years. She also has a degree in PolySci and now has a top rated cable show.

    She is considered one of the top talents on TV, cable or otherwise.

    You don't work as a litigator for the 3rd largest law firm in the world for nearly a decade by being a “dumb blond”

    Speaking of Stewart, his job history includes:

    A puppeteer, a High School soccer coach, a caterer, a busboy, a shelf stocker at Woolworth's, and a Bartender. Wow – what a multi-talented guy.

    But keep watching The Comedy Channel and SNL for your “news” and listening to brainy guys like Stewart.

    And you? How does your résumé stack up next to hers?

    Never mind. Go back to getting your “news” from Jon Stewart who reads words that are written by an army of 21 writers (why do you think the show went dark during the writer's strike?) from a teleprompter along with cues of “applause” from a live audience of like-minded people, mostly baked college kids.

    Same with Colbert and Maher. Why do they need a live audience to cheer them on as well as having an army of writers? Can't their words stand on their own and have merit without others writing for them and having an audience cheering their points on cue, flashing a big “Applause” sign so the audience members cheer like trained monkeys?

    Apparently not.

    • Jezmund

      Bill Maher has writers help him with the monologue jokes and New Rules, but the vast majority of his show is him improvising as he talks to the panel. The written parts account for about 5% of the show… And if you don't think Megyn Kelly has writers too, you probably aren't too bright.

      I don't equate levels of education with intelligence, I equate it with wealth and privilege (unless you are so poor the government gives you a free ride). Stewart is a self made man who did it without privilege; he is the embodiment of the American Dream and based on your comments, I can guess he's much smarter than you are in addition to being light years more successful and well loved. But if you want to play the education game, Maher went to Cornell.

      The major issue with Kelly isn't that she called Santa white, it's that she very candidly called Jesus white. That was not in jest and if you think it was, you know nothing. Way to miss the point entirely… Unless you agree with her about Jesus being white, then I just feel bad for you. You were likely dropped several times as a child if you agree with that.

      By the way, I don't see one person on this thread calling Kelly a “dumb blond”, I've only seen the word “blonde” used so why did you bring it up? To prove how smart you are? To prove that you knew what no one else knew? Get over yourself.

  • Scot Irish

    In reality, we all know that Santa is a woman running around with shopping bags! Maybe the Fox reporter thinks St. Nicholas was a white guy and the model of the Santa Claus legend.