Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem Warn Michael Fassbender in Two New ‘Counselor’ Clips (Video)

The actor is about to make some very bad decisions in the upcoming Ridley Scott thriller

Michael Fassbender gets two ominous warnings from two different people in two different clips from Ridley Scott's upcoming thriller, "The Counselor."

First up, Brad Pitt tells his co-star that whatever he's doing, he shouldn't be doing it.

"I need you to be sure that you're locked in, because I don't know," Pitt says. "My recommendation anyway, counselor, don't do it."

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Fassbender plays a lawyer who finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking. Javier Bardem plays the second character Fassbender meets who doesn't forsee things going well for him.

"Counselor, if you pursue this road that you've embarked upon, you will eventually come to moral decisions that will take you completely by surprise," Bardem say. "You won't see it coming at all."

"No Country for Old Men" writer Cormac McCarthy penned the screenplay for "The Counselor," which 20th Century Fox is releasing in theaters on Oct. 25.

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