Dailies | ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Preview: Mama Joyce Is Back… and Ready to Brawl (Exclusive Video)

Kandi Burruss’ mom has fighting words on the Bravo show's new episode on Sunday

It's been a while since Kandi Burruss’ mother was on Bravo's “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But she's back on Sunday's new episode, and she's ready to brawl.

Mama Joyce has taken some time off from being on-camera after the notorious wedding-dress brouhaha, which racked up the ratings for Bravo.

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On Sunday's new episode, Kandi is closing in on the people who've been spreading rumors that her fiancé Todd and her best friend Carmon have been hooking up behind the housewife's back.

In fact, Carmon has already reached out to the individuals — AKA Mama Joyce's “people in the streets.” And Kandi's mom isn't happy about them closing in on her informants.

Watch TheWrap's exclusive video above to find out what Mama Joyce plans to do with Carmon.

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Also, aren't you interested in what Mama Joyce thinks of Kandi's musical based on their conflict over marrying Todd? We can only hope Mama Joyce gets a chance to sound off on that, too.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

  • Barbara Ross

    Why does Kandi allow her mother to interfere in her life? I was hoping that her mom would stay gone.

  • ObservintheATL

    Miss Joyce is waaaaaaay out of line with that mess. If that thuggish-ness is not typical of her behavior, Kandi really needs to get her to a doctor because, something is really wrong.

  • Lashawn

    I agree with that mom Joyce is really to old for that kind of shit and she 43yrs old how can she be on the show acting like a bitch all the time kandi is a grown women and momma Joyce need to back out her life forever

    • tinytexan

      Who's 43? Joyce is like 63!

  • Teresa Griffin

    I think that Kandi needs to step up and tell her mother to stop this non-sense. She don't have to be disrespectful towards her mother, but just have a sit down with her and let her know this is not ok and let that be that and own it! “Mama I love you, but this is who i'm with and you don't have to like it but you will respect it and if not then maybe we need to find you another place to live to distance yourself from MY personal life.” (period dot!)

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Only losers would watch this.

  • Benjamin Roussey

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    • PapillonNY

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      • Benjamin Roussey

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  • sherryL

    Joyce needs to let her daughter grow up she should give
    Kandia break . If
    I were
    I would get tired ofKandimother drama. She is a piece of work. Looks like she's driving -her daughter crazy. Sometimes when a parentfusses all the time it makes the child go in the opposite directions. Parent should let their kids learn from their mistakes.kandimother is going to break them up. She should takeher daughtersfeelings in account.
    I hope
    Todd andkandiwill elope.. I wish them the best.

  • Noneofyallsbusiness

    Kandi an ass for allowing her mother to be disgustingly rude and ghetto to her fiancé and her friend. She once referred to Phaedra as boogie and ghetto, but the true example of that is that old heifer, mama Joyce.