‘Real Housewives’ Kenya Moore Talks Taking On NeNe Leakes: ‘I'm Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’

'Real Housewives' Kenya Moore Talks Taking On NeNe Leakes: 'I'm Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf'

Alex Martinez/Bravo

The Bravo star discusses going toe-to-toe with the show's longest-standing castmember on the Season 6 premiere

NeNe Leakes has had some of the most epic fights on Bravo's “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

And the show's original castmember and former “New Normal” star is still standing while her enemies are no longer on the show. But, Kenya Moore isn't minding Leakes’ perfect knockout record.

“I'm not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,” Moore, 42, told TheWrap of Leakes’ record. “That is an urban legend.”

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On last week's Season 6 premiere, Moore went toe-to-toe with the show's Grande Dame and even grabbed Leakes’ ear during the conflict. That had the fans and “Real Housewives” bloggers buzzing.

“It's like, look, if we're going to be friends we have to deal with each other on an honest level,” 1993's Miss USA explained. “This is what bothers me. I'm going to be vocal about it. My desire is that we move past it and we don't have to deal with that issue again. It's not to take on someone. I'm a woman. I speak my mind. I'm an honest person and I'm speaking to who I think is my friend and I think has mutual respect for me.”

TheWrap: You really took over the headlines after last week's premiere for taking on NeNe.
Kenya Moore: I don't consider myself taking on the girls. I'm just being me and things happen. Sometimes, I need answers so I don't stop until I get the answers that I'm looking for.

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Why did you feel the need to call out NeNe and the other women for not checking in on you during the whole eviction stuff you were going through?
I'm friendly with most of the girls. I don't speak to maybe two of them, but the others I do. We text back and forth. I've seen NeNe off-season half a dozen times. We definitely didn't communicate every day but we communicated.

Anything that I read, like I read Kandi [Burruss] had a hospital scare, I reached out to Kandi to see if she's OK, because you just never know. The news may have some truth in them. I just don't ever want to take that chance with people I care about. I just want to hear it from them. So, I just have a different approach and I'm a different friend to those women than they are to me.

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real housewives atlanta kenya nene fight bravoAre you angry that the other women have stayed friends with your ex, Walter?
That's the thing. They're not friends with him. None of them are friends with him. Some of them are cordial with him, but he's not at their house, he's not being invited to other places, they don't hang out together. So, you can't call that person a friend.

But, every time we're speaking about where we are, NeNe challenges that I'm her friend. It's kind of duplicitous and transparent to me what her agenda is.

For the record, why didn't you go to NeNe's wedding?
At the start of the season, I was in Africa so I wasn't able to make NeNe's wedding. And I actually told her via text message from abroad that I wasn't going to be able to make it. She changed the date. The first date she had I was able but when she changed it I wasn't able to attend. I definitely let her know.

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You brought up the point that NeNe invited Walter to her wedding, but didn't invite Porsha Stewart's ex-husband Kordell.
She didn't invite Kordell. They shot the wedding in June and we heard about the divorce in March. So, my point was valid. If you knew they didn't have great relations and your primary friend is me or Porsha, then don't invite someone that you know is not in good standing with us.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  • Sam

    Love ne ne!!

  • MzzTLove

    Nene the show is not all about you.

  • Loving

    Kenya, you had a fake relationship with Walter. You made him famous. It's nene wedding and she can invited whomever she wants. You are not her friend or anyone else friend. Your in the business of using people to get yourself famous!

  • jsf

    kenya is not a friend to anyone, she is a lonley bitter and disturbed individual

  • Caroline

    Love Kenya:) Nene is such a mad angry drag queen!

  • Just sayin

    NeNe…this will be the only REAL income you earn…the housewives! Your acting sucks…and trying to play different characters…NOPE!!!

  • Viveka

    I would say that Kenya needs therapy, but I'm not sure there's enough therapy on earth to help an out-of-control ego of that size.

  • walter boothe jr

    I have had it with the entire Real house Wives franchise. I am sick of seeing women insult, lie to, ad back stab each other all in the name of TV ratings. #over it

  • TeamNeNe

    Nene leakes is the queen of REALITY TV !! kenya who ? Lmao

  • quashi

    I don't care what they say about Kenya…she's my fave…she sure makes for good tv!

  • TeamNeNe

    Fuck Kenya Moore !! why are yu even on rhoa you r not even a wife nd never will be !

  • Monika

    I stopped watching the show because of Kenya. You know the saying “If you cant stand her, why do you watch?”…. EXACTLY why I stopped watching. YUK!

  • Honeydew1

    Kenya is telling the truth. Its not about it being Nene's wedding
    and she can invite who she wants. You are to still act like a friend and show some loyalty. Unless Nene invited him after Kenya said she could not make it to the new date, then Nene was wrong. It can happen…the Nene Leakes is capable of being wrong. I love the fact that Kenya stood up to Nene the bully and let her know I wish you would. I so hated how Nene got in Star Jones's face all ghetto, black violence mongering on display for the world to see. Team Kenya for calling these ladies out for their BS friend ways because they do not have a reason to gang up and mob her, she hasn't done anything to half of them. Just taking sides and dont have a real reason to be ant-Kenya. What makes Kenya mental and not Nene? That is some bullying crap to take everything Kenyas does and twist it to make her seem mental and when anyone else does the same then its normal. That is a bullying tactic.


      Kenya is a trip. get real it doesn't matter when the invitation went out, as long as your name is on it then that is your only concern. kordell did not receive an invite because as it was discussed and pointed out on the reunion show, that Porsche was defending his desires and actions in front of the world and he did not have her back at all, only to file for divorce a couple days or hours later. whatever it was. but I think it was Peter who pointed that out. but he had already abandoned the group. Kenya was Walter introduction and that was not actually true as it was revealed that Kandi knew him before as Kenya questioned Walter about Kandi's appeal. The girl is all kinds of trouble then getting mad at Porsche because she called her Miss America instead of Miss USA give me a break if that is your only purpose or claim (not to fame) just claim in life then you are sorry and as poor little Porsche said ‘what year was it’ hell I couldn't even remember and it was my era. as for her little booty dance with Peter, she better be glad it was Cynthia because if it were my man she would have had to retrieve her weave from the pool. now, as Phaedra cringed when her man and her jumped in the pool, I can only think that that was unchecked because she was pregnant. villainess NOT, this girl is just trouble not ‘fabulous’ about her and she should go gone like and with the wind….just a whiner and no I am not a Nene fan, she is just a struggling woman like the rest of us who has had some big breaks, don't know what type of actress she is but she was in the right place at the right time for everything that she has received and been blessed. but Kenya needs to go…

  • Ms. Pearl

    Ms. Pearl don't like none of those chicken heads.

  • Katrina

    Kenya did not go to Nene's wedding, so why is she concerned about who did. She wants people to forget about Walter, but she needs to stop bringing him up. I hope Kenya will just move on. At least Kenya and Nene can have a real conversation about the issue. I like Nene's new attitude about life. I think Gregg makes her have a happier disposition.

  • MLS

    Kenya – one word. Yuk!

  • Mguzman

    Thought it was the REAL HOUSEWIVES so can't figure out why that disturbed Kenya is on there wasting air space…….she appears to have some issues but truly just needs to grow up getting over herself………she ruins RHOA so I change the channel…..Kenya = AGING DRAMA/DRAG QUEEN…….

  • druigal

    Kenya look up “borderline personality disorder” you are the poster child for BPD.