Is Bravo's ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ a Colossal Fail?

Is Bravo's 'Real Housewives of Miami' a Colossal Fail?


TheWrap looks at whether the series’ makeover lived up to expectations

Bravo's “Real Housewives of Miami” finishes out its third season on Thursday with the second installment of its reunion special at 9/8c. It caps off a season that may not have earned the ratings or attention Bravo hoped for when it retooled the series ahead of Season 2.

Emergency sirens went off earlier this week when the network announced that it had moved the second installment of its reunion specials to Thursday, replacing its former timeslot next Monday with a repeat of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Does the network feel a repeat will actually do better?

The network gave “Miami” a shot of confidence with a second season renewal, despite low ratings, and then invested in the series by giving it a makeover that included some recasting and a new production company, Purveyors of Pop, as this journalist was the first to report.

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Yet, all that attention hasn't made the series more successful or more buzzworthy. TheWrap takes a look at why:

“Miami's” live ratings for the third season average 1.02 million total viewers, according to Nielsen. That's a steady decline from Season 2 (1.06 million) and Season 1 (1.16 million viewers) — not exactly the kind of return a network wants to see for its investment.

Ratings play a huge part in the decision-making process for series renewals as they dictate advertising rates, a network's bread and butter. In the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic, “Miami” attracted an average 574,000 viewers, a steady double-digit percentage decrease since Season 1, an eight percent decrease over Season 2.

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The comps
“The Real Housewives of DC” was the first and only series from the franchise to get canceled.

The decision wasn't purely based on ratings. Its inclusion of notorious White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi in the cast dominated the season's storylines and made the network seem as if it had been an accessory in the couple's antics. A strike against it from the beginning.

But, the most probable cause for “DC's” cancelation was the belief that the women were on constant guard (Read: Boring) and that the highly politically-conscious city could never deliver the kind of open, honest expression the “Real Housewives” franchise cashes its checks against.

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The Miami women have no problem expressing themselves, so what does “DC” have to do with them? Again, DC is the only series in the franchise to have been canceled. And while ratings weren't the sole reason for its demise, it's called show business for a reason.

“DC's” viewership wasn't breaking records but they were moderately solid by Bravo standards with an average 1.3 million viewers. But, “Miami's” audience is even lower. So, how could Bravo justify continuing with Miami when it perennially earns lower ratings than the canceled “DC”?

For further context, “Miami” is the least-watched show of the franchise. And “The Real Housewives of OC,” the next lowest-watched show of the franchise, averages about 900,000 more viewers than “Miami.”

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The chatter
Buzz is a good barometer of a show's success and “Real Housewives” buzz generally can be legendary in scope.

Nielsen SocialGuide pulled the Twitter ratings for “Miami's” reunion special, as well as “New Jersey's” first part of its reunion special for TheWrap's comparison.

“RHONJ” has more than 150 percent (473.9 thousand to 186.9 thousand) more users on Twitter who saw tweets about its reunion in comparison to “Miami's.”

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Clearly, Bravo's makeover of the series did very little to make it successful. Do you think “RHOM” should be renewed for a fourth season?

  • Demosthenes

    This is a dumb article. It's obvious they are keeping it because it has a large Latino audience. Case closed.

    • Mark

      Um, case not “closed.” This article is far more informative than what you perceived as a “valid” excuse to keep this train wreck on the air. There is no sizzle in RHOM and to even think that Latinos will watch just anything is asinine at best and kind of insulting. Money talks and Cohen can only do so much before he sees the show for what it is: A snoozefest.

      A “large Latino audience” is not enough to keep the show on the air, especially if RHOA and RHONJ bring in quadruple ratings in their targeted audiences compared to RHOM.

    • LeeVonHart

      It is a fab show, and the scenery of old Miami and the inner coastal are so worth it.

  • desariyah

    Please Andy just let it go…..this franchise is boring, aka, horrible

  • CasperdaMFGhost

    I like Miami but even I stopped watching after episode 3 of the season because it was boring, which is crazy to think because I really do believe they have a perfect cast. They are all dramatic and are all interesting marketable characters, with no drama which equals no ratings. I think they should give it one more chance, but if they did they should cut alexia, and bring in 2 new girls to stir it up, but another reboot could just prove to be pointless.

    I think with a few of the other franchises they each have themes that make them popular and make it hard to go up against. OC was the original, NJ focuses on family, RHOBH drama is always over the top, RHOA has a strong fan base which could have something to do with the fact their different race. New York I think will run into the same problem as Miami after last season, they could cancel Miami leaving space to possibly move to another city. I watched the reunion,for both seasons 2 and 3 and they were cutthroat so I just don't get why they couldn't bring any of that on the show to build viewership.

  • CeCe1

    The entire “real” houswives franchise is disgusting. Bravo should cancel them all!

  • cat

    No, please do not renew Miami.

  • rodnia elan

    I really love the ensemble of Alexia, Adriana, Ana Quincoses and Marysol. They are all interesting people. I think Lisa is a good addition because she tries very hard to be moral. Lea Black and Joanna Krupa are very bad casting choices in my opinion, because it's obvious Joanna Krupa is a former (?) prostitute, Bravo would have never let these accusations air without their being vetted first, so obviously the rumors are true. And Lea Black surrounds herself with predators like Thomas Kramer and Joe Francis…I keep thinking there has to be a reason she surrounds herself with such dubious company, maybe she is a madam or something, who knows…something is just very fishy there.

  • theweckz

    Three words…..CANCEL,CANCEL,CANCEL…..bad move by Bravo by fading out the Latinas..The end of season 2 had some promise, but the fact season 3 got rid of Karent & Ana made no sense only to keep the white women who were boring to begin with…Miami is the world of the latins & the fact they faded them out was a HUGE mistake, this show had the potential to rival the more popular franchises, but the casting was horrible & Bravo's allegiance to keep Lea Black was to their detriment, she's always been boring & not replacing her w/ a latina was a bad decision…same with Lisa….If anything keep Joanna, but I doubt now, especially since Andy has been demoted, that they will give it another revamp, shame especially b/c if the casting had been better & if they would give the latinas the same platform they gave RHOA ladies, it could have been a great show….Latinas bring the drama more than anyone else. But I guess Bravo doesn't want to fade Whites out, but if they want the ratings as they claim their all about, then they need to realize these things.

    • LeeVonHart

      Seriously, they were awesome and the other younger lady who sparred with Lia at her benefit ball. We want to see real Miami, it is magnificent! I think Adriana is great, ditch Krupa she's too mean spirited.

    • Dacil

      Thewecks Explain how you think they cancelled out the Latinas?? Alexa and Marysol are both Cuban and Adriana is Brazilian.Do you even watch the show?

      • theweckz

        They got rid of Ana & Karent & then demoted Marysol to ‘friend'…while boring Lea Black & Lisa stay on & Alexia is so boring but she looks more white than all of them so they put her back on…& Season 1 had majority latinas & then they got rid of almost all of them besides Adriana, Alexia & Lea.

        • R A

          surely you jest…Ana and Karent put the SNOOZE in SNOOZEFEST. and the UGLY stick beat ANA silly

    • englishvinal

      Latinas?….. you have to be kidding. What is interesting about them.???
      Descendents of people who abandoned their own countries… phony yellow bellied cowards. They did not migrate, they RAN away.

      Wonderful. I am So NOT impressed.

      You want REAL Latin people.. bring the show to El Paso… there are honest (incendiary to be sure but good) strong Hispanic people here.

  • LeeVonHart

    RHOBH is starting to get very crude thanks to Brandi whom the producers must be empowering to be obnoxious. The “producers” are tying it in to often with the sad show about Lisa's vapid superficial restaurant wait staff.

  • Babyrocker

    I like this franchise, and oddly, I like it the most. There are two women I'd like to see exit: Lea and Joanna. Both are vulgar, mean-spirited and boring. Joanna's weird husband can stay and continue to showcase his cool club. I am crazy about the Latina ladies, especially Alexia. I loved Ana and wish she'd come back. Karent, while snotty, added a very interesting vibe to the show. Why not make it all Latinas? And please, give us more of the mothers from this show as they are fabulous!!

  • englishvinal

    Please take pity on people… get RID of the Atlanta animal house~!….

    Those antics are the shark manure- bottom of the bottom of the sludge pond~!! Loud, screaming, stupidly aggressive, chattering, out-screaming each other so nobody trying to watch can understand a GD syllable that any of them are attempting to emulate stolen from the English language…
    The worst one was the Caucasian wig wearing “Kim” (I have never known a “Kim” that wasn't a twit and goofy to boot)….

    ….. who had the ethics and morals of a mangy half starved alley cat….. who ended up FAT as a hog and popping out little victims as fast as nature would allow it.
    I have a good friend who asked me to watch this…. and I did. Whooooeeeee…… ye-gads.