‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off Could Be a Sequel, Bob Odenkirk Says

'Breaking Bad' Spin-off Could Be a Sequel, Bob Odenkirk Says

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are apparently considering numerous options for “Better Call Saul”

Rest assured, “Breaking Bad” fans. The series is over, but speculation over the show's spin-off continues.

Bob Odenkirk, who played ethically flexible attorney Saul Goodman on the AMC drama, introduced another element to the guessing game surrounding the Goodman-centric “Better Call Saul” saying it could be a sequel.

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Or, it could be a prequel. Or some kind of hybrid of the two. Anyway, Odenkirk offered his thoughts during an interview with IGN, saying that “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan and producer Peter Gould have tossed around a few possibilities.

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“Well, I've talked to Vince and Peter, who are writing and creating the series, about this and I've said that a lot of people do want to see what happens next to Saul,” Odenkirk said. “So, I don't know what they're going to do. I know they've talked about prequel, but they've also talked to me about sequel, and they've also talked to me about a mix of prequel and sequel.”

It was initially announced that the series would be a prequel, and subsequent reports suggested that the spin-off could include appearances by “Breaking Bad” characters. Should the project become a sequel, it would likely rule out appearances by a number of characters since (SPOILER ALERT) there was no small amount of character deaths in the final season of the series.

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“Breaking Bad” ended with Goodman in a state of flux as he sought to distance himself from the carnage and legal complications wrought by Walter White's meth empire. Toward the end of the series, which wrapped in late September, Goodman suggested that a relocation from Albuquerque, N.M. to Nebraska was imminent, pondering, “If I'm lucky, in a month from now, best case scenario, I'm managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.”

  • euphemia9

    “…ethically flexible…” – I love it!

  • RevTim128

    There was no “suggestion” the relocation was imminent, he had already pulled the trigger on the vacuum cleaner repair relocation program. Relocation was already happening.

  • Say My Name B*TCH

    I think a mix of the two could be cool… I'd love to see Saul's rise to prominence… say, for 2-3 seasons. Then they could end season 3 with his first encounter with Walt. Season 4 would be a chaotic mess showing what was going on from his perspective the same time of Breaking Bad… showing clips of the original series, and/or bringing back past cast members for alternate scenes. Then move forward with him in Omaha, running a Cinnabon… He could perhaps let greed get the better of him, if Heisenberg's fortune that the Nazi's stole was never found by police, and decides to covertly start trying to find it… which leads to his own downfall as shady figures from his past start to pop up. There you go Vince, 5-6 season story arc. Boom.

    • Say My Name B*TCH

      And the ultimate ironic finale… Saul enjoying a drink on the beach… in Belize.