Dailies | ‘Breaking Bad’ Cameraman Tweets Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Pics (Photos)

'Breaking Bad' Cameraman Tweets Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Pics (Photos)

Andy Voegeli has been posting shots from the set throughout his stint on the AMC drama

Andy Voegeli is racking up the Twitter followers these days.

The camera-operator from “Breaking Bad” has been posting incredible behind-the-scenes candid and posed shots from his tenure on the set of the AMC drama.

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From Bryan Cranston in a ridiculous directing get-up, to Anna Gunn looking like an angel — the pics fluctuate between hilarious and beautiful artwork. According to Voegeli, he has “thousands” of these pictures:

“It's gonna take me weeks to post them all,” Voegeli tweeted.

No rush, sir.

Quench your thirst below:







  • Photo pro

    Way to screw your union brothers — Per local 600 rules nobody but the stills guy should be shooting stills on set!

    • smokegurl14

      No one got screwed dude. They had an official union photographer on set. As noted above, these are candid photos. ANYONE with set permission can take candid photos. These are not official photos.

      • Photostills

        Where in the world did you get the idea that it is ok to shoot on set. You are badly mistaken. Doesn't matter if they are candids. It is NOT allowed at all, ever.

      • thinkABOUTit

        Wow… I don't think I have ever seen anyone as wrong as you. It is a BIG Union violation to shoot stills on set unless you are a Local600 Classified Stills Photographer…. Your thinking would mean it would be OK for anyone to take video footage of the production of a show and post the scenes for the world to see whenever they feel like it… Wether it is 1 frame at a time or 24 frames at a time, this is a HUGE NONO….

  • PubbyPab

    These are not official stills. They are candid photos from the set. Two different things.

    • Photostills

      Two different. Things. Where the hell did you get an education regarding film work? It is wrong to shoot on set and even worse to publish the photos.

      • PubbyPab

        Well, I got a tiny bit of education from the article itself, which states that these photos are “behind-the-scenes candid and posed shots.” Have you considered switching to decaf? Oh, sorry, you probably can't afford it what with Andy Voegeli taking dollars directly out of your pocket and all. *rolls eyes*

    • THINKaboutIT

      There is no such thing as “candid photos” from a set. The Set Photographer is THE ONLY PERSON who is allowed to shoot still images on set when talent is involved 98% of the time. Camera Ops are NOT ALLOWED to shoot still images even for personal scrapbooks, let alone for Facebook or Twitter at any time…ever on a Union set. It would be like an accountant telling client that they should do their own taxes and take 100% deductions or a doctor saying that a nurses aide is performing the surgery. In the feature and television world there is no such thing as official stills and candid stills….You are taking someone elses job, someone elses career away from them and their family. Things like this contribute to someone else not being able to provide to their loved one, to their children….

  • Lastills

    These Are illegal set photos. Making photos on-set and publishing them are a violation not only union rules, but production confidentiality agreements. Bad-Bad.

  • thinkABOUTit

    Hey Andy Voegili, I don't know you
    and I don't believe I have ever worked with you in the Western Region,
    but as a fellow 600 member (stills photographer) I honestly can say I
    have issues and concerns with you posting personal photos that you
    should have never taken at work in the first place on set of Breaking
    Bad and posted to Twitter. It completely degrades and diminishes what my
    (and yours for that matter as a 24fps shooter) career is all about. Our
    capacities as creative professionals are quite similar with one of the
    few differences being I shoot one frame at a time and you shoot at 24
    frames at a time (typically speaking.) Would you be proud of
    someone posting video or stills footage to the public that was not
    appropriately shot or
    approved by production from your show. Had someone shot BTS or outtake
    footage of scenes from BB on their cell phone and posted it online to
    the public, how would that make you feel? I understand that you are
    proud of BB and you and the entire crew should be, it was an incredible
    show…but to undercut your union stills photographer as well as all
    your other coworkers/brothers in not only the Local 600 but all other
    Locals by posting images that by contract you should have never shot in
    the first place, really leaves a black mark on not only upon your career
    as a Cam Op but on everyone who worked hard to create BB, including the
    actors whom never had any say on if they wanted your images posted to
    the public. I really hope that you find it within yourself to take all
    images down from the web and treat this a valued learning experience and
    that you start respecting your coworkers careers and what we do to keep
    our children, our families and our loved
    ones fed and clothed in these difficult economic times.

  • Sad600Day

    I am 1000% ashamed that ANDY VOEGILI is a member of my Union. He is WORSE than a SCAB in my and a LOT of fellow Union members book!

  • Magnets_Bitch!

    Once again, the union takes itself WAY too seriously! This is why unions are almost a complete thing of the past in this country. You have to be some way overprices, official still photographer with the title and power to be allowed to take pictures. It's “illegal” if not – give me a break. These people were obviously very close and having a good time – something most union folks I've met don't know anything about!