‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Signs Deal With Sony Pictures TV

'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan Signs Deal With Sony Pictures TV

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Gilligan is currently working on “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul”

Creating one of the most acclaimed television shows in recent history apparently has its benefits.

“Breaking Bad” creator has entered a multi-year deal with Sony Pictures Television, which produced the hit AMC meth drama.

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Calling Gilligan “an incredible writer and partner,” Sony Pictures Television president of programming and production Jamie Erlicht added, “he shares our vision for the business and for the kinds of projects we're passionate about. There wasn't a world where we weren't making this deal.”

Zack Van Amburg, also a president of programming and production of SPTV, noted, “With Vince, you forget you're working and just become a fan. His stories are captivating, his energy is electric, and his friendship is appreciated.  We've had such success together, and can't wait for all the great things to come.”

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Among other projects Gilligan is currently working on: The “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul,” which will revolve around ethically flexible attorney Saul Goodman from the series. Bob Odenkirk, who played Goodman on “Bad,” said that the series could be a sequel, or a prequel, or some mix of the two.

Gilligan is also working on the drama series “Battle Creek” with “House M.D.” creator David Shore for CBS. Sony Pictures Television is also producing that project, which is being prepared for the 2014-2015 season.

  • renamoretti1

    Vince Giligan's Breaking Bad was a flop throughout its run until FX spent mightily to buy itself ratings for the last season premiere and finale…

    Yeah… That's the guy that brings them in.

    Hollywood is dying of believing its own press.

    • moretears

      It wasn't a flop and you don't know even what channel the show was on, so zip it. Your resentment toward a multiple award-winning TV show that the Guinness Book of World Records calls the most critically praised in history has been on record for a good while, including your admission that you are against the show just because you don't like Vince Gilligan. Kindly go fly a kite.

      • renamoretti1

        Just look at the ratings for the first four seasons, and if it doesn't scream “flop” to you it's that you don't know what level of audience you need to reach not to be a flop…

        As for “critical acclaim”, I find it 100% irrelevant to quality, so there.

        My resentment isn't so much for the show, but rather for the blind way that the press endorsed the PR and swallowed it whole, unexamined.

        I found that rather disgusting, in part because it means the press is on offer to the highest bidder, in part because a writer as awful as Vince Gilligan should not be hyped.

        • Lee Tanner

          Just a guess: you never watched the show, right? Hence, your opinion is beyond worthless.

          • renamoretti1

            So I must have watched the show to be able to talk about it's terrible ratings and the curiously huge PR campaign for its last season?

            Not following you there.

            As for Vince Gilligan, I have had a negative opinion of his ratings for years…

        • Kevin

          Guess you've been living in your own little world. It's common knowledge that Netflix, online streaming, and word of mouth played a large part in the surge in ratings. And yes, critical acclaim by definition means high quality, idiot. Like it or not, everyone agrees the show was a huge success, especially for a cable series. High ratings or box office results does not necessarily mean high quality in film/TV. And BB was on AMC, not FX. FX passed on the pilot. Moron.

          • renamoretti1

            I was going to respond to your points, but sadly, since you felt you had the right to insult me repeatedly, I won't.

            You don't deserve a response and I do hold you lack of manners and education in utter contempt.