Dailies | Brian Williams Raps the News on Fallon's ‘Tonight Show’ – And The Guest Rapper Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

Brian Williams Raps the News on Fallon's 'Tonight Show' – And The Guest Rapper Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

Jimmy Fallon introduced the first “Brian Williams Raps The News” skit of his “Tonight Show” tenure and it might be the best one yet

Jimmy Fallon may have topped himself on Wednesday's “Tonight Show” when he presented perhaps the magnum opus of “Brian Williams Raps The News” mashups, with the NBC Nightly News anchor taking on Sugar Hill Gang's Rapper's Delight — and what a delight it was.

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While Fallon has previously mashed-up the newsman rapping Snoop Dogg, Warren G and NWA classics, tonight's rendition of Rapper's Delight might have have them all beat. Featuring a very special appearance by weekend anchor Lester Holt and even a cameo with Kathie Lee Gifford, this uproarious skit is one for the ages.

Watch Williams “performance” below via NBC:

  • Kem

    This was so cool. If this is an illustration of the sort of shanigans that Fallon will have on the Tonight Show… Audiences will be privy to exceptional entertainment.

  • Caley McGuire

    Bigger budget for production values and larger staff to help keep this sort of thing happening. Kudos.

    • yragcom1

      This is the third time this has been done by Fallon, just the first time it was on the Tonight Show.

      • Caley McGuire

        “to HELP KEEP this sort of thing happening.”

        • yragcom1

          Sorry, I must be missing your point.

          • Caley McGuire

            They now have a much bigger budget. It will allow them to do what they do on a grander scale now not only more frequently, but also will be able to employ a larger staff to do it.