Dailies | ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Crossover Clip Reveals ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ in Danger (Video)

The anticipated crossover episode arrives on ABC next week

Characters introduced in ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” will be held hostage in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

While fans of the ABC series will have to wait until next week for the crossover episode executive producer Jeph Loeb teased at PaleyFest, a new clip from the “Captain America” sequel (above) shows Agent Jasper Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernández) sitting among others patiently waiting to be rescued from criminals hoping to extort money from the super secret organization.

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On Tuesday’s episode of “SHIELD,” titled “End of the Beginning,” Sitwell was called away for some kind of incident at sea.

“I guess I got a boat to catch,” Sitwell says. “Good luck, Agent Coulson.”

As it turns out, Sitwell is in need of luck when he’s captured alongside a number of other SHIELD agents. Fortunately for them, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) are leading the rescue team.

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Much like Marvel did when “Thor: The Dark World” hit theaters last fall, a “Captain America” crossover episode will air on ABC after the movie hits theaters this weekend. The “Agents of SHIELD” had to deal with the aftermath of destruction audiences witnessed in “Thor,” but Loeb was tight-lipped about any details as to how his show will relate to Marvel’s latest blockbuster.

“It makes sense,” Loeb teased. “It would certainly not surprise anyone if things did happen from the movie that we’re mentioning on the show that we’re talking about.”

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode, “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

  • Mike S

    Agent Sitwell wasn’t introduced in “Agents of SHIELD.” He was one of the agents in THOR, along with some of the Marvel One-Shots.

    • midnight

      He was introduced on yesterdays episode of Agents of Shield

      • Brandon T

        No, like Mike S said, he’s been in several things before this. He was in the Consultant one-shot, he was in Thor, and he was briefly in Avengers.

      • Reoyon

        On top of that, including the appearance in “Thor” and the Marvel one shots he was in a prior episode of SHIELD when Simmons shot him with a Nite-Nite gun.

      • Batt Damon

        I could have sworn he was in an earlier episode of AoS

        • Ben Standard

          he was.

    • Mona

      He was also in Avengers for about 2 seconds.

    • Guest

      There are a few other Agents in that scene other than Sitwell who appear in AoS though

      • Mike S

        But the article is obviously about Sitwell. That’s obviously the focus of the writer, since that’s the agent’s name mentioned.Trying to make excuses doesn’t make up for the fact that the writer of this piece (or their editor) should have done a little more checking.

        I don’t care if it’s a geek-centric story like this or headlines about Russia in the Ukraine. If you’re going to write news articles, facts matter.

    • http://thesmokingcuban.com/2013/07/25/waffling-my-take-on-dwight-howard-just-in-case-he-changed-his-mind-again/ MFFLJBM51D

      He was also in The Americans & frikkin obnoxious

  • Peyton

    What Mike S said. Sitwell was around LONG before Agents of SHIELD.

    • http://thesmokingcuban.com/2013/07/25/waffling-my-take-on-dwight-howard-just-in-case-he-changed-his-mind-again/ MFFLJBM51D

      Just a couple years. Thor right ?

  • Jack Saat

    Also you guys not even see the movie, like that will show you that this article is kind of pointless like… well that will be a spoiler! But go see the movie and see why this article or that clip will have noting to do with the crossover! Also Agent Sitwell was introduce in Thor not “Agents of SHIELD”!

    • Ashley Foushee

      I just went to see the movie. Agent sitwell has an important part in the movie but that’s all I’m saying. Don’t wanna ruin the movie for folks.

      • http://thesmokingcuban.com/2013/07/25/waffling-my-take-on-dwight-howard-just-in-case-he-changed-his-mind-again/ MFFLJBM51D

        Hope he dies ;):):)):):):):):)

  • NHAA


  • KellieAnnCNN

    Seriously, I think they meant “characters introduced” into AoS, not into the Marvel universe. Their grammar is just poor.

  • http://turn.to/rockcancercare Major1

    U guys can argue over dotting I’s and crossing T’s, I’m just thankful to see such well orchestrated story crossover in the (live-action) marvel universe. We once only got this in the comics, to see stories interweave from big screen, to TV, and back again is BRILLIANT. Please MARVEL, don’t stop!

  • Cute And Awesome

    Sitwell works for hydra so HA! Jokes on you fellas

    • Mark Soto

      wow nice job with the spoiler.

  • Kevin Mun

    Wow, I am wondering who is the Clairvoyant? Dr. Arnim Zola (Super Computer in Captain America : The Winder Soldier)?

    • http://thesmokingcuban.com/2013/07/25/waffling-my-take-on-dwight-howard-just-in-case-he-changed-his-mind-again/ MFFLJBM51D

      Zola would be awesome for fans of the universe , the Marvel one, he’ll probably be I’ll received by the regular universe, like those who criticize Thor TDW for not being Earth-centric. If you take my meaning. (Btw absolutely loved the Thor sequel)