Carrie Underwood Prays for ‘Mean People’ After ‘Sound of Music’ Criticism

Carrie Underwood Prays for 'Mean People' After 'Sound of Music' Criticism

“American Idol” alum goes into prayer mode after critical panning

Weren't a big fan of Carrie Underwood‘s performance on NBC's special “The Sound of Music Live!” on Thursday night?

Don't worry; the “American Idol” alum is praying for you.

The hills were alive with the sound of criticism for Underwood's portrayal of Maria on the live special, and the singer appeared to address the naysayers on her Twitter account Friday night, opining that mean people “need Jesus.”

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“Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus,” Underwood wrote. “They will be in my prayers tonight… 1 Peter 2:1-25.”

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For those who don't have their Bibles handy, the passage that Underwood cites — according to the New International Version — begins, “Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.”

It's like looking into a mirror, isn't it, haters?

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Underwood was singled out for criticism in reviews of the special. While reviewers didn't question her vocal chops, the general consensus seemed to be that she could use a few more acting lessons.

“The strength of the songs and of her own vocal talents pulled her through when she was singing. It was the speaking that did her in,” USA Today's Robert Bianco opined, adding that her Maria character “turned to wood” when Underwood uttered her dialogue.

Hank Stuever of the Washington Post, meanwhile, chimed in, “it's impossible not to notice that she can't act.”

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Underwood shouldn't feel too bad, or pray too hard, however; while reviewers might have panned her performance, the special was a ratings smash for the network, posting a 4.6 rating/13 share in the key 18-49 demographic — giving NBC its best-rated  non-sports Thursday night since the 2009 finale of “ER” — and grabbed 18.5 million total viewers, which handed NBC its most-watched Thursday night since “Frasier” bowed off the air in 2004.

Critics aside, maybe Underwood's Maria isn't a problem that needs solving after all.

  • dldecker

    How about nice people with good taste who would have preferred a talented actress-singer such as Megan Hilty in the role?

    • Bonnie DeMoss

      Were those the same nice people that were sending Carrie death threats? She was a lot nicer in response than I would have been.

      • dldecker

        I didn't know about any death threats. This story is about the quality of her performance. Of course she shouldn't be subjected to death threats! I merely meant that a more qualified actress could have done a professional job that satisfied audiences instead of infuriating them.

        • ken

          Oh shut the fuck up/….she was excellent bitch!

          • dldecker

            So nice to be drawn into an intelligent discussion with calm, rational
            people who recognize that adults can have different opinions. I was
            finished with this weeks ago–so sorry you are obsessed with it.

    • deb

      one can only cry in their beer now!

  • deb

    Thats all fine and dandy Carrie, let's put the blame on the “haters” and “pray” for them, when the better answer would have been for you to stand up and accept the fact that you wish you could have done better with the acting, that you tried hard, and that you hope to keep learning to get better! I have been an actress and directer (who specializes as an acting/director who could have helped you a lot!) and I am kind of shocked that with a cast such that you had, and of course the level of the director that you did come off so wooden and that no one couldn't have (or at least it seemed) could have pulled you aside and gave you some personal “talk” on how to just give her more heart and depth!!!!! you almost had it a couple of times (always with audra (of course!!!) but the chemistry between you and the captain was NIL!!!! AND WITHOUT IT, a major aspect of the the whole plot is kind of nixed. So you can hide under the bible and blame others as much as you want too, but the reality is you did not reach the level you should have, and you out right know it. (or should, and shame on you if you don't.) If you don't, then the problem is you, and I am trying reallllllllly hard to not think the problem was because you thought you didn't need that kind of help and was more of a diva then you should have been, so the others did not help for a reason. That also happens a lot to people who reach to fast to use the bible as their weapon of choice. SHAME ON YOU!

    • Sunny429

      Ditto. Wish I could have said it that well.
      Not to mention that, in her view, if someone/comments/critics aren't all ooey, gooey, honey dripping all over her, then according to her they are mean. Carrie, you need to grow up and take criticism and use it constructively to improve your “acting”, and ignore what you consider the “mean” stuff. By the way, you did look like a deer caught in the headlights, as another critic put it. If you will note, all the criticism was about your acting, not your singing. Your vocals are great. You did win Idol. :)

      • Letscheck

        I don't think she deserved any criticism…she did a great job.

        It was a wonderful production.

        What is your problem?

        • Sunny429


    • Paul

      Really Deb. She probably should not have responded at all, everyone needs to just chill. She did a nice job. No her acting was not Oscar material but hey it's TV. 80% of TV shows have mediocre to poor acting anyhow. It was entertaining and her singing was excellent. This was a chance for some Broadway performers to get some publicity as well. Had NBC chosen a lesser singer with more acting chops, this would never had been the big “event” that is was made in to. Enjoy it for what it was, entertainment; and Have a very Merry Christmas.

      • deb

        Paul, you are correct in that she should not have replied at all. I would not have said anything in fact if she had NOT made this statement. It was pretty obvious from the all of the reviews that she was lacking in the acting chops by a mile. Yes, she sang lovely. I knew she would, but I was concerned from the very beginning because she has never been that much of a stage dynamo. You put her against a Kelly Clarkson in performance chops in the connection department, and Kelly would run her over no matter if she gave Jesus the wheel or not! (And please note, I VOTED for Carrie!!!!!) She is lovely, with a great voice, and I am proud of her career. I just wish I could be the fly on the wall or I could have had the chance myself to see why she could not open up her inner heart which is exactly what she needed to do. I would have said nerves, but her beautiful voice pretty much makes me think that was NOT the case! Just WHAT was the reason that kept her from going where she needed to go? (and you are wrong, I believe we are actually in the golden age of TV right now with a LOT of excellent acting and writing going on in a lot of shows! It is one reason why so many stage and movie actors are not hesitating to actually move to TV now, a place they once would NEVER EVER think of going before. BE a fan, but this is still a PROFESSIONAL piece of entertainment that cost a LOT of money with a lot of very professional and very talented actors/singers. (and production staff) The show deserved only the best out of everyone, especially…and i mean ESPECIALLY the lead character!!!!! (AND for her to then turn bible thumper on the critics….unbelievable.) She needs to make a formal apology. Acting is a profession, and she IS NOT acting professionally! oh…wait a second, she really wasn't acting was she, so maybe she gets a little break? nope, her punishment for such childish behavior is no dinner and straight to bed. (with NONE of her favorite things to comfort her.)

    • Daniel Resto

      Beautifully and logically put! I commend you!

      • deb

        Thanks Daniel.

  • David Perkins

    Critics will be critics, and they're welcome to their learned opinions. But, in addition to the honest criticism she received, there was a lot of very ugly commentary that was above and beyond necessary. Sadly, there are too many folks out there who can't be critical without being mean-spirited at the same time.

  • Robert Fitzgerald

    If it were an atheist who did the role I'm sure the criticism would not have been so personal and malicious. Up there with Tebow I guess. Atheists love to hate.

  • celliot

    Join what discussion? I've never seen so many stupid people being so evil. My whole family loved this performance. It was a musical and a fabulous effort by everyone, particularly Carrie. I assume everyone who is hating Carrie's performance loves most of the stupid sitcoms and the dumb reality shows. Are you afraid of losing them if something like this is successful?

  • Letscheck

    I have no clue why people have a problem with Carrie Underwood's performance or singing…it was great!

    Carrie was wonderful as was the rest of the cast and there must be something wrong with the people who are being hateful.

  • Linda Witte

    I loved the show and said only nice things. However, I am definitely not a religious
    person. What category would carrie put me?

  • NativeNewYorker

    Bravo to the cast and directors! Instead of running the Sound of Music on Broadway again and again….NBC brought Carrie Underwood and the illustrious talents of our New York Broadway stage to a LIVE 3 hour performance at our Long Island Grumman Studios. It was a well done theatrical undertaking, no different than a LIVE Broadway show, and with a larger and magnificent studio set…and no one had to pay $125 a ticket and we all watched it for free for 3 hours in the coziness of our own homes. Don't compare it to our beloved Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer!! The movie makers did a million takes for months in order to get that 1965 film perfect!!! I am an avid Theatre-goer. With a cast that size, including young children, those players were right on the money and tried their very best for a LIVE PERFORMANCE! It was a new, refreshIng remake. Let's give this new next generation a chance. inspire them…..Don't be so quick to knock them down!!!! Why did so many of you HAVE TO BE SO MEAN!!!!!

  • Roger

    While many folks are critical of the casting of Carrier Underwood in this role and her performance (acting only – not reading any question regarding the exceptional quality of her vocal ability), I can't help but believe that the tremendous ratings success is largely due to that very thing – her casting. Don't get me wrong, the entire cast did a fantastic job, but I tend to believe that a large percentage of the viewing population tuned in (and remained tuned in) because of Ms. Underwood's association with the project. I share her faith, and commend her for her humbleness and grace in addressing those who did not find her perforance to their liking. Never in life is a person going to please everyone. The most important thing is to walk away from an experience, learn from it, and be grateful to have had the opportunity to begin with. In this case, Ms. Underwood had the opportunity to entertain on a very large scale, and in my untrained opinion (which is true for a majority of the viewing audience) was successful. With a such a gracious and servant heart, I am sure we will continue to hear many great things from her in the future

  • SkipB

    Well . . . God may forgive her performance, but the rest of us will never get those hours of our lives back. It is a sad day when actors resort to scripture to excuse their performances. But if you really want to blame anyone, blame the producers who don't have a creative bone in their bodies, have nothing to offer besides repackaging old stories, and approved this casting in the first place.

  • Phillip Ressler

    Carrie Underwood,
    After you made that snide remark about ACA about Obama with that big smile and that nasty tone you deserve all the criticism you are getting.Theres more to come because theres nothing better than an ignorant country person getting their due. Enjoy yourself

  • akpsiprez

    Such a blanket statement about critics needing God is childish. If you keep enablers around that do nothing but praise you and ignore telling you anything bad, they do you a disservice.

  • Let's Be Fair

    Carrie never said her performance was perfect, nor did she say that the “critics” were out of line to point out any shortcomings. What she did do, however, was to point out that “haters” need Jesus. There's a big difference between a critic who says she gave a great vocal performance but came across as wooden in her acting and a 20-year-old, talentless jerk who uses profanity to describe her. A true critic gives an analysis of the performance. He doesn't attempt to humiliate and belittle the performer.

  • Daniel Resto

    Look, I'm sorry to tell Carrie Underwood's legions of country music fans this, but she was simply horrible. I don't say this out of spite or out of any mean-spiritedness. I say it because even in SINGING the songs she couldn't deliver. Yes, she could deliver the right notes, and her voice is certainly a pleasure to hear. However, they call it “musical theater” because one must have the ability to both sing AND act simultaneously. Ms. Underwood delivered a horribly flat performance when delivering dialogue. But even when singing, she was only singing rather than acting THROUGH the song. I hope NBC does more musicals. I believe it is good to offer today's youth some exposure to the arts at every opportunity. But this production went astray because they cast celebrity over ability. There are countless actresses in Hollywood including Emmy Rossum and Anne Hathaway (who the actual Von Trapp Family apparently wanted–although she probably would have been too “big” a star to take this on) who could have taken the role and done it justice. But NBC wanted a female CELEBRITY . . . and the production suffered as a result. The rest of the cast–most notably Stephen Moyer–was incredible. But true fans of both this particular musical and musical theater in particular will always remember this as a horribly flawed attempt. I truly wish Ms. Underwood the best. I hope she actually takes some of the criticism to heart and takes acting lessons. If she wants to do this, put forth the effort to do it right.

  • Janearther

    Mean people? This coming from someone who sang about taking a Louisville slugger to someone's headlights to get revenge? Was Jesus in her heart when she sang that and collected the millions she made from it? As a Christian I am offended by her using scripture and Jesus to issue a blanket judgement on everyone who was honest about her glaring lack of acting ability. It's called honesty. One of the ten commandments. Perhaps she needs to get a thicker skin if she wishes to continue to put herself out in the public eye. So tired of the spolied prima donnas we have in the music industry these days who think they are above it all.

  • tony tan

    Some things are just left alone. The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind, The Godfather, etc. Bad idea by NBC,

  • Brandi

    Not everyone is going to love the acting, some will say she should have done it differently and some will say she did amazing. Although I do not agree slamming Jesus in the “haters” face, and saying she will pray for them. Why? What good will that do? Everyone has the right to state their opinion and I honestly think she could have handled herself a bit better. All that needed to be done was her just to hold her head high and say, “I will only get better.” Keep pushing herself at it. That is what happens to every singer/ actor/actress, people will talk… some bad, and some good. But don't take offense to it, its part of the job discription and she needs to understand she is not the first to be talked poorly of and she sure as hell won't be the last. I on the other hand do not think she did terrible. As I have stated above it takes work, just keep working Carrie. Hard work pays off.