Cesar Millan Gets New Nat Geo Wild Dog-Whispering Show, ‘Cesar 911'

Cesar Millan Gets New Nat Geo Wild Dog-Whispering Show, 'Cesar 911'

Humans, you're getting trained too

Cesar Millan is coming back for the bad dogs in new Nat Geo Wild series “Cesar 911” — and he's only bringing Milkbones for the ones who “sit” and “stay.”

The new series, produced by ITV Studios America (“Hell's Kitchen”) in association with Leepson Bounds Entertainment, premieres on Friday, Mar. 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo Mundo. It will debut internationally on Nat Geo Wild in April, billed as “Cesar to the Rescue.”

Each week, the “Dog Whisperer” is summoned by co-workers, relatives, friends and neighbors to take on a four-legged menace that is terrorizing their community. Millan will evaluate the situation and rehabilitate the problem dogs — as well as their humans.

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Each episode of “Cesar 911” will consist of two stories within one community. First, Millan will meet with the whistle-blowers to get briefed on the situation. He then evaluates both the dogs and owners through home, business and neighborhood locations where the dogs display their problem behavior. There, he'll either get to work right on the spot, or relocate the troubled pooches to his Dog Psychology Center for more in-depth cases.

On the premiere episode of “Cesar 911,” “Family Feud,” Millan heads to Orange County to tackle black Lab mix Misty and Shiba Inu mix Auggie, who are biters. The following week on “Boss With a Bark,” Millan will take on a yapping Bichon Frise trio. On March 21's “Dog Fight,” he'll be called in to break up dog-agrressive Boxers and a nippy Chihuahua.

Executive producers of “Cesar 911” are Cesar Millan, David Leepson and Jordan Roberts. For Nat Geo Wild, executive producer and senior vice president of development and production is Janet Han Vissering, and executive vice president and general manager is Geoff Daniels.

  • tinyhawks

    Is there no end to this???????????? Trained, legitimate, animal behaviorists have been telling everyone for years not to listen to this guy, and yet, the TV execs, caring little for the welfare of dogs, keep foisting him on the public.

    • Leah R.

      Sorry Man, I don't agree. But do you have yourself a background as trainer?? or you talk of the “new trainers” who don't wanna show leadership because you hurt dog's feelings. I own myself Dobermans, I'm telling you I had teach much better to fellow dogs while I was attending the Dog school as a student than the teachers themselves. And it wasn't a Saturday school, Im speaking of registered school to train even ring.

      I've try the click trainer method and if you don't have a fast response and great timing Cliker is waste time money and lot of good intentions of new owners.

      I speak out of experience, and if you dislike is all right but NOT ALL animal behaviourist are against it, a portion who are related to certain believes.

  • Happiness

    Tinyhawks? Why shouldn't people listen to him? Why are legitimate animal behaviorists better than him? Don't you think his dogs looks happy and contempt with the way Cesar treats them?

  • Ramona LovesDogs

    I love cesar and what he has done for so many dogs and family's and all the money greedy so called dog trainers are fake they have no clue what they doing just bad mouthing this man because he is ruining your business since people can watch cesar on tv and use his methods to train there own dogs so just be quiet , I have had 3 so called certified dog trainers for my 4 dogs and none of em could help me my dogs are untrainable was the answer so please people don't let any wanna be dog trainer no matter how many certification s he got train your dog they don't know anything .

  • stupid people surround us

    so…. is the cesar vs dogtrainers feud as stupid and pointless as the atheist vs faith thing?

    • Shay


  • Rottweiler

    Hi I'm Lokesh from Indore mp

  • jen tan


  • dianecee

    I love Cesar Millan! I have made awful mistakes with dogs in the past, and now will find a dog that likes my energy and do all I can to make sure the dog lives in a healthy and stable home with a stable and peaceful owner. Love you Cesar….and have missed your show. I used to run home each night to watch at 6PM…..now I come home to be disappointed that you aren't joining me for dinner.

  • Erin

    The author of this article is doing a HUGE disservice to dogs and what Cesar represents by calling dogs “bad” in his first sentence

  • drmetzler

    I'm watching season 6 episode 3 and the dog they are calling a Pekinese is not a peke that is a Tibetan spaniel without a doubt I own one that look just like that so if he paid a Pekinese price he got a deal because tibbies are rare. The pet store probably did not know what they had. These dogs do not come when called and are cat like. This dog is way too small to be mistaken as a Pekinese

  • Joshua David Connell

    Here's the issue with other animal behaviorists being against Millan – it's all about difference in opinion, just like with patenting.

    I work with individuals with behavioral disabilities, and my coworkers and I all have different methods, but yield similar results.

    The other major difference between Cesar and others?

    Victoria Stilwell suggested a family put an aggressive dog to sleep – and they did so – because her methods didn't work.

    Not only would Cesar never let that happen, but he would have taken the dog to the psychology center, at cost to him, to rehab the dog.

    Tell me again how CESAR is the cruel one.

  • marie72