Charlie Sheen Threatens to Put Ashton Kutcher ‘On a Hospital Food Diet’ Just 2 Hours After Apology

Charlie Sheen Threatens to Put Ashton Kutcher 'On a Hospital Food Diet' Just 2 Hours After Apology

So, “Two and a Half Men” feud is not over?

Sorry fans, apparently the “Two and a Half Men” Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher truce on Thursday morning was (super) short-lived.

Following a Twitter apology for his recent disses, Sheen fired back at his CBS comedy replacement Kutcher a mere two hours later on the social media site.

Sheen previously extended an olive branch to Kutcher — who addressed the beef on Wednesday's “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — in 140-characters: “Ashton message received. so sorry u sounded like me! well done! my bad I was pissed at other crap & took it out on you. hope u r good xox c,” Sheen wrote.

Two hours later, he added: “but news flash Dood, you ever tell me to shut the F*** up, EVER again, and I'll put you on a hospital food diet for a year. c #YaFeelMe Jr?”

See video: Ashton Kutcher Tells Charlie Sheen to ‘Shut the F— Up’ About ‘Two and a Half Men’

Here's the backstory: Following his highly publicized exodus from the Chuck Lorre sitcom, Sheen has not been particularly kind to anyone on his former show — except for Jon Cryer, most of the time. His latest and largest target has been Kutcher, the man who took over the lead spot on the long-running multi-cam show.

Kutcher finally had enough, and addressed Sheen on Kimmel's show Wednesday night. Looking directly into the camera, Kutcher offered the following advice to his predecessor: “Shut the f-ck up.”

He added: “Seriously. Like, enough already. It's like three years later and you're still blowing me up on Twitter. C'mon, dude. Really?”

That plea seemed to work, for a few hours at least. Here are Sheen's tweets:


  • filmexec

    Unfortunately Charlie proves what the Hollywood Environment can do to people in the extreme case! I feel sorry for his Parents who have to watch their Son descend into Lunacy! Hope he gets serious help!

    • FACE

      Where you at?

  • dannyjude63

    Charlie Sheen is a horrible, immature spoiled jerk.

  • Bob Poops

    I can't stand 2.5 Men, but Sheen needs to just get lost already.

    • nestazhe265

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  • UrbanMan611

    Charlie needs to grow up and short of that he needs to shut the fk-up. I was a Charlie loyalist and thought I would never watch the show again. I thought Mr. Sheen was irreplaceable. I was wrong. Kutcher is doing a splendid job and Cryer's role has appropriately grown. Charlie, you're alone on this one. Stevie Wonder can see that, so should you. PS: Apart from my aversion to anything on FOX, I've not felt compelled to watch Charlie's new show. Let's all hope that Charlie has matured a bit and that we won't be reading about him, fund dead with a needle in his arm. Amen,.

    • FACE

      Kill yourself. Not because I care one bit about this post but just because.

      • fizzyegg

        You okay Charlie?

    • DarcWolf

      If you're thinking that Charlie's show is on FOX, you're wrong, it's on FX.

  • PS

    Geez! Shut the f.uck up Charlie Sheen.

  • hueyhueyhuey

    They both could have a healthy dose of STFU.

    • FACE

      How long?

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    Don't mess with Charlie Sheen!

    • jacksonm

      Or what? The dude is pathetic and can't stand that the show is a success without him. His own show has on-set problems (imagine that) and his personal life continues to be a mess.

      He should look in a mirror before he looks anywhere else.

      • FACE

        Call Cheese

  • Mike

    Looks like AK is seeking publicity and some sympathy as the show has lowered in ratings lately and he is not well liked by the public. Why would you throw a grenade like that at Sheen, a known lunatic. Just ignore him, Sheen has no credibility or influence and is seen as pitiful and grotesque.

    • Jonathan Billig

      The show is still in the top 20.

      • Blah

        Did that comment say the show had no ratings? No. The comment said the show had lowered in ratings. Everyone's so anxious to show how smart they are with pointless information.

        Btw, being in the top 20 is not good especially these days when there's no competition. NBC is barely registering any ratings on most shows, and ABC is not far behind.

  • r0ckmypants

    If the ratings go up for tonight's episode, Lorre should send Sheen an Edible Arrangement for all this free publicity.

    • jacksonm

      The show is #12 in the ratings. It doesn't need anyone's help.

      • r0ckmypants

        It's down almost 50% from the comparable week last year.

        Last week of January 2013: 3.9
        Last week of January 2014: 2.0

        It needs all the help it can get.

  • jacksonm

    Charlie, every time you take a swipe at Ashton, all you accomplish is showing how bitter you are that the show is still a success without you.

    • FACE

      Call Cheese

  • J.L.H.30

    Charlie Sheen is too quick to judge. I am by far am not an Ashton Kutcher fan, but Sheen should go on a Tigers blood diet then maybe he'll become the warlock that he thinks that he is…

  • FACE

    Call Cheese

    • Steve monkeys

      Moon face

    • Jack B

      Yo, Cheese!…..I called and no one answered!

  • Rahul Soni

    Oh God.. Just end the show already !

  • DildoTeaBaggins

    Ashton could realistically beat up Sheen. Hell, I could beat up Sheen.

  • Les

    But neither of you could party with Sheen… I love Charlie!

  • Alex Ocean

    I think the new Two & A Half Men is more offensive to the senses than Charlie Sheen's remarks. It's bad. Really really bad. If anyone but Hiram Lorre was producing that trainwreck it would have been dropped.

  • Joe Bafflitz

    Charlie Sheen was great on the show. Lorre has done a good job with the story line as far as having Ashton take over. It's sad to see Sheen break down and act the way he has.

  • Prof Klickberg

    Didn't even know the garbage was still on. Thought it went off years ago. Great job, Chuck, Ashton and Sheen! Keep that publicity machine going!!

  • Michael Siemsen

    Everyone on Twitter needs to tweet to @charliesheen Shut the F— up, Charlie! #shutthefupcharlie

  • mike rose

    Not that I'm necessarily fond of either one of them but Carlos Estevez aka Charlie Sheen, is a “Dock” or Penis if you prefer. This guy needs a five year of rehab before being allowed it public, one day this guy is going to have an aneurism, he acts like his “shot” aka feces doesn't stink. At least Ashton has a humorous side and you can enjoy his antics. I vote get rid of Estevez/Sheen, keep Kutcher.

  • Arrogant_Bastard

    So, basically, we're seeing an argument between: a) a man who has never made a good film and now stars on a terrible TV show; and b) a man who has only made a few good films and now spends his days obsessing over the time he spent on a terrible TV show?

    In the end they both lose. There's really not that much dignity in being a “Two and a Half Men” cast member.

    • Ayeee

      Ashton's good film, JOBS.

  • Ryan Baker

    so Charlie is an a-hole and Ashton is just a flat out terrible actor. Moving on now.

  • Christopher Green

    Hey, Carlos! You are a jucking ferk, and need to get your head out of your ass, if you can tell the difference. Nobody gives a shite what you think, anyway ya assholic burnout.

  • Chuck Wollory

    The show sucks with AK…everyone and anyone including Sheen should be saying so. Kutcher is a poor excuse for an actor. The plots are horrible and it has lost the premise of the original shows. Therefore it sucks now is an understatement.

  • Bored With Fools:

    As Mark Twain once said, “Never argue with stupid, they will just drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience!” When one acknowledges the critical issues of importance to our nation, 2.5 Men doesn't even rate a mention (neither the new or old version). Grow up boys! Neither of you are that big a deal.

  • erin805

    Two babies having a temper tantrum.

  • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

    Sheen should be put on a prison food diet.

  • citizensane

    personally, I'd love to see him try. Stupid f-ck

  • Hotladyj

    Surprising after so long Sheen is still attacking old show he destroyed his role on. Let many fans down with his out-of-control behavior. While the show has gone on without him and is successful ,as well as adding new roles to its line up, how great. Hope Sheen is feeling the sting of his out-of-control behavior, as his fans from charlie Harper days had to experience. I find the C.H. role in reruns is still in my fan bracket, any other Sheen work is not and Sheen is a washed up has been.

  • john gilvarry

    this is great, i want a fight and sheen's the man, i'd love to go to his parties awesome times!!!

  • Christy Leah Goodpasture

    Awe poor washed up Charlie! Get a life dude ur a has been

  • Cripplecreek

    Charlie needs a diaper change

  • dj

    Kutcher Stinks. The show should have been off the air after Charlie left.
    The only reason the show is still on because of it's producer and CBS.
    They kept the show on just to try and stick it to Sheen regardless of
    how rotten it is now.
    Anger Management is a way better show even thought the his
    character is the same.
    I do agree that Charlie should leave well enough alone and move on.


    Anger Management was good till Selma left. Now it's just a lol @ 45ish drunk teenage hijinks.
    As far as 2 Men goes replacing the kid with the dyke character just isn't working at all.

    Replace Amber with a 18 y/o farm beauty cousin who Ashton tries to keep level while she wants to run full speed into the Cali beach party scene.

  • bobjones

    Charlie Sheen STFU

  • Took a wrong turn while surfin

    I can't believe I just spent 2.5 minutes reading this. Who the f**k cares?

  • Nubes1

    2.5 men has ALWAYS sucked with or without Sheen. Ashton and Charlie are both douche bags but I'd put my money on Kutcher, I think he'd mop the floor with Sheen! That would be entertainment!

  • Djarn Nicholas

    He's right though, Charlie Sheen made an awesome show only for this dweeb to mess up all his hard work, it would have been better if they just cancelled the show. It's like watching him on the 70's show but only the set is different.

  • help-4-youcom

    Hey Charlie half the world wants you to Shut The F* up. You are turning into an older version of that other douche bag Justin Bieber and we want both of you to just fade off into history

  • Boblu

    2.5 men had gone done hill fast with out Charlie