Charlie Sheen Threatens to Put Ashton Kutcher ‘On a Hospital Food Diet’ Just 2 Hours After Apology

Ashton_Kutcher - Jimmy Kimmel Live

So, “Two and a Half Men” feud is not over?

Sorry fans, apparently the “Two and a Half Men” Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher truce on Thursday morning was (super) short-lived.

Following a Twitter apology for his recent disses, Sheen fired back at his CBS comedy replacement Kutcher a mere two hours later on the social media site.

Sheen previously extended an olive branch to Kutcher — who addressed the beef on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — in 140-characters: “Ashton message received. so sorry u sounded like me! well done! my bad I was pissed at other crap & took it out on you. hope u r good xox c,” Sheen wrote.

Two hours later, he added: “but news flash Dood, you ever tell me to shut the F*** up, EVER again, and I’ll put you on a hospital food diet for a year. c #YaFeelMe Jr?”

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Here’s the backstory: Following his highly publicized exodus from the Chuck Lorre sitcom, Sheen has not been particularly kind to anyone on his former show — except for Jon Cryer, most of the time. His latest and largest target has been Kutcher, the man who took over the lead spot on the long-running multi-cam show.

Kutcher finally had enough, and addressed Sheen on Kimmel’s show Wednesday night. Looking directly into the camera, Kutcher offered the following advice to his predecessor: “Shut the f-ck up.”

He added: “Seriously. Like, enough already. It’s like three years later and you’re still blowing me up on Twitter. C’mon, dude. Really?”

That plea seemed to work, for a few hours at least. Here are Sheen’s tweets:


  • Christy Leah Goodpasture

    Awe poor washed up Charlie! Get a life dude ur a has been

  • Cripplecreek

    Charlie needs a diaper change

  • dj

    Kutcher Stinks. The show should have been off the air after Charlie left.
    The only reason the show is still on because of it’s producer and CBS.
    They kept the show on just to try and stick it to Sheen regardless of
    how rotten it is now.
    Anger Management is a way better show even thought the his
    character is the same.
    I do agree that Charlie should leave well enough alone and move on.


    Anger Management was good till Selma left. Now it’s just a lol @ 45ish drunk teenage hijinks.
    As far as 2 Men goes replacing the kid with the dyke character just isn’t working at all.

    Replace Amber with a 18 y/o farm beauty cousin who Ashton tries to keep level while she wants to run full speed into the Cali beach party scene.

  • bobjones

    Charlie Sheen STFU

  • Took a wrong turn while surfin

    I can’t believe I just spent 2.5 minutes reading this. Who the f**k cares?

  • Nubes1

    2.5 men has ALWAYS sucked with or without Sheen. Ashton and Charlie are both douche bags but I’d put my money on Kutcher, I think he’d mop the floor with Sheen! That would be entertainment!

  • Djarn Nicholas

    He’s right though, Charlie Sheen made an awesome show only for this dweeb to mess up all his hard work, it would have been better if they just cancelled the show. It’s like watching him on the 70’s show but only the set is different.

  • help-4-youcom

    Hey Charlie half the world wants you to Shut The F* up. You are turning into an older version of that other douche bag Justin Bieber and we want both of you to just fade off into history

  • Boblu

    2.5 men had gone done hill fast with out Charlie