Cheerios First Ever Super Bowl Ad Features Interracial Family That Spurred Hateful Internet Backlash

YouTube commenters on the new commercial praise Cheerios, glad to see General Mills “take a stand” against bigots

Cheerios is bringing back the interracial family that last year touched off an internet firestorm of bigoted comments. This time, the trio is starring in a commercial for the Super Bowl.

The ad, titled “Gracie,” features a black father and white mother telling their little girl, Gracie, that she's about to get a new baby brother, using Cheerios to represent the members of the family.

After a pause, Gracie adds another Cheerio to the bunch: “And a puppy.” The father agrees, much to his wife's consternation.

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“Cheerios is about families and love and connections — and breakfast,” Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Big G cereals, said in a statement announcing the commercial.

“Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments with a family that America fell in love with. The brand is at its best when it reveals moving insights about what connects us to each other, especially as families, and often through the lens of a child. The ad quietly celebrates the emotional sharing and simple joys we find when spending just a few simple moments together everyday.”

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The mixed race family first appeared in an ad titled “Just Checking” in May 2013. The reaction on YouTube contained so many racist and hateful remarks that General Mills, the company that makes Cheerios, had to close the comments section. But the commercial continued to air in its normally scheduled television run.

“Gracie” had just over 13,000 views on YouTube at the time of this post, and comments largely praised Cheerios. The top comment read, “Never thought i would see the day that cheerios has to take a stand.. and stand they did.”

Google, which owns YouTube, began enacting policy changes in November that were aimed at curbing anonymous, inflammatory comments, including moderation tools and a controversial requirement for users to log in with or sign up for Google + before being allowed to comment.

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“Gracie” is the first Super Bowl commercial for Cheerios, and only the second General Mills brand ever featured in an ad during the broadcast — the first was for Wheaties in 1996.

Watch “Gracie” above and “Just Checking” here:

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  • thomas j. kavany

    No problem here.

  • Lisa

    BLACK MEN HAVE A LOT OF SELF HATE which is why they date/marry outside their race at a higher rate of 3-4 times of that of other races. NBA/NFL black players date outside their race 40%, why don't white players have numbers that high. Either the white players are hateful towards other races, wich we all know is not the case. BLACK MEN HATE THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN AND date/marry lighter skin women thininking they will look better in the white community and have lighter skin children. COLORISM is being discussed on black discussion forums like Ebony, Essence, Oprah, Jet, etc. Look it up if yourself, if you don't believe me.

  • Santoro

    The message isn't about an interracial family. It is about a kid bargaining with her dad for a puppy & using Cheerios as the prop. Plain and simple. Why switch it around to a controversy…….